When I Returned Home, What I Found was Fantasy!? 2-04

02-04 The Things, I’ve Always Been Doing

MTL: (freeyomone) For those who were complaining about “POV”, this time the “POV” has been forced into third person from the “POV of the Author” as the narrator.

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──Agatsuma Eiji

This man had always, throughout his life, used other people. That is the sort of person his is.
His mother has ties to bigwig politicians, and she is a C.E.O. of a large enterprise.
He, who was born from such parents, has a given right to employ others. It is his privilege, and it is only natural that he does so.

Besides, he also has unparalleled talent.
When he studies, he only needs to read it once to understand it. In physical activities, such as sports, he is able to effortlessly perform above the average person.
His family lineage is excellent.
He took full advantage of his genius.
Unlike his parents, he chose the shorter route and joined the police department.
With his talents he charges through this profession with no trouble.

The first stain in his smooth-sailing career was, the parallel world announcement, three years later.

In those days, the Japanese Government introduced 『The Parallel Worlds Criminal Countermeasure Act』.
The members that were involved, in its development, had been steadily working on the Act in the utmost secrecy.
The J.S.D.F. and the police played the leading role in the detailed investigation that was conducted. (TLC: Japanese-Self-Defense-Force)
He had already known beforehand, about its existence, from his father’s personal connections with leading authorities.
The announcement, of the fantasy like parallel world, was followed by public discord.
A new system had begun, the era of the chosen ones.
If that is the case, he had absolute confidence in himself.

And, he certainly had been chosen.

He is appointed as a temporary Commissioner in the M.P.D. (Metropolitan Police Department).
A sort of freelancer, one could say.
From the perspective of the M.P.D. he is what one would call an Observer.
Although as a Countermeasure Officer “he doesn’t” have the direct authority to resolve crimes, but his duty is very important and his findings have great influence.

His work ethic is excellent, but it didn’t bring him any glory or promotions.
In a government level administration, where failure isn’t an option, being talented isn’t enough.
For one to be selected into the Countermeasure upper echelon they must be acknowledged by everyone, as a person who has a flexible mindset.

At this point, Agatsuma Eiji disappeared as a potential candidate.

If that is true, why did management dispatch him? A possible reason is, they’re afraid of his father’s influences.
He who is difficult to manage was driving out of the M.P.D. and they decide to kept him around as a petty Countermeasure Officer.
Such is the matter of business in any organization, there can only be one person at the top.
It is only natural for people to work under others, but he couldn’t accept that fact.
He had gained a bad reputation, among the Countermeasure upper echelon, but because of his family’s connections he couldn’t be demoted or excommunicated.
In name they nominated him for a promotion. He is appointed as a Countermeasure Officer and transferred him away.

Before he had noticed it was already too late.
His transfer petition isn’t accepted and his achievements aren’t acknowledge.
And thus, his world status suddenly began to stagger.
Unfortunately, his present talents are unable to help with his world status.
In his current circumstance, even if he waggers all of his achievements, it is clear that the situation is dire.
He is completely unable to make a move, everyday, his orders are to maintain investigation.

His track record is good enough to be ranked among the top commissioners. But apparently him being a member of the Observers doesn’t mean much. For these past eight years, he has been reluctantly dealing with the matter, and his frustration had been building up.
However, he found it suspicious, how quickly, the returner boy detected him.

“There is something off about this person.”

It is unknown as to how the hiding-spots were exposed.
For such reason, in the early stages, a team had set-up monitoring systems and wiretapped the parent’s house.
There was no legal permit obtained in his investigation. It was completely illegal. He had judged that his actions had merit. To start his investigation, he gave a false report to the Intelligence Division and he had obtained a counterfeit permit.

He is yet unaware of the wrath, he has incurred, from the boy’s partner.


A black car is driving through an upper-class neighborhood.
To speak of, even if merging with a parallel world causes a rise in technological innovation, it wouldn’t suddenly change the core livelihood of people in general.
The car, with a study four wheel frame, safely drove down the street in the night.
Agatsuma Eiji is the driver of the car. He dislikes being used, and equally dislikes other people driving for him.
From the viewpoint of the typical privileged person, there is no issue with being chauffeured. However, he is particularly fussy about who is operating the vehicle.
He has no complaints about the times he spends driving through the town. Rather he find those moments pleasant.
As usual, however.

「Fu, an ordinary family dinner, huh.
Well, I shouldn’t expect to discover anything conclusive on the first day……」

A few hours had passed since he heard the conversation from the earpiece in his right ear. It left him with a lingering sarcastic impression.
One by one, he extracts the conversations from the wiretaps that were planted. The information is only sent to Agatsuma’s terminal.
The conversations recorded are of the family’s daily preparations.
Everything was trivial. The nauseatingly happy family makes Agatsuma frown.
Regarding the subject of the boy’s behavior, it is labeled as ─ half modest and half embarrassing ─
However, he is unable to understand the logic of the boy’s step-mother, the younger brother’s biological mother.
One would think she would be a little more emotionally distant, but she seems very calm.

Perhaps, does the boy prefer his step-mother and half brother?

Half of the reason why he, in merely 10 days, begun the illegal investigation was because of Rinko’s report. Her reason for protecting the son was just too unusual to comprehend. It surpassed all logic of being simply moral obligation.
His other reason was, the boy’s attitude was far too quiet and obedient.
The boy’s return, is equivalent to a time-slip and the family he had returned to had radically changed.
This level of understanding is far exceeding that of a 15 year old boy. It gave him an eerie feeling.

──I will definitely expose that bastard’s true character.
And then I will obtain an appropriate position.

As far as he is concerned, it is only (reasonable), because this is nothing more than a stepping stone for him.
Agatsuma thought to himself, he deserved a proper position. While grasping the steering wheel, he gloated to himself.

Just then, as the car is moving, something collided with the roof of the car.
He immediately pressed down on the car’s brakes, to stop the car, and to confirm the cause. But there is nothing there.
It is suspicious, he certainly heard the noise caused by the impact. And above all, although it was only an instant, he saw “someone’s face”, perhaps?
However, illuminated by the headlight and seen through the opposite side of the windshield, what he saw wasn’t clear.
Observing from the driver’s seat, on the frame of the car, no body imprint can be seen.

「………… did I imagine it?」

To verify, he exited the car and surveyed the surrounding area. But there was no one.

He shakes his head, and tries to forget the creepy hallucination.
After he had finished double checking, he got back into the driver’s seat and then he checked the rearview mirror.

「Ah, who is it!?」

Agatsuma immediately turned around to examine the backseats of the car.
He didn’t give anyone a ride. And certainly, there is no one there.
However, he thought, he saw a “white mask” reflected in the rearview mirror.
For someone in his position, he had to consider if a criminal is plotting revenge on him. He checks the area’s around the backseat, but no suspicious spots could be found.
He thought to himself, is there something wrong with my eyes.

『Za, za, zazazah, Today D.J. Hammer Jun’s secret mid-night message is going to begin!! 』

Upond hearing sounds coming for the radio, he screamed.
And then, halfway through, the car’s horn switched off and on.


……… sh-shit, is this thing defective?
I’ll complain to that shop later!」

Somehow or another, the broken down car caused him to become tense and break out into a cold sweat.
He thought to himself, I never want work in the technology innovation field.
And thus, he left the car behind and ran towards his house.
However, this entire time, the white mask is watching from the sidelines.

「What was that all about!」

He relaxes on the sofa. After all that has happened, seeing things and the car breaking down, he ponders about “what do next”.
There is no family to greet him, as a bachelor his home is quite as usual.
It is said that to be successful one must choose their career over building a family. During his prime, instead starting a family, he chose to focus on his career. The silence of his home puts him at ease.
However, today, being alone, the vast open space and silence created an abnormal mood.
And thus, the distant noises that can be heard sounded eerie.

────drip, drop────


Agatsuma becomes startled by the sounds, of water dripping from the faucet, in the kitchen.
He thought, he had forgot to tighten it. But, before his eyes the faucet activates.
A large quantity of water rushes out, and he became soaked.

「Che, why. It’s the water service this time!
What in the world is going on!?」

He becomes confused; the faucet should’ve be closed. In his house, where no one else is around but him, he begins to curse.
It is not possible for the water service to suddenly release that large sum of water. He disregarded that fact.
Now that he is soaking wet, he goes to the dressing room and took off his clothes.
Without separating them he put his suit, dress shirt, and necktie into the washing machine.
The machine is programmed, for each piece of clothing, to be given an optimized washing.
Technology obtained from Galesto, compared to the traditional consumer electronic appliances, in terms of performance the new appliance is a level ahead.
However, only for the wealthy.

「……… should I take a shower?」

After removing the wet clothes, his body felt unpleasant.
He enters the bathroom, after confirming the washing machine was working properly.
His body had worked up a sweat, and the fatigue had gotten to him. He wanted to lay down.

Even if technology advances, “old car troubles” are difficult to get rid of.
The bottom of the tub, that heats the hot water similar to a hot springs, is a real improvement. Although, the shower head hasn’t changed all that much.


In silence, as the water flows down, Agatsuma contemplates. And, he closes his eyes.
He tells himself it just his mind playing tricks on him, “it was only my imagination”.
After learning of Galesto, a world with advance science and technology, society concluded that ghosts don’t exist. To someone like him, a sceptical human, the occults are nonsense.

「What, am I so afraid of? In the age of science, this is nonsense…… eh?」

He strengthens his resolve and opens his eyes. Everything is dyed (red), a childish voice is let out.
When he became aware of the existence of Galesto, rather, did he ever questioned or theoreticalize any further?
If there is a world with advance science, perhaps, the opposite also exist?
But that logic doesn’t arrive, because he has lost his composure.


Everything is covered in, red.
The water flowing out of the shower is, red.
His body is bathed in, red.

「Hiyaa, wh-what blood!? Gyaaa, uwaa!! gyanaa!? 」

While in a shakened terror, he tries to exit the bathroom, but something grips his ankle.
As he falls, he reflexively looked at what tripped him. His face stiffens.

And there laid a, dried up mummified, human like creature.
A man’s face is sticking out of the bathtub. Agatsuma seized his leg, and tries to crawl away. The eyes filled with resentment glares at him.

「Hiyaa!? A, aah, ieeh, iyaaaa!!!」

Frantically, screaming like a woman, with great effort he desperately tries to crawl away.
Several times, while being wet and naked, he slips on the flooring. Somehow he makes it to the living room. As he enters the room, he sees the portable terminal on the table.
With this, he thought, he could call for help. At this point, it had crossed the line, it more than a simple supernatural phenomenon.
Currently he wanted to escape this horror, however.


But it is only false hope, whatever is chasing him, has appeared.
Without any hidden wires, something suspends him in mid-air.
Furthermore, in this bizarre phenomenon, the electricity goes out. An ashtray is also levitated.
Inside the house, a rapping sound could be heard. Gradually, a resentful voice is steadily drawing closer. (TL: rapping sounds are associated with poltergeist)

「A, ahh……whyy, w-whyyyyyyy!?」

Poltergeist. That is what he thought.
He could not comprehend the pattern of these series of paranormal activities.
Only that, a grown man in his own home, is shivering in horror.

『H, hyaaaaaha!』

Whether it belonged to: a young person or an old person, or either, a man or a woman, it is merely an intangible and hysterical laughter.
In that moment, the frightened noble Agatsuma, he is discomfortable mesmerising.
And so, usually vivid, peculiar voice (voice changer) is heard.

『Perhaps, this is enough, I see. 』

As the mysteries voice begins to speak, the paranormal phenomenon settles down.
The glass ashtray that had rose with Agatsuma, lands on his foot.

To protect his face, from the shattering glass, he covers his head with his arm. When he lowered his arm, he sees the figure of the white mask. He shouts in surprise.

「W-who are you!?」

He buffed as best as he could, although he is frightened stiff, he spoke in a loud voice.
Before his eyes stood, a distorted and translucent, human like figure.
This person, wearing the white mask, must be the one responsible for the paranormal phenomenon. He thought.
The ominous and strange being is the one who has shown Agatsuma these horrors.
If this apparition claims itself to be a ghost, somehow, it would be unusually persuasive.
The actions of this string-puller was unforeseeable.

『………do you understand your predicament?』

The apparition, deceptively disclosing information without revealing anything.
It’s position and movement are similar to the poltergeist he encountered early.

「I-is, this your work!?
Where you the one, who caused all those weird phenomena!?」

『Did you finally realized it?
Based on your excellent reputation, I thought you would’ve noticed it early.』

The remark hurt Agatsuma’s pride, and he stood up.

「Bastard, who are you!
You are trespassing on my property!
It is too late to apologize; I will have the police thoroughly investigate and send you to jail!」

『Oh, scary, scary.
How cute, trying to be threatening while being naked.
I can be very cute too, fufu.』

Agatsuma is a fool, is what the apparition thought. To make him regret this words, the apparition, it turned it’s gaze downward onto Agatsuma and make a scornful laugh. A truly unnatural laugher.

「tsk!!?? Shit, you bastard!!」

Despite the horror he felt, his anger overcame his feelings of fear.
Nevertheless, how pathetic, he’s covering his lower body with a sofa cushion.

Th-that, is enough out of you, intruder!
When I press the button, on the wall, the Countermeasure Officers on standby will rush over, and will be here in 5 minute.
I don’t know how you snuck in here, but it is too late to escape!」

As a bluff Agatsuma plans on calling the Countermeasure Officers on standby.
There exist several, emergency and crime prevention, security system.
And it it seems that one of those, security system, switch is nearby.

Fufuu, if you can, please go ahead and try.
If they do come, what will they see?』

The white mask wasn’t afraid nor was it panicking. Without being surprised it calmly sat on the sofa.
Next, it took out a file from somewhere and tosses it to Agatsuma.
Upon see the contents of the document, he drops the cushion.

「What did you say………… where are you!?」

He tried to question, but his shaken voice barely held any authority.
Anyhow, the file is a list of Agatsuma’s unjust acts.
A list of: Illegal searches and abuse of authority, and using threats to investigate. In addition, coercing subordinates.
There were many incriminating documents (・・・) that he had hidden.
Furthermore, if one continues reading the document, they would find it laughable.
He didn’t find it funny, because his neck is on the line.

「Ah, if this is leaked, it will be a scandal for my parents……」

From tax evasion to bribes, there is proof of all sorts of immoral controversial acts.
It has already been 8 years since the parallel world’s announcement. The data was created, after learning about Galesto, by outdated electronic equipment.
Unfortunately, there were some people who didn’t trust the modern day technology.
And thus, they left their documents on electronic equipment and paper.
For that reason, after the parallel world announcement, it made the evidences all the more incriminating.
Again, if someone were to catch wind of this, he would be pursued.
This time, one could say, things had backfired on him.

『To put it bluntly, this isn’ the first time I snuck in here.
That is only a copy; the original is in a safe place.』

He is at a lost for words.
How is it, he was unaware of the plot and the invasion? And then sudden he had awoken to the bizarre phenomenon the opposing party had divised.
He doesn’t know, the other party’s capability, therefore he determined it wasn’t a lie.

『By the way, about the information I have collected on your parents. I don’t have any ill will towards them, for now.
I had merely did so to suppress your parents influence, just in case they become a problem.』

This way I, Agatsuma, can’t disobey you……… what do you want?」

As to all that had happened, it was a roundabout way of doing things. With the information that had been collected, they could have just straightforwardly confronted him.

『It would have been faster to simple tell you. But I needed to introduce myself first. I am the existence that let “Shinichi Nakamura return here”.』

「It was you! Just, how much do you know!?」

『That doesn’t matter. I have “two” big request, understand. First, for the boy who has returned, you do not have permission to intrude in his life. You will stop interfering, understood.』

The wreckage of a mini camera and listening device are thrown onto the table.

『For someone like me, who is outside the law, I can reach places normal people can’t.
I stumbled upon these, out of kindness, I have save you the time and brought them back to you.
If it is only at the level of monitoring then there is no reason for me to retaliate.』

As it was pointed out,things may have gotten out of hand.
Although, coincidentally it is also became potential blackmail material.
He had bugged the house of a member of the Countermeasure Task Force.
If the Intelligence Division were to investigate, the Countermeasure Officers, it would the end.
And thus, he had arrived at the inevitable, a command that conflicts with his integrity.

『This scandal will affect all of the Agatsuma family; it is already hopeless.
The mass media and the press, will be overjoyed, their assault will make your family disappear.』

In the worst case scenario, his family will be social ruined and they will all face imprisonment.
And for him to avoid all of this, he need only not meddle with a young boy.

「……… your request isn’t difficult, however, why are you so concern over that child’s wellbeing?
What is the meaning, of you to exposing yourself and protect that boy?」

In the first place, Agatsuma has no choice in the matter but to obey.
Pretraining to his threat, to contact the Countermeasure Officers Investigation Administration, he hasn’t notified them. There is an unmistakable feeling that Agatsuma has something against the boy.

『Fufuu, you rotten policeman, do you not understand your position?
Your prudent suspicions are annoying, but I don’t have any particularly motive.
Did I not mention two conditions? The first request is only a preface.
My true aim, is to destroy the organization that is targeting the boy.』

「Is your goal the System?」

『To verify, I will be troubled if the boy becomes conspicuous due to the action of a small fry. However. That is why I don’t need a lowly Countermeasure Officer intruding in “my territory” and ruining my plans. 』

The person who is monitoring “Shinichi Nakamura” is a nuisance to the white mask.
Based on his observation of the white mask, Agatsuma shrugs his shoulders ─ deemed that it was hopeless ─ and gave up.

『Your organization’s information management is still sloppy and unreliable.
The information that the boy, who had disappeared 6 years ago, had returned, along with his All – D Rank, had been leaked and is known to unrelated non-public officers. Whatever you want to called the people who work behind the scenes.』

「What!? How troublesome……」

This unpleasant conversation, Agatsuma found it inexcusable.
The ・Knowledge・ and technology of the parallel world Galesto was leaked by the people behind the scenes in business world. And thus it caused the unavoidable change of everyone’s life.
The Countermeasure Task Force’s role is to maintain public order. Is the plan to not conform or compromise with them but rather, is it to destroy them?
It resembles the business world, where man is pited against man.
How long has this, behind the scene and hidden from view, information technology struggle been going on?
This is literally, about life and death, the bloody conflict that happens behind close doors.

「What you are trying to say is, the people currently targeting Shinichi Nakamura are a hindrance. And that you don’t want to make things public. Therefore, you’re law-abidingly stopping the Countermeasure Task Force, correct?」

『If you remain calm, someone as talented as you should be able to understand.
Would you like me to withdrawn those rude comment I made early?』

Despite still being talked down on, the compliment did not unset Agatsuma.
It is disappointing that he didn’t noticed the sarcasm.

「Fu, it is only natural. However, is it true, are you really not that boy’s comrade.」

『I can testify. The impossible time difference.
Everyone is worried about morals and ethics, but those are only hindrances. If people took the time to investigate there would be many scholars.
For that I know, the ambiguous kindness, I discarded it.』

「…… certainly.
After the parallel world announcement, there were many scholars who didn’t want to miss their chance to work on the parallel world investigation team.
There are many people who have theorised that, the mysterious, Galesto is an drifting dimension.」

After the public announcement, Galesto’s advance technology was made available to the public.
To put into perspective, the level of Earths technology had already been achieved eon ago in their realm.
In addition, from the parallel world, the people of earth could not comprehend the ‘deadweight’ label that was placed on certain people.
And now, it wouldn’t be strange for people to ‘turn the other way’ on illegal investigations concerning those deadweight.

『Beside, the person is question is an ‘All – D’, there is no need for me to concern myself with his home.』

A ‘D’ has no power to put up a resistance that is the reality shown.
And even if the boy were to suddenly disappear it will be received as him running away from home.
Other people will agree that it was a matter of “not finding a place to belong in the family”.
There is a possibility of this being a low-risk ploy.
A scheming person had appeared.

『Furthermore, today is rather lucky, there are only 15 people trailing me, previously the other 6 have started to move separately. Have the chain of commands switched?』

「……… you had already determined the number of people I had watching from the shadows. May I say, you don’t seem to be someone who makes a move over a cheap sense of justice, correct?」

The unpleasant feeling is gone; he is relieved by the fact that his neck isn’t on the line.
That is how it was, all the things that had been piling up, in one night everything had been resolved.
Today, he decide to not become an enemy of the person with the infiltration technique, and he gave away data on the Intelligence Division.

『I will try to investigate this person myself.
This can be useful, and it seems you have already cornered them.
We cannot precede lawfully this time. Instead, use the old fashion method, feed them information.』

「Is it alright to use false evidence?」

The new file that was taken out is examined.
Agatsuma had handed over an extensive detailed report, that he had previously planned to submit, of the organization’s illegal activities.

『I see, that makes sense. However, don’t forget the boy’s file.
Although, I may be a criminal, I haven’t fallen that low; I’m not a bad person.
It would be unfair to let a child receive unjust treatment. Also, I will feel guilt.』

「…… those sure aren’t the words of someone who teased and threatened me, not too long ago.」

『Fufu, my horror show was well received.
But, was it not you, who underestimated my abilities?』

With a click of it’s tongue, it performs a demonstrate.
For the sake of not underestimating the negotiation and to avoid him backing out, everything was put in the palms of its hands. It is not a pleasant feeling at all.

『No need to make such a face. This will be a give-and-take relationship.
This mask-wonder will restore your damaged reputation.
I will show you how to get a promotion and a higher position in the Countermeasure Task Force.』

The Mask boasted about a reasonable transaction to Agatsuma.
Agatsuma has a bitter expression after hearing about the Mask’s business deal.

「That’s fine. However, allow me safeguard Shinichi Nakamura by keeping him under my minimal surveillance.」

『Oh my, aren’t you the dedicated government official. Has your generously suddenly returned?
Well, I guess it can’t be helped. You have my permission.』

Upon the end of the transaction, the Mask stood up ─ I dare say ─ this person was tall.
Agatsuma was playing the role of a policeman, but whether to say there was something more to his reason is questionable.

「…… was I that much of an obstacle that I needed to be dealt with?」

『Fu, fu, quite a scary thing you have said Commissioner.』

The Mask turned its head and gazed at him. It gave a hysterical laughter that would cause shivers down one’s spine.
Agatsuma felt a sharp pain in his chest; he regretted asking that question.

『Did I not mention before, I’m not a such a bad person.
Besides, a criminal has a criminal’s own sense of aesthetics.
Have you ever meet a criminal such as myself, before?
I don’t want to see a child getting entangled with murder.』

It had become understood. After the masked person had finished its talk about little children, it vanished before his eyes.
For the first time Agatsuma felt the intensity of a gaze; his knees gave way and he fell to the floor.
He laid there, on the floor of the living room, panting heavily.

「I-it……… can’t be, this just…… won’t, go away by itself……」

As if he had escaped from a horror show, Agatsuma arms and legs were shaking. He had forgotten about being naked, and curled up in a little ball.


The Mask quietly returns to Shinichi Nakamura’s room.
After coming to her senses “she” ascends to Shinichi’s shoulders and nestled against his cheek.

「How was it, what are the results?」

「It was rather delicious.
Um, that guy was quite stubborn, but for now he is willing listen to us.
I wonder why? Somehow that stupid performance was successful.」

To not awaken the family, the two of them are quietly chatting in the Farandia language.
When the boy had gotten tired of talking, he ascends to his bed and they sit horizontal across from one another.

「Perhaps, this may be random chit-chat, but compared to the others, I’m still nervous around Rinko-san.」

「You will not be able to understand that person without getting close to them.
From now on, try putting more effort into getting along.」

「……… effort……… is important; I think so too.」

She had been troubled by Shinichi’s lack of effort. Her desire for him to belong had turned into excessive pity.
In regards to the conversation, his companion had with Agatsuma, it was a mixture of truths and lies.
Straightforward threats alone may not have been enough to keep his family out of harm’s way.
There was a highly possible that things could have backfired. And, instead of helping, Agatsuma, could have become more suspicious of them.
Pertaining to the desired goal everything relied on ─ Agatsuma’s reasoning ─
Although, that matter had already been determined based on, the fact of, the information leak.

From the beginning, Shinichi did not trust the entirety of the Countermeasure Task Force, except for Rinko.
It wasn’t because the organization itself was suspicious, but rather they are unknown to him.
That is why, he had used his separate hand, the masquerade’s ability, to listen and learn about them.
During those few days, he had been gathering materials for the blackmail.
Fortunately, with the assistance of his partner and with help from magic, he was able to make a body double.
This way, it was easier to fool our spying and trespassing Countermeasure Officer.
And thus this time they were lucky.
It was a godsend that Galesto-san’s System is still inexperienced.
But, compared to the earlier stage, where they were stuck, the results are beyond expectation.

「At first I was surprised when I heard the contents of the conversation.
I thought all was lost, both limbs and my will went numb.」

She was under the impression that her Lord had disliked hearing, this type of news, about Agatsuma.
Agatsuma’s temperament is annoyingly childish; he was unable to hide his displeasure of not being the person at the top.
Not only did he try to conceal his mismanagement, by pressuring it onto his low position colleagues, his investigation methods were coercive.
Agatsuma doesn’t have the capabilities or the tolerance to be the commander of an investigation.
There is no mercy for villains; she is aware of that fact, but this time she was lenient.

「It certainly could had been a disaster, however.
The best part was when I was threatening him; I felt a pain in my stomach the whole time.」 (TL: my guess the cause was laughter)

Strangely enough, Agatsuma’s “cheap sense of justice” made him quite stubborn.
Ordinarily, it shouldn’t take much to defeat a villain, but he was fairly patient.
Since the situation had deteriorated, she had to devise another plan.
This time the problem would not have been resolved with only Agatsuma Eiji’s removal.

Shinichi information had become public. On top of his unexplained mysterious time-lag, for a person labeled as useless to suddenly return, it will draw attention. There is the possibly that other people will also try to monitor・investigation him.
Even if the person who replaces Agatsuma happens to be upright, there is the chance they would have doubts about the time-lag and choose to investigate it.
And, what if they start to question the false reports Rinko has been submitting.
There is also the possibility of Agatsuma’s replacement being a cunning bastard.

It’s best not consider a person who doesn’t do their job. Simply, it is unknown; there are just too many odds to bet on. Anyways, a person who is hungry for a social position is convenient.

By using magic and the Mask’s abilities to display the horror show, having taken this extra step, Agatsuma will be too afraid to take revenge. He will have no choice but to go along with their plans.
Although, it may be on an old camera, his image in various frightened poses have been recorded.
If anything happens down the line, they have plenty of blackmail material in reserve. The blackmail material will be published to the world if anything were to happen to Shinichi’s family.

「Well, to protect them (・・・・・・・) should I not (・・・・・・・) go to great lengths.
I came to understand it a little while ago, however, I may have already known when I had first returned to this world.」


And thus Shinichi decided to protect his family: in a place where he held no status, neither a place to belong, nor anything at all.
For that reason, these numerous acts, he must once again become accustomed to it all.
More or less all the associated parties, he has come across, are people of high social influence; whom are more than capable of defending themselves.
But it’s not as if Shinichi has no partner to assist him.
Possibly, “for such people” without a frightening companion things would fail.
However, this matter is different.

His father is an office employee in an average trading company.
The father’s social position is that of an ordinary civilian; there is no way he could defend against villains.

Rinko knows self-defense and she is a member of the Countermeasure Task Force.
Based on their morals, there is no telling how far the organization will stoop. They could even take a family member hostage.

Shinji is an infant with no power to put up a resistance.

Whether it was fortune or misfortune,
Or was it, they simply didn’t notice?
His mother, the woman whom is taking care of his little sister and younger brother, are they not being watched? Do they need to be rescued also?

「This ever so, increasingly different, parallel world is becoming more difficult to come to terms with.」

「That was a very pessimistic way of thinking.」

The reason the villains have not attacked his family yet is because they believe, the D – Rank , Shinichi is a weakling.
A family member being in the Countermeasure Task Force is dangerous enough, moreover, an All D – Rank is an easy excuse to pick a fight over.
In addition, there is the “unknown” factor, the government’s unlawful System. They could most likely disregard appearances and take Shinichi into custody.
At that moment Shinichi shook his head; he didn’t want to consider it.

「Somehow, I need to stay anonymous. With this information I have no choice but to shutdown the System.」

「…… then, how does tomorrow sound?」

「Well then, in the morning lure them out; when it’s night crush them.」

However, only in the lawful aspect of annihilation.

「……… I don’t mind but…..」

She was hesitant to speak up about the plans they made beforehand.
Her behavior changed in a roundabout way. She averted her line of sight.

「What is it, even in……. Farandia. The things we must do have not changed…..」

Her role is to draw the attention of the scoundrels, those who are a menace to others, as his decoy.
And, certainly as she was told, by Shinichi’s selfishness, she did well in her role as his body double.
Although, this time the aim was different, is what she thought.

It couldn’t be helped; Shinichi lowers his shoulders in dejection.

And thus one week passed, Agatsuma the Countermeasure Officer had made amazing results.
Shinichi’s turn never came. Due to the white mask actions as the decoy (bait) and it’s information collection (cross-examination), out of habit (・・・), thus it was finished.

In regards to the person in question, “now that I have returned, what am I doing” it has turned into that sort of mood.

「Aha, I just want to live normally……..」

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