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1st Volume, 4th Chapter 【Feeder Pops’】

In ※ of Thief’s Godly Skill
I remember that I wrote, “In case of failure, the same skill of the same target shall be permanently disqualified for invocation.” I have revised a part of the 2nd chapter.
Physical Abilities Enhancement was stolen in the first attempt.
The number of times the skill can be invoked in a day at Lv1 has now been revealed. (Author’s Note)

「What I’m saying is, push the remaining time limit. That’s all!」
「Okay, but you’re injured, don’t overexert yourself……」
「That’s for me to decide. Don’t nag.」

Like I suspected, the one shouting at the receptionist lady is the adventurer from earlier in the day.
Bal and Zac, right?
Apparently, Bal’s arm is injured. Is that why he couldn’t complete the quest……?
This is what I have deduced from the situation.

By the way, this world has an established system in respect of the days.

In Japan, the origin of the days in a week was related to the planet. Here, however, the origin is related to the spirits.
In order: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Dark, Light, Origin — are the seven days. One year consists of twelve months including the birth month, making it a 364 days cycle. So I have been told.
For the birth month, various grand festivities are held at the end of the year. Unfortunately, it’s currently the fifth month. There’s a long way till that.

I was taught the concept by the receptionist lady at the time of receiving the quest in relation to the completion time limit. The time limit for my quest was tomorrow――the day of the Wind.

――Snorting wildly, Bal and company turn around and start walking.
As for me, I’m standing so as to face the wall in order not to make eye contact with them.
I don’t want to have any business with them anymore.

I can’t afford to have others know that I can steal skills. Thinking back, it was thoughtless of me to hit the table and break it. Still, no one will associate it to stealing skills.

Because there’s no way of telling what skills one possesses, there’s no way for him to suspect me, I think.
Still, if he accuses me, I’ll resist.
Return his skill? Gimme a break.


Apparently, Mr. Adventurer has no time to spare for a good-for-nothing like me as he glances my way and leaves.

There’s nothing left on Bal for me to steal and Zac doesn’t have Sword Arts, so there’s no use for me in picking a quarrel with them.

「……Is something wrong?」

As the receptionist lady is the only whom I know――I call out to Sheena-san.
She told me her name when I received the quest……because she’s a woman, I was trying to refrain from checking her status.
Nah, there’s no deep meaning, really. She’s 20-year-old beautiful miss with fair skin and chestnut hair, styled into a ponytail. These are the only details that matter.

「Ah, Seiji-san. How did your first quest go?」
「It’s complete, so I would be able to sleep in a cozy bed tonight. By the way, those people just now……」
「Yes, those were the same people who picked a quarrel with Seiji-san earlier in the day. We don’t normally reveal the circumstances of other adventurers but we can’t help it if they make a ruckus and advertise it to others.」
「Did they fail……to complete their quest?」
「No, they have missed the monster that was the subjugation target. At this point, there’s still a day left till the time limit, so it can’t be considered failure. However, they have suffered an injury, so I proposed them to cancel the quest.」

Is that why he was angry?
Because the guild tries their utmost not to betray the trust of their clients, they prefer for other adventurers to take over a quest if the quest seems impossible for an adventurer.

「They appear to be quite skilled, then how……」
「Yeah, it’s a mystery.」

I didn’t hear it.

「Umm……are you here to report the completion of the quest?」
「Ah, okay. I’ll handle it.」

Sheena-san pulls herself together and starts processing my quest.
The reward of this quest is 300 Dalas.
After she confirms the signature on the quest paper, she hands me three rather big copper coins.
I see. So one big copper coin equals 100 Dalas.

「Umm, I haven’t seen excessively large sums of money. What are different coins beside this one?」

To the beginner who asked a question while scratching his head, Sheena-san explains politely without a speck of irritation. Sheena-san looks just like a bewitching goddess.

Apparently, the circulated coins are half copper coin, copper coin, large copper coin, half silver coin, silver coin, half gold coin, gold coin and white gold coin.
Which respectively equal 5, 10, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 100,000 Dalas
Because copper is produced the most in this world, its value is low, somewhat.

「Well then, I’ll take this.」

I bow and leave the guild.

I must check in to the inn before it gets dark.
What was the name of the inn again?

Because I haven’t eaten anything during the day and am hungry, is that why the inn with such an odd name appears attractive to me?

《Feeder Pops’》

Un, going by the name, I can expect a good meal, at least.
Although there are many inns and similar facilities in Commercial District, I was recommended this place because it’s not far from the guild.

From the exterior, it appears to be a three-storeyed, neat building.
I can’t say that it’s magnificent but it’s clean, at least. Not bad.

I enter the inn and survey the first floor.
The walls are milky-white, creating a tranquil ambience.
The first floor seems mainly to be the dining hall and the bar. People can be found in dribs and drabs.

「Can I help you? Are you here to eat? Or to stay?」

Lively voice, cut out for a receptionist. It’s a female’s voice, not an old-man’s.
She’s not exactly young, though.

This inn seems to be run by a couple.

「I would like to stay a night……delicious smell. My stomach is grumbling now.」
「Yes, it’s stimulating. You can expect big things from my husband’s cooking. Actually, his cooking was the reason we started this inn.」

The smell wafting from the kitchen is making my stomach restless.

「It’ll be 250 Dalas for a night’s stay. It includes breakfast and dinner.」

Is she being honest? She seemed honest but that grin pours the cold water over.
I take the large copper coins out from my trousers, make the payment and take the keys to the room.

「Your room number is 205; it’s on the second floor. Breakfast shall be available from 6 to 8 bells. As for dinner, it’s likewise available from 6 bells till I put out the fire in the stove. If you’re too late, you’ll miss the meal, so be careful.」

Bells are used to tell the time in this town.
Electronic watches or likes don’t exist in this world, so people seem to track the time through the ringing of the bell.

In the morning, from 6 to 12, the number of times the bell rings corresponds to the time. Similarly, in the afternoon, from 1 to 6.

When I was running around the town in relation to the quest, it suddenly started ringing. At that time, I was wondering what it was about.
By the way, 6 bells have already rung.

「Then I would like to eat right now.」
「Right now? Put your luggage……in the room. You don’t seem to carry much luggage with you. Are you an adventurer? You’re so young yet working so hard~.」

Just how (fucking) old did I use to look back on Earth?

As for the luggage, the sword hanging on my waist is about all the luggage I have. If I were to go eat with a sword, it might scare people. However, I’ve seen a lot of people in this area armed, so I guess they don’t mind it.

「I became one just today; finished my first quest just now.」
「He, you must be really tired. Then I’ll have my husband muster up more effort. Hey, honey.」

In reply, emerges a man from the kitchen. A bald, giant man.
My first impression of him was that of a skinhead, stern old-man. When he spoke, however, his tone was gentle. Is he perhaps aiming for gap moe?

「Ho, an adventurer? If you plan on staying in this town, please consider this inn. I’m dario; I run this inn. She’s my wife, Flower.」
「Ah, yes. I’m Seiji.」

Inadvertently, I peep.

Name: Dario Fot
Race: Human
Age: 43
Job: Innkeeper
Cooking Lv3 (145/150)

He’s totally not cut out for this job!
Not just that. His Lv is about to go up, too.
Now this has made me anticipate dinner.

「Alright then, have a seat, please. Your meal will be ready in no time.」

Thereafter, he comes back with delicious, steamed vegetables and harmonious, thick milk stew with exquisite meat. The fragrance of black pepper seasoning is exciting my appetite.
And the delicately baked, soft bread’s taste is something that I have never tasted before.

Oh well, this much description of the meal is enough.
If Dario-san levels up to Lv4, what will he be called? Master chef?
I’ve decided to stay in this inn for a while.
I quench my thirst with fruit juice after the meal and bask in happiness.

I want to live it……once more.
I indulge in deep emotions.

Oh well, I have already died once.
Rather, I have reincarnated.

When I try to view the town through the window, it reflects my image. I look exactly the same.

It’s strange, though. I heard that you remember nothing from your previous life after reincarnation.
Neither your family nor any attachment. Neither your affairs nor any regrets.
I knew it, I should have chosen my original world! At the very least, I wouldn’t have to be worried about my family, don’t you think?

It doesn’t change the fact that I have reincarnated in this world. And I recognize that I have no other choice but to live in this world.
I don’t intend to expose my life to danger. I have to seriously reconsider whether I should fight monsters or not. Unlike last time, there’s a possibility that I won’t be given a chance to reborn.

Originally, I should have reincarnated as a baby but I reincarnated in my original body. Based on this, I can be considered a heretic existence.

After greeting Flower-san, I go up to the second floor and enter my room.
I lean my sword against the wall, stretch my body and throw myself down on the bed with a plop.

What’s there to say? So much happened; I’m tired now.
I want to sleep already.

How do I live in this world?……I can’t decide at all.

――Reincarnating in another world is not that bad.

To the assault of somnolence, I surrender. My consciousness that I have been holding onto, I let go.
Thus, the curtain rings down on my first day in this otherworld.

Thank you for reading. (Author’s Note)

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