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Increase in Critical Rate, it is more useful that I thought.
It is a big advantage when magic spells turn out critical.
If I increase it to 30%, it should turn out at least once every battle.
The duration of the battles will shorten with that.

But there is a problem.
Increase in Critical Rate is a bonus skill. It requires me to use bonus points.
Whether I can use it or not depends on finding a good balance between using it with Increase in Gained Experience, Multiple Jobs or Durandal.
I guess it will be absolutely impossible to have 30% Increase in Critical Rate skill on all the time.

Additionally, since Critical Outbreak hardly ever invokes in first place, using Increase in Critical Rate is useless. Instead, I should invest on Gambler’s skill set.
It is quite a chore to use Gambler in addition to Explorer, Hero, Wizard, and Monk.
Honestly, I wanted to use Fourth Job and have Required Experience set at 1/20th.
Do I have to compromise on Required Experience 1/20th?

Or maybe I should remove Hero?
It would be illogical if I reduced base offensive abilities by removing Hero in order to increase Critical Rate.
Because job effects are shared by all the party members, the highly effective Hero is hard to take off.

Should I remove Explorer then?
In case of Intelligence Card verification, I can change my job to Monk. When I am not using Item Box, Explorer is only useful for Intelligence Card Verification.
As for Item Box and Party Formation, I can leave Explorer to either Roxanne or Sherry.
Since the size of Item Box is level dependent, it will be troublesome until it reaches a usable size.

I don’t need to go that far, do I?
For the bonus points will decrease a bit if I remove Explorer.
If I forcibly use Required Experience 1/20th along with Fourth Job (after removing Explorer), I will not have enough bonus points to allocate toward Increase in Critical Rate.
And it will not make a big difference using Gambler without using Increase in Critical Rate.

For the chance of Critical Outbreak is really small.
Apparently, Vesta is not hitting critical strikes as much with Dragon Knight, so it will likely be the same for Gambler.

Wouldn’t it be better to select Sixth Job instead and make Explorer, Hero, Wizard, Monk and Gambler a base set?
With this, I can also select Alchemist or Cook depending on the situation.
If I use Durandal, I can hit critical strikes by using Warrior and Gambler at the same time.

Nope, I think I should use Swordsman instead of Warrior.
Warrior’s [Rush] and Swordsman’s [Slash] are roughly the same skills.
Because [Slash] is Swordsman’s skill, it is exclusive to sword, and I will only be using Durandal as weapon.
When I use Warrior, I bring out Durandal. Due to that, I reduce Gained Experience, so the conditions to level Warrior up will not be ideal.
It is better to level Swordsman up to Lv30 for the derivative job.
With Sixth Job, I can work on other jobs.

I open Character Reset interface in order to select Sixth Job.
Gambler will stay as Fifth Job. I will use Swordsman as Sixth Job.
I should train Swordsman quickly as it will be the job I will depend on when using Durandal.
As for Increase in Critical Rate, I will remove 30% Increase in Critical Rate and will only use (basic) Increase in Critical Rate.

Because Increase in Critical Rate uses bonus points, I can’t have it on all the time.
I can’t be too greedy for when I remove it later, the difficulty level of the battles will go up.
And there is a possibility that Sherry will question the difference in the frequency of its occurrence.
Since Critical Outbreak depends largely on the element of luck, I don’t think I should rely on it too much.

If I increase Critical Rate, it becomes 10%. If I increase it further, it becomes 15%. It means that (basic) Increase in Critical Rate is 5%.
Neither big nor small.
I can manage it, somehow, since each increment requires just 1 point. It will be good to try this out.

Let’s try Increase in Critical Rate first.
During the exploration, I took out the groups of monsters we encountered.

The number of spells it took to finish off the monsters was sometimes less, sometimes same.
Once every twenty since it is 5%, huh?
I wonder if it is like this.

It is simple.
Although simple, it is useful.
Since the duration of battles has shortened, I am grateful.
I am grateful for it being simple.

Because the number of spells it takes decreases by no more than one, I can’t notice unless I count.
It is not to the extent where you can feel the difference.
On the other hand, if the effect were to the extent that it could be felt, I would be in trouble if it didn’t invoke.
This also worries me.

It feels just about right.
Moderate. Just moderate.
Neither overkill nor non-existent.
Moderate can sometimes be best.

I bring out Durandal since I have expended plenty of my MP.
Since I have reached the point where I am using six jobs, the interval between having to use Durandal has become shorter.
MP Recovery Rate 3x, which I had been using, was quietly effective.
I can’t keep insisting on this or that. It can’t be helped.

I will fight the Hat Bat, that appeared, with [Slash].
While watching the monster’s movement, I set my sights on the place to be cut, and invoke [Slash].
While the bat, that was thrown into the air, was trying to regain its posture, I take a hack with a second [Slash].

Basically, there is not much difference between [Rush] and [Slash] when using sword.
I will be able to fight as I am used to.
I avoid the charge of the next Hat bat, and hit it with a [Slash] while it was trying to recover.

Ooh, this one was a critical.
Durandal knocked the bat up powerfully into the air.
The Hat Bat is trembling greatly.

Apparently, even [Slash] can turn out critical.
Even magic can, too.
As for Critical Outbreak, it is like rolling a dice for it to invoke with any and every attack I can use.

“Did it, desu.”

Miria exclaims in a low voice.
The Hat Bat, that Miria was keeping company, falls to the ground.
It wasn’t related to my Critical Outbreak. Rather, it seems she managed to successfully inflict petrifaction.

Roxanne is confronting a Rub Shrub while Miria and Vesta are taking on a Hat Bat each, so no one noticed my critical hit.
Even Sherry. Ever since I brought Durandal out, and the fact that she knows about it possessing Incantation Interruption skill, she didn’t feel the need to keep watch over me.
I shift my focus back to the Hat Bat, and strike [Slash] again while it was trying to regain its posture.
The monster fell to the ground and turned into smoke.

Next, I take on the Rub Shrub which Roxanne was keeping company.
It was an easy kill since I was attacking it from the side.
Finally, only the petrified Hat Bat remains.

“Ha, what do we do with this one?”

I must finish this Hat Bat off but it is tiny.
Furthermore, since it has fallen onto the ground, it is hard to cut.
Should I take it out with magic attack then?

“This one looks difficult.”

Roxanne, too, tilts her head, puzzled.
I hold Durandal in reverse grip, and thrust it in like you dig the earth with a stick.
I can feel my MP recovering.
Is it good enough?

“It seems to be working. It was thanks to Miria. As expected of Miria.”
“Yes, desu.”

Feeling relieved from seeing Miria smile, I invoke [Slash].
It was troublesome, so I attack it without using [Slash].
I hit the Hat Bat mechanically.
I feel like a worker on a construction site.

Oh, the blow right now went deep.
It was probably critical.
This time, everyone saw it but it doesn’t look like they noticed it.
How is that possible?

While attacking the petrified Hat Bat, I hit the ground several times.
It looks like I have finished it off.
The Hat Bat turns into smoke.

Thereafter, we continue to explore until the evening.
Because today is the day the apron will be ready, I finished the exploration early.
After receiving the apron from the Imperial Capital, I return home.
From today onward, Vesta will be wearing apron while helping with cooking.

“Vesta, can you make breadcrumbs?”
“You can ask someone how to make it.”

I give instructions to Vesta who has put the apron on.
Her chest, covered by apron, looks soft and mellow.
The large bulge on the apron makes it even more alluring.
The intense impact softens, creating a soothing ambiance that of the Eden.

The fascinating softness and gentle suppleness are showing from her whole body.
However, because it is big, the frills look a little dull.
Moderate is the best.

As for the breadcrumbs, since Roxanne has given the nod, it seems to be okay.
After giving instructions, I head to the bathroom to prepare the bath.
Midway, when I went to recover my MP, the breadcrumbs were ready.
Vesta was helping with cutting vegetables.

“Thank you. Looks like it is done.”
“Yes, I will be done with this one as well.”

It seems she is useful in very many ways.

“Vesta, can you make boiled egg?”
“I would be able to, I think.”
“Then boil one until it hardens, please.”

I ask more of Vesta.

“Roxanne, can you help me with the labyrinth as usual?”

I move to the labyrinth with Roxanne.
When I finished recovering MP, Vesta was boiling the egg.

“Oh, you are doing great. After that, use this boiled water to scald the vegetables.”

She scalds the vegetables lightly, after which, I put the remainder in the bath.

“Master, the boiled egg.”

When I was done preparing the bath, the egg was boiled.

“Thank you. Then squeeze this fellow.”

I have her squeeze a lemon.
I chop the scalded vegetables finely; mix it with mayonnaise, mashed boiled egg and lemon juice; sprinkle salt and pepper on it. Tartar sauce is ready.
I receive the frying pan from Miria who had already mixed breadcrumbs and a whole fish. I add tartar sauce to it.
I should have better made Miria cut the fish.

“Delicious, desu.”
“This is amazing. It is the first time I ate something like this.”

Miria likes it, unsurprisingly. Vesta seems to have favorable opinion, too.
I am glad.
Since fried food seems to go well, should I go with pork cutlet tomorrow?

After the meal, everyone enters the bathroom.
I first wash the four of them with soap.
Time-wise, it’s inefficient to wash the bodies of the four of them but I don’t feel like waiving my right.
Isn’t it my enjoyment once every ten days?

I shouldn’t confuse means with purpose.
I don’t wash their bodies to live, I live to wash their bodies.
I enjoy this moment of my life.
This moment is my life.

I took a plenty of time and cleaned their bodies thoroughly.
I have no shred of regret in my life.

After having my body washed by all of them, we enter the bath.
It gets slightly cramped when everyone enters, but there is no problem.

“Even though the temperature of hot water has gone down a bit, it is still good.”
“Yes, it is comfortable.”

Roxanne sticks close to me since the bath is cramped.
Touching her smooth skin while in hot water.
There is no problem.
No problem, at all.

“Miria, are you feeling comfortable, too?”
“Yes, desu.”

Miria, as usual, is floating near my feet.
Vesta soaks in hot water, lying close by.
What is that thing floating?

I had a feeling that something was floating, but I shouldn’t care about it.
I am worried about Sherry across of me.
Moderate is the best.
The best is moderate.

I have them wear the aprons again after the bath.
This time, it’s the second, silk apron which I had tailored for them.
When Vesta wears it, the contrast looks similar to that between the top and the foot of a mountain.
The open range defense line tempts me in.

Th-This is a trap.
It is a trap to capture me, just like birdlime.
However, even if you know it is a trap, sometimes in life, you just know that you must go.

When is a good time to go?
Now is a good time to go.

I slide my hand in from the unprotected gap.
The apron is supposed to be used like this.
My hand is caught between the smooth, silky, satin, cloth and Vesta’s smooth, moist skin.

My fingers lightly catch soft balls of meat.
Soft and mellow.

I bury my fingers in without using any force.
Inside rich and soft matter.
Between love and luxury.

From between my fingers, flesh overflows.
While I was having pleasure from the soft feeling in my hands, it was oozing out of my fingers.
The flesh was gently overflowing from between my fingers.

Earlier, I said moderate is the best. That was a lie.
Going to the edge is life.
Going to the edge is pleasure.

You don’t die twice or thrice, you die once.

(by Sei Shonagon)

Even though I discovered a truth of life, I went exploring normally the next day.
As for Increase in Critical Rate, I will probably stop after increasing it once.
If I have extra points, there are a variety of things I want to try out.

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Albedo's Ahoge

“I don’t wash their bodies to live, I live to wash their bodies.
I enjoy this moment of my life.
This moment is my life.”

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