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Chapter 2: Wind, Fire, and…

Episode 8: Playing instruments, Singing, and Dancing. (奏でて、歌って、舞って)

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I head toward Roreu’s seat with a empty main dish in hand, of course I take Kuu along with me. Since Roreu was considered Elucie’s No.2, I want them to get along. [Incomplete]

「Roreu. Are you enjoying yourself?」

I put on a friendly tone while Roreu was in pretty much an all around happy mood, with a cheerful face, and sake in his mouth.

「Yo, chief, today’s cooking was amazin’, was this all really made by the Firefoxes?」
「Thats right. That’s why you gotta be thankful and eat it, kay. Here, your cup is empty you know.」

I sent Kuu a glance to tell her to pour sake into the cup. I mean it would be better for a beauty like Kuu to pour some instead of me, only makes sense that Roreu would be in a happy mood because of it, right.

「It’s been awhile, I am the Firefox family head, Kuu.」
「Ah!, From that time!!」

Roreu put on a distorted expression while pointing his finger at Kuu. Those who were trying to expel the girls would have remembered the pangs of guilt from that.

「Yes from the other day, how do you do.」
「Ah, uhh… I’m sorry about that time.」

Roreu’s attitude was more relaxed and he apologized. Was it because of the good food and drink?

「No, I think it was what Roreu-sama was suppose to do in your position, it doesn’t bother me.」
「Is that so… That’s fine if that’s the case.」
「Rather than that, Roreu-sama is amazing, aren’t you. Cyril-sama is always talking about you, you know. That guy is my right arm, if he’s here I don’t have to worry when i’m gone from Elucie, and he will represent the Firefoxes.」

Kuu was speaking well of Roreu.
Of course, I don’t remember saying any of that, honestly I wanted an Elf that was a little smarter as my adjutant. It’s just that there isn’t really a lot to choose from that have the popularity and the ability to read and write.

Roreu is very strong, when you look at him, he is a person who is good at taking care of someone else. He is part of the field cultivation efforts, neighborhood watch, and always at the front of the hunting parties; this makes him popular. Along with that he is of good birth and has been taught to read and write.

If only he had a little more discretion, but…
Other than Roreu, there were no other qualified Elves in Elucie. The recent outlook of other elves that were being educated, to just freshly pick out a suitable candidate that had such all around achievements would be difficult.

「Is that so, the chief said such a thing…」
「Kuu, don’t say that. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed, even so I am thankful for Roreu.」
「I’m sorry Cyril-sama, but you were just praising him so much. Today I was very much looking forward to talking with Roreu-sama, ah, your cup is empty isn’t it, here, have another.」

Kuu pours sake with a smile.

With a beauty pouring sake for him and also praising him, Roreu was quickly getting carried away. It would be an understatement to say he became such a simple guy, right. It was both Roreu’s strong point as well as his weak point.

「……That’s why I said it like that at the time you know! Gather more of you and come at me! With that, the guys got cold feet and ran aways even though there were five of them.」
「Well that is amazing, isn’t it.」
「I know right?! And then this thing too.」
「As expected of Roreu-sama.」

If you notice it’s become like a battle of pride for Roreu, really not running out of things to brag about.

For Kuu to just nod and smile to what he was saying and occasionally pour sake… It’s amazing, if it were me, Kuu would have made me lose such an annoying attitude by now.

「That’s what it was, you understand right, Kuu-chan? That’s why, when you’re troubled it’s okay to rely on me, if its Kuu-chan’s request I’ll listen to anything.」

And then, after keeping him company for what would be 30 minutes, for that drunken Roreu to leer at Kuu and say such a thing.
From earlier, I couldn’t help but be concerned that Roreu was glancing at Kuu’s chest……. Kuu’s clothing today had a very revealing chest area, Roreu could stare into the ravine.
I don’t know why, but I couldn’t help feeling irritated that it wasn’t me peering into it.

「It was very interesting! Someday please talk about it, kay.」
「Leave it to me!!」
「Well then, it’s about time to change seats. Today was fun, thank you very much.」

Roreu reached out with his hand toward Kuu’s butt, and I slowly knocked it away.
Roreu was too drunk to notice that I had knocked his hand away and tilted his head in confusion.

「I also had fun, let’s drink again. Nah, not just drink, that is, if it’s okay with Kuu-chan…」[Insinuating]
「Well, Kuu shall we go? Come on, Yukino is calling.」

Because the situation would certainly look suspicious, I forcefully pull Kuu’s hand and take her to the back of the stage.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

「Kuu, I know you want to get along but to go that far…」

From there, Elucie’s central leadership functioned around three people, with the two of us being behind the stage talking.

About Kuu being friendly with Roreu, since it’s important for the future of Elucie I should be mediating the introduction.

It was surprising to find that Kuu is good at sucking up to people, along with having a disposition of being a good listener. She can quickly draw out information from the other party.

With just getting on someone’s good side and pouring sake, the other party would get into a good mood.

「Yes, I’m reflecting on what I did. It’s just Roreu-sama taking a liking to me, was surprising for me too.」

Seeing me angry made Kuu downhearted.

「Roreu was about to propose to you, you know. If you refused, it would put yourself in a corner.」
「That wasn’t my intention you know. I was just trying to have a normal conversation.」
「Roreu’s talk is annoying. There isn’t any decent girl that would listen to him, and to be a little gentle would invite more trouble than it’s worth.」
「Even if it’s my fault…」

Kuu’s fox ears drooped down.

Seeing that I couldn’t help but cave in. It certainly was a cruel accusation, even though she was doing her job perfectly.

「Sorry, it was just a little weird seeing you talking with Roreu. I’m not sure why I got a little irritated by it. He just has that kind of prideful face that just makes you want to punch him.」

That must to be the reason… To be worked up from just listening to all that long drawn out bragging…

「That, Cyril-kun, could it be… Your jealous?」

Hearing that made my heart make a loud thump.

「That can’t be, that couldn’t be the case right.」
「Is that so?♪ I get it.」

For some reason, denying it put Kuu in a good mood.

「About the Elves being a different race, I thought they would have more self-control… But that isn’t so, is it.」
「I wonder if it’s because we’re people too. There are elves who think tails and animal ears are no good, they think unless they’re Elves, all others are disgusting.」

I’m not worried about the younger generation, from a long time ago there have been cultural exchanges between villagers and other races adopting Elves, like an Elf son in law.

In previous times, there were occasions of travelers dropping by and love just happening, in those cases they would end up settling in the village. Travelers that couldn’t be trusted were not allowed to leave, because there were guys who would come to get close, aiming for magic stones.

「Cyril-kun, what do you think? Is something like a tail okay?」

Kuu comes and spins her behind to me with her tail shaking about, even within the Firefox family, that was an especially beautiful golden colored tail that swayed around.

「I think it’s cute, you know.」
「If that’s the case, what do you think of ears?」

This time she moved her face close and flapped her ears.

「It’s very becoming of Kuu, I like it you know.」
「Is that so, I’m glad then.」

Kuu expressed a smile across her whole face.

I might be in trouble here, Kuu is just way too cute.

「Kuu, it’s not necessary to suck up to me you know.」
「I’m not sucking up to you, you know. And anyway for you to be concerned for me, even if you are playing the good guy, I know you weren’t doing it as a favor to me, please believe me.」

My heart is beating fast for some reason, Kuu is two times cuter than usual and I am fighting an irresistible urge to hug her.

「Cyril, Kuu-chan. It’s time, let’s get ready soon.」

I think I hear Lucie’s voice, and then she comes to the back of the stage.
Kuu and I with faces still staring at each other went rigid.
For some reason, I had that kind of feeling as if I was in an affair, a salaryman dating my mistress while walking on the street happens to run into my wife who was casually shopping.

「Whats wrong? You two are being strange.」

Lucie tilted her head in curiosity.

Let’s be calm here, okay… It’s okay…

「I’m a little nervous, it’s almost time to announce the performance right? Like Lucie, I’m not use to being in front of everyone.」
「Cyril.. Nervous? That’s just a joke isn’t it. Kuu-chan are you okay?」
「I’m use to it, so i’m good.」
「Well then let’s go, it’s been five years since the three of us have been on stage. Actually I’m a little excited!」
「It was unexpected wasn’t it. Lucie-chan, I’m also excited!」

Lucie and Kuu say it with an enthusiastic tone, even though they were close friends five years ago and who were separated, they were still like this even then.

「I can’t even decide right now, I just want to see it from the audience’s seats… You two and the cute way you both look, I want to slowly savor it from the special seats.」
「Again saying such things, today Cyril is also going to be watching from the side, come on let’s go.」
「Thats right. Because today, there is a meaning behind going together.」

The two smiled and yanked me up on stage.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

From the higher level, I could see the state of the get-together very well.

Most of the main dish has been exhausted while it was being made and eaten, the potato chips are almost emptied out and mostly gone.

From the beginning the Elves and the Firefoxes came together, but now the talk is just scattered and all the excitement is over the food.

At first the Firefoxes were hesitant, seeing Kuu greeting all around, I certainly would have thought the same thing too.

We can’t afford this momentum to slow down, from now on what we’re doing is a performance that is intended to deepen our ties with each other.

「Everyone I would like your attention please, I am pleased to present to you our main performance today, starring two people.」

I raise Lucie and Kuu’s hand and announce it loudly.

「First, our Elven dancer, Lucie, her dance is without saying splendid, right.」

The Elves cheer and applause fill the air, everyone is charmed by Lucie’s dancing and their expectation is high.

「And then, we have the talented Kuu, one of the Firefox singers, the expert singer of the Firefox family, even among them she is one with a naturally beautiful singing voice.」

This time the Firefox girls raise a cheer. Kuu’s songs are just that special, right…

Firefoxes have beautiful singing voices that before, other villages would request and take it as a reward, some even traveled just to see it shown off.

Even among the Firefoxes, Kuu is said to be special. Since she was young she would be the one to sing during important events.

Having been the last thing I heard five years ago, I’m looking forward to seeing how much it’s grown.

Having introduced the beginning of the performance, I let go of their hands. This time though, both of them suddenly grabbed me, Kuu taking my right hand, and Lucie the left.

Alternately looking at the two, I saw faces that were painted with that expression of mischief.

「There is a correction to the number of people performing! It’s starring three people. The third is the Elf player, Cyril. Everyone knows him right, the hero, our chief, who beat the Empire with one arm behind his back.」

Lucie was proudly saying that herself.

「Cyril-sama is both a player and the conductor, he is also the Firefox family benefactor. Cyril-sama being here is also why we are here as well.」

This time both Kuu and Lucie were proudly boasting that.
From those two’s words, the inside of my heart was gradually getting hot.
My chest swelled, if I were to shrink back now it wouldn’t make me a man.

「Today’s stage, I will be playing the music, with Kuu singing and Lucie dancing. This will be Elucie’s first Elf and Firefox collaborative effort, everyone please enjoy yourselves. Okay, let’s do this!」

After gathering everyone’s attention, I take out an ocarina that is like the Elf traditional instrument, Opharu.[Opharu]

From the time I was young we had been together, like a long time buddy it was a treasure I got from my father.

The tune that is being played now is from five years ago, it was a song made to promote friendship between Elves and Firefoxes.
Even though it was decided to perform it once a year, because the Elf village was under the control of the empire, it was never announced even on the year the song was made.

It’s just kind of like the time when we were younger, this time though with Firefoxes coming to Elucie for the festival, it was like a sideshow today just like that time, I would play, Kuu would sing, and Lucie danced.

At the time it was just a sideshow for the adults, but it’s different now.

There aren’t any people to protect us, from here on we will be taking the lead role.

A tune is played, it’s a bright melody. But for some reason the song has a mysterious air of sorrow to it.

From there Kuu got into the song.

Kuu’s song was a song of sadness, a song wondering about comrades left behind.
Kuu’s song is a song of love, a song yearning about spending time together with your important person. About past sadness, and that hope to ride away together with everyone, two strong feelings that are in conflict with each other.

Her voice is pretty, and she is doing a good job of grasping the melody, but it’s not only just that. There is more to it, something that shakes the deepest part of one’s soul.

From the audience’s eyes, naturally tears overflowed.

And then Lucie’s dance begins… It was an expression of Kuu’s feelings, a charm that jolts one’s soul. No, it’s not just that, Lucie’s feelings to do your best and such gentle feelings were being conveyed.

Anyone who watches that girl dancing will feel revitalised.

Kuu and Lucie, The two greatest beauties that were picture-perfect.

The music continues to go on, the song echoes, and the dance is rather relaxed.
The performance took the audience’s breath away as they gazed upon it.
The moment felt like an eternity passed by, then the music stopped.
And then, as if to purge the silence that was there, a roar of applause came flooding in.

「Your amazing, Kuu-ane-sama. Just amazing.」
「Lucie-chan! Please marry me!!」
「Chief, dat was good music.」

We wave back to everyone.

「Everyone, thank you for enjoying it. Next is everyone’s turn. Elves who can play an instrument come up and grab one. Elves who can dance come up on stage. Also you Firefoxes that can sing come on up here with everyone. Let’s get some music going!」
「Everyone let’s sing together.」

From my words, Kuu reacts.

「Everyone come dance together with me!」

Lucie continues.

After we called out to them, audience started to fill up the stage.

Everyone started to do what they liked.
Without any leads, the music was kinda rough and low, but everyone was celebrating while they played music, sang, and danced.

This moment there are no walls between us as races.

Even if we have just this sense of unity, there was meaning in carrying out this get-together.

From now on, I had confidence we would obtain a life together.

With this, it should be okay. Tomorrow I will be receiving the ransom and leaving Elucie for a few days to buy food.

Feeling the joy, I played Opharu with more enthusiasm.

Editor Note(s):

Translator Note(s):
incomplete: Going to mark this as an incomplete idea, author probably was going to do something here.
insinuating: Insinuating sex or more…
Opharu: Original says オファル(Ofaru) or can be translated as Offal, currently I think it’s the name of an instrument, but I changed it to Opharu so that it doesn’t mean animal guts in english(offal)


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