Slave Harem – 142 – Earring

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After having breakfast, we head to the Imperial Capital.
I warp us to the wall of the adventurers’ guild and move out.

“I’ll go the clothing shop and have the clothes, which we saw yesterday, tailored for you.”
“Shrine maiden’s?”

When I tell everyone, Roxanne responds as the representative of the rest.

Because Sherry already has Shrine Maiden job, she doesn’t need one.
But I can’t say out loud that Sherry will be the only one won’t be getting one.

“It’s alright. Sherry has already performed meditation under the waterfall. I’ll have you teach us all about it.”

After I persuade her, we enter the shop.
The usual male shop clerk receives us.

“I would like to have same shrine maiden clothes as yesterday tailored for these four here.”
“Thank you very much. We already have their measurements but let us confirm just in case.”

The four of them were led inside.
They seem to keep personal information of every customer.
They must also have the three sizes of all the noble young ladies.
It’s a treasure trove!

“We would need five days to have the clothes ready. Would that be okay?”
“I understand.”
“Because the silk will be used as fabric, one outfit will cost 1,500 Nars. Since you’re having four outfits same as our recommendation yesterday tailored, we will give you a special, discounted price of 4,200 Nars.”

Is 1,500 high or low?
I don’t understand well.
My money sense is numb.
It being Nar, which I’m not accustomed to from the beginning, not Yen.

After placing the order for the clothes, we enter the labyrinth and kick the exploration off.
The exploration is progressing smoothly.
Nah, I can’t say for sure as we have yet to reach the boss room.
I casually advance.

After I acquired Jobless, because the casting speed has essentially doubled, the duration of battles has shortened significantly.
But it’s sometimes favorable and sometimes not.
It’s not something which I should be complaining about, though.
After the noon break, we enter the labyrinth in the afternoon.

“It’s about to be evening soon.”
“Alright, let’s return after an experiment.”

After Roxanne informs me of the time, I finish the exploration.
Because it takes time to reset the skill of Jobless, it’s not convenient to test it.
So I decided to test it at the end of the day.
Because it’s the last experiment of the day, even if I fiddle with the skill of Jobless, there won’t be any problem.

“Experiment? Is it related to the bath?”

Earlier, I told Roxanne that we would finish the exploration ahead of time to take bath.

“Well, yeah, it’s an experiment related to the bath.”
“Is it because you can now use it continuously?”

Sherry seems to have a vague idea of what the experiment is.
Because I can now use magic continuously, I can try it.
The time required to prepare the bath will be shorter.

“Bath, desu.”
“Yes, I look forward to it.”

Miria and Vesta are genuinely pleased.

After buying ingredients for dinner, we return home.
When we arrive at home, there was a note left at the entrance.
It’s from Luke the broker.

“Master, there’s a message from Mr. Luke. There seemed to be a successful bid of 5,500 Nars for a Goat Monster Card.”
“Oh, goat?”

With a Goat Monster Card, I can have 2x Intelligence skill attached.
Although things are going smooth as they are, there’s no harm in strengthening ourselves further.
Because the difficulty level of the monsters will jump up on the next, 23rd, floor; we have to become stronger.

“Increase in Intelligence, huh?”
“Say, it’s possible to have it fused with an accessory, right?”
“That’s right.”

I confirm with Sherry who was muttering to herself.
I can have 2x Intelligence skill attached to an accessory.
I wonder if it’s appropriate to attach it to an accessory or not.

It’s not currently a pressing problem for things are going smooth.
Because I already have a spare Sacrificial Misanga, I might as well try other accessories now.
Even if I attach 2x Intelligence skill to both a weapon and an accessory, I won’t be able to get 4x Intelligence — is what I have heard but who knows if it may work.
If attaching it to an accessory clicks, I can put the strategy of casting spells simultaneously with wielding Durandal to use.

“In any case, I’ll go receive it tomorrow. Ah, wait. Sherry, let’s go right away.”
“I’ll be back in a bit.”
“Okay, please take care.”

I leave Roxanne at home and warp to the merchants’ guild with Sherry.
In order to attach 2x Intelligence skill, I don’t have a Kobold Monster Card.
I placed an order with Luke but there has been no notification of a successful bid.

“Can you go and look at the last successful bid on Kobold Monster Card?”

I have Sherry check the last successful bid in the waiting room of the merchants’ guild.
The notebook, which the results of the auctions are recorded in, is kept in the waiting room.
Sherry turns over the papyrus of the notebook.

“Did you find it?”
“There was a successful bid of 5,500 Nars for Goat Monster Card today. Kobold Monster Card had a successful bid of 5,200 Nars yesterday. There was another bid of 5,200 Nars four days ago.”

Goat Monster Card went for 5,500 Nars, indeed.
He seems to make bids in accordance with the instructions given at the time of placing order.
Kobold Monster Card went for 5,200 Nars two successive times.
I have a bad feeling about this.

The person, who I sold the weapon with MP Absorption skill to, bought it at 5,200 Nars, too.
Is someone else buying the cards this time?
It’s the same card, Kobold Monster Card, and the same price.
There’s a possibility.

I return home immediately.
I must prepare the bath.
I select Basic Fire Magic as the skill of Jobless and use Waterwall and Firewall simultaneously.


When I hold my hand out into the water, which was falling in the bathtub, it was really hot.
It worked better than I expected.
It really is boiling water hell.

Hot water is being produced via Waterwall and Firewall.
Now that I can produce water and heat it at the same time, it has become fairly easy.
We can now have bath more frequently.

However, the rate of consumption of MP hasn’t decreased, so I still have to recover my MP halfway through.
Rather, the efficiency of the process might have gone down due to Firewall.
For the first time after starting, I move to the labyrinth with Roxanne in order to recover my MP.

Because Wall magic designates the point of manifestation roughly, the points where the two magic spells manifest doesn’t overlap often.
They often stray away.
I wonder if I’ll get better at it if I practise more.

Another mistake I made was to have selected Basic Fire Magic as the skill of Jobless.
I should have selected water magic.
Because the water was quite hot, it would need to be regulated with more water.
Due to which, the frequency of Waterwall would naturally be more.

Oh well, it can’t be helped now.
At that time, I didn’t think it would go so well.
Next time, should I go with water magic then?

After having dinner, I take bath with everyone.
After getting our bodies washed, we soak ourselves in the hot water.
In the bathtub, I pull Roxanne close to me.
Sherry comes close, too.

I hold Roxanne and Sherry in both my arms.
Near my feet are Miria and Vesta.
It feels like I’m on a flowerbed.

Miria is floating excitedly.
Vesta…’s are floating, too.
I knew it! Having bath was the right decision.
Justice prevails.

As the skill of Jobless, I will try Critical Outbreak and Rare Ingredients Drop Rate Up next.
If I chose Gambler’s or Cook’s skills as the skill of Jobless, wouldn’t it be a redundancy?
And it’s not an immediate need anyway.
Also, even if it stacks, it’ll only be 10% which is not much.

If it stacks, should I try Increased Vigor of Sex Maniac?
If Increased Vigor stacks, will the power of Abstinence Strike go up?
If it’s true that the power of Abstinence Strike is directly proportional to the accumulated vigor, won’t the speed of accumulation of vigor go up with two Increased Vigor skills?

I don’t want to try it too much, though.
Since it will be really difficult for me to contain my sex drive.

Presently, I don’t feel any need for more than one Increased Vigor.
So I won’t try it forcibly.
After the bath, too, I didn’t feel any need for more than one.

Next day. After having breakfast, I head to the merchants’ guild.
I call for Luke and then enter the meeting room.

“Do you remember the broker who I received the Sacred Spear from?”

Luke takes out the Goat Monster Card.
It’s the Goat Monster Card, undoubtedly.
The bid succeeded, after all.

“The heir of whose head family was receiving a noble’s daughter as wife?”
“To tell you the truth, the bid this time was a little high, so I would like to withdraw. Rather, if I succeed in the fusion of the previous Goat Monster Card and attach 2x Intelligence skill, I would then like to return it.”
“2x Intelligence?”
“I know that it’s unreasonable for there exists some kind of contract, still.”

Earlier, I placed order for just one Goat Monster Card.
Would this be a suitable excuse for that?
Whatever I said to deceive him, he won’t remember, surely.

“Ah, un”
“Alternatively, I would like to repurchase it when I get my hands on a Kobold Monster Card.”

I bought two kobold monster cards from that broker.
If it’s still remaining, I will repurchase it.

The ones I bought are all used up; I don’t have any at hand.
If it’s not remaining, will I be declined?
It can also mean that it’s already taken.

“That broker has resumed bidding on Kobold Monster Card. For the time being, it will be impossible to have a successful bid within 5,000 Nars.”

That broker seems to be the one who won the Kobold Monster Card at 5,200 Nars.
That’s why the price is same, too.

“Kobold Monster Card?”
“After acquiring a weapon with MP Absorption skill, and it being a staff, those nobles are extremely rejoiced. And now, they’re looking for other weapons of a wizard’s use.”

Is he being forced by those nobles?
Nobles are greedy. Rather, nobility wouldn’t flourish without greed.
They have even sold their child, whom they took great pains to raise as a wizard, to that broker’s house.
Even though they’re called nobles, they’re not worth it.

“This time around, it doesn’t have to be one with MP Absorption skill?”
“Even if it isn’t a staff?”
“Any weapon a wizard can use would do. However, because they’re noble, it’ll be troublesome if it’s something common. Also, it should better be 2x Intelligence rather than Increase in Intelligence.”

Now then, what do I do?
The price of Kobold Monster Card will stay high until that broker arranges a weapon.
Furthermore, the cards effective for a weapon of wizard’s use will go extinct, too.
Goat Monster Card is secured but it will be really difficult to get a Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card.

And I’m afraid that there will be no Kobold Monster Card left, too.
I want to avoid a zero-return scenario.

“I have a Rod of Offerings at hand.”
“You have?”
“That’s right. I’ll be willing to sell it if I get at least one Kobold Monster Card.”

Because I have just bought a Goat Monster Card, I’ll be able to attach 2x Intelligence skill right away if I get my hands on a Kobold Monster Card.

“Is it really Rod of Offerings?”
“I’ll gladly sell it if I get a monster card in addition.”
“It’s a weapon of wizard’s use, but.”
“Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card would do, too.”

I got impatient for a moment but it’s fine now.

“I see, so you need it for that shrine maiden.”

It seems to be fine.

“As for the Rod of Offerings, it’s not like I’m doing a favor. As long as it’s around the market price, it would do.”
“I understand. I’ll convey it to him.”

Although I won’t be able to try whether 2x Intelligence on an accessory stacks with the one on a weapon or not, it can’t be helped.
Well, it is supposed to be impossible anyway.

I finish the talks with Luke and return home.
After returning from the guild, I check some accessories out in the armor shop.
Earring seems to be the highest tier accessory available in the armor shop.
The most number of empty skill slots is three.

Earring, huh?
Would it be alright for me to put it on?

It’s not like the men who wear earring are weak or anything.
However, if I were to wear earring back in Japan, I would be absolutely laughed at.
I’d rather prefer to be ignored than be laughed at.

“I-Is there any problem if I wear earring?”
“There’s no problem, of course.”
“A-As expected, it’s a good accessory. Is its defensive capability high?”
“Accessories basically provide defense against magic. The better the accessory, the higher the defense, obviously.”

I ask Sherry curiously.
Does it increase magic defense?
It’s such a trap that earring doesn’t increase physical defense.
Although I had already guessed that it was related to magic in some way or another, I was of the idea that it was something worthless but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

It has a neat effect. Earring seems to be good.
Or is it good because it’s not a piercing type?

Because it’s an accessory in this world, no one will associate it to ladies’ jewellery.
Roxanne, however, is choosing earring and ring with sparkling eyes.
But Roxanne is always like that when choosing, isn’t she?
Isn’t she?

“This one’s shine is nice.”
“Beautiful, desu.”
“I think it looks pretty.”

The criteria of selection of these three is funny.
However, fortunately, there are three empty skill slots on this one.
This one would do.

“How about this?”
“Un, this one?”
“It doesn’t look bad.”

After Roxanne’s approval, I pick another one with three empty skill slots.
It’s for the sake of 30% discount.
To be honest, though, I don’t get how this one is different from the rest.

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