Slave Harem – 138 – Queen

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It seems we can handle fighting on Haruba’s 21st floor.
Though it’s becoming a little harder every floor.
It will probably be a problem after all on the 23rd floor.

During the day we go to Quratar’s 20th floor with the map.
Fire magic is the weakness of Rub Shrub and Rtoll Troll, so Quratar’s 20th floor is quite easy.
We made it to the boss room without encountering many Ma Bream or Pig Hog.

It doesn’t matter if we encounter Ma Bream or not.
We can visit the 17th floor afterwards, so there is no problem.
I don’t think Miria will be upset.

I pull out Durandal as we wait in the waiting room.
There seems to be a party currently in there, so the boss door remains closed.

“It seems to be a bit busy.”
“I think it’s because of the medicine.”

Sherry informs us.
This is the boss that drops the Wood Shavings?
It’s a bad time for it too.
There seems to be a lot of people around in the early afternoon.

While we are waiting, another party enters the standby room.
We are supposed to be in the Labyrinths in the Harz Duchy, as requested by the Duke of Harz.
Meeting people isn’t the best.
It’s possible to make an excuse though.

When that time comes, let’s blame the fish lover, Miria.
Because Miria wanted fish, and we have not reached the 22nd floor at Haruba yet.
I’ll do that.
It’s not the right floor for us.

The combat from the previous party ended, and the boss door opened so we went inside.
The equipment lying around… there wasn’t any.
The party hunting the boss for medicine must have had enough ability.

Smoke gathers in the center of the room.
Two demons appear.
The Rough Shrub boss, and Rtoll Troll.
Vesta blocks the front of the Rtoll Troll.

After using [Abnormal resistance decrease] on the Rough Shrub since Miria is fighting it, I attacked the Rtoll Troll.
When Vesta dodges an attack, I drive a [Slash] into that spot.
While Vesta is exchanging blows with the Rtoll Troll, I attack from the side with Durandal.

It’s easier when there is a vanguard to block the front.
The instruction was useful this time.
I use [Slash] in rapid succession, and the Rtoll Troll is knocked down.

Vesta and I joined the encirclement of the Rough Shrub.
Even with [Abnormal resistance decrease], petrification doesn’t seem to have happened.
Well, I didn’t expect things to be that easy.

I brandish Durandal towards the boss.
Since Roxanne is handling the front of Rough Shrub easily, lets try not to get hit by attacks this time.
I need to watch the demons movements carefully.

A branch moves and attacks Roxanne.
Roxanne easily avoids it.
She pierced it with the rapier in the process.

Movements like that, they are impossible for me.
The branches flail wildly, and there is no chance.
It’s hard enough to dodge, let alone consider attacking as well.

Do not get hit by an attack.
Watch the movement of the demon.
The movement stopped.

“I did it, desu!”

Oh. It’s petrified?
Rough Shrub has become hard.
The colour has become a little white too.

“Oh. It’s as Sherry said. The boss does have a chance to petrify.”
“Yes, though it’s supposed to be considerably rare.”
“As expected, Miria is great.”
“Yes, desu.”

Did [Abnormal resistance decrease] help out?
However, I praise Miria.
It’s Miria that uses the Estoc of Petrifaction to fight.

I use Durandal on the petrified boss.
I slash it over and over.
It’s become petrified, so the possibility of it counter attacking is zero.

It reminds me of old times, of practicing kendo with continuous swings.
It’s the same as that.
It’s nostalgic.

The boss was killed by my continuous attacks.
There might have been some criticals, but it’s hard to tell with no changes.
Rough Shrub became smoke.

Even if you are a boss, you’re just a sand bag if you are petrified.
After making anti-paralysis medicine we continued on to the 21st floor.

“The demon on Quratar’s 21st floor is the kettle mermaid.”
“The kettle mermaid? Lets try fighting it once, and then we’ll go to the 17th floor. Roxanne, can you take us somewhere with Kettle Mermaids?”
“I understand. This way.”

We head out with Roxanne’s guidance.
We’ve fought the Kettle Mermaid before, but this time we have criticals and petrification so I don’t think we can judge strength from our previous experience.
One fight will do for now.

There’s always the chance of some unexpected danger.
It isn’t bad to try it once.
We fight it once, and then go to the 17th floor.
It’s rather rare that something unexpected happens.

We hunt Ma Bream until we have two Whole Fish, and then we return to Haruba’s labyrinth.
After returning to Haruba’s labyrinth, I test the effects of [Abnormal resistance decrease].
The boss was petrified, so did [Abnormal resistance decrease] contribute to that?
I’ll test it out using regular demons.

Another demon is petrified, but the chance still seems quite low.
The chance of petrification was already quite small, so I can’t make an exact estimate.
Boss battles are quite long, and there may be no result even if [Abnormal resistance decrease] is used.
Is it easier to use Bounty Hunter’s [Life and Death] with [Abnormal resistance decrease] active? That won’t be solved by just thinking about it.

The experiment also uses a lot of MP, so I stop it after a while.
I will use [Abnormal resistance decrease] against bosses in the future.
We continued on exploring like normal until evening.
We left the labyrinth, and bought ingredients in Quratar.

“I’m planning on making something extra, so I’ll leave dinner to everyone else today. Vesta can help me as well.”

First, I went to the liquor store.
I bought some wine used for cooking from the liquor store.
It’s the first time I’ve bought wine.

“Sherry, is there a strong liquor distilled from a sweet fruit wine?”
“There is, it’s a liqueur.”

I’ve heard of it.
Sherry recommends it, so I buy a small pot of it.

Next is the green grocer.
I buy lemons and ask Sherry something.

“Fruits that look like this, isn’t there a sweet one?”
“Gamu. It’s hard to get because it isn’t in season at the moment. It’s normally produced during the winter.”

There’s no chance in summer?
It might be like a mandarin if it can be gotten during winter.
What is the season for lemon?

“This is produced during the summer?”
“Now it is, though it used to be only available in the winter.”
“There are actually two kinds. The regular one that can be bought from autumn to winter, and this smaller one produced in the north that can be gotten during summer.”
“They last a reasonably long time, and because both are farmed you can get them most of the year without interruption.”
“I see.”

Sherry didn’t seem to know, but the green grocer told us about it.

“There aren’t many fruits this season. What about the kyupiko? There will be more variety again soon.”

The green grocer points out the fruit that looks like a carrot.
The kyupiko.
I’ll use the kyupiko for now, so I buy it and return home.

When we return to the house, I make some crepes.
One per person isn’t much, so I make two each.
Ten in total.
It’s tough.

Vesta tried to give me a hand cooking them as well.
Will you be able to do it next time?
I put the crepe in the frying pan with some sugar and liqueur, along with slices of the kyupiko.
The charcoal stove is prepared, and the frying pan is put over it.

“Umm. Is it the one made in the experiment the other day?”
“We’ll enjoy it after dinner.”

I replied with a smile to Roxanne.

“It was very delicious, and I liked it.”

There’s a chance of failing it.
But it should be fine.

“Vesta, please fire it up.”

During dinner, Vesta started the fire.

“Is it alright to use fire made by someone from the dragon tribe for food?”
“It’s never sustained to warm the food right up, and I haven’t heard of it being harmful.”
“Can you ignite liquor?”
“Yes. I don’t think there is any problem if I blow fire on it for a bit.”

It seems to be alright.
This will be good.

Near the end of dinner, we warm the crepes up.
Vesta watches me spoon something into the frying pan, then I pass the handle to her.

“Good. Vesta, can you add some fire to the frying pan?”

I asked when I had finished preparing.
Vesta breathed a little fire.
The fire danced around the frying pan for a little.
The flames rolled around, then changed colour from yellow to blue, and then disappeared.

It’s a flambe.
I wanted to try doing it once.

“Oh? What happened?”
“Did you ignite the liquor?”
“Amazing, desu.”
“Is this alright?”

It seems I’ve stimulated everyone’s mind with childlike wonder.
The Queen of the desserts, Crepe suzette.
Watching a chef prepare this in a french restaurant stimulates everyone’s mind with childlike wonder.
After I saw it on television when I was a child, I really wanted it.

“It’s alright.”

The crepe suzette is taken from the frying pan, and divided amongst everyone’s plates.
I prepared some brown sauce too.
I made caramel while I was testing the alcohol on the fire.

The kyupiko was a bit brown, but there shouldn’t be any problem if I think about pineapple in sweet & sour pork.
Even though it looks like a carrot.

I moved it to the plates, distributing it in order.
I put it in front of Roxanne, next to me.

“Thank you.”
“Everyone enjoy it.”

After distributing it to everyone, I cut the crepe and bring it to my mouth.
It’s warm.
It’s also smooth and soft.
It has a gentle texture.

Not just the texture, but the taste is quite wonderful.
It’s delicious.
A slight bitterness, with caramel sauce.

“After all, crepe is meant to be warm.”
“This is amazing. Crepe? I’ve never heard of it. As expected of Master.”
“I haven’t heard of it either. Such a soft and gentle taste.”
“Crepe, desu.”

Even though it isn’t fish, she seems to have tried to remember it.

“This is amazing. To make something so delicious is incredible. To eat so many delicious things is wonderful.”

Vesta also stuffs her mouth with great wonder.
She seems to have liked it.

I’ll have them fully express how much they liked it.
It will be Sex Maniac’s turn after dinner.
Even though there are four of them, with Sex Maniac it isn’t a big deal.
With Sex Maniac, it will be alright.

Maybe I should level up Sex Maniac after Swordsman.
No. There’s no big reason for it.
Well, this is the only reason.

The [Increased Vigor] skill from Sex Maniac is probably level dependent.
I’m not having any problems with the current level, so that’s not a reason.

I can handle four people, but how much is possible?
What are the limits?
It would be good to know in advance.
I should raise Sex Maniac’s level before I find out.

Swordsman will probably be Lv30 soon.
It’s not useful when Durandal isn’t out.
I’m still increasing it’s experience twenty times faster than normal though.

When you hit Lv30, there’s a vast increase to get to Lv31.
There’s another wall getting from Lv40 to Lv41.
Every ten levels things seem to get more difficult.
Most jobs branch out at Lv30 though, so that isn’t too hard.

The next day, even though Swordsman hit Lv30, there was no new job.
It’s possible there are conditions for it.
Even Assassin didn’t appear when Warrior hit Lv30 unless you’ve defeated a demon with poison.

Now that Swordsman has been increased, I’ll do Sex Maniac next.
There’s no real meaning to leveling up Sex Maniac.
The mental suffering to leveling it might be rough.
However, there is no real trouble. Sex Maniac reaches Lv30 after a few days.

There was a message that a successful bid was made on a Green Caterpillar’s monster card, so I received it from Luke and made a sacrificial misanga.
We now have a spare sacrificial misanga.
It might be good to fuse the Green Caterpillar’s monster card to accessories other than the misanga.

The sacrificial skill is a disposable skill.
Having an item with it on there is a waste of space.
It’s not expected to have it on a defensive item.

Until now, we’ve never broken a sacrificial misanga.
If we fight carefully, it’s not likely that we’ll break one often.

Also, even Sex Maniac didn’t have a following job.
Maybe racial jobs don’t have another job derived from them?
Next I’ll level up merchant.

I know that merchant has a job derived from it.
It’s slave trader.
Merchant also seems to have wealthy merchant, so slave trader is an alternate job.



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Ring of Determination Accessory
Skills: Increase Atk, Personal Strengthing


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