Slave Harem – 141 – The Way to the Waterfall

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The Way to the Waterfall

“We will go to Quratar’s labyrinth tomorrow morning. Today, we will continue with Haruba’s 22nd floor. I will be relying on you, Roxanne.”

We move to 22nd floor.
I decide to fight without using Cook.
If I kill a large number, I should be able to stock whole fish.

I choose Basic Earth Magic of Wizard as the skill of Jobless.
For Haruba’s 22nd floor, it is good to use earth magic as it is the attribute Ma Bream’s weak against.
And I can use earth magic against Hat Bat as well.

But despite that, my first encounter on 22nd floor is two Rtoll Trolls.
That’s troublesome.
I cast [Firestorm] when they enter my line of sight, followed by [Sandstorm].
The sparks and sand dance together.

Even though I cast sand and fire spells this time, it didn’t look like there was an interference between the two area of effect magic attacks.
I guess it is fine to push the monsters down with lava hell.

But the sand is not melting, so I guess it is sand bath, not lava hell.
It must feel good, I guess.
But Isn’t that actually bad?

Casting spells continuously, I take out the Rtoll Trolls.
It fell down even with the sand bath.
So I guess it must not have felt good.


Sherry looks toward me suspiciously.
The reason being, I used earth magic against the Rtoll Trolls.
Which reminds me, didn’t I mention earlier that I was able to cast continuous fire spells?

“It was fire magic on 21st floor but on Haruba’s 22nd floor, it is better to use earth magic continuously.”
“I see, it was like that, huh? So you can do even something like that.”

Sherry buys my explanation and nods her head admiringly.
Even though I felt like I missed with my first explanation, it turned out fine in the end.

“As expected of Master.”

As far as Roxanne is concerned, I don’t need to explain anything.

“Amazing, desu.”
“So that’s what it was?”

And these two are under Roxanne’s influence.
I am not sure if they even understood what I just explained.

I greet the next group of one Ma Bream and two Rtoll Trolls with continuous earth and fire spells.
I am not sure if it is a good thing to take out Ma Breams first by using continuous earth magic. However, since I am not sure if it is good thing, I decide not to worry about it too much.
Thinking about too many things will eventually cause me to freeze.
The spells engulf the monsters.

“It’s coming.”

Ge. Ma Bream shoots water back to return the favor.
Should I have taken it out first, after all?
Well, I would probably not have been able to finish it off that quick anyway.

Roxanne dodges it precisely.
The water shot flies by my side.
It is I, not Roxanne, who is in the rear, that needs to be careful behind her.

I cast spells while waiting for the monsters.
Two Rtoll Trolls move in front.

“Vesta and I will handle the Rtoll Trolls. Miria, take care of the right.”

After Miria asks something, Roxanne gives instructions to organize the vanguard formation.
Roxanne and Vesta are dealing with the Rtoll Trolls.
Miria is dealing with the Ma Bream that arrived late for it was using water magic.

Even if Ma bream became stone, it would not be possible for me to take out the Rtoll Trolls first because I can only use earth magic using Jobless.
But on the other hand, since there are two Rtoll Trolls, it would not matter if one of them were petrified.
In short, it doesn’t matter what happens to the monster that Miria is fighting.

In the end, there was no petrifaction this time. I knocked all the three of them using magic.
The three of them died at the same time since I used earth magic, which is Ma Bream’s weakness, and fire magic, which is Rtoll Troll’s weakness, at the same time.
Because it has now reached a point where I can cast spells continuously, the duration of battles has become shorter, so there is even less chance for petrifaction to proc.
There is no helping it.

“White, desu.”

Miria brought the drop item white fish.
Because I don’t have Cook selected, the drop rate of whole fish will be less.
There is no helping this one as well.

Miria seems happy even with the white fish.
Not being accustomed to luxury is good.
I will have you eat white fish tempura till you die.

“Because it took so much effort to find Ma Bream on this floor, how about we be content with the white fish for today’s dinner?”
“Yes, desu.”
“We will be having whole fish, too, of course. As for the whole fish, how about the day after tomorrow?”
“Ooh. Yes, desu.”

With this, she will probably not be disappointed when the drop rate of whole fish is low.
We explored until evening. Whole fish was dropped on more than two occassions.
As I thought, even without Cook, I would get a few after killing a large number.

I will stop by the Imperial Capital on the way to pick up the clothes.
Today is the day when the maid outfit was supposed to be ready.
I warp us to the adventurers’ guild in the Imperial Capital and head to the clothing shop.

“Welcome back. The clothes are ready, please wait a minute.”

The shop clerk immediately receives us when we enter the shop.
Last time, I wasn’t given any such thing as a receipt.
It seems they remember their customers.
Can this be expected of a high-class shop in the Capital?

I move forward to the counter.
When the shop clerk heads inside, I manage to steal a peak. There’s a number of clothes inside.
All these clothes are custom-made. Does the shop clerk remembers what every single customer ordered?

I respect him.
It is impossible for me, at least.
There must be a register somewhere, though.

The shop clerk comes back with one set of clothes.
Since it looks like a maid outfit, I don’t think there’s any mistake.

Inside, there’s something similar to Uchikake. (TL:
There is also a matching white dress for that Uchikake.

It’s strangely Japanese.
It looks like a white kimono.
Is it really possible for this world to have something like this?

No, is it a gown?
It might be something similar to a bathrobe.
It is not exactly a Furisode either. (TN:

“Is that a gown?”
“Does it look like that?”

I ask, pointing my finger to it, but Roxanne doesn’t know either.

“Umm, that’s…”
“Oh, do you know what it is, Sherry?”

Sherry seems to know about it.
As expected of Sherry.

“This outfit is lent to the people who apply to the priests’ guild to become shrine maiden. Do you want to have a shrine maiden outfit arranged?”

It’s a shrine maiden’s clothing?
No wonder it looks Japanese.
So it’s that, huh?

“A daughter of certain family plans to become a shrine maiden so they asked for one.”

The shop clerk explains after he brings the maid outfit.
Is it a tradition of shrine maidens?
Which reminds me, Sherry tried to become a shrine maiden, too.
She didn’t have sufficient level to acquire Shrine Maiden job. It must not be a pleasant memory, I believe.

“So it’s like that, huh?”
“If you order it from our shop, we will use silk to make it soft and comfortable. Also, we will make the clothes to be perfect fit for the person. In the training to become a priest or shrine maiden, one needs to meditate under the waterfall. Beside being fashionable, it’s functional as well; a lot of people order it. So, what about you?”
“If I get the opportunity, I guess.”

To acquire Shrine Maiden job, I need to perform waterfall meditation.
Do I need to be in white clothes to perform waterfall meditation?
Am I supposed to wear before entering the basin under the waterfall?

It is white, made from silk, so it’s probably not that thick.
What would happen if I were under the water, wearing thin white clothes?
……’It’ will.

“In the guild, the ascetic training is conducted at the waterfall separately for males and females. As long as the lower half of your body is properly covered, there will be no problem.”

The shop clerk tells me quietly.
Are you a psychic?
This clerk, he’s good.

“I’ll be visiting again soon.”
“We will be waiting for you.”

I receive the maid outfit and leave the shop.
Since I have received the clothes, I temporarily return home.
I warp us to home from the Imperial Capital’s Adventurers’ Guild.

“Then I will change my clothes.”

When we get back home, Roxanne starts taking her clothes off immediately.
Wait, wait, wait!
Calm down, Roxanne.

Because I know that Roxanne’s magnificent things will pop out if she removes her clothes.
We are yet to buy the ingredients for dinner.
I remember that last time, I greedily savored their taste immediately after they got their maid outfits.
I am the one who is at fault.

“Not now, after the dinner. It will be better to wash our bodies first.”
“Is that so?”

Somehow, I managed to calm myself down and went out to buy ingredients for dinner.
Afterwards, we had the dinner.
We had tempura tonight. l let Miria eat her fill of white fish.

I have been relatively reserved these past days but it will become hot from now on.
I don’t want to make tempura on hot days.
It might be our last tempura this season.

“To acquire Shrine Maiden we need to perform ascetic training at the waterfall, right? Would any waterfall do?”

I ask Sherry while eating.
Even though she may hate recalling it,
I can’t help it.
It is necessary.

“Although the location is determined by the guild, I didn’t hear anything regarding specific waterfall or conditions.”
“Really? But the problem is the location of the waterfall.”
“Are you going to perform waterfall meditation?”
“I guess.”

I’ll have to do it sooner or later if I am to acquire it.
Especially, after having seen that outfit.
Nope, acquiring the job is important, too.

“Know, desu.”

Miria seem to know where it is.
Eating, and eating, and still eating white fish.

“Does Miria know where the waterfall is?”
“Fishing, desu.”

She probably caught fish in the basin under the waterfall at some point.
As expected of the big fish lover.
Eating, and eating, and still eating white fish.

“Did Miria chance upon the waterfall when she caught fish?”
“The other day the first time, desu.”

I can’t get this code language.
When was this ‘other day’.

“It was the other day when we had a day off. She heard someone talking about a waterfall in the vicinity.”
“Yes, desu.”

Roxanne translates after talking to Miria.
By fishing, did she mean fishing that time?
It was when I brought Vesta home.

“Is there a waterfall near that coast?”
“There seems to be a waterfall which the guild used as ascetic training ground until a while ago.”
“Freshwater, fishing, desu.”

I see.
So Miria collected information for that purpose, huh?
Considering the result, it turned out well, somehow.
Eating, and eating, and still eating white fish.

“It should be fine, especially, since it was used as ascetic training ground before. But the problem is, why is it no longer being used.”
“Dangerous, desu.”
“I guess it is no longer in use because monsters might have appeared. It is a common occurence.”

Sherry comments this time.
Monsters start appearing in the vicinity if a labyrinth emerges.
It will, of course, not be used if it gets dangerous.

In this world, there seem to be a lot of dangerous things.
It seems to be common.
Since it’s us, taking a little risk shouldn’t be a problem, right?

“It seems usable then. But without seeing it once, I will not be sure.”
“See, desu.”

We are not going for fishing, though.
I guess it will be fine.
Miria picks up another white fish tempura.

Eating, and eating, and still eating white fish.
Is she from Edo?
She’s the rebirth of Kanda.

During the dinner I enjoyed tempura; after the dinner, I’ll enjoy their outfits.
Eating, and eating.
By the way, Vesta has put on her maid outfit, too. I carry them to the bedroom one by one.
Just when I was thinking as to why they are not changing in the bedroom, it turned out like this.

Is this the reason why Roxanne suddenly took her clothes off earlier in the living room?
Without having any particularly displeased expression about my face, without showing the thrill inside my heart, I carry all of them to the bedroom.
I embrace Vesta in both my hands, carrying her without any trouble.
It is because I train hard everyday in the labyrinth.

I don’t mean she is heavy or anything.
It did not cause any pain in my back.
My back is perfectly fine even now.
I train myself everyday, after all. (TN: Yeah, as if casting spells will build your strength)

In the morning, after grabbing the map of Quratar’s labyrinth, we move to 21st floor.
The monster native to 21st floor is Kettle Mermaid, the weakness of which is earth magic, so it’s better to set it as the skill of Jobless.
Petrifaction didn’t proc even after using Abnormal Status Resistance Down but we took the boss out safely.

This makes it two consecutive boss battles where petrifaction didn’t proc.
I wonder if I was simply lucky the first time.

“The monster native to Quratar’s 22nd floor is Clamshell.”
“Do we have any clams remaining? Let’s try fighting once for now. After that, how about moving to Haruba? Roxanne, can you guide us to a place with Clamshells?”

After fighting Clamshells once, I warp us to Haruba’s labyrinth.
We have fought against Clamshells in Haruba’s labyrinth already. Also, because I have confirmed the strength of the monsters on 22nd floor, there will be no problem.
For both Clamshells and Kettle Mermaids are weak against earth magic, Quratar’s 22nd floor shouldn’t prove difficult for us.

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