Alice Tale ~ Chapter 42 ~ Sniper

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Editor : xRicri
Editor : Desmerit ( Nothing much to edit except some troublesome part)

狙撃手 Chapter 42 ~ Sniper

After the uproar, we changed our room. First of all, looking out from the windows there are no assassins and the weather seems great.
The previous room was on the other side, therefore it is out of the way from the streets for sure. But compared to this inn, the buildings are also taller.
The sniper was said to have shot from over there.

Although there is a little bit of a distance, it has certainly hit the unprepared opponent.
Francesca has already left for home
Now, I am in the midst of consoling Ilya.

「Errr, Ilya. There is no one who is able to protect someone from getting assassinated in ancient and modern times. From the history I know, anyone who gets assassinated will lose their life?」

「Even if that’s the truth, I cannot forgive myself. That so called inexperience is disgraceful」

Standing at attention in front of me is Ilya with a dejected face continuing to curse herself.
It seems like not being able to protect me against that assassin is somehow unforgivable for her.
….. Well, there is someone behind me sleeping who has saved my life.
Even if you are to compare, the comparison is a little….
TL: It means that Alice is getting exasperated.
I will be serious.

「Understood Understood. I will therefore punish Ilya.」


「Please kiss me.」

「Yes my lady.」

I, sitting on the edge of the bed, Ilya abruptly charge over and cling onto me.

「Wawawa! STOP! Without any hesitation?!」

I am really surprised!

「Why for some reasons when I thought that I am receiving rewards, it turn into a teasing style huh.」

Rewards huh….
For now, I push back Ilya’s shoulders and straighten my posture.

「*Cough* Anyway, women should be a little more modest. You should be embarrassed about these things. 」

「Ojou-sama, what you are talking about are completely like delusions of a guy.」


Delusions, all the guys in the world will cry….
「I..Ilya….. Ehh. Have you ever thought of who do you want to kiss?」

「……Sometimes, I do have times where I want to unreasonably push 『Someone』down.」

Re.. Really?!
TL: For a moment, I thought Alice’s eyes are sparkling.
To say that it’s shocking is shocking itself, but Ilya is also of an appropriate/marriageable age.
There are times where you can’t control yourself too.

「What a carnivorous declaration….」

「No, Ojou-sama is just too much of a maiden 」

If it is said that a girly girl like Ilya is a maiden, what can I do to be like her?

「And your denseness.」


「Please place your hands on your chest and think about it. 」

With that said, I tried touching my chest.
It’s packed with dreams.
It’s okay, A guy’s dream, I will protect it!

With Saira safely coming back after being requested to do some errands, I felt a sigh of relief.
It’s better to consider that even the streets are unsafe.
From now on, Saira must absolutely be with Til.
For, that is the safest place in the world
As long as Libra can be avoided.

Now I, together with Ilya, took an took an early afternoon nap in the park.
A park with a lawn which spreads out nicely.
There are also families and couples in the park.
At one corner under, a big tree, sleeping on Ilya’s lap feels special.
Relaxing is important.

「Sleeping here, are there any sniping points?」
「There are 2 sniping spots. As usual, you do really like to expose yourself to danger huh. Ojou-sama. What a M you are huh?」

「Such a declaration!?」

Am I a M?
No, I am not, I guess!?

「……In any case, what Til said previously got stuck in my head.」


Ilya did hear anything about it?

――In which direction did I get assassinated from?

And that single word she mutter.
As a result, I got hit by an arrow.
However―――― that frontage opposite me at the point of time?

「In addition, that arrow length … exceeds 90 centimetres.__. Furthermore, if you think about the distance from the sniping point, it is a tightly drawn bow.」
If that’s the case, the bow’s weight will exceed 20kg?
So, the assassin …. is a guy?

「Erm…. Ojou-sama. Are you good at bows?」
「No? I can’t shoot at all?」

In the first place, I can’t draw the bow at all….

「In contrary, you seems very well-informed.」
「Well, it’s just a little miscellaneous knowledge.」

The excessive time I had immersed in the infinite sea of internet…..
My memories aren’t bad so for the better or the worst, my knowledge increased.
*Goron* As I turned over onto Ilya’s knees and gazed at the garden.
As I turned my body, some of my hair got strewn onto my face which Ilya gently combed it back.
So comfortable….
When looking at the scenery of the park, there is a girl leading a huge number of children to play.
Her height seems to be a little shorter than me?
Asymmetric short hair with a blueish tint.
She seems to be really adored by the children for they are scrambling around her wanting to play with her.

A girl with a kind atmosphere around her.
As I was gazing at her a distance away, our eyes matched unexpectedly.
In an instant, the girl immediately started blushing and hurriedly turn to look away.

「Ilya? Those kids?」

「Judging from the clothes, I dare say that they are children taken care by the church. Those who have lost their parents or something…..」

Those kids with the only clothes they happened to be wearing which are unflattering.

「I see…. But they do look very contented.」

「That’s what it is. That girl is probably the children’s’ Sun.」

In the end, the sniper did not appear.
If possible, I want to crush this bud of uneasiness ahead of time, but it did not proceed as planned.
That evening/night.
Once again venturing out, I reached the park where I was in the afternoon.
With no sense of human presence, the plaza floated a dark sinister atmosphere which is very different from before.
With just the moonlight, I stumbled to the tree where I rested in the afternoon.
Although I had confirmed just in case, there is no one in the trees.
And just like in the afternoon, I threw myself down under the tree one more time.
Onto Ilya’s knees

「You aren’t angry?」

「Compared to controlling Ojou-sama’s action, I want to run along with Ojou-sama’s hopes and protect to the end. That kind of thoughts.」

「Still doing something difficult.」

「Coming from whose mouth?」

「That could be so」

We stop our frivolous talks and became silent.
Tomorrow I do not have any competition.
Therefore, tomorrow’s afternoon and night, I will come here.。
This is a written challenge.

――Try aiming me

The cowardly assassin.
What Til has said, a tightly drawn bow.
Even if it’s in the night, there can’t be no sound.
The insect’s chirping, the bustling sounds of the people in the street and the sound of the wind.
Together with Ilya, both of us, as if dissolved into the ground and passed our time like that and conspicuously a strong wind blew past.
The huge tree rustled.

In an instant, an ominous sound rang coming and that is coming towards us.
I can see it!
With unmatched accuracy, it is dead-on.
Actually the attack that I perceive, is being repelled by Ilya.


We immediately stood up.
And checked our surroundings.
As predicted earlier, it is one of the two spots mentioned.

「Are you okay, Ilya?」

「Yes, I am. But that attack is sharper than I had expected―― It just got surpassed.」

Ilya’s field which has shown to be able to defend against the ice dragon’s attack was surpassed?
Will the second shot come?
Or, he/she made a blunder and changing positions?


Although I am unable to grasp his location, I attack the general area with magic.
As the thunder hits the building’s wall, for an instant, the area was illuminated and the darkness vanished.

「He/she is there!」

Nevertheless, there is no feedback from the Thunder.
For he is too far, it is not possible to aim the assassin accurately from here.
The second shot, despite it being set up, it has yet to come?

Nay――He is accumulating!
In a second, I perceived a weak shrilling sound ringing out.

「――Dodge it! Ilya!」

At my voice, Ilya immediately lie face down.
Just a split instant later, a high pitched shrill whistled past and the arrow pierced through the green field!.
――Although we had imagined that scenario but it’s unbelievable!

Defence 5, I dare say is Ilya’s unique skill.
That it pierce through?!

「……My guess but..」


「Abandoning all of elements of battle except for one, the one most beneficial, a job which allows him to use purely『Strength』. That’s ――」

Deciding the location, not moving, not allowing any chance of counterattack. That concentration and strength change him into a sure kill hunter ( One punch man).
The opponent has Strength 5!
I cannot help saying that I had underestimated him!
I was under the impression that if Ilya is around, it will be a walk in the park.
What should I do?
I want to jump and close the distance, but is that also making light of my opponent?
If I were to jump~
The consequence…

I fired my magic at the area a moment ago.

Feedback―― None!
He is not at the same position at all!?
When I devote all my attention to sight, I can hear the dim sound of the bow firing again.
The dim shrill of the arrow and the reflection of the pale arrowhead reflected under the moonlight.
「This is bad――」


Ilya, once again stood in front of me.
In no time, the sound of the arrow clashing into the field reverberate the area.

「I am Ojou-sama’s shield. No matter who my opponents are, I will simply destroy all of them!」

But, speaking of her yelling/fighting spirit, it seems pretty stupid.
In reality,this time round, Ilya’s spirit exceeds the opponent’s attack and she received the attack which seems to be stronger than the previous one.
The conflict between Strength 5 and Defence 5.
But, this exchange between attack and defence becomes in equilibrium.
On one side, the situation where Ilya is just receiving is getting worst and worst.

――I must do it.

「――Ilya, the fourth shot, Please take it no matter what it takes, During that moment, I will jump toward the opponent.」

「You can’t. If the opponent focus on shooting based on speed, Ojou-sama’s defence….」

「I understand. I do not plan to commit suicide. Believe in me.」

「…… Yes my lady!」

It’s a contest.
I sharpen my senses.
I surround my body with lightning.
The fourth shot came!

Once again, the clash of the arrow and the field.
As compared to before, it’s even stronger!
From Ilya’s mouth, some blood flowed out.
I am sorry, Ilya.

From Ilya’s back, I jump out.
I kick the earth and tear through the night sky in a straight line.
From the assassin’s position, he also knows the surroundings.
Therefore, for sure, one straight line.
Yes, directly towards him.
Such a thing, if the sniper comes into view, it’s the norm.
Read the signs
I must move first.
From my leather bag, I pinch out the required item and concentrate.
During the time I came close, with my elf eyes, I caught sight of the opponent’s shadow.
The counter-attack――I am too late!
Now for sure is the time to shoot!
During that time, there is no need to aim.

――The opponent believed that it is a sure kill and fired her arrow.

I inserted with all my strength the repellent force into the coin that I was holding in my hand,
That strength with the twisting of my body, created a gap within the straight line.
A slight movement.
However, the opponent jumped and aimed at me with my head as the target itself
A slight mistake will determine my life and death.

The arrow skimmed my leg.

It’s hot as if it’s burning.
However, that―― is just a graze!
Jumping and hitting the spot shows how terrifying the opponent’s ability is. But it’s already too late.

The Silhouette I gazed at is completely not in a panic. On the contrary he lowered his bow as if he gave up.
Finally, I who jumped onto a building, in a flash/ without hesitation force him to eat my lightning at full power.
More than I thought, she has no resistance.
Agility and Intelligence are also very low huh.

Without negligence, I reach the vicinity.
There is no presence at all.
He is alone?
I cautiously confirmed the fallen opponent.
Finally, I will repay the frightening sniper with 1 arrow.
And thereupon, I saw . That face ――

『Girl』with a face she may have while praying, stretched out as if sleeping.

Since some of the best 16 of the arena’s tournament mysteriously resigned , my best 8 have been decided.

That opponent, with her overwhelming bow skills has completely won at the preliminary contest.

「Ilya, my chest hurts.」

That afternoon, I once again came to the park and gazed at the children who are coming in from the park gate to play.
And, that 『Girl』appearance isn’t there.
The children also seems to be in low spirit.

「For some reasons we do not know but in this world, it’s just that sort of thing.」


「But you must not mull on this. Because――」

I place a finger on Ilya’s lips to silence her.
In exchange, I continued the exchange of words.

「For, we are still living. That’s right, isn’t it.」
That sort of words is extremely bitter.
We did nothing and just gazed at them.
The children sometimes frolicking around and bustling around the garden lively.

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