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Chapter 58. The Former Hero・The main idea is seen through.

A week after we decided to remain on standby for a month.:
I am house sitting by myself today .

Sharon and Mina are shopping.
Laurier and Rithina are taking on Subjugation requests.

I am uneasy about the combination of Laurier and Rithina
Even so, they are unexpectedly balanced

When negotiating Rithina takes the lead, and when a fight breaks out Laurier finishes it.

More importantly, I hope the girls are getting along well.

It would be troublesome If things were awkward between them.

The reason being that I am surrounded by all four of them every night.
I may have incredible stamina, but I only have one Weapon. (TN: “Weapon” )

The best option would be to transcend myself with magic.

Since this is the case, I need to think seriously about how to ensure the girls enjoy themselves too.

I asked them who should be first, and what the order should be, but they replied that they had no idea and that any of my choice was good!
This situation was in my top 10 reasons to keep on living.

Also, I don’t want us to sleep separately, even for the sake of rotation.

When I Awaken in the morning, the sensation of the girls skin clinging onto me, words can’t describe it.

This is the first feeling of what it is like to have a harem.
Falling asleep surrounded by girls, waking up surrounded by girls.
I can’t let go of this pleasant sensation.

[…Ano! Oni-san!]

While thinking about it, I hear a voice calling to me.

There is only one person who call me Onii-san.
Celes was standing near me before I noticed her.

[Eh? If it Isn’t Celes.
What’s wrong? For you to come here]

This area is a square plaza at the edge of town.
This is where we parked our magical car, but the plaza is unpopular.
Why did you come all the way out here?

She’s holding in her hands a bundle wrapped in clothes.

Aa, I see.

[Since you are doing the request about this thing, so I brought it along.
When I asked the person at the hotel they said you were here during noon.

Onii-san, somehow your face is too serious. I hesitated whether to call you or not, but I can’t entrust this to anyone else either]

Celes keeps on talking.
It makes me so sad when you are so much on guard.

However, was I so serious?
When thinking about it, she must be exaggerating.

[I see, thank you for your consideration]

[N, no, nothing like that]

I receive the bundle from Celes.

[That, Will Oni-san use it?]

[Hmm? Oh, not me but Sharon…. She’s the red-haired girl from the other day]


We chat casually.
It’s the same feeling like when we were returning from the underground labyrinth.

I think we might be okay.
Did her terrified feeling went away?

[A~Ano… Onii-san, I would like to request something of you]

[What request? What?]

I wonder what that is.
Maybe she is uncomfortable with the idea of searching for the golem with me and wants to refuse to do it together?

Yada, I would be depressed.

[Etto, umm, I may know how to defend myself, but would you teach me how to be an adventurer?]

This is an unexpected chance.


[I see. We’re companions from now on. So, sure.]

[Wa! Are you serious? Thank you very much!]

Hearing my answer, Celes’s face beams.
So lovely.

But still.
Ever since I came to this world, I have done nothing but train people to fight.

Let’s start the Amagi Style.

Along with sport bra, let’s make a judo uniform.
A man will never let go such a chance. Time to work on it.



Celes takes a step back.
Weird. It was still normal up to now.

No, I understand. I really understand.

[… Cough. We-well, anyway, it’s no problem for the practice.
We usually begin practice in the morning, does it suit you Celes?
Or would that interfere with your class schedule?]

[….A, no, don’t worry about it.
Because the graduation examination already ended, so I no longer have any classes.]

[I see. Then, starting from tomorrow morning, we can meet here.]

[I, I understand! Please take care of me.]

After bowing with respect, Celes returns home.

Fu, fufu.

There are another two weeks left, so it’s a chance to make a good impression.
I’ll make her fall in love with me by showing my strength.



Since Celes will be participating in the morning practice, will I still be able to do erotic things?

O, Oh no!
I was careless.

Can I endure it? I have no confidence in myself.


[Haruto, what are you doing?]

While I was troubled, Sharon and Mina returned.

[N,no, it’s nothing]


Sharon is watching me with suspicion.

I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?

Putting that aside, I’ll tell them about my encounter with Celes.
I give the wrapped object to Sharon.

[This is a present for you Sharon.]

[E? For me? Wa, thank you!]

Sharon receive the wrapping, she opens it delightfully.
It’s not a girly things though, oh well.

[A gauntlet?]

While looking at her present, Sharon tilt her head.

The present is a gauntlet.
The choice is weird.

[Aa, I remembered you wanted a gauntlet when we were shopping.

Since I didn’t need to buy it, it’s all good]

[Even though so many things have passed, you still remember. Fufu, thank you!]

Seeing Sharon pleased makes me glad.
As expected, this girl is beautiful when smiling.

This gauntlet brought by Celes, It was made from the dropped arm of the Golem and processed to be equipped on the left hand.

That material has magic resistance, to the point of nullifying almost every spells, including mine.
Celis magic was also ineffective.

The reason i had it crafted was that It should prove useful for a vanguard when dealing against magic casters

[He, this is amazing.
However, is it alright? Wouldn’t it be better if Haruto were to use it instead?]

After hearing the effect of the gauntlet, Sharon hesitate.

[Nope. Even though I could use it as a shield, since it would cover my whole hand, it might hinder my spellcasting.

As for you Sharon, since you don’t cast spells, it’s the best choice]

It’s a fact, no need to sugar coat it.
Like how Gaulband, that “Meteor throwing Demon”, wanted to roast me, I would end up immolating myself by using magic with the gauntlet equipped.

By no mean I am over protecting her.

Celes can fend for herself. For Mina the answer is obvious. But Rithina must be protected.
We’ll be traveling together, that’s why it’s necessary for Sharon to be reliable as our strength in battle.

For Laurier and me, well, as long as we’re careful, even without special equipment, we will be fine for the time being.

Ah, I need to get a better weapon somehow.
I managed to get a short sword made of steel, but I feel uneasy fighting against that Golem again.
It may be necessary to arrange one good weapon for each of us.

[So, it’s like that? …. Un, I understand, I’ll take care of it!]

Sharon raises the gauntlet overhead and starts running round and round.

Are you a kid?
So cute.

Every time Sharon is spins around, her skirt floats up gently.
Pantsu-sama!! It just appeared in a flash while she was shaking her ass.


[Yes? What is it, Haruto-sama…. I understand]

Even though I was just calling her, what does she mean by “I understand”?

[Will inside be good?]

I confirm it seeing Mina with such serious look.

My intention was transmitted almost accurately.

Does Mina, like Rithina, have a curse to let her see other people’s mind?

I am surprised.

[….Yes, inside.]

[I understand. Sharon-sama, come here please.]

[E? What? What’s wrong Mina?]

Mina escort Sharon, and then the three of us enter the magic car.

Fun first, important matters can wait.

Like Celes coming tomorrow for practice, I’ll talk about it after I’m completely dried-up later.

Well, in short, I was just in a mood for doing erotic things, but…

How was I being understood by just calling her?
Did my expression show that much?

Back in Andalugia, I was seen as a cool and mysterious Hero…

Un, housemaids are incredible.


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[…] Previous Chapter] – [Table Of Contents] – [Next Chapter] […]


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Thank u always for ur great work…

Well Haruto, ur face work just like huge billboard there…


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