Slave Harem – 139 – Jobless

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Next morning. By the time we finished exploration, my Merchant job had reached Lv30.
As I conjectured, I have acquired Slave Merchant Lv1.
It’s confirmed now that it requires Merchant Lv30.

Earlier, there was an especial significance of leveling up Sex Maniac.
Because it is still too early, however, I can’t say anything in that regard.
Honestly, Slave Merchant’s effects and skills are not to the extent to be able to be called special.

For some reason, I have acquired one more job.
There seem to be more derivative jobs of Merchant.
It’s called Jobless.

Jobless Lv1
Effects | Empty
Skills | Effect Settings | Skill Settings | Empty

I don’t get how Jobless can be a derivative job of Merchant.
There are empty effect and skill slots present. Are the effect and skill slots empty because their settings haven’t been configured yet?
They seem to be same as empty skill slots on equipment.

Jobless seems to be able to set an effect and a skill.
There are two skills – Effect Settings and Skill Settings – so I can set it myself, I believe.
It seems to be a really interesting job.

“On that subject, Sherry, do you know about a job called Jobless?”

After leaving the labyrinth in order to buy ingredients for breakfast, I ask Sherry while walking.
Sherry may know something.

“It’s a job found only in legends. Not much details of that job are known.”

It’s called Jobless, it can not be famous for money, can it?

“It’s not well known?”
“Long ago, there was someone who claimed they had that job. As for the details of the job, no one knows.”

It doesn’t seem to be well known.
It seems to be a rare job.

“That person, who claimed that they were Jobless, didn’t disclose any details?”
“They just spontaneously spread the word one day that they were Jobless.”
“It sounds like a useless job.”

What kind of a man would declare himself that he’s jobless?

“I have heard something in this regard. Wasn’t Crown Prince Jobless, too?”

Roxanne seems to know something.
As expected of the world renowned Toyama Sakura. (TN: I have no idea in what context the author said this)
He’s crown prince, not shogun?

“Crown Prince?”
“That’s right, Crown Prince. He has been disinherited, however. He is said to be the worst crown prince in the successive generations. He’s a man with no patience. He quits one job and takes another, and keeps doing it over and over again. Furthermore, lying is his forte. He’s a true good-for-nothing. An imperial good-for-nothing.”

That’s harsh.
Oh well, he’s a NEET crown prince, after all.
It’s better to keep Jobless concealed from the world.

“Words of such a person can’t be taken seriously.”

I shut my mouth up and listen quietly.
Crown Prince must have had his own reasons.
That’s probably why he took various jobs.

I was of the idea that Jobless is a derivative job of Merchant but it doesn’t seem to be the case.
It’s probably acquired by acquiring different jobs.
When I acquired Slave Merchant, I must have reached the requisite number.

There’s no relationship between Merchant and Jobless.
It is just a coincidence that I acquired it after my Merchant job reached Lv30.
Is Jobless by any chance the last job?
That’s not possible for I haven’t acquired Adventurer and Priest yet.

Is there an upper limit in respect of the number of jobs one can possess?
There’s no such thing, probably, so I don’t need to be worried too much.
My worries are unfounded.
They have to be unfounded.

To relieve my anxiety, I switch my sixth job to Jobless.
I invoke Effect Settings.
A long list of job effects floats up inside my head. I was of the idea that I would have to choose one from the effects of Jobless. However, I can choose from the effects of other jobs, too, it seems.

Because there are Explorer, Hero, Wizard and Monk in the list, it seems to allow you to choose one from the effects of the jobs you possess.
If you could select the strongest effect and skill of the strongest job via Effect and Skill Settings, Jobless would be the strongest job.

You can choose an effect only from the jobs you possess.
In a way, you won’t be jobless anymore.
In other words, the more the jobs one has, the stronger Jobless becomes.

As the effect of Jobless, I select the most powerful, Hero’s Medium Increase in Intelligence.
With Increase in Intelligence, my magic attack power will increase, too.

Jobless Lv1
Effects | Medium Increase in Intelligence
Skills | Effect Settings | Skill Settings | Empty

It’s configurable, indeed.
It’s a pity, though, that I can set only one.
If it weren’t limited to one, it would be better than Hero.

Hero has eight job effects. Allow me to choose three, at least.
If it could allow three or four effects and skills, it would be best for someone like Roxanne who can use no more than one job.

Even if I could select two effects, it would be better. I would choose two Medium Increase in Intelligence effects.
If there were two empty slots, would it let me choose two Medium Increase in Intelligence effects?
If not, would it let me choose one Medium Increase in Intelligence and one Small Increase in Intelligence?
Vesta’s Dragon Knight has one Medium Increase in Endurance, one Small Increase in Endurance and one Minute Increase in Endurance.

Oh well, there’s no use in talking about ‘ifs’.
In my case, since I can use multiple jobs, there has to be a mechanism to use multiple jobs.

Next, I try to set the skill.
I choose Item Box skill of Explorer.
While buying food ingredients, I open Item Box to confirm it.

Item box has gained only one new column beside the previously available 44 columns.
Because Jobless was acquired just now, the Item Box of Jobless could only add one column
Since Jobless is only Lv1, the capacity of its Item Box is merely 1×1.
It’s same as when I acquired Explorer.

Just because I chose the Item Box of Explorer Lv44 doesn’t mean that its capacity would be 44×44.
The level of the skill seems to depend on the level of the job.

Is it perhaps same in case of effect, too?
Even though I chose Medium Increase in Intelligence effect of Hero Lv41, the degree of increment will be that of Jobless Lv1.
It’s a shame.

Nah, because you don’t need to level up both the jobs, isn’t it great?
If you had to level up both Jobless and the job which the skill was borrowed from, wouldn’t that be terrible?
Not for me, though, for I can use multiple jobs.

What will happen if I choose Cook’s Item Box skill?
Will it be 30 columns like Cook’s?
Let’s try.

I invoke Skill Settings to choose a job… I can’t.

Don’t tell me.
Can a skill be set only once?

No way!
Let’s try again.
Just as I feared, I can’t.
The skill seems to be able to be set only once.

I was careless.
I have made a blunder.

I chose such a petty skill as Item Box.
Oh well, it’ll be of some use when it reaches Lv99.

“Err, let’s return quickly and eat something.”

If it’s a one-use only skill, mention it!
Skill Settings is a one-use only skill, huh?
Or is there such a thing as skill setting rights?

Nope. You can’t rewrite a skill in the skill slot of an equipment. It must be same in this case, too.
It was imprudent of me to think that it was possible.
At the very least, because I chose Medium Increase in Intelligence effect, I have saved some face.

Jobless seems to be able to choose one skill and one effect from the available jobs only once.
To be able to choose a skill and an effect from different jobs, it’s fitting for a job that’s acquired by acquiring numerous jobs.
But it’s one-use only.

If that’s the case, then there’s a weight in the theory that Jobless is the last job.
If Jobless is the last job, then you don’t have to be concerned about the jobs that you may acquire later on when choosing the skill and the effect from the jobs that you already possess.
I have made a blunder.

I prepare breakfast to distract myself.
It’s not delicious. It must be the first time after coming to this world.

Now that I think about it, is Effect Settings a one-use only skill, too?
When I think about it, the meal becomes even less delicious.
After having breakfast, I try to invoke Effect Settings.

I can choose.
Effect Settings doesn’t seem to be a one-use only skill.
How many times can Effect Settings be used then?

Twice, perhaps?
I wonder.
I try to choose Small Increase in Endurance effect of Explorer.
I have already chosen such a petty skill as Item Box, so it doesn’t matter anymore.

Jobless Lv1
Effects | Small Increase in Endurance
Skills | Effect Settings | Skill Settings | Item Box

Apparently, you can choose both the skill and the effect of the same job.
In that case, because I already have Explorer, which is obviously better, I don’t need this one.
Can I turn the effect back to Medium Increase in Intelligence?
I try to invoke Effect Settings and choose a job… I can’t.

Two-use only, really?
I try again, flustered. I can’t.
No way!

No, wait.
Reuse time?
It suddenly occurs to me, so I try to invoke Skill Settings again.
I can choose now.

What a relief.
After using Effect Settings and Skill settings once, I seem to need to wait before using them again.
They’re not one-use or two-use only skills.

If I think about it, Skill Settings didn’t disappear after using it once.
Now I get why.

Reuse time, huh?
I see.
Exactly how long is the cooldown period, though?
Last I used it was before buying food ingredients. From then till now, how much time has passed? About an hour, maybe?

Which means that I can’t use it frequently.
There’s no need to change the effect every time.
Nope. When using Durandal, I’ll have to change it to Medium Increase in Strength. When using magic, I’ll have to change it back to Medium Increase in Intelligence.
Isn’t it?

As the skill of Jobless, I choose Basic Fire Magic of Wizard.
Currently, it’s not possible for me to cast two fire spells simultaneously.
However, isn’t it so because they belong to the same job?
Right after casting a spell, it is possible to cast Heal (of Monk). It is also possible to open Item Box (of Explorer) and invoke Crude Medicine Concoction (of Herbalist).

Furthermore, bonus spells can be used right after, too.
Even if I can’t use multiple spells of Wizard simultaneously, I may be able to simultaneously use spells of Wizard and Jobless.
I better try it.

“Laundry is done.”
“Alright then, let’s go to Haruba’s 21st floor right away.”

When Roxanne was done with laundry, we move to Haruba’s 21st floor.
We further the exploration and encounter a group of three Rtoll Trolls and a Rub Shrub.
This is convenient.

I cast first Firestorm.
Followed immediately by another one.
Sparks fly about.
And engulf the monsters.

I have no way of knowing if the second one succeeded or not.
After the flames die out, I cast third Firestorm.
If the last one didn’t succeed, this one would be second.

The sparks flutter and engulf the monsters. When the sparks start to fade, I cast fourth Firestorm.
The sparks flare up and engulf the monsters again.
I have succeeded in casting spells simultaneously.

It’s good to have succeeded and all but this time, I don’t know when to cast the next spell.
Before the flames of the fourth spell die out, the next spell in the third’s place should become available.
Whatever, I’ll just keep on casting Firestorm.
My body will know when the next spell will be available for use.

I cast fifth Firestorm.
The sparks flare up again, indicating that it succeeded.
As for the sixth spell, I can’t cast it simultaneously.
I’m glad that they didn’t move.

After a while, I cast again.
Before I could cast the seventh, however; the monsters, ablaze, try to attack.
Because they’re ablaze, is that why their speed is relatively slower?
It can’t vary to this extent, can it?

Roxanne dodges the Rtoll Troll’s attack.
After the seventh spell, it’s time to cast the eighth.
Miria thrusts her Estoc of Petrifaction into the Rub Shrub.
I cast ninth Firestorm.

The monsters keep burning. Before I could cast the tenth spell, however, the monsters collapse.
Critical must have proc’d in that while.
Roxanne looks at me with a surprised look about her face.

“This was a sort of an experiment. Okay?”
“Okay. The duration of the battle was considerably shorter.”

It should roughly be half.
The time required to attack the monsters again after attacking them once has decreased significantly.
Let’s suppose that I could take the Rtoll Trolls out in ten fire spells. This time, it wasn’t until seventh spell that the vanguards had to confront the monsters. Earlier, it would be four spells before the vanguards would be called into action but this time, it was about twice of that, six spells.
Because two spells then are essentially four now, the time the vanguards are supposed to confront the monsters will be considerably shorter.

“The sparks were flashier than before. Magic- no, did you change the way you use magic?”

Sherry shares her impression.
That’s it, more or less.
As you would expect.
Because the sparks kept dancing constantly during the battle, they looked flashier, surely.

“Were they? Well, to put it simply, I can use multiple fire spells simultaneously. I’m doing this experiment in relation to that. The test will continue for a short while. From now, this will be my main style of fighting.”
“You can do even such a thing? As expected of Master.”
“But umm, such a thing is impossible, isn’t it?”

Sherry is at a loss.
It’s impossible, huh?
Well, it obviously is.

“Amazing, desu.”
“You can do even such a thing?”

Miria and Vesta are totally under Roxanne’s spell.

Normally, you can’t use two Wizard jobs.
The man of the world, Gozer, is a grand wizard. Even he can’t use both Wizard and Grand Wizard at the same time.
I, however, can use Wizard, Grand Wizard and Jobless. Triple jobs, that is.

Three simultaneous magic attacks, I would call it Jet Stream Attack.
I look forward to the future.

Slave Harem - 138 - Queen
Slave Harem - 140 - Continuous Attack
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