Return of the former hero 56

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Chapter 56. Former Hero  ・ attaining a new height.

While the Marquis is still stunned by his son’s sudden change in appearance, I leave the mansion and return to the inn.

There, I meet with everyone, hear the outline of the situation that occurred this last week, and tell them about the incident inside the underground labyrinth.

Oh yeah, I should ask Rithina where to get a new weapon.
Well, let’s put it off until tomorrow.

Let’s take a rest today. A long rest.
It’s rest time.

It’s monopolizing all my thought processes.
During dinner too, I want to hurry and go to bed.

The four girls were wearing the housemaid uniforms which were made specifically for each of them in the Royal Capital… I’ll receive their service to my heart’s content.

We enter the room, everyone get ready, the pink paradise finally starts after one week of abstinence.

I choose to not move yet.

The magnificent view of this line-up: small, medium, and large breasts.
Will I be able to only feast with my eyes for now?

Even if, similarly to the time they were wearing the shrine maiden outfits, today’s calling is hard to resist due to the clothes looking so attractive?

Especially from Mina in her usual housemaid clothes.
They are the familiar, everyday clothes, so I take a peek at her skin.
Her cheeks dyed red in shyness. The sound of her clothes sliding off.
By the time I’m done undressing everyone, I contemplate the most important persons that I need to protect with all my power.

The tension is making me happy for a moment.

Thanks to it, everyone will get two rounds.
Battle start!!

I’m confident in my physical strength.


The next day.

We eventually went back to the Marquis residence.

At last, it’s time to fulfill the original purpose for coming to this town.

Even though I became the Marquis’s acquaintance thanks to the underground labyrinth incident, a problem arise at the arrival of Pig Frog-kun, mostly due to his new tendencies that I already saw the other day.

He goes after Laurier instead of Rithina. I want to express a complaint, but let’s get a peaceful resolution by having him be step on by Laurier…
What’s with such a sudden improvement like this?

being Step on, eh?


After leaving the Pig Frog to his blissful state, we’re standing right in front of the mansion. But before meeting his father again, I need to settle something first.
I cannot afford to be looked down like a looser by the likes of that guy.

The other three girls, all except Laurier, have already entered the residence.
Then, I took Laurier and brought her to the back of an empty building….

[What is it, Haruto?
Coming to such a place, what are you gonna do?]
Laurier raises such a question.


The thing that I want to tell her, I’m still hesitant to say it.
Should I really be walking down this road?

No, don’t waiver.

I know, I know, a soldier will be gravely injured if he hesitate during battle.
Hesitation during negotiation will lead the merchant to fail making a big profit.

Do not let your heat waiver.
This is necessary to open a new road.

As I thought about those excuses, I made up my mind!

Anyway, I must do it now!

[Laurier. I have a request]
[A request? ….. Hou, right here like this?]

Laurier expression becomes slightly glossy.
She thinks she grasped my intentions.

But, it’s different.
It’s a misunderstanding.
I am going to walk that road… at least once.

[Laurier…. In this place, please step on me!]


As expected, even for Laurier, was it really unexpected? (Editor Note:…A crow fly in the background…)

Was my request too rushed?
Suddenly, Laurier’s pupils shone mysteriously.

This is the first time I’ve seen her make that kind of expression.

Th-this fellow, has she somehow awoken? Although I may hate it, but she has also reach a new stage on that road to perdition.

These occurrences might become an annoyance for me, but I have reached my current goal.

Therefore, let’s express my gratitude for now.
Thank you Pig-Frog.

[Yosh, then Haruto, get down over there]

Laurier’s voice is somewhat cold.
Conversely, I feel something hot in the pit of my stomach.

As was asked, I laid myself on the ground.

Laurier looks down on me.
W-what is this, this feeling of utter corruption.

She put herself over me.
And then, Laurier takes off one of her shoes, the left one.

I’m certain that she was wearing them while stepping on Pig Frog.
Since this is Laurier, her actions toward me might be more lenient.

[Then, I’ll be stepping on you now]

What is with this conversation??
Then, she grins while stepping on my stomach.

T-this is….!

I don’t understand it very well.
Although I don’t understand, this is amazing.

A man whose stomach is making guriguri sound while being stepped on by a little girl.

Then, Laurier’s foot came to rest on my vital point and grasped it.

Is this real?
Do you really go there?

She has seriously awaken.

[Fu… Fuhaha.
What is this Haruto. Why do you want to be stepped on so eagerly?!?
To think you are such pervert-sama!
Horehore! Isn’t this pleasant? It’s pleasant right?]

I feel an overwhelming pressure.
It neither hurt, nor is it pleasant.

Even though Laurier’s mouth abuses me, her face is in complete ecstasy.
Verbal abuse play and…

Footjob play, I had heard about it.
At the time, I never understood the good things about it.

However, right now, I understand.

I have set foot in a new world.

Mou, there is no more a sense of defeat towards the Pig Frog.
I am the victor.
He is lower than me.

This is amazing, by all means I want to try it with the other three girls.

The amiable and energetic daughter.
The malicious and scheming princess.
The obedient housemaid.

Assuming it’s ok to be stepped on, won’t it feel amazing?
I have been completely awoken to the M part of my personality.

……… but, while Laurier and myself were lost in our play, a tragedy occurred.

We became too obsessed with these new feelings.

So we didn’t noticed that there was a girl approaching.

Let’s say it’s a once in a lifetime blunder.

There, with a shocked expression floating on her face, is Celestia.

[A, ano… I, I was called by the Marquis, but because Onii-san wasn’t there yet. I, I was wondering if there was something wrong….]

I stiffened at the sight of Celes who was unable to hide her shaken feelings.
Although the verbal abuse had already stopped, Laurier’s foot was still pressing on me.

Oi, idiot, stop it.

[So, sono, I’m sorry!]

Celes is blushing from head to toe and run away like a rabbit.

[Muu, right when the fun had just started, how about it, Haruto? Shall we continue?]

It’s impossible to continue.
Though it was pleasant, let’s put back the foot.

What did Celes just say earlier?
“I was called by the Marquis”, I recalled that she had said that.

A meeting in order to discuss things about the future, why would Celes also be attending it?
If it has become like this…

Huwaa, won’t it be super awkward….?

I expected that the negotiations would go without any issue, but suddenly, a new problem has arisen.

There is no use crying over the spilt milk I guess?


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