New Years Resolutions & the Comp.

So, it’s 2016.

I should take a moment to reflect on RTD’s 2015… ok, done. I think we did alright. Two decent size events, all projects moving… not exactly smoothly is some cases, but still moving.

Here’s the status on projects moving into 2016:

Slave Harem: Moving fine. We will be caught up with the author in less than half a year.

Din no Monshou: This is one of the projects that tanked out of it’s day in the Christmas event. It’s quite hard to MT. This project could do with a second TL, and a skilled editor that can TLC, or use TA.

When I returned home, what I found is a fantasy!?: Nobody on this project at the moment. Free did an extra chapter after the Christmas event, he might do more, but there is nobody officially working on this project.

In a different world with a Smartphone: Should be back to a regular pace now, will let you know in the future if we want help.

Alice Tale: Releasing regularly.

Elf Tensei: Releasing regularly, but a skilled second TL would be good.

Eh? Heibon desu yo??: A second TL would be good.

Shinka no Mi: All TL’s for this are currently bogged down with real life. MT’s seem to do decent on this, but I’m not accepting any slow ones. 1-2 weeks per chapter minimum.

TSO ~ A Heart-warming TS Life~: Should be back on track soon.

Takami no Kago: No help required, running fine.

Master Of Monster: Needs a skilled extra TL.

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?: Need an skilled extra TL.

Right Grasper: A 2nd TL would be good.


If you’d like to help out with any of these, find the raws, jump forward a number of chapters & start translating, do 100-200 lines as a trial. LEAVE THE JAPANESE lines next to your lines so I can check them easy. Then contact me on skype: cyrogen

Make sure you have the time and motivation to put in. You should be able to do a chapter in a week, except for MoM, SnM, ET & WIRH:WIFIAF we’ll give you 2 weeks.


The Competition.

These are the entries:

[1] Fan Fic Emailed to me by David
[2] Three Banners emailed to me from nuruanshi
[3] Fan art emailed to me by Trevor
[4] Fan Fic in comments by xias1
[5] A banner by team member Yami
[6] Fan Art from comments by visunoriva
[7] Fan Art from comments by Ren Lavkrovic
[8] jseah’s game from comments – UPDATED
[9] Fan art by leilaila from comments
[10] Two banners by Aha Disco Elf from comments
[11] Fan fic in comments by Merry Shadow
[12] Banner in comments by Uz3r013
[13] Flash game by liossenel via skype
[14] Opening pic for [13] is a separate entry by his GF.
[15] Fan fic via email from Ramal
[16] Fan Fic in comments by xRciri
[17] Fan Art by Aki20
[18] A banner by team member Pun

Honorable mentions submitted past the deadline:

Fan Art by Etiluos

If I’ve missed your entry, let me know. If a link doesn’t work, let me know. I’ll get the staff to judge these & announce the winner in a week.

Moving along again:

Make sure your bookmarks are set to

If you are still using the old wordpress bookmark & letting it redirect to the current domain, then you might have trouble later, but I’ll try to keep things fine.

I plan to move Raising the Dead to it’s own host.

We’ve been outgrowing the current blog for a while, we are at a stage where the features that I’d like to add to the blog are just not possible in it’s current form.

I was going to leave this for another few months so I’d be in a quieter time at work, and could set some more stuff up before the move, but we also have ads on the site and I hoped it would be enough to regularly give a little something to the team.


RTD had around 2,200,000 page views in November.

WordPress was often showing me 2 ads, the regular ad and I think it was some “Visit California” video maybe? Can’t remember exactly.

WordPress registered 849,090 ad views, and paid us $208.04. Both of these amounts are below what I expected, and are low enough to cause me to speed up my plans to move the site.

That’s all the info WP shares on the matter, those two numbers, I mailed them about it and got a “that’s how it’s supposed to be” answer.

I can pay site costs with that, but adding a regular something for the team is not possible at that level. I’d need 4 months worth of that after my tax & paypal fees come out.

I’m sure there are a number of people running their own sites with ads, can you share some details of your experiences? Who are you using? How are they? Rates? Send me an email about it to maintain your privacy: [email protected]

Cold hard stats would be appreciated.

I think the simplest way to move the site is to export the current site, and then start adding to it and tweaking from there, which may give us some kind of mutant in the long run but we’ll worry about that later (Ha! Have fun sorting that problem out future me!) .

So, I guess that makes RTD’s New Years Resolutions:

  1. Don’t fuck up moving the site.
  2. Make series releases more regular.

What are your resolutions for this year?

Machine Translating to give a bit back to the community.
If you want to help support/encourage me, you can add me on Patreon.
Takami no Kago Chapter 33
Elf Tensei: Chapter 2, Episode 8 (V2C8)

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New Years Resolution:
To fap more while reading zombie web novels chapter releases!
Learn Japanese and understand shit! (currently taking intro to jap where I live *cough* canada *cough* and other courses)
Become a translator within 3-4 years (maybe more years ahead…)!


日本語を勉強したいことか。まぁ、それはいいが、でももっと練習してがほうがいいと思うよ。俺、高校が四年ぐらいと二年大学から勉強してた、でもあまりまだよく日本語が話せない、あまり練習しないからね。 俺、同じしっぱいしてないがほうがいいね, もっと練習して, そして日本語がきっとよく上手になるかもね。  XP  がんばってくさだい。

If you can read this… your probably well off…


がんばって下さい great… entry error…


Too easy, Can I leave the translation here?


understood it without machine help! booyah 😀

well, that was pretty easy though :3

Rumanshi Ichigo

To become RNGesus.


My new year’s resolutions:

1) Promote from a NEET to a hikikomori,

2) Earn $10,000 a month working from home like single moms are doing.


this one gets it.


My new year resolution ??
-To be able to live until next year.
-Learn how to read & write japanese


my resolutions? hmm,
1. to able read more rtd translation,
2. to have happy life with smile every days.


Wow, that’s a lot of people using ad blocker.


To finish my gaming backlog…..that can be done in parts, right?


Sorry, most of those page views was me constantly checking for updates before I signed up for the email notifications. 🙂 I have white listed your site in my adblocker. Have you considered signing up to use Paetron?


I would like to say (Smart Phone) is the best Novel in this site for 2015.

No cut off sex scene since Author is very kind as to not get me TOO excited then cut the sex scenes like other Authors…

I would like to read MORE of (Smart Phone).

The rythem of excitements in this Novel is not too extreme like (Slave Harem) or (Elf Tensei).

Thanks to Translators ane Editors and Proof Readers for doing (Smart Phone) ??????


My resolutions for this year:
– Learn Japanese to read novels
– Start learning Chinese to read Xinxia)
– Learn digital art better and start making money with it (even a tiny amount about few bucks is fine)


Tensei Simulator build 4
This is more of an emergency patch. Item list menus are now scrollable beyond 30 items (previously attempting to load an inventory of >30 items would overwrite the initial positions; but you could only select the partially invisible first 30 items).
You can now rename items when first crafting them. Default names now inherit from the new form of the item instead of recipe name.

The emergency patches continue! Corrects a bug involving left/right itemlist navigation errors introduced by the previous patch. Small white direction arrows now indicate which arrow key to press to navigate on the main map. Lines also connect locations based on the paths available. No longer spams NPC battle printouts (much faster when moving on main map). Turned off debug mode granting 10k money. =P Missed from changelog for build 4: You can now level up! (done that earlier actually) You gain xp equal to xpvalue of monster / your level. xp is divided equally among all battle participants (before level… Read more »
Tensei Simulator Build 6 – Poison Strike works now, Dark Forest is no longer a walkover – Stats rebalanced, Defence now rises at 10% rate, Attack now increases at 2x rate – Rockclaws appear in inventory properly – Towns assign quests more intelligently, attacking locations in turn instead of ignoring one – Event driven scenario-quest infrastructure added — One-time per game explanation windows added for: Main Map, Town Menu, Craft Menu, Battlescreen — Monsters now attack towns if they achieve critical mass (but if the monsters win nothing bad happens to the town, besides all the mercs dying) (However due… Read more »

Tensei Simulator Build 7

Combat action animations are a go! They come with sounds even!
Changelog contains more details.


Tensei Simulator Build 8

Emergency patch?!
– Fixed bug that prevented quest start for quests other than Rocky Mine Raid
Added River Town and Moon Mine locations


I wanted to tried your game and console appear and disappear for some reason


Hi, can I have more details on any error messages that might have been generated and the operation system you are using?


Yes, I use windows 10 and there no error message it start and stop before i can do anything literally the console close itself


the build 9 work just fine it seem

Tensei Simulator Build 9 If a monster location successfully attacks a town, a monster army is formed Monster armies will stay in the town and periodically attack nearby towns or wander over the map Monster armies entering a resource location will uncapture and unpacify it Mercenaries will now wander out of town if there are no quests remaining If more than 55 characters are participating in a battle, the extra characters will automatically deploy onto the battlefield at turn end The adventurers automatically lose a battle if the battle takes more than 100 turns times per monster Text labels above… Read more »

When will the comp results arrive?


well new years , i think that u do phone but the cheapness is slave so please stop


more kmf :C


It been almost 2 weeks are you able to get the next chapter of Shinka No Mi out?


Yes, it’s just that this chapter is very long it will be out later today

Nguyễn Trương Hải Đăng

uhm,why there stilln’t any new chapter for Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?


Din no Monshou new chapter when is come