Slave Harem – 143 – Fatty Tuna

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Fatty Tuna

In the evening, I experiment with the skill of Jobless.
This time, I try Critical Outbreak.
I wonder if it can stack with Critical Outbreak skill of Gambler.
Will the rate be doubled?

How will Increase in Critical Rate bonus skill act?
Will it apply on just one skill or both?
There are so many questions.

Even though I can use magic continuously, it consumes MP just as quickly.
If critical proc’s, more damage can be inflicted for the same consumption of MP.
It hasn’t been confirmed, though. There’s a possibility that consumption of MP increases if critical proc’s.
However, even a normal physical attack, which doesn’t consume MP, can turn out critical; so I believe that the consumption of MP remains same even if critical proc’s.

If that’s the case, it will be more efficient using Critical Outbreak as the skill of Jobless to increase damage than using Basic Magic as the skill of Jobless to increase spells.
Such a possibility exists in theory.
Therefore, I’m going to try various things.
I invoke Skill Settings and choose Critical Outbreak skill of Gambler as the skill of Jobless.

“This is the last experiment for the day. I won’t be able to use spells continuously, so the duration of battle will be longer.”
“No problem.”
“Can you guide us to a place with a lot of monsters, please?”
“Understood. This way.”

We advance under the guidance of Roxanne.
As expected, it’s reassuring to have Roxanne.
I cast Sandstorm at a group of Ma Breams which we came across.
Because I can cast only one earth spell at a time, it’s taking more time to finish off the monsters.

Before long, I conclude that this experiment is a failure.
A failure.
I should have realized it before undertaking it.

Whether critical proc’d or not, I can ascertain only on the basis of the number of spells cast.
What does that signify?

Even if the rate of critical hits is double now, the number of spells cast will reduce only by one or two.
Even if a monster, that dies in eight spells, died in seven spells, it would fall into the scope of trial error and would hence be ignored.
After recording results of about a hundred runs would a significant difference be evident.
Nah, I don’t have time for that.

“Ah. Alright then, let’s move to Quratar’s labyrinth.”
“Did you find out something?”

An experiment is something which results in failure most of the times.
And the person who can learn from a failed experiment is called a true, great scientist, Sherry-kun.

What I found from this experiment is that even if the rate of critical hits is double, consumption of MP doesn’t decrease much.
Even though I had two Critical Outbreak skills on, the number of spells cast was reduced at most by one or two.
Which proves that it’s better to obediently choose Basic Magic as the skill of Jobless.
Because it has been proven, can’t it be said that the experiment was a success?

It was a success.
A success.
Actually, it may even be called a great success.

“Whole fish, desu.”

Miria brings a whole fish.
One of the Ma Breams seems to have dropped a whole fish.
This alone would warrant it to be called a success.

Thereafter, on Quratar’s 11th floor, I observe for a longer period of time whether Critical Outbreak stacks or not.
Normally, I can’t take out monsters on 11th floor in one strike of Durandal.
However, if critical proc’s, I can.

Once you figure it out, it’s easy.
It can thus be ascertained whether critical proc’d or not.
I should have undertaken the experiment on 11th floor from the outset.

The number of monsters that died in one strike were half the total, huh?
The number is too high to deny that Critical Outbreak skills of Gambler and Jobless stack.
It may also mean that Increase in Critical Rate applies on both the skills.

The skill of Jobless has quite a potential.
It can be big, depending on how I use it.
Only regret is that there’s just one empty skill slot.

With the experiment over, we return home.
There’s a note from Luke left at the entrance.
I would like to hold the talks today.

“Master, there’s a message from Mr. Luke. He asks of you to visit him at once.”
“Oh well, I would have anyway.”

Even though he didn’t mention, I know what it’s about.
But there shouldn’t be any urgent need. I can visit tomorrow morning, too.

If I wait till tomorrow morning, we can reach the boss room of Haruba’s 22nd floor.
We are adequately strong, aren’t we?
Although I bought earring, I’m not using it. There’s no Kobold Monster Card either.

However, there won’t be any problem with the level of our current battle strength.
Also, I haven’t parted with the Rod of Offerings yet.

“Do, desu.”

One certain individual is motivated already.
Instead of Cook, I switch Jobless to Warrior.
If I don’t get fatty tuna after a number of tries, I’ll think about selecting Cook.
If worse comes to worst, I have another ace up my sleeves. Choosing Cook’s skill as the skill of Jobless and stack it with Cook’s skill, that is.


From the waiting room, we proceed to the boss room.
After casting Abnormal Status Resistance Down on Black Diamond Tuna, I take on Ma Bream.
Vesta confronts the Ma Bream from the front while I sneak attack it from the back using Durandal.

It isn’t cowardly.
It’s a strategy.
Because the attacks of the monster are directed to Vesta, I’m having it easy.
As long as I’m careful of the swing of its tail, I’ll be safe.

When I hammer a Rush into the Ma Bream, I hear a sound.

“Did it, desu.”

When I was trying to figure out what it was, the Black Diamond Tuna falls onto the ground, petrified.
It seems to have turned into stone before I could finish off the Ma Bream.
I really wonder if the chance of petrifaction depends on the motivation of the user.
Nah, it must be a coincidence.

“Go there.”

Roxanne and company join us and encircle the Ma Bream.
There is no chance for Ma Bream to win now that all the members of the party have surrounded it.
We take it out easily.

After switching Warrior to Cook, I head to the petrified Black Diamond Tuna.
The Ma Bream dropped a white fish.
I wonder what the Black Diamond Tuna will drop.

I stab Durandal from right above the Black Diamond Tuna.
When it gets petrified, the tuna becomes easier.
It’s not easy when it’s moving.
It’s an unpleasant opponent.

I keep on thrusting into the tuna like a piston.
Up and down. Repeatedly. Intensely.
Intensely. Violently.
My passion keeps surging up.

How about that, huh?
How about that?

The tuna is just lying there like a dead fish.
It’s not answering.
The piston is doing all the talking.

I can also use magic but currently, I’m using Cook’s skill as the skill of Jobless.
I should be able to take it out with Durandal.
Ah. Since there’s no fear of getting attacked at the moment, Should I remove Monk?

Oh well, whatever.
I can finish it off with Durandal alone.
It will take a few more stabs at best.

The Black Diamond Tuna turns into smoke. Durandal hits the ground.
It’s dead?
When the smoke dissipates, there was an item remaining.

“Fatty tuna, desu.”

Miria exclaims and jumps at it.
Her movement was faster than any monster’s I have ever seen.
I wonder if Miria’s motivation has something to do with the chance of it dropping fatty tuna.
Not really. It’s due to my selecting Cook.

Miria brings both the white fish and the fatty tuna.
One person alone can’t carry both.
It did drop fatty tuna, huh?

Come to think of it, who taught Miria the Brahim word ‘fatty tuna’?
She learnt it before I even knew it.
Like I thought, she learns fish related words quickly.

“We will have fatty tuna for tomorrow’s dinner. Miria will be cooking it. Actually, we will have two.”
“Yes, desu.”

I was prepared to do several rounds anyway. Because we got it at first attempt, however, all my preparation will go to waste.
So we will keep doing it until we get one more fatty tuna.
I would also like to try fighting the boss with magic.

“Which monster appears on Haruba’s 23rd floor?”

I ask Sherry after we were out of the boss room.
Even though I intend to fight Black Diamond Tuna again, it’s better to advance to 23rd floor for now.

“Scissors Lizard. It uses fire magic and is also resistant to fire magic. It’s weakness is earth magic. It drops leather, albeit rarely.”
“It’s a raw material used in making equipment. Monsters on 23rd floor and onward use area of effect magic attacks. Because it can’t be dodged, it’s troublesome. I don’t think we will die in one hit, though.”

Sherry gives us the bad news.
Area of effect magic attack, huh?
Firestorm, which I use, hits with certainty. Now monsters will be able to use it, too.

“Will it be alright?”
“With Master here, there won’t be any problem.”
“It still hasn’t been long since we first entered the labyrinth. I haven’t heard any account of anyone advancing to 23rd floor so quickly. I have heard that Dragon Knight brings stability to the party but again, it hasn’t been long since Vesta joined us.”

Sherry adds to my unease.
Normally, people train for years before stepping into 23rd floor.
It’s still too soon for us which is the cause of my unease.

That said, we have an advantage over other people and that’s Gained Experience 20x.
It has only been half a month since Vesta joined us.
But she has already reached Dragon Knight Lv29.

“Oh well, we won’t know unless we fight. If worse comes to worst, there’s Sacrificial Misanga. If we’re lucky, it’ll sacrifice itself for us.”
“Th-That’s right. There’s Sacrificial Misanga.”

I convince Sherry on the pretext of Sacrificial Misanga.
It’s the equipment Sherry made herself.

My sixth sense says that there will be no danger.
If there was such a big difference between the difficulty levels of 22nd and 23rd floors, I must have heard something in this regard.
Not just Sherry, there must have been some warning from the guild, too.
Or I must have discovered the difference between mortality rates of 22nd and 23rd floors.

The attacks of the monsters on 22nd floor were not fatal.
I don’t believe I will die in one blow on a floor that’s just one level above.
Even though there’s a difference between area of effect magic attack and physical attack.
If it weren’t so, 23rd floor would be full of dead bodies.

I understand this because I often go to the front when I use Durandal in order to recover my MP.
My bad.

“Are you all fine with it?”
“Of course. I will follow Master.”
“Yes, desu.”
“I think it’ll be alright.”

The three of them seem to be fine with it.
I thought that Vesta will be apprehensive about the impending crisis for it has only been half a month since she first entered the labyrinth with us.

However, Vesta has already been attacked by the monsters on 22nd floor.
At that time, she looked as if nothing happened.
It has reached a point where she doesn’t need even one Heal.
Now that she has leveled up, she has become a lot stronger, surely.

“Let’s go then.”

From 22nd floor, we move to 23rd.
Even though it’s 23rd floor, there’s same small room at the entrance.
There’s same black wall behind us. And there’s same cave ahead of us which separates into three different paths.

“Roxanne, do you know the smell of Scissors Lizard?”
“I haven’t encountered it before but there’s a monster which I haven’t smelled before. That’s probably it.”
“Is it nearby? The fewer the better.”
“Although it’s not close, I can smell a group of monsters which I haven’t smelled before. They seem to be small in number.”

Roxanne is, as expected, useful.
Since they seem to use area of effect magic attacks, the fewer we encounter in the beginning, the better.
Imagine a group of five Scissors Lizards all shooting area of effect magic attacks at the same time.
And all the attacks hit.

Now that I think about it, spells can’t be cast simultaneously but what about monsters?
Because they don’t use incantation but construct magic formation, is it different?
What if they all invoke their skills and Sherry’s Incantation Interruption skill doesn’t make it in time?

Bad monster is bad, indeed.
Anyways, the point is, we should avoid fighting five monsters right away.
Stress reduces lifespan.

“Well then, let’s return to 22nd floor and retry the boss battle.”
“Yes, desu.”

We return to 22nd floor and take out the Black Diamond Tuna again.
Petrifaction didn’t proc this time, neither did it drop fatty tuna.
Nor I had cook on, so it can’t be helped.

“Roxanne, is there a small group of Scissors Lizards nearby?”

After finishing off the boss and returning to 23rd floor, I ask Roxanne.

“No, it’s same as before. No one seems to have passed through here. There’s no small group nearby.”

If no party passes through and disturbs an area, the position of the monsters in that area remains the same?
So if someone kills them, a different combination spawns?

There are less people in Haruba’s labyrinth to begin with and even less on 23rd floor.
When time passes, the monsters move about but not much time has passed since we were last here.
Should I pass some more time and see what happens?

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[…] Hey guys, mranon here. Here’s your fourth and final Slave Harem chapter for the week. (Yes, it’s still the same week) See y’all next (this) week. Enjoy the read. Yours truly, Fatty Tuna In the evening, I experiment with the … Continue reading → […]


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I keep on thrusting into the tuna like a piston.
Up and down. Repeatedly. Intensely.
Intensely. Violently.
My passion keeps surging up.

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