Slave Harem – 134 – Petrifaction

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“In the future, I intend to have Miria equip a weapon with Inflict Petrifaction skill attached. However, should I attach the skill to Miria’s rapier or the estoc?”

When we return home, I talk it over with everyone.
It’s better to include everyone in the loop.
In the future, Miria will likely inherit Roxanne’s estoc.

“It’s a popular belief that a dragon knight best wield two weapons capable of inflicting abnormal status. I, however, don’t believe that.”

Sherry voices her opinion.

“When I say a weapon capable of inflicting abnormal status, it alludes that there’s no surety it will inflict abnormal status. However, with two weapons, the likelihood will be higher.”
“Is that so?”

Vesta doesn’t seem to be aware of it either.

“Is that due to Dragon Knight’s Dual Wielding skill? If you use two swords, will the effect be double?”
“No, I don’t understand it fully either. There’s no report suggesting that if you use two swords, the effect will be double.”

So it’s no good?
Or will it be effective?
Even though it is called Dual Wielding, it doesn’t mean that you strike both the swords at the same time.
Since the effects of the skills don’t take place at the same time, there’s no meaning.

Let’s assume that Inflict Petrifaction skill has 50% chance of inflicting petrifaction. If a dragon knight were to wield two weapons with Inflict Petrifaction skill attached, the total chance would be 100%.
However, it doesn’t seem to be possible.
If the effects could stack, I would attach two skills on the same weapon.

Is that why she said that she doesn’t believe it?
Sherry doesn’t seem to believe it.
So, is it merely a myth, after all?

If you had Dual Wielding skill and wielded two swords capable of inflicting petrifaction, you would indeed be strong.
Well, not just ‘somehow’.

“It seems to be no good.”
“With Dual Wielding skill, albeit difficult, it is possible to attack the monster from the side and the back at the same time. If you take ‘total’ (overall) battle into account, the probability of inflicting abnormal status will indeed be higher. For example, if you use a sword capable of inflicting petrifaction and a sword capable of inflicting poison at the same time.” (TN: ‘Total’ was used by the author but it doesn’t go well with translation)

Well, if I were to attach both the skills capable of inflicting petrifaction and inflicting poison to the same weapon, wouldn’t it be the same?
Everyone knows that, surely.
However, it’s rare to attach multiple skills to the same weapon.

Therefore, she seems be discussing it based on the assumption of one skill per weapon.
In that case, dragon knights, who can wield two weapons, hold the advantage, certainly.

“But that’s only if you attach one skill to one sword.”
“Not at all. Ah, that…”

Sherry seems to be lost for words.
I must remind her that we can attach two skills to the same weapon.
If you attach multiple skills to the same weapon, the advantage of the dragon knights won’t be as clear.
Using multiple skills with one attack is possible.

I’m not sure yet whether or not attaching the same skill more than once to the same weapon works but I’m sure that attaching different skills to the same weapon does work.
Both HP Absorption and MP Absorption skills of Durandal work.

“So making a weapon with Inflict Petrifaction skill for Miria seems to be better, after all.”
“Yes, desu.”

Miria seems to be enthusiastic.
But that’s her usual reply.

If there’s a weapon capable of inflicting abnormal status, the skill of Assassin which increases the chance of inflicting abnormal status will be effective.
Should I make someone other than Miria the assassin?
Assassin has another skill which increases the resistance against abnormal status. However, whether the job will be of use to Roxanne, who dodges everything, or not is hard to say.
If I were to make Vesta an assassin, the Dual Wielding skill of Dragon Knight would be unusable.

“Well, I don’t understand it fully. However, if you want to attach Inflict Petrifaction skill to a weapon, I would suggested estoc. The higher the tier of the weapon the skill is attached to, the better.”

Roxanne shares her opinion while holding out her estoc.
If Miria uses estoc, Roxanne will have to use rapier, which will be a step back.

“That’s bad.”
“That’s not a problem.”

When it comes to equipment, Roxanne doesn’t seem to be as concerned.
But she’s especially particular when it comes to order.
She seems to take what’s better for the whole party into account.
That’s good.

As a reward, I will soon have to buy her a weapon better than estoc.
To find another estoc may not be possible.
Therefore, it is best to attach the best skill you have to the best equipment you have.

I pass the estoc, which I received from Roxanne, to Sherry.
I take out the Coral Monster Card, which I bought just now, and the Kobold Monster Card which I already had at hand.
I hand the cards to Sherry.

“Because a Kobold Monster Card enhances the effect of a skill, it is better to use it with a better weapon.”

Sherry agrees with my idea, it seems.
She seems to have consented to attaching multiple skills to a one-handed sword instead of a two-handed sword.
I’m grateful.

“Umm, may I see the fusion?”

When I pass the sword and the monster cards to Sherry, Vesta hesitatingly asks.

“Are you fine with it?”
“Okay then.”

I allow Vesta after confirming it with Sherry.
Even if she hadn’t asked, it’s not like I would have driven her away.
It has been the case until now.

“Well, I’ll be fusing it then.”

Sherry invokes Monster Card Fusion.
Sherry’s hands start glowing.

Estoc of Petrifaction | One-handed Sword
Skills | Annex Petrifaction | Empty | Empty | Empty

With the light having subsided, the fusion is over.
So it’s called Estoc of Petrifaction, huh?
As for the skill, it’s not Inflict Petrifaction but Annex Petrifaction.
It’s probably because of the Kobold Monster Card.

“Ooh, as expected of Sherry. It’s a success.”
“It’s a success?”

I show the Estoc of Petrifaction to Vesta.

“It’s amazing.”
“It’s Sherry who’s amazing.”

Roxanne compliments Sherry.
Sherry has a somewhat subtle expression about her face.
Because she knows that it was I who chose an equipment, which was bound to succeed, for fusion.

“Well then, Roxanne will be using this sword for a while. For now, Miria will only be observing.”
“Are you sure?”
“Okay, desu.”

I pass the Estoc of Petrifaction to Roxanne.
To acquire Assassin, you have to first be a Warrior Lv30.
Because I’ll be uneasy in having a Warrior Lv1 fight monsters, I ask her to observe for the time being.

From inside home, I warp us to Haruba’s 20th floor.
I switch Miria’s job from Diver Lv33 to Warrior Lv1.

“Sherry, swap places with Miria.”
“Okay, desu.”
“Is there a meaning in having her observe from behind?”

Sherry is sharp.
The reason as to why I’m having Miria observe for now is because I have switched her job to Warrior Lv1.
If I didn’t change her job, Roxanne would be fighting with the rapier.

“It’s important to observe the battles from behind every now and then. Miria, can you use spear?”
“Use, desu.”

After successfully deceiving her, I hand the Sacred Spear to Miria.

“Well, you could say that.”

Sherry nods vaguely and exchanges hats with Miria.
When Miria becomes an assassin, the effect of Poison Resistant Hard Leather Hat will increase, too.
After I forcibly end this topic, we kick the exploration off.

Annex Petrifaction skill took unexpectedly long to succeed.
It’s the fourth group we have encountered. The monster has been petrified.
The Hat Bat that received Roxanne’s attack falls onto the ground.

“Fell, desu.”

Roxanne and Miria shout at the same time.
Miria seems to be observing Roxanne’s fighting style well.
I doubt she can use it as a reference.

The hat bat is lying on the ground, still.
It does seem to have been petrified.

“What happens when you get petrified?”
“You become as hard as stone. Consequently, you become resistant to physical attacks. However, you become vulnerable to magic attacks.”

While listening to Sherry, I swap places with Roxanne and send her in the back.
So, even if it has been petrified, it has to be finished off?
Inflict Petrifaction skill won’t be as effective for a party with no wizard.

I cast Firestorm.
As expected, the flames engulf the hat bat lying on the ground unmoved.
Although it has to be finished off even if it has been petrified, for it to receive an attack like that is convenient.
This skill is indeed great.

However, when it comes to the chance of inflicting petrifaction, it’s not that great.
Roxanne has attacked a dozen of times.
The ‘percent’ (probability) is low, I can say. (TN: ‘Percent’ was used by the author but it doesn’t go well with translation)
About same as Vesta’s critical strike.

I burn two Rub Shrubs to smoke.
Thereafter, I finish the still hat bat with a Breezeball.
Although it dodges attacks a lot, because it was unable to move, the attack was bull’s eye.

“So it becomes like this when it gets petrified.”
“Unlike paralysis, it can’t recover naturally if it’s petrified.”
“White, desu.”

Everyone watches the hat bat curiously as I poke it with the spear.
When it gets petrified, does it turn white?
I don’t get it.

“Roxanne, you wanna try once more?”

After I dispose off the hat bat, I ask Roxanne.

“Not at all, it’s enough for me. Thank you very much.”
“You wanna try, Sherry?”
“I’m not used to one-handed swords.”

Sherry doesn’t seem to be interested either.
I thought she was interested since she seemed curious but it doesn’t seem to be so.

“Well then, Roxanne. The chance of inflicting petrifaction doesn’t seem to be high. It’s for the sake of confirmation.”
“Umm, is it an experiment?”

It’s not really for the sake of confirmation.
I can confirm the probability with the warrior Miria, too.
However, she’s only Warrior Lv3 at the moment.
So I want you to keep at it for a while.

There’s another option. I can switch Roxanne’s job to Assassin but I won’t.
Because her Assassin job is only Lv1, it’ll be risky.
Since job effects are shared by all party members, I can’t afford to drop levels of more than one members.
And Vesta’s Dragon Knight job is still at Lv24.

I leave the Estoc of Petrifaction with Roxanne and carry on hunting.
As for the second monster to get petrified, it was once again a Hat Bat.
Because Hat Bat’s movement is erratic, due to which Roxanne engages it, is that the reason?
The petrified Hat Bat drops down.

A lone Rub Shrub remains.
I switch to Firestorm.
Roxanne and Vesta surround the rub shrub.
Sherry and Miria thrust their spears from a distance.

Earlier, I was using Breezestorm to get rid of the Hat Bat for it’s more difficult to handle owing to its movement.
Because it’s a troublesome monster, Roxanne was keeping it company. Because it’s a troublesome monster, I was using the magic it’s weak against. Now that it’s down, there’s no need.
Roxanne’s and the Estoc of Petrifaction’s compatibility doesn’t seem to be high.
When I was making the decision, I didn’t think it that far. I’m glad that I decided to have it made for Miria in the end.

I take a step back and cast another spell.
Although I had switched to fire spells, the Hat Bat turned into smoke nevertheless.
Proving that it becomes vulnerable to magic attacks when it gets petrified.
I finish the remaining Rub Shrub with a Fireball.

“In case of a weapon capable of inflicting abnormal status, choosing the enemies is difficult.”

As you would expect from Sherry. She has identified the demerit of the Estoc of Petrifaction.
But can it really be called a demerit?
It’s more a matter of luxury.

“It would be more effective if a dragon knight were to dual wield. I agree now.”
“I see. It may indeed be true.”
“Is that really so?”

Vesta still doesn’t seem to get it.
Because it’s necessary, I’ll have to explain it.

“For example, we encounter a group of two Rub Shrubs and one Hat Bat. I will use fire spells, it being the weakness of the Rub Shrubs. Ideally, in this case, I would like to petrify the Hat Bat because even if I petrified a Rub Shrub, I would still use the same number of fire spells. If I petrify the Hat Bat, however, it will make it considerably easier. Do you get it?”

The next petrifaction didn’t take too long.
Roxanne still had to attack over 20 times, though.
The chance of inflicting petrifaction really is low.

You could consider successful petrifaction a godsend.
So, as you would expect, successive petrifaction is impossible.
First, you can only target one of the monsters from a group.
Even then, it’s not a surety that they’ll get petrified.

If you aim for more monsters, it’ll only slow the process down.
After I make sure that Roxanne has translated it all to Miria, we proceed.

“If we come across a group of two Hat Bats and one Rub Shrub, since Hat Bats need to be taken out first, which one would you like me to petrify?”
“Rub Shrub.”
“Okay, I’ll petrify Rub Shrub then. In other words, if there are two swords capable of inflicting abnormal status, two people of ordinary jobs will be required to use the swords. However, if there is a dragon knight, they will be able to use both the swords alone. If two people were to attack the same target, it would be a distributed attack. However, if a dragon knight were to attack alone, it would be a concentrated attack, hence easier for them to petrify the target.”
“Ah, I see. That is indeed so.”

To give a dragon knight two swords capable to inflicting abnormal status is the most optimum solution then?
Assassin job seems to be rare.

“Still, I’ll stick to my decision of having Miria use it. Miria can choose the monster herself. However, it will also depend on the formation of the vanguards. Therefore, to choose a monster will not always be possible.”
“I see. Understood.”
“Do, desu.”
“I think it’ll be alright.”

Issuing instructions every time is bothersome. Leaving it all to them is much easier.
Experiencing life and death situations inside the labyrinth will surely help Miria learn quickly.
That fish isn’t everything.

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Experiencing life and death situations inside the labyrinth will surely help Miria learn quickly.
That fish isn’t everything.
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