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Hi everyone, Raizu here.

I decided pick-up the recently dropped “MotoYuusha” a.k.a Katte Kita MotoYuusha a.k.a Return of the Former Hero. 87percent allowed me to continue the torch to translate this series till end, so I won’t disappoint him!

If you need an entertaining and fun read, I’d recommend you to read this!
Why? It’s because Harem + Smut + OP MC + Comedy. Nice combination, right?

This title also the first project for two of our new editors/TLCrs. Welcome aboard Centurion and Scythal to the RTD family! Let’s get along for a long time~

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Translator: Raizu
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Cleaner: Light


Chapter 55. The Former Hero ・ is surprised because the surface has completely changed.

I was surprised

When I came back to the surface, I saw an unexpected spectacle. What on earth happened?? I didn’t understand it at all.

The thing is, I asked for everyone’s stories and I summarized to a certain extent and this is what I understood: It’s a story that took place about a week ago while I was underground in the labyrinth..

For the first two days, nothing happened.

And then, on the third day…

The Pig-frog intruded into the hotel that the girls were staying at.
While I wasn’t even there.

Only four lovely girls were inside.
Furthermore, one of them was my bride to be.

That rotten Pig-frog. Oops… I mean, Viscount.
I’m talking, of course, about Rithina. Since, the other three seem like they’re wholly mine.

Please, die!!

Of course, he acted with proper etiquette towards Rithina, but his arrogant attitude disgusted the rest of the girls.

As expected, since I told Rithina before going to the labyrinth “Don’t cause any problem with the Viscount” she followed my order. So it still hasn’t gotten out of hand and the dirty noble hasn’t tried to do anything yet.

Oh well (maybe use “Even though” here) , Pig Frog-kun is a piece of shit who loves to abuse the power of a Noble, he was reasonable enough to not cross the line.
Having said that, he still made a mistake.

How could he know that whatever he wanted to achieve (like doing something erotic to the girls) it wouldn’t end as expected? So in the end he tried.

He went to Rithina, who was staying at the hotel, and invited her to his mansion.
During the process, he attempted to take Rithina’s hand to escort her.
In Cordato, ladies first is a Noble’s custom.

He wanted to take all four girls to his mansion, and assumed that by escorting the princess, the other three would follow as servants should.
However, in my party, there is 1 person who is inflexible; A little brat who didn’t try to understand the intentions of the viscount.

I certainly said it.

“Do not let the Pig-Frog get close to Rithina”.

Then it happened again. My words took on a different meaning and became something dangerous.
I meant “close” romantically, not physically…to a certain extent.

Sharon understood perfectly.
Because she has common sense.

But, that Loli Grandma.
Such a thing was unrelated to Laurier.

No, Pig Frog-kun’s head appeared to be blown-off, literaly. Laurier acted on pure instinct when she did it.

Anyway, the pitiful Pig Frog-kun received a straight punch in the face by Laurier, broke the door of the inn, and sank into the wall of the opposite side of the road.

Is this a gag manga?

Sharon, Rithina and Mina, all 3 of them stiffened.
After she splendidly accomplished my order, Laurier looked proud.

The servants of the prone viscount began to panic.
The toad was buried in the wall.

Just being on the site, it amuses me to imagining the entire scene.
I would have love to have seen it, as an observer.

Maa, anyway, the place became noisy.

Even though the third princess was on our side, the other party was still a Viscount.

Since his face was hit so hard, troubles were bound to follow

In such a situation, even if the Marquis was to quiet it down later, there would be a confrontation. Rithina had been racking her brains to think of what kinds of reparations would be asked of them.

However, the brainstorming princess was crushed under the reality.

The Pig Frog-kun awoke thanks to the concerted effort in recovery magic from his servants and Mina. Alive!! It’s alive!!

But what the hell?

That pervert.

After this turn of events Rithina wasn’t who was reflected in his eyes any longer.

Because he found it pleasurable to be abused/chastised by the Loli Grandma Laurier.

I don’t find pleasure in violence.
I feel a sense of defeat.

No, wait.
I don’t have such a hobby.

But, when I heard the story, I got aroused a little bit…

…. Anyway, the Pig Frog was now walking on a new path, after succumbing to Laurier.

“More!! please strike me more!!”, begged Pig Frog-kun.

The other three girls stepped away from him.
I’m glad, I don’t have that kind of hobby.

However, Laurier is kind of a sadist herself.

Wait, what?
You want to do him right here? Right now?!? What a pervert!
He’s just a pig!

And then, she hit, kicked, and stepped on him.
Verbal abuse was an added bonus.

I can’t imagine the blissfulness of Pig frog-kun.
Such a reward.

Why do I feel so very defeated?

I shouldn’t have gone to the underground labyrinth!
It’s just an overstatement.

I guess it’s a new world.

After that, the Pig Frog wanted to propose to Laurier.

As I thought, you should die.
I’ll gladly help you.

[Ha? You’re kidding right.
You are a pig, come again after you’re back to being human!]

The hips of pig frog-kun were grovelling, being trampled by Laurier.

It’s not because Laurier responded to the proposal.
So I don’t worry about it.

The pig frog’s proposal was rejected easiily.

However, he did what was asked of him dutifully. Is this the absolute obedience due to the Queen? What Laurier said became his top priority.

Hereafter, he was transformed even further.

With a wholesome diet and exercise.
His plump stomach became thinner. Because Laurier was constantly stepping on him, his abs became harder, and he started intensive training.

Back to the present, right after I returned to the surface.

On my way to the Marquis mansion, I came across the Pig Frog running hard, as if followed by the shadow of death.
He jumped/soared and fell exhausted, abused by Laurier.

So that’s how the pig frog obtained such a healthy figure.

I can’t believe what i’m seeing.

What on earth happened while I wasn’t around???
I can’t wrap my head around it.
The Marquis is also frozen at the wayside.

And then, Laurier saw me standing there and jumped on me like a puppy. So cute, I’ve really spoiled her.

[Ou, Haruto! Did you just return!]

[Y-yeah. I’m back, Laurier…. What on earth…?]

While patting Laurier’s head, we enjoyed our reunion after several days.
I missed Laurier’s smile, it can’t be described as lovely or adorable.

However, when the Queen Laurier clings to me, there is a glance from the Pig Frog-kun who saw me spoiling her like it was a common thing…

Even if at that time I didn’t understand it, I saw a hateful glance that seemed to say ”What?!? How can you keep all the attention of MY Queen?? I want her to scold me to pleasure!! Fufufu!!”

After hearing the story, i manage to understand now.

I want to hit it, that smile.

That humiliating glance, I will never forget it, never…


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TT_TT ty Raizu, bless your heart.


Which humiliating glance? I can’t remember…

Nguyen Gia Thai

I think it meant he got some pitying glances from onlookers. Because that loligrandma is a sadist you know. her favourite must have been quite a masochist. They must have thought he’s got a daily dose of !@!# and R#$@$# or !@#(.


Erm…. Did he just go “Follow this secret diet gym trainer try to hide !” ads and work with just 1 week ?


Dieting, physical abuse, and healing magic can probably shorten the slimming process. Just beat the fat right out, but use magic to keep alive and you two can find a healthier, slimmer you in less than a week.




Former hero have returned once again..
Thanks Raizu


[…] Hi everyone, Raizu here. I decided pick-up the recently dropped “MotoYuusha” a.k.a Katte Kita MotoYuusha a.k.a Return of the Former Hero. 87percent allowed me to continue the torch to translate this series till end, so I won’t disappoint him! If … Continue reading → […]




To pick up the dead
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What it was dropped?


Long hiatus, he said anyone who wants can translate his series, til he comes back.


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He said he was taking a long break, all his projects were left up for grabs, but he reserves the right to pick them back up again when he has time.


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Excuse me ladies and gentlemen of RTD but can someone help me fine mu jaw?

It appears to have dropped and I can no longer find it.


wow… it’s been so long I thought this was discontinued… kinda weird that I perfectly remember last chapter even though its been so long already…

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Ah hell yeah! Thanks for the TL!


And I thought this story was already ridiculous. But, *thy author hath spoken, his mighty and powerful word is a fact, for thy is thy author!*


It’s back

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Thanks 4 the chapter!

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The power of lo…*ahem* Masochism sure is powerful.

Poor Quality TL

Kill That Pig
How dare he get acquainted with Laurier
Thanks For the new chapter Raizu


Thanks for the chapter.


oooo at last former hero returned to us.tx for pickin it up and good luck

Zircon Spear

I miss this former hero
Finally he back !


Bwahaha gdi this MC.

iirc, he was in the labyrinth helping the marquis (and get a magician as his harem member), right?
Haven’t read this story for months, so my memory is kinda blurry. 🙂


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Thank you for bringing this back!
Lol I started to panick at the beginning of the chapter (plus the title is misleading af) and when I was in the part where Pig-frog-kun ( aka Mr. Man-Bear-Pig) took her hand, the only words in my head were “ntr development nooooo”. Phew, dodged that bullet, but I can’t help but think that Laurier should get scolded for making Man-Bear-Pig happy.


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All Night

Also Raizu, this isn’t a smut novel.


Thank for ur great work and for pick this series…


OP is such an overused term. The MC is more powerful than everyone else, but he’s hardly OP as far as the term itself is meant to be used.


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