When I Returned Home, What I Found was Fantasy!? 2-05

02-05: The Alteration in History

MTL: Freeyomone
(TLN: this time I tried to make it easier to understand. how much should be explained?)

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──Has his irresponsibleness already ran out? (TLN: Agatsuma, perhaps)

Several days had passed after the Officer, Agatsuma Eiji, was coerced by the masked figure clothed in black.
It is an ordinary afternoon, Shinichi is browsing around in a small bookstore; the surrounding atmosphere indicates that he is being watched.
Moments earlier, Agatsuma had went to use the restroom at the convenience store 50 meters away; when he left the store, Agatsuma had thought he had lost track of Shinichi; he breaths out a sigh of relief. (TLN: upon finding Shinichi again)

Including himself, there are only a few other Countermeasure Task Force member arranged for this stakeout team.

A little bit of the Masquerade’s magic power is used and it makes an appearance around the neighborhood.
The current situation is a setup to cause any potential pursuers to fluster, and to find their location.
Throughout the whole town, among all the people in the area, there is no big change. (TLN: Agatsuma’s team is monitoring Shinichi)
The person in question, Shinichi, must not learn of their actions or the situation.

Agatsuma focus all his effort onto surveying the surrounding area; a complete display of his superior skills.
First, he calculates the odds of Shinichi’s data leak. Next, he takes charge of safeguarding Shinichi and the data.
Agatsuma needs to expose the routes that are uncovered, and then dig up any evidence that can be found.
The quantity of people related to illegal activities in the organization are numerous. (TLN: the Countermeasure Task Force’s HQ, perhaps)
A few days later, he is truthfully astonished by his incompetence.

Meanwhile, as he was leaving the neighborhood, he spoke arrogantly to himself.
To “her” the significance of being the bodyguard for the family isn’t to be a decoy but rather for her to be alone. (TLN: Amaryllis Fox)
And thus her independent actions gives her the opportunity to capture their enemies.
Currently, he is unsure of which information to use as bait. Agatsuma willy and repeatedly leaks information with the purpose of lawfully thwart them. (TLN: those working behind the scene, not Shinichi’s group)
The work had yet to begin despite 3-4 days had passed. Except for the other Countermeasure Task Force member, there was no one else to spy on.
They are aware of the boy with the peculiar existence; it seems those behind the scenes didn’t take the bait. Is what Agatsuma thought.
Thinking positively, it is still too early to see any voluntary moments; Agatsuma continues to monitor Shinichi.
For the sake of protecting a secret, he is willing to use his secret power against those hiding behind the scenes.

Nonetheless, it was essential but in no way was it important; he just had a feeling. (TLN: Agatsuma)
Although, there was no real objective in him leaving the neighborhood.

「………… is this place really the same Japan on planet Earth, truly?」 (Shinichi)

There are a bunch of very tall buildings lined up together. In view, there are people littered all around. Those were the thoughts that had leaked out. (TLN: Shinichi)
Today is the Nakamura family’s day off; they had went to a shopping district in a different part of town.
The area is a convergence of government offices, corporate offices, and public institutions. In this district, at this time during the weekdays there are a large amount of adult men dressed in business suits.
6 with black hair: 4 with colored hair pass by; among the 4 there is 1 with animal ears.
Although the person is also wear the same type of suit, there is a sense of incompatibility when compared to the others.
This place seems like a half-baked fantasy world. But, then again, it may be Shinichi has a bias perspective based around his experiences on Farandia.
In addition, some familiar Earth based themes could be seen in mixed, but they were somewhat different.

「 Hey! Please don’t stop in the middle of the street.」 (???)

「Eh, Ah, excuse me.」 (Shinichi)

Not able to stop trembling? (TLN: Shinichi)
Unable to comprehend the confusion?
Feelings of vertigo?
Anyhow, Shinichi who is standing in the middle of the street is an obstacle to those who need to pass by.
At that period in time, a wealthy looking madam is in the middle of walking her pet.

「Umm…………」 (Shinichi)

However, in this scene Shinichi is frozen in a dumbfounded expression with his mouth open.
The animal wasn’t anything out of the particular that was understood; its figure is unmistakably that of a dog.
Although. It is made of a steel body and it has a black visor, a sensor type model; it is not a living being.

「Well now, Joseph-chan, let’s get moving?」 (random madam)

『Woof!』 (Joseph, mechanical dog)

The celebrity looking madam casually passes by Shinichi who is in a daze.
On examination, the machine’s movements seem realistic and fluid.
In the past robot dogs were popular; they shouldn’t be compared to a common toy.
And now, what should be done? Shinichi has reaching his limit; he is being overwhelmed by his surroundings.

After a while, Shinichi becomes unable to comprehend the concept of ‘a pet from Galesto’.

A considerable number of domesticate animals were introduced, excluding dangerous living beast. However, the Amaryllis Fox is an exception because of its physique; due to their high Status humans find them difficult to control.
In short, it is a “pet”. An animal model drone; a robotic weapon.
The drone was originally designed for combat support.

It was possible to use it as a partner for new recruits. However, the people of earth didn’t need to use it as a bodyguard. So, it was adjusted to be a pet. When the drone was put on sell in the market, it became popular among the wealthy.

「……… somehow things have became painful……」 (Shinichi)

He tries to see the current world with his own eyes as much as possible. (TLN: Shinichi)
His goal is to find a foothold and become in tune with the current situation.
In his hometown, Shinichi continues to receive cultural shock and become perplexed by the situation.
At any rate, Shinichi felt as if he had returned to a new world.
Ever since he drifted here 1 month ago from Farandia, he couldn’t help but feel that the big change was unwanted.
Rather, he felt so from the beginning. The common sense he knew of belongs to other parallel world, and thus the bewilderment and shock was that much greater. (TLN: Farandia)

「……… this reminds me of the past, how unpleasant.
2 years ago, I was more of a good child……」 (Shinichi)

And once more, compared to 2 years ago his current self is greatly different; he now holds unpleasant emotions.
At that time, the people who saved Shinichi taught him various things. (TLN: in Farandia)
About the language, about the culture, about magic, about dangers, and about Monsters.
Little by little, Shinichi became thankful to those people. (TLN: the people who saved him)

「Why did I never questioned my father’s instructions?
Ah, stop, just stop. At that time, where did my obedient self disappear to?」 (Shinichi)

He had reached the point where he would always doubt what others told him. (TLN: Shinichi)
And that is the reason why Shinichi self-deprecates himself. He ridicules himself because his personality had become unstable.
Bit by bit, it started to stand out; he couldn’t help but believe that his state of mind could no longer return to that of his former self.
The current situation had caused him to recall about how much he had changed,

──Do you desire power? (mysterious voice)

──Uh! (Shinichi)

Too much has been done, for one had accepted foul play too often.
In one’s mind, lingers the greatest mistake of one’s life, therefore one will not chose to recognize the mistake. (TLN: replace ‘one’ with ‘you/your’)


The place called a library is very convenient.
Particularly, in Japan the library is open to the general public. With the computers there one can view the records of old newspaper articles.
It was necessary for him to borrow and the read articles; it wasn’t difficult for him to get access. (Shinichi)
In Farandia, utilizing a library is the most standard method in which to gather and obtain information.
Earth’s media publishing is far more liberal; there is no need to have a discussion about how to sneak in and investigate ・ to read. (TLN: Shinichi)

Aside from being a decoy, today Shinichi came here with another objective in mind.

His purpose is to investigate various incidents and events that had happened in the news from those days. (TLN: referring to the time during and after parallel world announcement)
Even so, the technology from the parallel world had been innovative. The system that is used for searching and managing books had been greatly improved. Traditional paper books had been digitalized and are now displayed on half of the computer screen.

The computer even has a built in miniature camera. There doesn’t seems to be a downsized usb port nor a disk drive. At first, Shinichi was shocked when he couldn’t see the computer.
Anyhow, in the PC area the instructions commented that there is an option for “old-style PC”. In this area an old-style PC will appear; the manner to operate an old-style PC will differ.
Why didn’t Shinichi use the other type of PC? Because he doesn’t understand how to operate it.
It didn’t have a mouse nor a keyboard; he is not able to comprehend how to use it.
Nine out of ten, Earth’s technology advancement is not from the two cooperating, but rather it may had been a unilateral sponsorship of Galesto’s technology. (TLN: 9/10, is a probability)

──The day the technology was release must have brought tears to the eyes of many engineers.

『When the parallel world announcement was made many people in the development field loss meaning in their research.』 (TLN: news article, perhaps)

Shinichi recalls the conversation when Agatsuma was being blackmailed.
It is very likely that the discussion involved not just scientist but also engineers.
As Shinichi was making his way through the bookshelves, in the corner of his mind he stores the information that had been gathered.
Shinichi is able to check all the archives without having to trespass or illegally intrude.
In his head, he is able to speed read through the information and and natural process it.
Unfortunately, Shinichi is only an ordinary junior high schooler.
To be able to comprehend the information one would need to be an expertise in the field, not at an average level.
Shinichi is aware that he needs to investigate the incident 8 years ago.
He had heard various things from before, but Shinichi wanted to investigate and confirm the parts he was unsure of.
And thus, he learned how the parallel world announcement came about.
Everything Shinichi had learned came together: the significance of the pursuers disturbance at the bookstore not too long ago, society, and the trends.

While looking through a published magazine Shinichi sees the highlighted merits from the exchange.
With the technological advancements, people’s daily lives were enriched and securited.
The problems of pollution and clean energy generation were solved.
However, when piling the magazines that stated the demerits, the amount of content that criticized or had the opposite opinion was scarce.
The fact that there wasn’t a demerit made Shinichi question it all.
He had a feeling that a ‘minus’ is media censorship. (TLN: the negative demerit)

Shinichi makes indirect assumptions about the reason.
He excluded anything before the 8 years.
Above all, the people here had “accepted” the existence of the parallel world.
It can’t be helped, Shinichi is unable to decide on what to do next and chooses to postpone the issue.
Anyhow, Shinichi and his companion are in a disagreement. (TLN: the Amaryllis fox)
The disputes among the citizens of Earth had come to an end; with the expansion of the worlds border, the alternate world became the bigger issue. (TLN: Galesto)
First of all, “that” should not have been accepted. (TLN: the issue with the parallel world, perhaps)

One after another, Shinichi ponders over the daily morning newspapers that had been released during the duration he had been caught in the dimension hole.
On the cover, of any article on a daily newspaper in the world, any major event or announcements are recorded.
In Japan, the announcement was made in the afternoon; only important announcements are made at that time.
『The Day of The Parallel Worlds Announcement』 at every end of society there was an uproar; the mass media was in a frenzy trying to keep up with their viewers; on the internet there were various conjecture buzzing around.

“Is today finally Judgement day!?” (random person)

“Is a giant meteorite going to fall from the sky!?” (random person)

“Is it the beginning of the campaign for world conquest!?” (random person)

“Is it the first contact with alien lifeforms!?” (random person)

Based on the amount of sufficient information from countries all around the world, He knew something globally had occurred. Shinichi laughs at the thought of all the speculations that must have been fly around.
And thus, all the information that was exchanged in secret with the parallel world Galesto was publicly announced.
There was also development in the sciences; Earth’s resources were traded for technology.
What was announcement was only limited to the public exchanges and not private exchanges.
Japan was the first country to get ahead because it is a country that is known to welcome many cultures.
At least that is how Shinichi thought it was rationalized.
However, that was only an illusion. There is no evidence and it can’t be investigated.
As Shinichi had thought, there are too many questions and restrictions.

Two days later, on the other hand the people of Galesto begin to advertise their technology.
Subsequently, on television there were nothing but urgent t.v. programmes collaborating together. And thus, Galesto’s public image was established.
If one didn’t think about it, on the surface it was merely the people of Galesto cosplaying in western clothes. They manufactured a humanlike all-purpose-machine and presented is as a large photograph.
It appears the machine wasn’t CG. There was a expo event held to physically touch it. In various parts of Japan where the events were held there are well written reports.
There were also books published based on other people’s reaction.

“Really a parallel world!?” (random person)

“Is it not too sudden!?” (random person)

“Isn’t ‘April Fools Day’ still one month away, it’s not a lie right!?” (random person)

“The existence of aliens is more believable!?” (random person)

When the news was received the majority of people were bewildered and in a state of confusion.
Only the portion of people who had romanticized about a parallel world rejoiced.
In those days, and now, Shinichi believes that there are still some who have doubts.
Next, he used the PC to search for any important incidents that had happened about 8 years ago.
There were vast amounts of information pertaining to Galesto; Shinichi reluctantly narrowed downed “events” that weren’t related to Galesto.

──Hey, what sort of unstable place is this country that I have returned to!?

Shinichi had forgotten he was in a library and loudly shouted out.
Although there is the minus factor, the concealment of information, it is not at the level to instill turmoil and cause insurrection.
In all due respect even if it appears that way, the fact that information is being regulated gives Shinichi goosebumps.
Currently, in the past 8 years, there are 50 or less known cases involving revolts against Galesto.
It is possible that perhaps because of the regulations a few stories in Japan were altered.
If one includes the number of incidents that the news is prevented from reporting, the estimation could easily reach 3 digits.
Once again, if one were to closely examine the conditions of a few countries annually, they would be surprised by the increase. (TLN: rebellions, perhaps)

However, the real problem is the incident’s origins.
In those day, it seems the uneasiness never went away.
The ‘ringleaders’ with opinions that typical differ weren’t there. (TLN: a.k.a. negative people)
However, the accounted reports claimed that things easily came together.
Because there were no opinions that greatly differ, the complete picture did not add up. Shinichi surmised that those bitter opinions had been removed.

“Our lives have become unreasonable after the exchange with Galesto!” (random person)

This was probably likely.
The technology of present day Earth far exceed what was previously available. Some scientist loss their passion and some loss their job.
Employment rates and income rates had declined.

What on Earth was the cause?

One year later, on the civilian side of things, in the newspapers and on the bookshelves for some reason there are numerous publications related to Status. Shinichi picks some up.
According to the articles, Galesto accepted the exchange of civil power.
On Earth, this acceptance of exchange is considered “to be” very important.

On behalf of Galesto’s historic culture, it seems to be common practice on the grand stage when addressing the public. And 1 year later, this was how the networking with the civilian population came to be. Thus, various places began to resemble a political system that is a combination of a government like system and an aristocrat like system.
Although, Earth’s technology is remarkable and expectational antagonistic. It is a universal threat. (TLN: bombs, guns, atomic weapons, bio weapon. perhaps)
The Status system, the evaluation of abilities, resembles a merit system that is discriminative.

──Shinichi had an unpleasant premonition.

This Status doctrine, preferences, may have brought about inequality.
If one were to insert the broken pieces, it would put an end to the perfect picture. (TLN: the perfect picture is current System/ society.)
The evidence can be found if one were to closely examine the Status system that was composed───

「Ahh!?」 (Shinichi)

───Shinichi forgot where he was and shouted out loud.
Once again, he makes an earnest apology to the surrounding strict glares of the librarians.
However, he couldn’t help it. Shinichi had located the article pertaining to Status, on his right. (TLN: PC monitor)
On his left, he reads the latest articles published about Status and then compares the 2 to help him understand it.

The article on the right contained information about the evaluation of a person’s Status, ability Rank. Individuals with a high Rank have a duty to defend against threats. Those with a low Rank owe others and are tasked with miscellaneous duties.
It seems that these division of labor were drawn up based around the threat of Monsters.

The article on the left, Status, a person’s ability Rank is a system that represents their value. Regardless of high or low the standard is that each generation is to be newly evaluated.
Those with a superior Rank have special privileges in selecting an excellent job. It is all for the sake of the era’s development.
The System is skewed in favor of individual who excel.

What is the meaning of this?
The notations and intentions were completely different.
When Shinichi double checked the publication related to Status, the notations didn’t match up.
The publicized obligated duty, the role appraised by Status, is based on the notation of elitism; where a person with high Rank Status receives favorable treatment.
There were numerous publications. Which two should be chosen? Shinichi searches for one with a neutral thesis.
It is certainly truth that each Author’s way of thinking is different.
Society’s general opinion, or perhaps an earthling, but Shinichi prefers a Japanese person’s opinion.

Shinichi steadily scrolls back to the lastest article.
He steadily scrolls and reach to around 1 year ago.
Shinichi carefully reads both articles while comparing them. The perception of society began to drift away; something came into view. (TLN: he see it what it truly is, perhaps)

Presently, officially Status was first announced as a new standard for roles. Galesto informed society and persistently tried to popularize the standard.
However, Japan for some reason applied the standard to employment, schooling, and job interviews.
It became a trend to favor people with high Rank and the practice became instilled.
Many articles on this subject were written. But, once an idea takes root there is no easy way to get rid of it.
This must be that “something” that caused the rebellion among those people who had lost.

The origin is 『the Japanese people misunderstood Galesto』. They took the meaning too literal.
In the early stages of the exchange, the Japanese people must have repeatedly mistranslated the notation, one delicate blunder.
For the sake of coming to term with the absurdity of a parallel world they took one exceptionally broad method of understanding.
The Japanese people had a crude understanding of Galesto. As Galesto displayed the technology that they had production, the majority of people came to believe that all the idea of Galesto-san were exceptional ones.
And thus, it was a misunderstanding, a mistake. The idea of a perfect society is the main contributor. The origin was taking things too literally.
Especially, the Status doctrine. As it was, it is a comment that was misunderstood and had just happened to spread.

Based on the ability doctrine, the elites who received it worn a mask of morality and judged those who didn’t. (TLN: received ability)

“The ability of a person cannot be measured.” (random person)

“The judgement of Status disregards human rights.” (random person)

There were some reasonable proclamations, although, Shinichi thought they were “narrow minded” opinions.
To Galesto it was a personal matter; it was a necessity needed to defend against threats; a rather pressing state of affairs.
They took into account the parallel worlds methods; it was the deciding factor. The Japanese values has a certain pride, an extreme criticism that is outright “crazy” and thus it couldn’t be helped. (TLN: japanese have an extreme fear of criticism, perhaps)
It was said and done, once several public figures in the media supported the idea. This proclamation about the Status doctrine that happened to be a misunderstanding coincidently spreaded, and thus this is how it came about.
Through an unlucky chain of events the networking only deepened the misunderstanding. (TLN: working with Galesto, perhaps)

As for Galesto, the aristocrats maximized on the Status doctrine by giving it their blessing, therefore increasing its exposure in the media. The difference between Rank in Status was cultivated and expressed.
On camera, the nobles of Galesto, made a declaration that high Rank individuals have an obligation duty and that they should be proud of it. That was not lip-service, in itself, it is proof that they risk their lives everyday. (TLN: the nobles)

That was sincere.
While investigating, as he listens to the footage; in support of the article Shinichi gives a nod in response.
At least in Farandia, in comparison this level of pride wasn’t seen.
Deep down, being genuinely will to fight is a behavior Shinichi still does not understand.
The way of the aristocrats had been rarely seen; long ago, the Japanese people use to support that ideology.
And thus the Ranks issue did not go away. Instead it inspired well-known fighters. When the people of Galesto first became aware of the fighting there were no tournaments and there was no meaning in winning.
In those days, in the footage Shinichi saw there were no techniques nor abilities being used.
Status was used to enchant the body but the effects varied.

Shinichi judgement is based on the knowledge of Status from Farandia. Slender young boys and girls were single-handedly pinning down burly men. In those days, people saw it as a shocking spectacle; it only hasten the misunderstanding.
At first, when Shinichi had arrived on Farandia he was also surprised. Shinichi recalls the memories of when he saw the figures of a brigand of young children, the same age as himself, vigorously exterminating Monsters.

──It changed his sense of values.

More or less, Shinichi has become accustom to this truthful knowledge. (TLN: basically knowledge he had to accepted, perhaps)
And thus, all throughout Japan the same thing occurred.
The Japanese people were unaware of the proper way in which the nobles carried themselves. They only saw the sensational news of renown fighters being unilateral defeated. (TLN: by slender children, perhaps)
What circulated was the misunderstanding “as long as you have high Status”.
Ironically the mistake was realized but it had already spreaded.

Natural the official information isn’t available, however, it is once again what Shinichi had surmised. Incidentally, it is not possible to investigate them and find out whether or not it is correct. It is not possible to contact Galesto nor is it possible to travel to their country. Much about them is relatively unknown.
Despite it all, Galesto’s technology and knowledge is indeed excellent and unrivaled. Those who were influenced by the nonsense of Status, whether high or low, either superior or inferior, the number of judgmental people in society had multiplied.
As far as Shinichi knows, ability has no real connection to the flesh.

And thus, this has become the current state of Japanese society. Shinichi thinks back to the day he had returned and to the time he had undergone an examination. Shinichi can now understand the significance of the words that were spoken by the female doctor and Rinko.

『You also are, unfortunate.
With a Rank of only this amount, it seems this child who has returned will merely be a hindrance.』 (female doctor)

『……… don’t worry, I’m an Earthling, so mind your own business.』 (Rinko)

In Japan those who have a low Rank are not treated well. For Shinichi, this meant trouble. Her words held meaning; when Rinko had retorted that she was an Earthling, Rinko had declared that she wouldn’t mistreat Shinichi.
Judging by Rinko’s “I’ll do something about it” attitude and behavior that she has shown, it seems that her actions did have meaning.
It seems that the female doctor’s contempt couldn’t be heard because of the translation problem.
Shinichi who had returned to the current hardships of Japan is annoyed and troubled.

As one would expect, thanks to the 8 year time lapse, everything’s not okay and his time had diminished.
『The Japanese People Misunderstood Galesto』 was composed and published 4 years ago. 4 years ago in those days, the income difference in comparison had approximately become more narrow. (TLN: the gap between the rich and the poor, perhaps)
Nonetheless, in this era discrimination had not disappeared. People still hold onto misguided knowledge and they continue to do so.
A person with a high Rank certainly does have flesh that is superior. However, the idea is incomplete and it makes for a puzzling discussion.
At the civilian level the notation of “a high Rank is amazing, and remarkable”, this mistake is not yet deeply ingrained.

Because of this Japan had accepted numerous cases of misunderstandings and mistakes. World-wide in regards to the success and failure of the people who participated in the exchange, Japan can be used as a model example.

Is it even possible to call it a blessing?
In the beginning, during the civil exchange between countries, worrying about not falling behind was scarcely a problem.
Despite it all, why didn’t Japan improve on the important parts of the foreign country’s knowledge that wasn’t understood.
Once before, there was a case where the Japanese common sense crossed the taboo and changed the meaning of what is considered rude.
Previously, in regards to the Japanese people as a whole, ignorance was also exchanged.
And, the exchange with Galesto can also be included to this conversation.

「Isn’t this island country mentally completely harmful?」 (Shinichi)

While returning a book to the shelf, he mutters to himself and a sigh escapes.
As he ponders the absurdity of the Japanese circumstance, it gives Shinichi a headache.
His feeling are heavy. Anyhow, the mistake is difficult to comprehend.
If the circumstances were clearly different he would have noticed, but the original was mixed in and it became difficult to understand. (TLN: hint, what is the title of this series)

How a high Rank person is treated is a mistake and is not corrected.
Shinichi thinks about the former high Rank and the talk about their obligations and duty.
Things that can threaten Earth are few. In addition, to the many years of peace, Japan couldn’t comprehend its essences. (TLN: essence of peace, perhaps)
They couldn’t understand the privilege, and naturally they didn’t understand the difference that was created; it became a troublesome cause.
Nevertheless, it was something Japan fabricated under the influence of Galesto ideology, that was the source of it all.
Truly, a troublesome and inconvenient story.

──However, it is still a peaceful story.

But, once it become a genuine fight, whether they are a Monster or a human, they had best prepare themselves.
Although, does an Earthling or a Japanese person with a high Rank really have any war potential?
As a person’s Rank raise and they overcome hardships to improve, it seems they may not be powerless afterall.
However, will they be useful on the battlefield? But, Shinichi has doubts as to whether they will be about to return home safe and sound.

「……… is it understood, do they know?」 (Shinichi)

A few years ago there was an article in the newspaper. It had a similar story. And one photograph.
Whenever Shinichi sees that photograph with the figures of people in terrible condition, he remembers the pain that was felt.

“This is the anticipation of a new star!” (random headlines, perhaps)

“The new high Rank Japanese person.” (random headlines, perhaps)

“In the future, I want to get a job that lets me protect everyone.” (random headlines, perhaps)

Two junior high school students are displayed, a boy and girl with the same face, they are fraternal twins.
The article contains very high expectations. It seems they apparently have a very high Rank.
At that time, scouts and businesses were keeping an eye on them; people are expecting great thing from their future.

「…… it was difficult supporting mother.
Although, that is also a part of the reason, as well…… 」 (twins, perhaps)

It is love, although, it is a photograph somehow the feelings could be touched.
Regarding the reason why the twins choose that profession it wasn’t agreeable.
In modern times, it isn’t a choice for a mother to be relieved by their child obtaining social guarantee and privileges in that profession.
Among Shinichi’s memories of 8 years ago, when he was not yet 8 years old, Shinichi had no choice but to work hard in taking care of his younger brother and younger sister.
Shinichi thinks back to the moment he was reunited with his siblings again; it was a little sad, but it was pleasant.

Soon, Shinichi will be 16 years old.

Perhaps, he is being favorable to his family members, but Shinichi thought his little brother is becoming a handsome man, and his younger sister is becoming a beautiful woman.
Shinichi himself had not fallen behind; his spoiled appearance can no longer be seen.
Although, his age and stature had changed, Shinichi’s important feelings have not.
For example, even if they come to hate and ostracize him, Shinichi will still be their older brother.
When all is said, he will protect them and will be their ally. Shinichi wants to always be able to lend a helping hand.
Although, where they live there is no peril; Shinichi still wish to help.
But, it is sad to say, the current him only had a limited common knowledge of this world and cannot function well here.
Shinichi doesn’t possess the knowledge. He doesn’t have the money. He doesn’t have any authority. He doesn’t have any connections either. And he doesn’t know the common sense.
At this point in time, Shinichi is deciding on approximately which person or threat to shut down.
In addition, with the current state of affairs there is still the restriction on the public flow of information.

「helplessness……」 (Shinichi)

And thus, the significance of Shinichi’s existence poses various danger to his family.
If this world’s society learned of Farandia existence, the issue could cause his family to fall apart. There was nothing Shinichi could do about it; he had no leverage to negotiate with.

──How much time, how much effort?

They have 8 years worth of high Rank; he does not have entry level ability in Status. To an extreme extent it has become an “increasing trend”. As expected, Shinichi’s power is too useless.

「………… foolishness?」 (Shinichi)

For a moment he believed it was futile. If power is shown, who would stop? (TLN: rhetorical question, perhaps)
The ability doctrine was the foundation that created this society, is what Shinichi thought.
In reality, I want to say it is wonderful; I really do.
Such as, how a person behaves like a child in front of their parents. Or, how the eldest child swaggers in front of their siblings.
The things oneself had done, one wants to be able to boast about it.
However, in today’s society, to his mother, to his younger brother, and to his little sister of 8 years later, Shinichi is unable to brag them.
Nothing can be done about the hinderance that he had become.

「I shouldn’t do, anything unreasonable.」 (Shinichi)

Gradually and at long last he had a simile with a purpose, although, the only thing Shinichi could do was mutter.

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!Σ( ̄口 ̄;…So heavy!!! Thanks for the chapter! 🙂


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Thanks for the chapter:) Noticed a mistake: “Shinichi with an anal perspective” Ehm xD


Oh god. I don’t know what that typo is for! Freeyomone has internet problems and is already alseep anyways, and the thing he gave me to read was a full on english with no raw above the translation line. Meaning, I’ll have to hunt the raw myself. Which also means, its going to take a while for me to fix XD thanks for pointing it out! who knows, it might not be a typo… *trembles*


I took liberty and fixed it up with my own understanding. Keep in mind, i haven’t read KmF before :/ Aside from the prologue, i mean.


Thanks for the chapter! <3

Past One/ Hikari to Kage
Past One/ Hikari to Kage



Thanks for the chapter!


Has it been edited?Because it’s just a bit better than GT.
“A few days later, he is truthfully astonished by his insuperiority.” Seriously???


There are no translators or editors for KmF. I myself only took a quick look before heading to school for my final. However, if you’d like to apply for either position, then great! Freeyomone is doing this on the side, since its pretty hard to translate…


Sorry, english isn’t my native language, i’m bound to make errors and might not find most of them otherwise i think i would have accepted.


Does the editor need to know Japanese or english is enough, if so then i might be able to help


Sure. I actually don’t know about the details behind the scenes at KmF, so I’ll be checking out with Freeyomone. Well, Rumanshi is supposed to be KmF’s editor, but… well, i don’t know what happened. Anyhowz, i’ll check with Freeyomone. Who knows, if we’re lucky, we’ll find an editor without you needing to work! Yay to more KmF without effort!


I also think english is enough but as for myself since it’s not my native language i might not be able to spot all the errors.


Hmm. At the end it seems to say something about power. “If power was shown, who would stop?” And he talks about braggingto his family but can’t. Is that supposed to be his secret skill he used to survive in the other world that isn’t shown on the ranking? The author has some real problems explaining things…


Mah.. thats how it is. Still waiting on some more foxyness or secret badassery. Its nice that this novel talks about societal issues and cross-cultural misunderstandings…
Thank you very much, fumu.


I’m always happy to see more chapters of this.


I noticed a small mistake.

“The day the technology was release it must of brought tears to the eyes of many engineers.”

I think you meant to write “must’ve” – a contraction of “must have” – as “must of” makes no sense but sounds almost the same as the contraction.


Fixed. Thanks!


My guess is that he’s actually a magic user.


Well, they only can check:
Strength D, stamina D, spirit D, endurance D, agility D = all D [his status]

But it clear that he mention about skill or ability and magic, so I agree with u bout that and I think they can’t meassure that with machine cz skill/ability/magic only can be measure when they in active state not at normal state [similar how Bulma check Goku power level when he sleeping and when he becom super saiya 4 XD…]…


Here the table from the previous ch:

Scientific Name: Amaryllis Fox
Gender: Female
Total Length: 47cm
Length: 32cm
Weight: 3.2kg
Strength: AA+
Stamina: AAA
Spirit: A+
Endurance: AA
Agility: AAA+
They don’t know it, but there are more stats, her magic is AAA and her skill is C+ rank. Skill may seem inferior to other stats, but if you were to compare it to others on Farandia it’s already top-notch.

There, Magic and Skill, 2 parameter that can blown the mind of HIGH RANK society, can’t wait till Shinichi show his powah to the world…


Thanks for the chapter. I’m still waiting for some school life of at least some slice of life to happen.


Thank u always for ur great work…

My head hurt, the story feel like a ship in the middle of disaster, dunno what is wrong but it feel to heavy at this moment…


You should sleep dude or take a nap again


I re read this novel 6th time and my head is still can’t process it.
I know this good one, but can someone give me light explaination?
my head hurt.

Don’t know which parts you are unsure of but, I’ll try. 8 years ago Shinichi was caught in a dimension hole. He returned to his home world 8 years later. He spent 2 years, on the parallel world Farandia, when he tried to get back to his home world, he lost 6 years of time, in a time lapses. Shinichi was 13 years old when he was sent to Farandia. When he arrived in his home world, his current age is 15. But in his home world his true age, recorded age is 21. During that time, 8 years, Shinichi… Read more »

thanks for explaining.
my head is better now, i just can’t understand regarding galesto, now it’s clear.

he come back from farandia to earth but earth has contact with galesto.
farandia is = fantasy magic
galesto = science fantasy. ( not sci-fi right? )

well this is better…. yeah this is better. waiting for next chapter and i hope i can be better comprehend this gem.


Nice chapter , Thank you for your work!
The problem is that you need a good beta reader to edit out all the mistakes.
I offer my services if you are interested , I have a lot of free time now , but i don’t know if that will change in the future .


Thank you for your offer. If this series is in demand, I may do more chapters.
My grammar is readable, but it could use editing. We’ll see how things go, for now there are no chapters plan.

Is anyone looking forward to this series, is doesn’t seem to have harem?

Psychoticus Rex

“Japan was the first country to get ahead because it is a country that is known to welcomes many cultures.”

Pop goes my willing suspension of disbelief. The author’s a delusional idiot in the opinion of this gaijin.


in the second line “was coercion” should be “was coerced”.
in the comment of the guy above, who probably used copy past, it should be “to welcome”

i really like this series and i appraciate the effort, but this is seriousl understaffed… you probably need at least another proofreader. small mistakes do not compromise the story, but the reading experience isn’t the best.

what about those holes in the last lines of the previous chapter? was it intended to be like that by the autor? or are they going to be translated in the future?


The (…) and (bait) and whatnot, are all from the raw. I’ve fixed those above as well.


as I thought this series really pain in the ass to read, because I need to think to enjoy it
good luck I hope KmF will got more staff
ty for the chapter


Hi, just want to point out a little translation error:
「Wait a moment, can you wait in the center of the street for a second?」 (Nobuhiko)


Its actually more something like: “Hey! Please don’t stop in the middle of the street.” and it’s probably one random person who says that.


Thanks! Fixed!!