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“Well then, let’s have Miria use the sword.”

Roxanne and Miria exchange their swords.
I receive the Sacred Spear from Miria.
Miria has leveled up twice and is now Warrior Lv5.
Her being a Lv5 is still a cause of concern but it’s alright for there’s Plating.

After resetting the formation, we continue with the exploration.
Miria is persevering in the front.
It seems to be alright, doesn’t it?
Well, the problem will be when she receives attacks.

“Did it, desu.”

Right after Miria’s words, a Fly Trap appears.
Annex Petrifaction seems to have been successfully invoked.
The Fly Trap has stopped moving.
It appears to have turned lime.

As expected, it’s rare for petrifaction to be successful.
Miria had launched over a dozen attacks before she succeeded for the first time.
It’s so rare that you almost forget it, really.

We leave the petrified Fly Trap aside and attack the Hat Bats.
I take on one of the two Hat Bats which Roxanne was playing with.
When it drop down from four monsters to three, it becomes easier for the vanguards.

I take out both the Hat Bats with a Breezestorm.
Roxanne and Miria surround the Rub Shrub which Vesta was keeping company.
I switch to fire spells and cast Firestorm.
Sparks engulf both the Rub Shrub and the Fly Trap.

The Fly Trap turns into smoke.
The Fly Trap died before the Rub Shrub.
It didn’t collapse; it turned into smoke while standing.
Is this the way the petrified monsters die?

It would be dangerous if they were to fall in petrified form.
If I were to die after getting hit by a falling monster which had been petrified, it would be unsightly.
I didn’t think about it earlier when the Hat Bat fell after it had been petrified.
I better instruct them not to petrify the aerial monsters.

I finish the remaining Rub Shrub off with a Fireball.
Because both the Fly Trap and the Rub Shrub are weak against fire magic, they would normally have died at the same time.
The Fly Trap died earlier than the Rub Shrub because it was petrified, most likely.
The petrified monsters do seem to become vulnerable to magic attacks.

“Good. Miria seems to be able to inflict petrifaction, too. Great.”
“Yes, desu.”

After I praise her, we carry on the exploration.
It wasn’t until she was Warrior Lv8 that Miria came under attack.
The Hat Bat eludes her shield and crashes into Miria.

“Are you okay?”
“Okay, desu.”

Such an answer returns to me while I was healing her.
Is she really okay?
While casting Heal, I take two Rub Shrubs out with a Firestorm.

Now that the remaining monster is one, Miria swaps places with Roxanne to confront the Hat Bat and raises her hand.
This much healing seems to be enough.
I attack the bat with a Breezeball.
Miria drifts to the side and slashes at it with her Estoc of Petrifaction.

I finish the Hat Bat off with another wind spell.
Thus far, if nasty Hat Bats were to appear, Roxanne would alone engage them in the front.
Now that she has a sword with Annex Petrifaction skill, Miria will have to confront them henceforth.
Miria’s workload has now increased.

Because petrifaction hardly succeeds, I wonder if we should do it like we used to.
Should we really have to do it differently?
Although Hat Bat flies briskly and is therefore troublesome, Rub Shrub isn’t easy to beat either.
If three Hat Bats were to appear, she would have to take on one anyway, she wouldn’t say that she can’t fight against a Hat Bat.

“It will get more difficult, so I’ll be relying on you.”
“Yes, desu.”

After a few words of encouragement, we proceed.
After she levels up to Warrior Lv10 without receiving any attack, I remove Alchemist.
We can’t have Plating on forever and it’s not like we will be receiving attacks on purpose.
Now that she’s a Lv10, it’s a good opportunity.

We safely reach the noon break without Miria receiving another attack.
Thief, which I selected in place of Alchemist, has reached Lv30.
I check my jobs out.

Explorer Lv44, Hero Lv40, Wizard Lv42, Monk Lv42, Thief Lv30, Alchemist Lv34, Bounty Hunter Lv32, Cook 35, Herbalist Lv6, Sex Maniac Lv24, Warrior Lv30, Village Chief Lv1, Merchant Lv27, Swordsman Lv2, Weapons Merchant Lv1, Armor Merchant Lv1, Villager Lv6, Farmer Lv1, Knight Lv1, Assassin Lv1, Gambler Lv1

It’s there.
Gambler, that is.

Like I thought, it requires Thief Lv30.
The scribbling Sherry saw seems to be credible.

Cook needs Explorer Lv30; Knight needs Warrior Lv30.
There may be more jobs which need other jobs to be at Lv30.
And you can acquire those jobs if your other jobs reach Lv30.
Is there a derivative for my racial job, Sex Maniac, too, or not?

Gamber Lv1
Effects | Small Increase in Intelligence | Small Increase in Dexterity
Skills | Abnormal Status Resistance Down | Critical Outbreak

Gambler gives two small increments as job effects.
I disagree, however, with the fact that Gambler increases Dexterity.
Even if a gambler is skillful, in the end, they are simply con.

As for the skills, there’s nothing related to scam. One of the skills increases the probability of inflicting abnormal status while the other increases the chance of critical strike.
A job which requires you to roll the dice at every attack, huh?
If you look at it that way, it does suit a gambler.

Abnormal Status Resistance Down seems to be an active skill.
When you invoke the skill, it requires you to select the target whose abnormal status resistance you want decreased.
It’s not a passive skill which reduces your abnormal status resistance. I’m glad.

I’m glad that it doesn’t reduce your abnormal status resistance but is rather an offensive skill.
It does suit a gambler.
‘If you want meat, cut the bone first.’ It’s the same thing.

Ah, I wonder how it works.
I can try to reduce my abnormal status resistance for a while.
But there’s no need for me to do that.

As it appears, Gambler is a job which drops resistance of the monsters to abnormal status and furthermore, increases the rate of your critical strikes.
It’s a constitution of skills which a gambler would surely like.
Because they bet on all-or-nothing.

I try Gambler out when we move back to the labyrinth in the afternoon.
To start off, I cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the monster which Miria is confronting.
Gambler’s compatibility with Assassin is good.

The monster is still not petrified even after two attacks.
Miria has yet to become an assassin.

Because the probability of inflicting petrifaction is low to begin with, is that why it can’t be helped?
Or does it have to be my attack for Abnormal Status Resistance Down to work?
Do I have to do it myself, after all?
There’s a possibility that the extent to which it reduces the resistance depends on the job level.

Because I can feel that my MP is low, I can’t afford to attack wastefully.
Should I make the next test last?
When we further the exploration, we encounter a group of two Hat Bats and a Fly Trap.
After I cast Breezestorm, Miria attacks the Fly Trap which I had already used Abnormal Status Resistance Down on.

The Fly Trap is still not petrified.
While ruing how useless it is, I take out two Hat Bats in eight Breezestorms.

It was same as before.
On 20th floor, it should take nine spells of the attribute which they are weak against.

I was of the idea that I might have counted wrong but I finish the Fly Trap off in five Fireballs.
There’s no mistake.

“The number of spells it took to finish off the Fly Trap is no more than previous floor.”

I approach Sherry. She will have an answer, certainly.

“Not just that, it took less number of spells to kill the Hat Bats.”

I seem to have counted the spells cast on the Hat Bats wrong.
I thought that I counted properly; I guess not.
So it was like that.

What might have been the reason?
Was it the effect of Abnormal Status Resistance Down? That’s not possible.
I cast it on the Fly Trap but it worked on the Hat Bats? That’s not funny.
Even if it had been the case, it would have worked on one, not both.

Even if I counted it wrong in case of the Hat Bats, what about the Fly Trap? How did the number of spells it took to kill the Fly Trap decrease when it wasn’t even petrified?
It’s hard to imagine that magic resistance has anything to do with abnormal status resistance.
And I don’t have any such skill.

Does Abnormal Status Resistance Down inflicts random abnormal status?
I wonder how.
Resistance Down skill seems to be good.

Apart from that, it might have been due to Critical Outbreak.
If one of the wind spells was critical, it might have dealt huge damage for it being a weakness of the Hat Bats but it shouldn’t have been so in case of the Fly Trap.
It seems it was the case, though.
I wonder if magic attacks can be critical, too.
Nope, neither Dragon Knight nor Gambler have any spells.
I wonder if the passive skill, Critical Outbreak, increases the probability of critical strikes for the user regardless of the type of attack.
It seems to not be limited to physical attacks.

“This kind of things may happen from time to time. Don’t drop your guard until the monster collapses.”

There’s no surety yet that a magic attack can be critical.
I tell everyone, not just Sherry.
If I keep talking to Sherry, I’m afraid that others may feel left out.

“To be able to do even such a thing, as expected of Master.”
“I can’t control it well.”

Once or probably twice.
It’ll probably be alright.

“Not at all. As you would expect.”
“Amazing, desu.”
“Is that so?”

Miria and Vesta have already been swindled by Roxanne.
Even if a magic attack were critical, it wouldn’t be noticeable for there doesn’t tend to be any identification, really.
This skill is everything but convenient.

I stop using Abnormal Status Resistance Down and observe.
There’s no sign for a critical attack to have taken place.

Petrifaction did take place, however.
The moment I stopped using Abnormal Status Resistance Down, petrifaction was inflicted.
Is it really just low probability?

Vesta, too, seemed to hit a number of critical strikes.
I wonder if the rate of my critical strikes is less than Vesta’s.
Nah, the damage must not equate to one magic attack unless there are at least two critical attacks, I think.
For the number of spells to decrease noticeably, its effect has to be considerable.

Having encountered who knows how many groups, I burn the Rub Shrubs to smoke in eight Firestorms.
This time, it was a group of two Rub Shrubs.

“This time around, it took less number of spells than usual.”

Sherry was counting diligently, it seems.
Even though she was not counting earlier.
It’s her skeptical nature.

“Is that so? As expected of Master.”

‘Learn from Roxanne’ — is what I want to say to her.

“Un, the effect is not that big. Let’s do an experiment.”
“I don’t use it always; it will highlight the effect.”

I tell Sherry who seems to have become alert at the mention of ‘experiment’.
It’s difficult to explain the contents of this experiment to her.

It has happened two times already. If it happens once more, it will be valid to say that magic attacks can be critical.
‘What happens twice will happen thrice.’
And there’s a method to verify it.

At once, I pull Durandal out and restore my MP… By the way, Miria has successfully inflicted petrifaction.

“Did it, desu.”

When I take a glance, I find a Fly Trap hardened.

“Umm, isn’t it good?”
“Of course it is. Because it decreases the difficulty, it’s welcome. As expected, Miria.”
“Yes, desu.”

After I take out rest of the monsters, I answer Roxanne’s doubts and praise Miria.
For petrifaction increases physical defense, it’ll be difficult for me if I use Durandal.

Therefore, I’ll have to finish it off with magic attacks after taking out the rest.
Nope, there’s a way to finish it off with Durandal.
I hammer a Rush into the petrified Fly Trap.

By the way, There was no Critical Outbreak ever since I pulled Durandal out.
Because I had removed Gambler in favor of Warrior.
I replaced the job because there were a few things I was feeling unsatisfied about.
It’s merely a matter of luxury.

The Fly Trap turned into smoke after a number of Rush’s.
There seems to be no change compared to when it’s not petrified.

“Amazing. As expected of Master.”
“Physical attacks should not have worked on petrified monsters. It really was amazing.”
“As expected, desu.”
“It went down so easily. Amazing.”

Like I thought.
Even if defense of the monsters, which have been inflicted with petrifaction, increases; the skill of Durandal, Ignore Defense, invalidates it.
In other words, it’s all thanks to this sword.

I recover my MP and send Durandal back.
I allocate the bonus points freed up from removing Durandal to Increase in Critical Rate.
I increase Critical Rate to 30%.
With this, I can immediately ascertain if magic attacks can be critical or not.

I wait for next monster while proceeding with the exploration.
We encounter a group of one Hat Bat, one Rub Shrub and one Fly Trap.
I start off with a Firestorm.
The Rub Shrub and the Fly Trap turn into ashes in seven spells.

It’s the effect of Increase in Critical Rate, surely.
It’s an amazing effect. I’m fired up like I have never been before.
Critical… Outbreak certainly, solidly applies to magic attacks.

I was doubtful whether magic attacks can be critical or not.
The Hat Bat collapses in three Breezeballs.
My wind spells might have been critical, too.

With Increase in Critical Rate set at 30%, every one attack out of three turns out critical.
If I cast ten spells, a few of them will be critical.
As per rough estimate.

“What can I say now? Truly splendid. As expected of Master.”
“It was absolutely amazing.”
“As expected, desu.”
“That really was incredible.”

Sherry praises, finally.
But that’s expected for the result was amazing, indeed.

“Now that I have verified it, the experiment is over. I’ll undo it now. It’ll not be like this every time.”

Because I need to increase Gained Experience, I can not allocate points toward Increase in Critical Rate.
It’s a pity.

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