Alice Tale ~ Chapter 43 ~ Lightning VS Fire

First and foremost, some nuances to get through. Éclair means “Flashes of Lightning” or “Eaten in a flash”. Which is why FFXIII Lightning’s Japanese name is Éclair Farron. Nothing much to say. Enjoy.

Lightning vs Blaze or Lightning vs Flame sounds meh. I left it as Lightning vs Fire. Do comment if you have extreme objections against it.

TL: Fairy
Edit: Pandaant

Chapter 43
Lightning  VS Fire
雷 VS 炎

Best 8.

From now on, there is no one else remaining except the truly strong ones.
At the hotel room with two double beds placed together, in the middle of the bed, we validate the competition table distributed by the tournament administration.

The width of the bed is satisfactory but as usual, I hugged TIl and brought her closer. Therefore, she had already given up and left it as is.

Such high body temperature you have, Til.
…… A kid?
I reorganize my heart and look at the chart on hand.
This Battle tournament seems to have taken place in the past and the military power displayed here will affect both inside and outside the Royal Capital’s situation.
Therefore, if the influential princes respectively find a representative, the royal capital’s name will rise in fame.
Of course, The political world is not that simple to be using just that to determine the shifting of powers completely.
Therefore, it can be said that I am in the open while Francesca is behind the scenes.
From the competition’s chart given by the tournament administration, my next opponent is―― Éclair.
「What is this? This sweet looking name.」
According to the annotation, she’s Steard’s family’s representative.
It’s not one of the big three families.
Incidentally, I have also overlooked another name.
I had found Reynold Sacramento.
If I defeat the opponent I will get through the top 8 and reach the top 4
For the sake of Francesca, I do not want to lose.
However, due to bracket assortment, I won’t clash with any other big family until I reach the finals.
Viewing the other bracket.

In the other bracket, I found the name I am looking for.

In the remarks, Austria’s representative is written on it.

「……Aminasu/ Aminase/ Aminase」
TL Note: Decide whatever you want.

An Alias?
Or perhaps, it might have a different meaning in the alternate world no?
No….In order to let me understand the meaning, it seems to have been translated for me.
If that’s the case, I guess I will take it literally.
Could it possibly be a proper noun, it’s just too much for their parent to name her that.
Granted that, with such an openly playful opponent, I must not lose to the family who allowed it.

――I sense an ill omen.

Although I did not look at the other battle opponents’ information first hand, I listened to what Saira had scouted about them.
That so-called Aminasu opponent seems to win by massacring his opponent.
In addition to that, according to Saira, during the battle, there is no particular way of fighting and he clearly enjoyed killing.
At present, the person I do not want to lost to the most is Austria.
However, there is no other way to stop that other than stepping forward in the finals
I have no problems if this Aminasu gets defeated before reaching the finals but such a convenience could not possibly happen.
Because, listening to Saira’s words, it’s said that he is overwhelming.
However, that massacare…..

「……Well, when it comes to that, be prepared to give in to my cuteness!」
「It will come to nothing, Ojou-sama」
「You woke up!?」

From the nearby bed, Ilya called out with her eyes closed.
And the appointed day of the match arrived.

Being allocated to a private waiting room to use for the final tournament, I worked on my gloves till the time my match commence.

「Is this okay?」

As I fix her bed hair, she is working for my sake.
That person, although it’s in the afternoon, she had just woke up a while ago.
There is no room for doubt that she is the strongest but her fuel consumption is really bad.
No…. She is just a lazy person huh.

「Yes. Thank you very much, Til. It won’t be foul play, am I right?」

I look at Ilya who is reading the tournament regulation.

「Weapons and armour are one’s responsibilites. Regarding those unique skills, they are allowed. There is no problem at all.」
「That’s good.」
I inserted my hands into the Caster Gloves.
As it’s completely custom made for my sake. it fit into my hand completely as if it’s part of my body.

「My heart is going *dokidoki*…. If I made a mistake…. More than that, if it broke….」

Saira who brought to me the weapon she created before my eyes is unable to settle down.
Her ears are standing and drooping.

「You worry too much, Saira. You had experimented it many times. In addition, it’s unlikely to just spoil in the middle of the competition. You are also doing the maintenance as well. 」

I do not need such a miracle.

「The weapon you made for me is splendid/ magnificent. As expected of my smith.」
「Alice-san… It’s embarrassing nya.」
As I stroke Saira’s ears who is embarrassed, it allows me to divert the tension before the competition.

Mass produced goods have no quality and it’s different from the custom made goods.

Well, how should I put it. The mass produced goods having no quality at all, that’s normal.
In short, that’s normal quality.
Above those are high quality.
High quality.
Again above those are smelting
Super Quality
Yet again above those are perfect.
Perfect Quality
And there are weapons spoken in the legends
Those are of the highest quality, Rare quality.
TL Note: All these are in Katakana. It sounds really weird but do bear with it.

「Someday, it’s my dream to make the best weapon of the highest quality for you !」
Your dream has changed from what it was.
[the 前と establishes a comparison with the past state, in this case, her past dream; んだ is a copula that establishes a fact or a reason, which can also appear as のです, んです and のだ; I believe I remember that formerly her dream was to open her own shop]

「I will be waiting.」
「Yes nya!」

She replied in a lively manner.

Although I do admire her sewing, her smelting is also very cool.
Using raw materials as a base, giving birth to new weapons like magic.
With hands hovering over the materials placed on the table, with a dazzle of light, new weapons are borned.
Incidentally, after making those, she got exhausted. So in reality, she is probably using magic.

「Ojou-sama. It’s almost time.」
「Yes. So I will be going.」

Upon Ilya’s urging, I stood up.
「Try your best!/ Fighting!」
「Thank you!」

Lastly I stroked Saira’s ears.
Funya, her face leaked an expression.

「Alice yo, Today’s opponent is a magician? 」
「It seems so.」
「I will not allow you to lose in the same arena. If you lose, it will be special training throughout the night.」

With a sinister smile floating on her face, my master proclaimed.

「……I will engrave it into my soul」

For, this person will really do it…..
Motivating myself/pshyching myself up, I crossed the waiting room’s door that Ilya opened for me.
『Saa, They have arrived! For today’s second match, both contestants are both females! And they are mutually good in magic! 』

Accompanying the referee cum announcer Onee-san announcement, the spectators cheered too.

Stepping up onto the circular battle arena, stood directly before is a girl who seems to be of the same age as me.

It’s definitely… Éclair.
On the 2 side up deep crimson hair with light blue eyes.
Randomly flashy.
With fairly the same height as me as well, with hands on her hip and a fearless smile on her face, she seems to be looking down on me.
How to say, a girl with a unyielding spirit.

「You use magic?」
「Yes, I do.」
「Let me, Éclair teach you whose magic is the strongest.」

Ahh, there is there is.

A kid who calls herself by her first name.

「Éclair is a fire magic user?」

As I was affected by her relaxed atmosphere, I unknowingly called her without any honorifics.
That Éclair who did not mind my question nodded in assent triumphantly.

「Yes, I am. Fire magic is for sure the supreme! The strongest offensive magic! My Master, Demon Flame is the proof!」
「Demon Flame ?」
Francesca has talked about it. The strongest magician at the top of pinnacle?
The person rivalling Til?

「ふふ! 驚いた? エクレアの実力を持ってすれば弟子入りなんて、簡単だったんだから!」
「Fufu! Surprised? If one has Éclair’s ability, getting taken in as a disciple is easy as pie!」

I am also taken in as a disciple with 1 glance.
But, is that so….

Til has seen through my magic power but did that Demon Flame seen through Éclair’s magic power as well?

Intelligence… As expected 5?
I must not be negligent.
Having reached this far, how could I be negligent?

During the sniper’s battle, I was pierced.
「In addition, Éclair… hates lightning magic.」
「Although your name is Éclair……」
「Urusai! I hate that, you know! 」
Ah, did I stepped on a landmine?
「But Éclair sounds cute and I think it’s a good name.」
「……Re…Really? Fuun, You are rather promising, aren’t you.」
「Thank you」
Somewhat cute naaa, this girl is.
「Your name, tell me. Éclair will specially remember it in advance as Éclair’s battle experience.」
「It’s Alice.」

Look at the competition table, will ya.
During our idle chatter, it seems like the referee Onee- san has already finished her talk show.
I am being made to stand below the starting line.

「Alice. It’s is not shameless to lose today desuwa. As you will be defeated by the future strongest magician in the world.」

Turning her back towards me, bold words came out from Éclair.
I am unsure to how amazing Demon Flame is to what extent, but among the strong people I recognised, Til is unparalleled.
As for the disciple me, falling behind here will be a big disgrace to Til.
In addition, I had also swore in my heart.
「The strongest huh… I will be not defeated.」

I had decided.
As we take our respective position, the spectators became silent as well.

『And――Please begin!』

With the referee Onee-chan’s signal, both of us moved along the side as if we are mirroring each other.
If it’s movement itself, I am faster.
If that’s the case, it will be a gamble
A pre-emptive strike, Receive it!


It hit!
I do not have naive thoughts that that will be the end or something.
First of all, I want to see to what extent is her magic defence.

「Fire wall!」

And so I thought but, Éclair raised her hand and chanted a no chant magic.
In accordance to that name, the wall of fire block my lightning.
Compared to Til’s ridiculous defensive mechanism, it is a decent protective magic… BUT!
Éclair who received my magic changed her expression.

「Na.. St… Stronk!」
The equilibrium of the flame wall and lightning lasted for a few seconds.
And Éclair with an appearance as if she had just tide over something breathe out some words.

「Alice, You….! Great! You are suitable as my opponent!」
It appears somehow or another she had determined my strength and nevertheless, she smiled fearlessly with her eyes glittering*Kirakira*.
When I look at the scene, I unintentionally smiled.
This is the first time I felt this happy fighting.

「And this time, I will be coming, Alice!」
At the same time, the weapon she was holding in her hands――the whip phantasmagorically swoop towards me

「Come to me Spirits of Fire and become my sword―― Fire Enchant!」

Furthermore, the whip was clad in flames.
Even if I dodge it, just by passing by close to me, I will take damage!
What terrific attack power.

「You sure are nimble!」
「That’s my selling point!」

Somehow or another I handled all her attacks.
But even so, as the whips passing by close to me with force, I accumulated a little damage each time

During an interval of her attack, I instantly shot thunder towards the surrounding of Éclair.

「An AOE attack!」

Although she did not invoke the Flame wall, she received it with her magic defence.
But even though, as if she took damage to an certain extent, Éclair staggered a little.

「Really! Such an irritating Lightning!」
「As you don’t understand the romance of Lightning magic, you lose! Éclair!」
「Urusai-wayo~! I had said so! Fire magic for sure is the supreme! I will show it to you !」
Interrupting my caustic words, Éclair set into a chanting aria.
It differs from the defensive magic and she is accumulating magic.
I can perceive the red magical particles that Éclair is gathering.
I had thought of using thunder to interrupt her but that seems to be too inelegant.
I stopped moving and clad myself with lightning.

「You aren’t coming? Even if you come, I do have countermeasures but you won’t be able to see it, Alice!」

「Battling with Éclair… is troubling, but I felt somewhat happy.」
「Excellent! Let me present to you the best hottest battle!」
Her character is really like the character/ avatar of fire magic.
The magical particles stopped gathering around Éclair.

「Are you ready? Please don’t die Alice! If you die, I will be angry!」
「You are talking unreasonably. 」
It’s certain that I am risking my life for this battle but, in some respects, I enjoy myself very much.

Be it studying or exercising, it appears that competing with her will be the most interesting.
Éclair probably thinks of me as the same way as well.

「Breath of Stars surrounding Mother Earth, converge as the Fiery crimson lotus that illuminates fiercely and cleanses thine sins!――Star Flare!!」

The eruption of red flames.

A magic which bathe the whole arena in vivid flames like the sun.
That light’s vividness, even the real thing can’t compare to it.
That heat is a prominence for melting everything.
Even if it’s tungsten, it will melt and run amok. That sort of supreme flame.
There is no mistaking it, it’s one of the advanced magic.
If I eat it, it will exceed my level of magic defence.。
Éclair naturally regulated her magical powers well. In addition, it brought forth nothing but damage to the arena.
It’s possible to escape the flames but that will be out of bounds.

Therefore, there are two options. One is to jump directly ahead, the other is to bear with it.
If I were to jump directly overhead, I will not be able to change my direction at all.
Without exception, checkmate.
If that’s the case, I will use the one least suited for me――To bear with it!
――I will use this!

「Cast Release!――Icicle Garden!!」
With glittering blue magic, an absolute zero ice wall burst forth in front of me.

To prevent it from getting blown off, I did not forget use lightning magic to magnetize the floor.

「What the!? Ice magic!?」

With a loud roar. the towering Ice wall completely fusion with the red flame.

The conflict of magic resulted in a terrific blast, resulting in the spectators shrieking in shock.
Being wrapped with blue radiance, I started my aria.
This wall which can never be broken――

「Descend from heaven a blade of light, become my sword and pierce through the darkness! ――Lightning!!」

Passing through the ice wall and red flame, a silver flash pierces through Éclair.

「――Ku, Ach!」

I broke through Éclair’s red magic defence and she crumpled to the ground as if she was convulsing.
Several seconds later, the red, blue and silver magic fluttering around the arena scattered.
The queer silence after the tempest.
During that moment, I slowly move closer to Éclair who had fallen.

The referee Onee-san who had wisely stepped off from the arena in the midst of the fight gulped.
She probably thought that I will give the finishing blow.

「Éclair―― Today, I do not want fight with you more than this.」

Having said that, I extend out my hand towards Éclair.

「……Now it’s the probably time to withdraw、I understand.」

With a sullen regretful voice, a reply came from Éclair.
I unintentionally breathe a sigh of relief.

Éclair clumsily grasped my extended hand.
Her body is probably still numb from my lightning attack.

Although it pierced through 2 magic, Éclair is the first opponent to take my lightning attack to this extent.

My left hand to some extent is a foul play but my right hand is my true power.

But, she is definitely strong.
「The secret previously… that?」

Éclair turned her sights to ――the glove as she held my hand.
「Yes, that is my best smith. Isn’t it cool?」
「I will not say it’s cowardice. You had prepared to that extent… It’s a pity but.」

Nonchalantly, I healed Éclair.

In order to move her body, Éclair stood up.

And she brushed off my hands and thrust her finger at me.
「Is that okay!? Don’t think that this is the end! Not yet not yet, for Éclair is still going to get stronger! 」
「Fufu, Okay! I will be looking forward to it.」

Éclair whose face redden to the point where it will not lose to her hair colour and look away.

「――I admit defeat.」

And with that declaration, the whole area burst out into cheers.


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