Takami no Kago Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

The next morning, I suddenly awoke.

「Good morning, Master」

「Good morning. What will we be doing today?」

「Good morning. Today, I plan to go to the market. But first, there is something I need to talk about with the two of you.」

‘A talk about something?’ The two girls tilted their heads with a puzzled expression.

「Thanks to Amy, we have a surplus in funds. I want to have a discussion about how we should divide the money we’ve obtained.」

Ayla will also be receiving a share, because without Ruby, we wouldn’t be able to make the materials for the clay. Since, Amy is the maker of the white porcelain, she will definitely receive a share as well.

「I will always be Master’s slave, so please use the gold as you wish.」

I heard from Ayla that Demi-human slaves and life-long-slaves are forbidden to own property.
On that note, I direct the topic to only Amy; she tries to decline too.

「I created them as Master has advised me. A share isn’t necessary.」 (TN: create white porcelain)

「No, it’s nothing like that.」

It’s only possible to make it because Amy is so skilled. Oh yeah, Amy is a debt slave.
She can become free from slavery if she’s able to pay her debt.
Amy shows a sad expression while nodding when she heard my explanation.

「Well then, Amy’s share is one gold coin per set.」

After that we disagreed about the share. I offered her half in the beginning, but she stubbornly refused.
Amy reluctantly consented to one gold after I persuaded her that I would not go any lower.

I got ready and went to the market.
In the market, high quality goods won’t be put on the shop shelves. The reason is, that they wouldn’t be able to arrange lower quality goods without it looking messy.
Various miscellaneous goods were on display. Goods such as weapons or anything that could be used as protection from monsters were being sold.

「This is awesome, isn’t it flourishing more than the Guilds?」

「That’s right. It’s because they sell things that the Guilds can’t get their hands on.」

The Guilds only handle items which have a stable supplier. As for the buying and selling of unusual materials, it seem that they are being monopolized by the Guild’s executives.
Although, they don’t seem to make money and they only get customers by personal referrals.

Well, there seems to be some serious internal circumstances too.

When we look around the market, there are a lot of materials which are not available in the Guilds, as Amy said earlier. We continue shopping in high spirits, looking at things we’ve never seen before.
Ruby is with us today, so it’ll be okay no matter how many items we buy.

「Onii-san, you’re doing well. How about it, buy something from me」

When Amy was checking around, the shopkeeper from nearby shop called us.

「What kind of items do you sell?」

The man is grinning.

「This shop only sells living beings. We deal in slaves and Monsters.」

After listening to the explanation about the shop, I took a look the shop inventory. Indeed various Monsters were placed in the cages, where the slaves are arranged.

「Why, are the slaves and the Monsters treated the same?」

「Is this your first time in this kind of shop? Because there is no differences in managing monsters and slaves, so it’s not uncommon to handle them together」

「Is that so?」

I replied to him, while checking the status around.

Villager, Beast Warrior, Sharp Wolf, Villager (Beastman), Swordsman (Human), Fighter (Beastman), Necromancer (Vampire), Scale Warrior (Demi-Human), Goblin, Orc, Maid (Human), The line-up is inconsistent.

I saw something strange in the mix.


For the me, who is at the very center at the shop, I could see a cage that is almost hidden at the very back, that housed a Necromancer.

「Dear customer, I see that you have spotted the cage, but I must urge you to stop, for this fellow is…」

I went ahead and approached the Necromancer’s cage. In the cage, there is a girl, wearing dirty tattered clothes. However, compared to the tattered clothes, the girl herself was even more dirty.

With a height of 170cm, she is taller than both Amy and Ayla. Her hair is also gray; the tattered clothes are unable to hide her feminine body.

Her face, even though it’s dirty, is very beautiful.

「This fellow is really difficult to control. Even three other Monster Tamers were unable to discipline her for so long. She’s been in the cage ever since.」

「Monster Tamer? Are Vampires categorize as a monster?」

「Yes, they are treated as Monsters around here. Customer, you seems to understand that she is a Vampire.」

To confirm what the shopkeeper said, I checked her status.


Zirconia Vlad Lv.18 Necromancer – 18 years old.


【Blood Sucking (Master)】

Drains the target’s blood and stamina, to recover Maryoku of self.

Give target Skill 【Blood Sucking (Servant)】. The target is inflicted with abnormal aliment 【Vampire (Servant)】.


Able to make a blood contract.

【Specter Magic】 ★★★

Able to use specter magic.


Indeed, is it because she is a vampire, that she has abilities related to blood? And also, the Necromancer’s 【Specter Magic】 seems very strong.

While I’m watching the cage in interest, she directed a sharp glare from the inside.

As we are having a staring contest going between us for a while, Ayla and Amy approached me.

「Master, will you be buying this slave?」

Somehow, Amy showed a really sad expression. Ayla’s expression also seemed to be almost crying. It seems that Ayla’s expression was comparable to Amy’s.

「Yeah, depends on the price.」

When she heard it, Amy’s face became even darker. I wonder if Amy feels some sort of dejection because the number of companions will increase?

The shopkeeper ran toward me. He might have heard about my plan to buy Zirconia.

「I’d appreciate it if you were to buy this slave, since I’m ashamed that she remained unsold for a long time.」

「It’s not decided yet. By the way, how much is her price?」

「Let’s see, how about 2 golds?」

So cheap, I don’t know how to feel about it, so I checked with Amy.

「Amy, this girl is a vampire. Are vampires classified as monsters?」

「Umm, I have heard that their treatment is different depending on the place, though I think that they’re in the same situation as Demi-Humans」

Amy took a quick glance to Ayla.

「Where I lived, Vampires are categorized as Demi-Humans」

Vampires seem like a special race that are treated as either Monsters or Demi-Humans depending on the place.

However, when you hear the shopkeeper’s story when he employed the Monster Tamers, and how they failed, I cannot help but think that they are ultimately Demi-Human.

Two golds for a slave is considerably cheap. It’s the same amount as when I bought Ayla while she was still possessed with 『Curse』.

2 golds is as cheap as the price of the monsters sold in the Monster Tamer’s Guild.

Perhaps, it’s a bit more expensive than a Goblin’s price.

「It’s good bargain, right?」

When I told to shopkeeper that I will buy her alongside a Demi-Human collar, the shopkeeper made face that’s somewhat strange.

He asked another shopkeeper that was near Ayla and the rest. (Light: Meaning, he asked another shopkeeper to bring the collar.)

I bent in front of the cage and matched my line of vision with Zirconia’s as soon as everything was prepared.

「Right now, I’ll get you out from there, so please try not to resist.」

I keep staring at Zirconia for a while until she nodded slightly. I believe on her word and insert the key to open her cage.

On the next moment, I was thrown down by Zirconia from inside the cage.

「Stupid human, why should I necessarily follow your commands?」 (Light: She speaks in a baba-like. huehue. Also, I’m not getting paid enough to change this to Shakespearean. Not that I’m getting paid.)

She bites my neck while saying that. A sharp pain runs through my neck, as blood is being sucked from it.

「Kufufu, this fellow is mine now.」

She said that while moving away from on top of me while watching her surroundings.

「You two girls over there, I can see that you are the slaves under this servant. Hereafter, you will be following me as well.」

Zirconia directed a bewitching smile toward Ayla and Amy, but she switched to an anger face while looking toward the shopkeeper.

「You did many severe things on me, don’t expect to have a quick and painless death.」

The shopkeeper was blankly staring on with a ‘Pokan’ sort of feeling, not understanding the current situation at all.

「Oi, servant, until when are you going to be sleeping? Hurry up and wake up!」

Zirconia kicked my flank, because I remained fallen. Following her command, I stand up.

「First off, cut off that man’s limbs, and make him kneel down before me!!」

While she was ordering me, I quickly attached the Demi-Human’s collar from my pocket into Zirconia’s neck while her guard was lowered.

「H-huh? What is the meaning of this!? You bastard, hurry up and take it off!」

「So annoying… Shut up.」

I flicked Zirconia’s forehead with all of my might.


Zirconia made a weird sound and fell down. Her muscles might be weak because she spent a long time in the cage…
This vampire really did it, the first tackle caught me off guard.
Thank god I had already asked them to not raise a hand, no matter what happened to me.

「Master, are you really alright?」

「Yeah, i’m alright. She wasn’t able to suck my blood.」

I told a blatant lie because the shopkeeper is still around. The reality is, the abnormal status has already been cured because of 『Divine Protection』

「Impossible!? I should have already sucked your blood!!」 (Light: Srsly. I like the way she talks in Japanese. Too bad I’m too lazy to turn into Shakespearean, no~? *Teases y’all*)

「Shut up.」

I flicked her forehead again because she gave out unnecessary information.


I took a look at her, she is trying her best at holding her watery eyes this time to avoid crying.
We should really leave this shop before she actually starts crying.

「I’m sorry for causing such a ruckus. Well then, I’ll be buying this girl.」

「Alright~ Thanks for always~」 (Light: Rather than saying ‘please come again’ he said ‘Thanks for always’.)

「Let me go, I am a high-class vampire clan! Like hell I’ll be ordered around by a Human like you!!」

「Yeah yeah, Let’s first go back to Inn and have you take a bath.」

「Bath!? With cold water? Hot water?」

「Which one would you want?」

「Hot water!!」

She seems pretty childish. Even though she is older than me.
Which reminds me, is it alright for her to be taken out under the light of sun in noon? Oh well, she seems so energetic, so it might be safe.

「I see, having a meal seems good. What do you want? Meat or fish?」

「Got it. Amy, I know it’s troublesome, but please go buy clothes for this fellow.」

「Y-yes. Understood.」

「Ayla, please help with washing this fellow.」


Zirconia, who was promised a bath and a meal, obediently followed us to the Silvercup. Then, the two of us made sure to scrub her clean with hot water. (Light: He saw heerr naakeeeed)
30 minutes have passed, and the soap we were using in hand is gone. Zirconia finally became beautiful.
When we finished washing Zirconia, Amy came back with the bought clothes for Zirconia.
「So, why these type of clothes?」

The clothes that Amy bought are for gothic lolitas. I’m genuinely surprised that there is culture of gothic lolitas in this world.
The clothes’ prices were one gold coin.

「I’m sorry, I ended up paying for them with the shopping money that you gave this morning. Please, cut it from my share of the reward from the white porcelain later」

Although I gave Amy a hefty amount of money for shopping this morning, I never expected that buying clothes would be one of the things that we’ll end up needing.

「No problem, it’s all good, Zirconia seems likes them anyways.」

「Umu, you have a good style. From now one, I’ll leave choosing my attires to you.」

「Don’t get too full of yourself. Amy, don’t listen to what this fellow has said.」

We decided to eat in the dining room at the Silvercup’s first floor because Amy has just returned.
When our dishes were carried out, Zirconia ate with terrifying speed.
Zirconia seems like an noble young lady with her gothic lolita outfit, but her table manners are pretty hectic.

「Fuu, I’m full.」

When the meal was finished, Zirconia lied in the bed in an arrogant manner.

「Well then, let’s start with a question from myself. Why didn’t my blood-sucking ability have an effect on you?」

「I’ll answer that at a later time, after I trust you. For the time being, i’ll tell you that it won’t be effective no matter what you do. Oh, and it won’t work on these girls either.」

「It can’t be helped. I suddenly attacked you first earlier after all. Then, how will I be treated from here on?」

「I’m an adventurer, so you will be joining my party. Of course, I’ll guarantee your safety as much as possible.」

「Alright. Then what about my treatment? Are the bath and the meal, like today, are only for a special occasion? 」

「No, nothing of what you seen today is special. Well, the aside from your clothing. Other that, everything you’ve went through today is pretty much normal.」

「Is that so!! Then, lastly, why do you treat me so well even though you know that I’m vampire?」

「Did you know? I didn’t really enjoy seeing you that dirty. And also, the meal you ate, is nothing but an inn’s dinner. It’s nothing special, anyone can eat something like that.」 (Light: He means that inn’s food is so bland, that anyone would be able to eat it)

「Don’t enjoy seeing me dirty?」 (Light: She actually just says ‘Don’t enjoy?’ but that doesn’t make much sense, now does it?)

Zirconia tilted her head in doubt.

「Yeah. Won’t it be troublesome if we were to sleep in the same bed, with you being that dirty? For many things, won’t that really be in the way?」 (Light: Many things, eh. Hibiki no ecchi~)

「Y-you plan on embracing me? I’m a vampire, you know!?」

「Ahh, is that no good?」

Zirconia fled into the bed hurriedly.

「Oh well.」

I heard Amy’s voice while I was chasing Zirconia.

「Umm, Master, I-I am…」

Although the current situation is quite amusing, her appearance seems a bit strange.

「What is it, Amy?」

「Master, please don’t throw me away!」

Eh? Why would I throw Amy away? I don’t understand it. I decided to hear what Amy has to say.

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