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We searched for a safe location to have a rest and went to Quratar’s 19th floor thereafter.
I hand Roxanne the map.

“Roxanne, can you please take us through the shortest route to the boss room?”
“What should I do if there is group of Ma Breams close by?”
“Ignore them… we will go to 17th floor later.”

I added in a hurry because I got scared from Miria’s stare.
I need to select Cook to be able to get a whole fish.
And the number of Ma Breams will probably decrease on this floor.
It will be better to hunt Ma Breams on 17th floor.

We head toward the boss room, kicking the monsters we encountered occasionally.
Rtoll Troll’s punch looks heavy.
Would I become paralyzed if I received its attack?
I will go numb if I get hit with that, for sure.

Roxanne was easily evading the blows from the Rtoll Trolls.
Maybe it is easy to evade because of the big movement needed for that heavy blow.
If it is Roxanne, she can probably evade them even with her eyes closed.
Her dodging ability is terrifying.

Somehow, Miria is able to block them with her shield, too.
Vesta blocks Rtoll Troll’s punch with one of her swords and pays back with the other sword.
Rather than blocking it from the front, I think she parried it from the side.
To be able to accomplish that with only one hand is really amazing.

I roast the monsters while the three confront them.
It should be fine with those three, right?
Do I only need to step forward if there is a problem, from now on?
Because we advanced according to the map, we arrived at the waiting room before I ran out of MP.

“Roll Troll is the boss version of Rtoll Troll. While I believe Roxanne-san will be alright, it seems to deliver intense attacks. It also has a roll attack skill. Also, you need to be cautious because it is capable of using lightning magic and you may get paralyzed if you receive the attack.”

It appears to be really strong from Sherry’s briefing.
But in reality, we can cancel both the magic and the attack skill.
Still, is it possible for a monster to use lightning magic?

We enter the boss room.
Two monsters show up.
A Roll Troll and a Rtoll Troll.
First, I need to ask the old geezer to leave.

I use Durandal to attack the Rtoll Troll.
I step back as I saw it raise its arms.
I match timing of the attack to evade.

I don’t know what the chance of paralysis from its attacks is, but I should avoid receiving any of its attack.
It is better to be careful.
It looked like the movement of its arms stopped when I used [Rush].
I keep attacking while watching the movements of Rtoll Troll.

I somehow managed to dodge the next punch.
It was quite difficult.
Since Roxanne is keeping the boss busy, will it be good idea if I ask either Miria or Vesta to attack the monster from the front?
Or will that make me look miserable?

It may not look as pathetic, perhaps.
However, if I received its attack and got paralyzed, I’ll be in trouble.
Even though Sherry has anti-paralysis pills, I will need to evacuate to safe location first to take the medicine.
Even if I assume that Roxanne will continue to take care of the boss, the whole formation will collapse.

While watching the monster’s movements, I evoke another [Rush].
The Rtoll Troll collapses.
I somehow managed to defeat it without receiving any attack.
Without wasting time, I join the encirclement of the boss.

The boss Roll Troll, like the Rtoll Troll, is densely covered in gray hair. It is an ape man with bent back.
Because its back is bent, it is shorter than Vesta.
I wonder if it can straighten it.
And I wonder if it will be taller.

Roxanne dodges the Roll Troll’s attack easily like it is nothing.
She swings her body a little and easily evade the next attack.

That attack looked quite scary, though.
A considerable wind pressure came just by having the attack from its strong arms pass by.
It should be much stronger since it is the boss.

Roxanne, like always, is evading the monster’s attacks by mere millimeters.
Well, as long as Roxanne can keep dodging, we will be able to finish it off with our encirclement.

With everybody surrounding it, I slash it.
I hit it with a [Rush]. Sherry pierces it with her spear. Vesta hammers it with her two swords.
Oh. Vesta’s attack just now sounded like a critical.
She viciously hit the bent back of the Roll Troll.

Chance of Critical… apparently, it is not that high.
I mean, it doesn’t really occur that frequently.
Maybe there are times when I missed it or didn’t notice it?
Or is it really no more than a few percent?

Maybe it is level dependent and will increase as you level up? But the increase will not be that great.
Even with the bonus skill [Increase in Critical Rate], it doesn’t increase that much.
Considering the fact that Increase in Critical Rate starts off with just 5%.
It can be increased by 30% if I use 63 points, therefore, it is hard to think that the basic critical rate is as much as 30%.

Maybe it is 70%?
I will get 100% adding both of them.
All my attacks will become critical.

Most likely, such a thing is impossible. Base critical rate won’t be more than 5%.
It will be reasonable if it gets increased by 30%.
Even if it gets increased by 30%, it will be a little over 1/3.
Therefore, I can’t depend on critical attacks in battles.

With all the members attacking, and I repeatedly hitting [Rush], we slaughter the Roll Troll.
It looks like Sherry’s spear delivered the final blow.
The spear pierced it, the Roll Troll fell.

“From now on, let’s split into two groups to beat the monster and the boss. Roxanne and Miria will keep the boss occupied. Can Vesta be the vanguard for the other one?”
“Certainly. I’ll be fine.”

I instruct Vesta.
Even though it is embarrassing to tell them the reason, if I get in a pinch, I will look pathetic.
I should prioritize safety above all.

The Roll Troll turns into smoke and disappears.
A whitish clump was left behind.
It is iron.
Is iron the item dropped by Roll Troll?

“Thank you.”
“Yes, desu.”
“If I’m not wrong, does the iron become raw material for iron equipment?”
“That’s right. I can’t use it yet, though. After 10 years of training, a master smith can stack Iron in order to make iron equipment.”

While Miria hands me the iron, I hear the explanation from Sherry.
It is bothersome that a master smith is supposed to make equipment in order.
Apparently, they can’t make a jump.
Assuming she is able to do it, is it possible to do anything with only one piece?
I will keep it in the storeroom since she will use it eventually.
Since they need 10 years of training, it is probably related to level, But the level should be no problem in her case.
Hopefully, it doesn’t rust.

“This is iron. iron.”
“Iron, desu.”

I teach Miria the name of the item and then proceed to 20th floor.
Since it is not related to fish, she will probably forget it by tomorrow.
I wish there was a fish with iron scales.
That would be spiral shell, wouldn’t it?

“The monster native to Quratar’s 20th floor is Rub Shrub.”
“Rub Shrub, huh? Let’s go to 17th floor after fighting once. Roxanne, can you please guide us to a place with Rub Shrubs?”
“Understood. This way then.”

Under Roxanne’s guidance, we fought just one group of Rub Shrubs.
After verifying its strength, we move to 17th floor.
After selecting Cook as fifth job, we hunt Ma Breams.

“Miria, I am planning on making whole fish fry tomorrow. What do you think?”
“Yes, desu.”

A positive reply as usual.
There won’t be any problem in making mayonnaise since we have Vesta now.

After obtaining two whole fish, we move back to 20th floor.
We explore until evening and then return to Quratar.

“Master, there is a message from Luke. He seems to have successfully bid for Coral Monster Card.”

When we return home, there was a message from Luke.
Roxanne reads it.

“Coral? Sherry, what kind of skill does Coral Monster Card give?”
“If attached to a weapon, it gives Inflict Petrifaction skill. If attached to an armor, it give Petrifaction Defense skill. And the effect seems to get enhanced if fused together with a Kobold Monster Card.”

Is it a card that is not used much?
Looks interesting.

“Will my magic attacks inflict petrifaction if I attach it to my wand?”
“I have never heard about that. It is impossible, I’m afraid.”
“Well, let’s see. I will go pick it up tomorrow. For now, Vesta, can you make hamburger steak like the one we made the other day?”

I hand pork and meat to Vesta.
It will be aibiki, after all. (TN: Pork and beef ground together)

“Since Vesta will be making the hamburger steak, give me a hand, Miria.”
“Yes, desu.”

And so, I ask Miria to make mayonnaise.
Actually, I will be dividing the work between all members.
Roxanne and Sherry whip the eggs in their spare time.

The burden is ⅕ if you divide it between five people.
I blend it, too.
And it will be done with Vesta blending in the last.
Vesta keeps blending it.

While Vesta is blending the mayonnaise, I make the minced pork and meat into small and round balls instead of hamburger steak from last time. I then dredge it in slime starch and the fry it in oil.
After frying it, I apply sweet bean jam and sour vinegar, and then deep fry it.
This time, I am trying to make Chinese style meatballs instead of hamburger steak.

The ingredients are almost the same but the taste may be different for the sauce is different.
Coiled in sweet red bean paste, the meat crumbles in your mouth.
And it is better since it is bite-size.

“This… this is really delicious and tender. As expected of Master.”
“It tastes different even though it was made the same way as last time. This is really delicious.”
“Amazing, desu.”
“This food is incredibly tasty.”

Looks like it is popular with the four of them.
None of them will think of minced meat as humble food anymore.

Next day. I went to the merchants’ guild to get the monster card after eating breakfast.
I asked Roxanne and others to do laundry and cleaning and, as usual, went there alone.
I call for Luke and go to the meeting room to buy the Coral Monster Card.

“I was thinking of using this one with a Kobold Monster Card. Can you bid for one?”

While receiving the card, I place another order.

“But you bought a Kobold Monster Card only recently.”
“It is convenient to have a spare.”

Currently, I still have one Kobold Monster Card remaining.
Therefore, I will have the fusion done immediately upon returning home.
If I have a spare, I won’t have to wait to fuse a card until he successfully bids for a Kobold Monster Card.
That’s great.

I wonder if I should ask him to obtain a batch next time.
This way, I can use a dropped monster card immediately.

“It will be convenient, surely.”
“I think you can order as many as you want as spare because the party that used to order it has now disappeared. Kobold Monster Card will become slightly cheaper, too.”

They were ordering quite a lot of Kobold Monster Cards in order to make a weapon with MP Absorption skill.
Because I delivered them the one made by Sherry, they shouldn’t need to place any more orders.

“The figure of 4,000 Nars appeared in the auction the other day after a long absence. If you’re willing to wait, since it is a spare, I can aim for a successful bid of 4,800 to 4,900 Nars, I think.”
“It is fine for the first card to be around 5,000 Nars. For the bid on the second one, however, try to lower the price.”
“Very well.”

Has it gone down a bit, after all?
It’ll be a bad decision if I don’t buy it.
If the successful bid is in this range, it’ll be great.

“I need a Goat Monster Card as well.”

I order a Goat Monster Card, too.
We need to move up the floors in order to increase our levels, but if we move to higher floors, the battles will become harder. The quickest way to solve this problem is by enhancing our weapons.
Since I already have a Sacred Spear, it will be good to attach 2x Intelligence skill.

“Will you be using it on the Sacred Spear?”
“Nope, it is for something else. Because of circumstances, I can’t tell you more than that. I am in need of just one.”
“Is that so?”

Luke knows I am carrying a Sacred Spear.
I mean, he was present during the trade.
Like Luke said, by fusing a Goat Monster Card with the Sacred Spear, I can double its power, but I can’t disclose this fact without having to buy more than one cards.
In reality, it is not necessary for me to buy a lot since I only need one card.

There won’t be any problem if I happen to succeed from time to time, but if I always buy one card, it will raise suspicion.
I can use the excuse ‘I somehow succeeded’ from time to time, but this time, I’ll use ‘it is for something else’ excuse.
It is really not necessary to tell him a reason. If I can just avoid the question, it’ll be good enough.

“If Goat Monster Card appears within 5,500 Nars, bid on it, please.”
“Understood. At this price, I think I will have a successful bid soon.”

Earlier, I bought a Goat Monster Card at 5,400 Nars.
If I continued to bid when it was 5,400 Nars, I would already have another one by now.

No use living in the past.
It is still cheap, with only 100 Nars difference.
After placing order for a Goat Monster Card with Luke, I leave the merchants’ guild.

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