Riot Grasper – Volume 1, Chapter 3

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1st Volume, 3rd Chapter 【The Expert Blacksmith, Jig・Salman】

No matter how strong of a skill it is, stealing is an inhumane act.
Making it unexpectedly difficult. (Author’s note)

「Well then, I would like to receive this delivery of goods quest……」
「Very well. With the herculean strength you displayed moments ago, you shouldn’t have any problem in completing the quest, I believe. The place is located outside Commercial District; it’s located in the east, in Industrial District. I will mark the location on the map. You will receive further directions on site. Also……please don’t forget to pay 1,500 Dalas within one month.」

So the compensation has been duly added. Un, whatever, it was I who broke the table in the end, after all.

At any rate, this Physical Abilities Enhancement skill seems to be Continuous Activation type.
My body is clearly light. My strength has welled up as well. And my speed is remarkably different from before.

While considering possibilities, I call for my status and concentrate my consciousness on the skill.

《Physical Abilities Enhancement》――Enhances physical abilities. Increases the original physical abilities by a percentage. The synergistic effect is similar to that of physical training. If proficiency is high, the gap of physical abilities between races can be surpassed. Excellent compatibility with martial arts.

Ah, something came up. This……skill is quite useful. Great.
Is it rare? Oh well, its usability will depend on the combination of skills.
In short, the usefulness of this ability……will vary from person to person.

Huh? Have I just raised another hurdle for myself? Another hurdle.

Ahem……This is the story of a protagonist who was reincarnated in another world. The light-hearted story of how he enjoys his life in that other world. Please refrain from associating excessive expectations.

What a massive idiot I am. Where was Industrial District again? East?

It’s all thanks to that muscle balloon……Balloon? Was it? I must thank him.
I have no idea as to how weakened he would be after losing his skill. Well, he was all muscles anyway……so it shouldn’t be that bad.

I mean, if you compare our physique, I’m a frail guy. It was he who struck the table first and almost broke the table.

――The value next to Thief’s Godly Skill has changed to (1/10). Most likely, the proficiency of the skill increases with every success. As it is now, the success rate is unspeakably low.

In order to increase the success rate, I need to increase the total Lv of all my skills combined. In order to increase the total Lv of all my skills combined, I need high Lv skills even if they’re unnecessary. In order to obtain high Lv skills, I need to increase the success rate.
That said, can I really afford to have unnecessary skills with the limit of 10?
If the number of my skills exceeds 10, will they be discarded?……Well, I have just one skill at the moment, so I don’t need to go that far, do I?

For now, I best increase the proficiency of the skill steadily.
Also, whom I steal the skill from is important.
First, I need to confirm whether the monsters possess skills.

Whatever, that I don’t have skills doesn’t mean that I can’t fight.
In the first place, that staff member never said that I should give up. With this physical ability, if I were to get injured by a weak monster……

――Oh well, my priority should be completing the quest.

「Aah, are you an adventurer? Nice to meet you. I’m a merchant called Batteau. Coming to the point, I want you to deliver these packages to an artisan in the Industrial District.」
「I’m Seiji. Nice to meet you, too.」
「It’s quite heavy. Will you……be alright?」
「Can I try it? ……Ho!」

I try to lift one of the cartons. It is heavy, indeed.

「I can carry about two at a time. In total……there are ten.」
「……I’m still not as mature a merchant to be able to judge someone from their appearance, it seems. Here is the map. I have marked the location of the artisan’s workshop. Would you, please?」

Meanwhile, I check the status of the merchant.

As for the skills, he has Business Acumen Lv2 and Sword Arts Lv1. Sword Arts skill is at the lowest level. It’s only for self-defense, most likely.

How do I visually confirm Business Acumen skill? By witnessing him cracking a big deal?
……No, I don’t intend to particularly steal this skill. I’ll be in trouble if I make stealing a habit.

Thereafter, I made several round trips to Industrial District and delivered the cartons. The quest went smoothly.
When I deliver the last carton and look around for a while, I realize from the exterior of the shop that the artisan is a blacksmith who makes weapons and armors.
So, if I?

Nah, it’s blacksmith we are talking about, right? One who hammers hot iron, who forges steel, who shapes it into a strong sword! Who is black! Who is rough! Whose dick is numb!

……This job is no good.

「Excuse me. I was sent here by Batteau-san. I received the delivery of goods quest.~」

There’s no answer.
Is there no one inside?

When I move further in from the sales counter――I reach a place that can be considered the workshop.

「Excuse me――」

――As soon as I say that.

「Don’t come here! I can hear you! 」

There is someone! But they are ‘short’ of my expectations. He’s bearded and considerably shorter than me.
He’s muscular――With this, we have our first dwarf of the series. *A round of applause*

Name: Jig・Salman
Race: Dwarf
Age: 57
Job: Expert Blacksmith
Smithing Lv4 (54/500)

He’s Lv4. Wow! He seems to be quite an excellent blacksmith.

「Don’t come inside without permission! Goods……Put the goods there.」
「I’m sorry. I did call for you at the sales counter but……」
「You……are an adventurer? But you are just a kid. Are you looking to die young?」

Because I have my guild card hanging around my neck, he could tell from a glance that I’m an adventurer.
By the way, when I press my finger on the back of card, it shows my name and rank.
Is this some kind of magic?

「Even though I may appear so, I’m actually 18 years old. I just don’t prefer to jump into danger needlessly.」
「……What? I thought you were a 10-year-old.」

That’s too exaggerated!
Even Jig-san looks considerably younger than his age! Because we belong to different races, however, I can’t say for sure.

「It was a joke. Still……As an adventurer, you should have equipment on you even if it’s low. It’s reckless to fight against monsters as you are.」
「I became an adventurer just today. It’s my first quest……Also, because I’m in debt, I can’t enjoy the luxury of buying equipment.」
「Fumu……In the future, do you intend to receive quests that require you to fight against monsters?」
「I would receive such quests, I think.」

Appearing bothered, Jig-san stands up and moves to the sales counter, scratching his head all the while.
Did I do something?
For the time being, I follow behind him.

「Hey, is there a weapon you’re good at?」
「As of yet, unfortunately none.」
「Fun, in that case, take this. Learn how to use it yourself. It’s better than nothing.」

What jig san threw at me is a 50cm long blade attached to a pommel. In other words, a sword. When I pull it out of its sheath, its dark gray luster reflects in my eyes.

《Baselard》――Although it’s typically a dagger, its overall length of 50cm makes it a short sword. Because it’s lightweight and easy-to-use, even those who are not apt at using swords can use it.

「Are you……giving this to me?」
「It’s a parting gift to a fledgling adventurer. Don’t think it’s free, though. When you grow strong, you have to buy better weapons from this shop……It’s just so you don’t die young.」

My tear glands were about to burst.

But I manage to hold them back, somehow.
Dying to an accident, reincarnating in this world, meeting a thug……After going through all that, this act of kindness warmed my heart.

Considering Jig-san’s words just now, he has all the makings of a Tsundere.

『I-It’s not like I’m giving it to you for free, B-Baka. You have to buy expensive goods from my shop in the future. It’ll be a waste if you die before that.』 (TN: I added B-Baka myself. It’s not in the raw.)

To have Imagined such a thing, I must prostrate and apologize to him.

「Thank you very much.」
「I’m Jig. Well then, do your best.」
「My name is Seiji. I’ll be sure to visit again.」

――I leave Jig-san’s shop and head back to Batteau-san.
Now that I have delivered the goods, I need him to sign the quest off as complete.

When Batteau-san was signing off the quest, his gaze falls onto the sword on my waist. I received a leather belt, too, from Jig-san to put the sword on.
All I need now is to steal Sword Arts skill.
Should I steal it from Batteau-san or not?

「This sword……can’t be Jig-san’s work, right?」

You can tell just by looking at it? Business Acumen Lv2, indeed.
Nah, it must not be entirely related to it.

「Yes, I received it as a parting gift for being an adventurer.」
「That’s great……Seiji san, do your best as an adventurer henceforth.」

More heartwarming~.

No way, so soon~.
Are most of the people in this town perhaps this nice?

Well, well. Time to go back to the guild, report the completion of the quest and receive the reward. Trivial jobs may be free of risks but take rather long to complete.
The sun is about to set.
I would like to check in an inn before sunset.

In quick strides, I head to Commercial District in the south and open the gate upon reaching the guild.

The receptionist lady’s bright smile. My first income in this world. A warm bed.
I’m so excited.

However, the room on the first floor is noisy and surrounded. A silhouette of someone shouting in a familiar, loud voice can be seen.

――No way, so soon~.

Thank you for reading. (Author’s note)

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