Slave Harem – 140 – Continuous Attack


Continuous attack.

“Since I don’t need an incantation, I might be able to use magic continuously.”

I told this to Roxanne and Sherry so they weren’t confused.
[Incantation Omission] isn’t really a requirement for it.
Multiple jobs is the important part for continuous magic.

“Can you fire as often as you like since you don’t have an incantation?”
“Well, I can’t do that much…”

Sherry exchanged a glance with Roxanne.
She’s thinking something.

“Is something wrong?”
“Normally you’ll call out to each other when you’re about to use skills or magic in a party..”
“We don’t have a problem in our party since only Master uses magic, but incantations don’t work well when two or more people use them because of what they call an Incantation Resonance.” TN: BAM, all your dreams of 6 Wizard parties are gone.

Sherry follows up Roxanne’s explanation.
So Incantations can’t overlap?
Then it would be difficult to have continuous magic.

When Roxanne mentions it, it seems to be something everyone knows about.
It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.

“Is that so. Did everyone know that?”
“I know, desu.”
“I think I’ve also heard it.”

Miria sticks out her chest proudly when I ask her.
Vesta seems to already know as well.

“Because of Incantation Resonance, there are no times where two or more parties will cooperate in exploring the labyrinth. There aren’t many instances of multiple Wizards in a party either, but when there are they alternate shooting magic.”
“Hmmm. As expected of Sherry.”

I was thinking that three wizards in the rear would make a considerably strong party, but I hadn’t seen one so far.
So there was another reason, aside from just the rarity of Wizards?
Two or more people can’t chant an incantation at the same time.
They might need to alternate because of MP problems as well.

“For people who enter the labyrinth, this is common sense.”
“I see. So magic can’t be used continuously because the incantations interfere with each other, well, that doesn’t really matter to me.”

I look away from Sherry, and let her think about it on her own.

“As expected of Master.”

Roxanne welcomes it.
It’s comforting.
Yes. I want to call you the soul mate of my heart.

“It’s still at the experimental stage, so I’ll continue testing it a bit more.”

I kept testing Jobless.
The next demons are two Rtoll Troll’s.
This is no problem.
I use double [Fire storm].

After the ninth shot, I focused on their appearance.
Since they weren’t defeated, I used a tenth shot.
The Rtoll Trolls burnt again and became smoke.

Since I don’t know when critical’s happen, it’s hard to judge the end. If critical’s happen, I don’t need the tenth shot.
MP is consumed, even if I use the attack magic when there is no demon.
I should use it after confirming if the demon is defeated or not.

The demon could be defeated by the sixth or seventh shot if there is a large amount of criticals.
I can’t plan for that though.
It would be extremely rare if the demon was defeated after the seventh.

The next group had a Hat Bat and three Rtoll Troll’s.
It’s the first time fighting a Hat Bat with Jobless.
I can’t change the skill in Jobless often.
The only thing I can do is use fire magic for it against the Hat Bat.

It’s a problem that I can only set one skill.
I’m not asking for four, but at least two would be nice.
If I had two, I can set one to the demon from the current level’s weakness, and one to the demon on the previous level’s weakness.
At least the Hat Bat doesn’t have a resistance to fire magic.

I repeatedly use the double [Fire Storm] again.
Should I have done something else?
Was there something?
No. I think this was the least troublesome for now.

Jobless can only keep using fire magic after the Rtoll Trolls are defeated.
Water magic could defeat the Hat Bat quicker.
Since there are three Rtoll Trolls, defeating them as my priority is fine this time.

What should I do for the ninth shot?
There’s the possibility that a critical will happen.
If there is a critical by the ninth shot, then the ninth and tenth spell don’t both have to be fire magic.
Jobless can only shoot fire magic though.

Can I plan for if it’s the fire magic of wizard, or the fire magic of jobless that is used first?
I’ll have to test it.

I try to use [Water Storm] as the ninth.
I continue by using [Fire Storm] for the tenth.
Both fog and sparks dance in the surrounding area.
It’s good that I can use both.

Jobless isn’t set to water magic, so the water magic is from wizard.
It seems to have gone well.
Demons are in boiling water hell because of water and fire.
The Rtoll Trolls fall from the boiling water hell.

Did a critical appear?
If I think about the Rtoll Trolls falling on the ninth spell, should I make the tenth a single target attack spell?
The difference in MP consumption would be useful.

Should I have made the fifth and seventh shots [Water Storm] as well?
If there are Hat Bat’s and Rtoll Trolls, alternately using Wind & Fire magic would finish the fight the quickest.
The fight becomes easier when the number of demons decreases, so should I prioritize cutting down the number of demons?
The number of demons was probably the best priority this time since there were three Rtoll Trolls, but what about if the different demons have equal numbers?

What about if there are two Hat Bat’s and one Rtoll Troll?
Jobless can only use fire magic, so defeating the Hat Bat’s quicker wouldn’t work.
Is it impossible?

Jobless can only use fire magic.
If I alternate water and fire, then the Rtoll Troll will be defeated at the same time as the Hat Bat’s.
Should I defeat the lone Rtoll Troll quicker just to cut down the numbers?
I’m thinking about various things.

I use [Breeze ball] on the remaining Hat Bat.
I follow up with a successive [Fire Ball] as the 12th spell.
Ooops. The [Fire Ball] hovers over my head.

The [Breeze Ball] and [Fire Ball] seem to be interfering with each other.
Is this the interference resonance?
As the flame wavered around, I watched the Hat Bat.
Will things be alright?

Maybe some things have a synergy effect.
Could fire magic and earth magic make lava hell?
That would be nice.

In that case, what would happen to resistances and weaknesses?
If there is a resistance to water or fire, can boiling water hell be resisted?
That would be bad.

It’s hard to understand, and getting more complex.
I need to simplify it.
I should pause the attack magic and shoot separately.
I won’t know which shot will defeat it because of criticals.

If I assume that there are no criticals, when will it be defeated?
I alternately use [Breeze ball] and [Fire ball].

The bat shakes in the wind, and is knocked around by the fire ball’s continuously.
With another [Breeze ball], the Hat Bat crashes down.
That’s it?
Using them separately seems to be the correct answer.

“You can continuously use the single target attack magic.”
“It’s a bit troublesome.”

I can probably use the fire magic continuously.
I appreciate Sherry thinking about it.

The next fight is two Hat Bat’s and an Rtoll Troll.
Crap. I’m not sure what to do yet.
I use [Water Storm] on instinct.

Since there are two Hat Bat’s, I reflexively used water magic like I always have.
Is it alright to use the water magic?
I use the fire magic second.

It’s probably good.
There are three demons, so the three vanguards are in one vs one’s.
There won’t be much advantage if only one is defeated early.

The combat is longer if I delay fighting the Hat Bat’s, so the disadvantage increases.
What should I do? I don’t understand it well.

“I did it, desu.”

In addition, there is that as well.
Rtoll Troll was petrified.

Even if I come to the conclusion that I should focus on the Rtoll Troll first, it might all come to nothing.
It’s useless to think about it.
Best guess is alright.
Let’s go with that.

I alternately use [Fire Storm] and [Water Storm].
Rtoll Troll becomes smoke first.
You become weak to magic when petrified, so being defeated first is normal.
Eventually the Hat Bat’s fall too.

Were there any criticals?
I’m not sure. Let’s give up on thinking too deeply about it.

I stop thinking about it, and just fight for a while.
It’s good.
I only experiment a little.
When the Hat Bat comes out, I use [Fire Storm] first, then try to use [Water Storm].

There is no fog, even though there are sparks.
The water magic doesn’t seem to have happened.
When I try to use [Fire Storm] instead the sparks flare up.
It’s a success.

Wizards fire magic must have been the first fire magic.
When I tried to use [Water Storm], Jobless does not have water magic, so it didn’t work since Wizard was already using fire.
Then when I tried to use [Fire Storm] instead, it worked since Jobless has fire magic.

Following that, water magic worked, so it’s certain that the first fire magic was from wizard.
Is the order of magic decided by the order of jobs?

After the combat ends, I make Jobless the third job, and wizard the sixth job.
The next group is a combination of Rub Shrub and Rtoll Troll, so I defeat them using just fire magic. The next group after that has a Hat Bat, so I use water magic.
I also use the fire magic, and the fog and sparks appear as expected.

The order of water followed by fire, went well.
But, there is no water in Jobless.
The wizards magic went first, then jobless’s magic which had been skipped went second.

It’s logical.
It goes in the order of the jobs.
Wizard came before Jobless because I didn’t use magic that Jobless had first.

I continue hunting demons without thinking much more about it.
There might still be some room for improvement in the order, but I’m not sure.
I return the effect of Jobless to the increased intellect effect from Hero.
It’s probably not very effective at the moment since the jobs level is low.

It’s great to be able to use two magic jobs.
It speeds up our exploration as well.
There might not be any formidable enemies on this floor anymore.
We still need to be careful though.

As I become more familiar with Jobless, we find the boss room of the 21st floor.
There is a small room with only an entry door and an exit door.
The waiting room.

“It’s the waiting room?”
“Yes, desu.”

Miria is motivated.
Ma Bream will appear on the 22nd floor.

I prepare Durandal, and remove Jobless.
Warrior is used instead of Jobless.
I don’t need to use Swordsman anymore since I got it up to Lv30.
I could change Jobless’s skill to [Rush], but the cooldown probably wouldn’t be over to allow me to switch it back by the time we defeated the boss.

Now that I can use double magic, after this I’ll probably spend even more fights using magic instead of Durandal.
What should I do?
Should I even use magic in boss fights?

It’s not a good idea to change my fighting style suddenly.
I’ll use Durandal this time.
The opponent is a boss after all.

I’ll fight against the boss on the 22nd floor many times.
I’ll try fighting with magic once there.
Or, should I be more careful and start from a lower floor?

The door to the boss room opened, and I entered with Durandal.
Smoke gathers, and two demons show up.
Rtoll Troll, and Roll Troll.
Vesta charges the Rtoll Troll, and the other three take on the boss.

After using [Abnormal resistance decrease] on the boss, I attack the Rtoll Troll.
Safely from the side, I attack the Rtoll Troll, and then the boss until they are defeated.
There was no petrification this time, but it was almost peaceful attacking the boss from behind.

I’m just stationary artillery.
Aside from Roxanne, Vesta can fight a demon well too.
Fighting the boss and the other demon is a constant fight right from the start.
Unlike fighting in the caves of the labyrinth, where there is a small wait before coming into contact with the demons.

I’ll have to think about it when we get to the 22nd floor boss room.
For now it’s enough just to have set foot on the 22nd floor.

“The demon on the 22nd floor is Ma Bream?”
“Yes. The demon on Haruba’s 22nd floor is Ma Bream.”

I confirm it with Sherry.
It’s Ma Bream.

Now using Cook is a problem.
Explorer, Hero, Wizard, Monk, Gambler, and Jobless are my six jobs, and it’s still not enough?
People become useless quickly when they get accustomed to their luxuries.


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[…] Yarrr! Continuous attack. “Since I don’t need an incantation, I might be able to use magic continuously.” I told this to Roxanne and Sherry so they weren’t confused. [Incantation Omission] isn’t really a requirement for it. Multiple jobs is the … Continue reading → […]


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