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Chapter 36

Tomorrow, Lux will depart to the town of Bureto. One week has passed since we arrived in this town. It seems the big horde of monsters will be reaching Bureto soon.

The lord of this town has already issued the Lord’s army as reinforcement. I heard the army will be reaching Bureto around half a day after the Monster horde.

Right now, the walls around Bureto town are reinforced to their maximum. I heard it’s gonna be a defensive battle. Today, the adventurers in this town who accepted the Lord’s request are ready for their departure.

Though the number is less than the Lord Army, all the members are veteran adventurers who are equal or higher than average adventurers. There are no monster subjugation quests above their skill.

There is a secret weapon which will bring them to the battlefield, the flying monsters from [Welburg airfreight]

[Welburg airfreight] is the transportation guild based in Welburg.

These flying monsters capable of carrying people in groups are limited in number. It seems the Lord has cooperated with the transport guild Welburg this time to ferry the adventurers.

[This way it seems possible to transport around 150 people]

150 veteran adventurers. It seems the local Lord has judged it best to invest his limited logistics capability in this capable fighting force.

[Awesome. By the way, Considering you leave tomorrow when will you arrive?]

[It seems we’ll arrive in the morning the day after tomorrow]

It’s really amazing to be able to arrive in just a whole day. I also want to have a flight monster.

I promised Lux that I’ll come to see him off tomorrow morning.

[will you give Lux a parting present?]

[I will because I was indebted to those people]

[What would be good?]

As a result of our discussion, we decided to give Amy’s handmade potions.

[I was saved by Lux’s [X-Potion]. The quality might be lower, but Amy’s potion will be alright. ]

The next morning, when we go to the plaza outside the west gate to meet Lux’s party, Lux found us immediately.

[Hibiki, thank you for coming all the way to see us off]

[It’s because I am indebted to you since the events in the forest]

[I was helped by you as well]

I passed the leather bag to Lux. There are 20 potions inside the bag which we made yesterday.

[It’s a farewell gift. They’re potions made by Amy, but I hope they will serve you well.]

[Is it okay for me to take them?]

[sure. But they’re not as good as the [X-Potion] back then]

[Don’t worry about that. We are aware that Amy’s potion work very well].

Gary and the other party members nodded in the back. Everyone who were in that forest already knew about the effectiveness of Amy’s potion.

[If it’s you, it’ll be fine. Make sure you survive, you hear!]

[Ya, I want to meet Hibiki again after all]

Kuese approaches me and Lux. I might as well give her a farewell greeting too.

[Teacher, please be careful]

[You should also be careful [Annihilation]. The defense on this town will be spread thin after we leave, after all.]

Half of the veteran Adventurers were selected to join the Lord’s Army. We should be more careful too.

I nodded at Kuesu’s advice.

I heard a voice calling me when I returned to the conversation with Lux. When I turned around, Baara and Gary are approaching us together.

[Wait up!! You do notice me, right!?]

I was detained by the KY sister. I stared Seira’s face while letting a big sigh.

[What do you want, M Sister?]

Seira is a masochist? Instead of starting to harass me she tilted her head in question.

[You, what’s the meaning of trying to ignore me?]

[Sorry, I didn’t see you. Even if I do see you I have no interest in understanding you]

[What’d you say!! Look at me properly!!]

Seira put out her chest. It’s well-developed in its own way and it swayed while wrapped with the red nun’s clothes. I didn’t think about anything strange.

[Is it okay for me to see your half-baked breast? As for the volume, Zir’s bigger. As for the shape, I am more in favor of Ayla and Amy.]

Seira was lost for words. However, she didn’t seem discouraged and keeps glaring at me.

[You, It seems you won’t participate with the rescue party.]

[Yeah, i am not]

Seira seemed to look down on me.

[Why don’t participate in the big incident at Bureto town? At times like this do you only think of keeping your own life safe?]

It’s true, but i’ll object for a bit.

[You, are you seriously saying that?]

[Of course I am. People should help each other]

[Are you saying it’s fine for anything to happen to this city as long as Bureto is safe?]

[Fue!? I-I don’t mean it like that!!]

[In that case, are you saying that everyone who remains in this town is selfish?]


[This town is facing the [Demon’s Wilderness]. If the monsters saw the horde of the flying monsters fly away, they might understand that the war potential of this town has fallen so they might come to attack here]

[The remaining people stay in the town for such a situation. Is it selfish to prepare for incoming monster attacks?]

My voice seems a little bit loud and the surrounding people seem to have heard it. The eyes of the other adventurers looking in our direction seem cold-hearted.
Seira seems to noticed the stares and shrunk down.

[Do you understand? Even for those who remain here there’s also fighting. I want you to not say such selfish things again]

[… I am sorry]

Seira apologized and bowed deeply. Of course, I didn’t think this deeply about it myself before. It’s just something I understood after talking with Kuesu earlier.

[It’s alright already. I know that it’s a fact you guys will be going to a dangerous place.]

[Hibiki, i am sorry. I didn’t know you thought that way]

Lux seemed like he wanted to say something. perhaps his mind was so filled with thoughts of rescuing Bureto that he didn’t ever think about how it meant lowering the fighting power of this town.

Well, even though he is a Hero, there is one thing adventurer always think. Lux seems seriously prepared to carry everything by himself.

[Don’t worry, you are not alone]

[Thank you, I leave this town on you]

[of course. I’ll do the best I can.]

The answer really is fitting of an adventurer. Adventurers will never do something at the cost of their lives.

I exchanged a handshake with Lux and saw the flying monster take off. Bureto town might be okay if it’s in Lux’s hand. I believe in him.

After seeing off Lux’s group, we heading toward the magician guild in order to improve Zir’s partial knowledge which had me worried yesterday.

I enquire whether it’s allowed for me to buy books related in magic, but the guild declined.

[The books related to magic is limited to rank 3 magicians or above]

The fact that sale of these books is restricted is proof that magic is powerful.
It can’t be helped if the magician guild said so.

[Then, we’re in a stalemate now]

[Master, there might be books related to magic being sold in town]

I approved Amy’s opinion and we’re heading into town.
It’s a good idea. The last time we went around town, we were unable to do it slowly because we bought Zir.

We arrived in the area of the shop where we bought Zir and we went a little further.
First of all, if it’s a book inherently related to magic then within the market area I can sense 20 objects with a magical signature.

[The appearance of this book seems like any other.]

In the first shop, we found an autobiography of [The Great Magician of Flame, Gavanadle]

It seems pretty fishy if he refers to himself as a ‘great magician’, but after confirming the contents it seems surprisingly reliable.
Gavanadle seems to have been an adventurer, even though he was betrayed by his companion several times.

However, every time he was able to get away from hordes of monsters.
It has detailed explanations on what he did to survive.

I bought it since it’s seems useful. The price was two large copper coins.
When we check the other books, including those in the other shops, most are only about teaching basic magic or autobiographies of magicians.

When we found the books about Ghost Magic we were looking for we bought them all.

Though they number few there are books that themselves seemed to carry magic called [grimoires].

The grimoires we found were:
The [Book of Storage] with the ability to store magic and use it later.

The [Book of Summon] which can summon contracted partners to your location.

The [Book of Wisdom] which had magic inside it but we didn’t quite understand its effect.

When I checked the status of [Book of Wisdom]:

Book of Wisdom (Dormant mode)

The book recorded by a sage.

All knowledge can be obtained.


I wonder what this dormant mode means. When I checked inside, a pattern that looked like graffiti made by a child covered all pages.

When I asked to the shopkeeper about the its origin, it seems it’s from the mansion of the previous generations of Lord.

After the Lord died during the organizing of his belongings the grandmother of the shopkeeper who worked there at the time was given this book.

He believed it to be valuable so he put it for sale in his shop, but the shopkeeper was troubled because it seems everyone ignored this book for a long time.

When I said I would buy it for 4 large copper coins he was overjoyed.
We also bought a few other things from this stall that seemed to catch my eye.

Tomorrow, I decided we’re going to Goblin’s village to do various experiments. While we’re at it, we also bought some of the mass-produced items being sold in city for the goblins to use as equipment.

That night when everyone were sleeping I took out the books that we bought in the town. I poured magic into the [Book of Storage].

I thought I’d go back to sleep and put it the book back on the table.

[Umu, it’s already ten years after I received magic. It’s spreading in my body]

I heard a voice, but there is no one around.

[over here, my new owner. although my owner seems to have already found me, is looking for me some sort of ritual?]

The voice is coming from my hand.
I checked the book in my hand in hurry.

Apparently, the book in my hand is not [Book of Storage], but it’s [Book of Wisdom].

I made a mistake because the book cover is almost similar.

[Are you the one who is talking, [Book of Wisdom]?]

[Yes I am, I am the one who collecting all the knowledge of this world, [The Book of Wisdom]].


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