Slave Harem – 144 – Scissors Lizard

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Scissors Lizard

I decide to continue fighting the boss of 22nd floor.
Using Dungeon Walk, I move to a small room close to the boss room and then walk to the room.

“I plan on fighting the next boss battle using magic. I want to test if the magic will work in the boss battles or not.”
“Understood. I don’t believe you will have any trouble since it’s you, Master.”
“Even if the boss is strong, we defeated Ma Breams in quick battles, so I don’t think we will have any problem. Black Diamond Tuna is similar to Ma Bream as it’s resistant to water and weak against earth magic.”

It should be fine since sherry said there is no problem, shouldn’t it?
I feel a bit of relief.

“What should we do with the battle formation?”

Roxanne brings up a question.
This time around, there is an issue with the formation, too, huh?
If I am going to defeat the boss using magic, there is also the possibility of waiting instead of attacking first.
It wouldn’t buy us that much time, though.

“We will do it like we usually do. Roxanne, Sherry and Miria will encircle the Black Diamond Tuna; Vesta will take care of the accompanying monster.”

Also, the boss room is not that large.
So I guess there is no need to change the battle formation unnecessarily.

“I will lend Vesta this sword since this is only a test.”
“Yes, thank you very much.”

I pass Durandal to Vesta in the waiting room.
Although Vesta can’t use Rush, her battle prowess shouldn’t be any low.
Overall, it will be rather efficient since I will be using magic.

However, if that’s the case, won’t it take less time?
I have to wait for the change in positions on 23rd floor.
Oh well, if it doesn’t work, I’ll just do more rounds.

The door to the boss room opens immediately and we go inside.
I’m no longer sure if having scarce number of people is a good thing or bad.

The smoke gathers and monsters appear.
This time, it’s a Rtoll Troll accompanying the Black Diamond Tuna.
It is disadvantageous to fight monsters using magic when they have different elemental weakness but there is nothing I can do about it.

I cast Sandstorms continuously while standing close to the door.
Because the boss is stronger, I have to use the magic of same element as the boss’ weakness.
After shooting two Sandstorms, I cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the Black Diamond Tuna.
Roxanne, Sherry and Miria surround the boss.

Vesta charge the Rtoll Troll with Durandal.
The Rtoll Troll raises its arms up.
Vesta calmly takes her stance.
She evades the punch and attacks the monster’s arm from the side using both her swords.

Her two sword didn’t hit the same spot but slashed top and bottom.
It must have been more painful since it was not at the same spot.

I am not sure about monsters.
But its arm would be disabled if it were human.
Actually, if it’s Durandal, it will cut the bone of a human into two.

As for the Black Diamond Tuna, Roxanne is attacking from the front while Miria is running around and attacking it from behind.
Sherry is thrusting her spear from the side.
I cast earth spells continuously.

A magic formation appears under the Black Diamond Tuna for an instant.
Sherry, however, cancels it immediately.

This battle formation doesn’t appear to have any flaw.
The boss battle is going smooth. Using the spacious room, we have separated both the monsters.
It is difficult for me to concentrate on two monsters at the same time.
Because we have separated both the boss and the accompanying monster, Sherry can’t keep an eye on both of them.

Earlier, I used to suppress the accompanying monster myself using Durandal.
This time, it’s Vesta who is using Durandal.
Although the boss possesses more powerful magic and skill, it is not a good idea to let the other monster run lose.
We have two weapons with Incantation Interruption skill.

If I can fight using magic, won’t I be able to send Durandal back when fighting?
It doesn’t make any difference for me to fight using Durandal and [Rush].
But it is safer for me to fight from the distance using magic.

The Rtoll Troll collapses.
The finishing blow was delivered by Vesta with Durandal instead of my magic.
After handing Vesta Durandal, it’s even more impossible for me to deliver the finishing blow.

I slip next to Sherry and cast Sandball at the Black Diamond Tuna from the back.
Vesta moves to the opposite side and attacks it with both her swords.
After everyone circles it, we defeat the boss.
Vesta delivers the finishing blow with Durandal again.

The tuna falls onto the ground and turns into smoke.
Leaving lean tuna behind.
We decide to retry it. There’s no helping it.
Even if I defeat it with my magic, I didn’t have Cook on.

“Lean tuna, desu.”

Miria brings over the lean tuna only.
She doesn’t seem interested in the item dropped by the Rtoll Troll.

“Although It took quite some time, it’s not like I can’t fight using magic. Nevertheless, I will fight like I used to onward from next battle. We will continue with the boss battle until it drops fatty tuna.”

At any rate, if I have to bring out Durandal when fighting, there is a little meaning in using magic when fighting.
From now on, it will be better to fight as usual.

“Okay, desu.”

I receive the tuna meat and put it inside my Item Box.

“I believe it was good to check whether you can fight using magic or not, especially, since it will be two accompanying monsters to come out in the boss battles onward from 23rd floor.”

Sherry advises.
Onward from 23rd floor, since the number of monsters in the boss battles will increase, it will be better to use area of effect magic, huh?
It will difficult in various ways.

A labyrinth is a living being, after all. I doubt it would want to be done for so easily.
On the other hand, although it feeds on people, no one would go inside if it became strong right from the first floor.
The first floor is easy.
However, moving up the floors, it reinforces its defense.

It’s actually good in a way.
Thanks to it, people are gradually getting stronger, too.

“If there will be three monsters in the boss battles, it may be better to fight using magic.”
“I guess so.”
“However, we need to come up with a battle formation.”

The only two weapons we have with Incantation Interruption are Durandal and Sherry’s spear.
We can’t deal with them one to one if there are three monsters.

“If I use spear, I cover some distance, so I think I can deal with two monsters by myself.”
“Really? I will be depending on you then.”

Sherry can do it, apparently.
She’s extremely reliable.
Sherry is also quite useful in battles.
Doesn’t that make me look even more useless?

“That way, we should be able to find a group of Ma Breams. There is a strong smell of Ma Breams coming from there, so there should be quite a number of them.”

Upon reaching 23rd floor, Roxanne confirms the smell.
There seems to be change in the positions.

“Good, as expected of Roxanne. Let’s head that way then?”

We advance under Roxanne’s guidance.
If we are going to fight anyway, it’s better to fight sooner.

On the way, I switch Gambler to Alchemist.
I cast Plating on all party members.
Just in case something happens.

“Next time, when we meet the monsters, it will be better to approach them rather than waiting for them like we used to.”
“N? Ah, I see.”
“Because we have this.”

Sherry suggests while showing off her Steel Spear of Authority.
Even if the enemy tries to shoot area of effect magic attack, it will be possible to cancel the attack if they are within the range of the spear.
Is that why it is better for us to close them down instead?
This weapon is more useful than I thought.

“Got it. However, I am planning to receive the first one, so try not to cancel it quickly, please.”

We can’t afford to cower forever. We should try to receive one area of effect magic attack, at least.
I issue instructions to Sherry in this respect.
I think it will be fine to wait instead of rushing over to attack but they may shoot a second attack while we are waiting.
I guess it is better to approach them after all.

Monsters appear.
Two Ma Breams and one Scissors Lizard.
As expected of Roxanne.
It is the combination I wanted.

The four of them start running.
I fire a barrage of Sandstorms.
Ma Bream and Scissors Lizard have the same elemental weakness, that is earth, so there is no need to change the skill of Jobless.

Scissors Lizard is a lizard with scissors.
It has scissors hands just like crayfish.
Its body, however, is that of a lizard’s.
Its face is like a reptile’s. It has a tail, too.

Maybe it’s because of the tail that it somewhat looks like a crayfish.
FOFFOFFOFFO, I burst into laughter inwardly.
It is a crayfish serving.

With the sand dancing, I close in.
I was planning on casting another spell once it faded but it didn’t go well for I was on the move.
In order to interrupt incantation, it’s needed to keep a certain degree of focus.

Just like it is difficult to cast spells while swinging a sword around. It’s the same.
I stop and cast the next magic spell.
Roxanne and company confront the monsters quickly.

“That one, Miria.”

Miria seems to be attacking the Scissors Lizard.
I thought Roxanne sent her there because it was the enemy closest to her but she seems to be betting on petrifaction.

Sherry positions herself diagonally behind Miria.
She doesn’t seem to be attacking.
Because I told her that we need to receive the first shot.
Because there is a chance of cancelling the lizard’s magic attack if she thrusts her spear while it’s constructing magic formation.

The Scissors Lizard swings its scissors down.
Miria blocks it with her shield.
After blocking, she thrusts her estoc of petrifaction.
Petrifaction didn’t proc.

“It’s coming.”

Before I arrive at the front, Roxanne warns.
Magic formation appears under the Ma Bream.
It’s gonna be Ma Bream, huh?

Sherry hits it and cancels the attack with her spear.
It was correct decision to close in from the outset.
We wouldn’t have arrived in time had we waited.
Roxanne would easily dodge it, however, if it was a mere water shot.

I catch up with the vanguards and stand behind Vesta.
It is dangerous to stand behind Roxanne.
I cast an earth spell.

The two Ma Breams collapse.
Both Ma Bream and Scissors Lizard are weak against earth magic.
Since they didn’t fall at the same time, it means that the Scissors Lizard is stronger.
I switch to Sandball and blast the lizard.

After throwing quite a number of Sandballs, the lizard falls.
The monsters onward from 23rd floor seem to be a lot stronger.
However, the Scissors Lizard didn’t use magic until it fell down.

Could it not use it?
Was that really so?
Well, if it were to shoot a barrage of attacks every battle, the difficulty of 23rd floor would be terribly high.
All that remains is to ascertain as to how frequently it uses area of effect magic attack.

“The difficulty of the battles on 23rd floor is a lot higher, to the point that we need to approach them fast. Also, the duration of the battles will be longer. Will you all be alright?”
“Its movement itself wasn’t special at all, so I think it will be alright.”

I knew it would be so for Roxanne.
Miria also confronted the Scissors Lizard from the front and she didn’t allow it to get closer.

“The problem is the area of effect magic attack.”

Sherry understands the main problem.

“Petrifaction, desu.”
“I will be relying on you then.”
“Okay, desu.”

Petrification didn’t proc this time but the more prolonged the battle, the higher the chance of Miria successfully inflicting petrifaction.

“I think it will be alright.”

Vesta is reliable.

“Roxanne, is there any easy group of Scissors Lizard around? If not, we will go back to 22nd floor.”
“This way, I think.”

We advance following Roxanne.
I cast Plating on us all.
I want to fight until I am hit with an area of effect magic attack.
If I go back to the boss battle, I will have to remove Alchemist and add Cook or Warrior, which will remove the effect of Plating.

The next group comprises two Scissors Lizards.
Roxanne and Vesta rush, taking positions in the front.
Miria runs around, doing sort of hit-and-run.

When did Vesta get promoted to the main tank?
Well, she has the required physique, after all.
It gives a reliable feeling, watching her from the back.

Vesta repels the Scissors Lizard with her two two-handed swords.
The lizard’s stance breaks after getting repelled.
Without missing this chance, she hammers it with her swords.
Miria thrusts her estoc of petrifaction into it from the side.

Like always, Roxanne is dodging the lizard’s attacks by a hair’s breadth.
The attacks appear to be hitting her when I look from the back.
But none of the attacks have landed.
From the back, Sherry is keeping an eye while holding her spear.

The way it is, our party looks solidly stable.
In the end, we finished them off before they could shoot area of effect magic attack.

I wonder if Scissors Lizard Lv23 can’t use magic frequently.
Even though I just want to get hit once.

Next was a group of Scissors Lizard and Ma Bream, one each. Miria’s attack succeeded against the Scissors Lizard and petrifaction proc’d.
After that, we came across a lone Scissors Lizard. Everyone surrounded it because it was alone, and defeated it before it managed to shoot area of effect magic attack.
Moving further on, we encountered a group of Scissors Lizard, Ma Bream and Hat Bat, one each. The Scissors Lizard ended up petrified.
It’s useless, isn’t it?

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