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2) The skill name has been changed from “God of Thieves’ Skill” to “Thief’s Godly Skill”.
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1st Volume, 5th Chapter 【Outside the Town】

I have changed a part of the description of Thief’s Godly Skill.

Before change:
※(Total Lv of Your Combined Skills – Total Lv of the Opponent’s Combined Skills) × 2% shall be added to the success rate.
After change:
※(Total Lv of Your Combined Skills – Lv of the Opponent’s Skill to be Stolen) × 1% shall be added to the success rate. (No change in case of negative resultant number)

Wait, wait……Although we have come this far, there has been no appearance of the ‘heroine’ yet……Does that mean?

The progression of the story is rather slow.
Please read patiently. (Author’s note)

In the previous world, I was able to experience the unspeakably pleasant feeling of going back to sleep once again after punching the alarm clock. Here, however, I can’t reach the ringing bell, so I have no means of stopping it.

The ringing bell resounded in the town, denoting that it was 6 AM.
It rang 6 times.

I got up.
Oh, I feel refreshed. Is that because I went off to sleep early?

When I went downstairs to the first floor, Flower-san was already at the counter.
Was she awake ahead of the ringing of the bell?

「Good morning. Where do I wash my face?……」
「Ah, morning. If you exit from this door, you’ll find a water well in the courtyard. It’s used for laundry and such. There are no bathrooms in the rooms, so if you want hot water for bath, you can ask for it. It’ll be for 10 Dalas only.」

Which reminds me, I didn’t take bath yesterday.
But I’m not feeling dirty, so it’s fine, right?

Although there are bathrooms in a high-class inn, Dario-san’s cooking has already won my stomach.

I can’t escape from Dario. (TN: Flowery background)

After splashing cold water, fetched from the water well, and completely regaining my consciousness, I headed back to the dining area.
As was, I decided to sit down and have breakfast.

The mellow fragrance of meat getting smoked and fat getting singed wafting from the kitchen made my stomach wide awake.
The freshly baked bread with a special sauce made of gravy and the mixed vegetables sandwich was a superb piece of work.
……My stomach, the old-man Dario-san made it full.

With such thoughts in my head, I returned to my room.

I equipped the sword, leaning against the wall, and pondered over today’s plan.
If it were possible, I would stay at this inn today, too, but I don’t have money.

I can’t help but receive quests, if I am to earn money.
It’ll be better to receive routine work quest but I would like to make use of the sword Jig-san gifted me.

Because it’ll be dangerous when it gets dark, I can complete monster subjugation quest in the morning and receive routine work quest in the afternoon.
It’s difficult, I know, but I won’t be able to repay the loan if I don’t do it.

「――Well then, I’ll be off.」
「Aah, you’re leaving? Then I’ll keep the room reserved.」

Flower-san seems pleased that I complimented Dario-san’s cooking for she will keep the room reserved, even though there’s no surety that I will be able to earn money.
This made me motivated even more.

Although I arrived at the guild early in the morning, it was already bustling.
In this world, does everyone wake up early in the morning?
I can’t stay up late here.

I was standing before the bulletin board, searching for rank E- quests.
However, there was no monster subjugation quest.

By the way, even though I’m rank E-, I can receive rank E and E+ quests.
Although the technical subclassification of the quests is done by the guild, they can’t necessarily explain the difference in the degree of difficulty to a layman.
I can receive rank E- to E+ quests of my own discretion (after consulting with a staff member) if I believe that I can complete it.
It seems to be same in case of higher ranks such as D or C.

However, for the purpose of calculating completion count in relation to rank up, it’ll count as one whether it’s a rank E- quest or a rank E+ quest.

The degree of difficulty changes significantly from E to D, D to C and so forth.
For this reason, an examination is conducted at every stage.

Long story short, I can receive E and E+ quests, too.
There seemed to be a few here and there.

There’s been an outbreak of Green Caterpillars in the forest south of Merville town. Exterminate 5 monsters.
Reward: 500 Dalas. 100 Dalas for each additional monster killed.
Client: Merville town garrison
Time limit: None
Subjugation proof part: Antenna

This quest was listed in the rank E section.
I just have to trample caterpillars, right?

I triumphantly took the quest paper to the reception desk.
Then I went to the familiar, Sheena-san.
There are other staff members, too, but……I-It’s not like I went to her because she’s hot.

「――Ah, Seiji-san. Good morning. You’re going for a monster subjugation quest today? You should fight monsters gradually. To do it all of a sudden……」
「I think I can fare well against caterpillars.」
「You think? Well, you have a weapon and you seem to possess strength, too. Still……Isn’t it sudden?」

Because I 『possess strength』 enough to step into the outskirts and I have to pay the compensation as early as I can in order to avoid persecution, I finished the procedure of receiving the quest and headed straight to the south forest.

En route, I purchased a leather sack and a pouch from a shop in the Commercial District.

I put the pouch, which would serve as my wallet, on my belt while the leather sack would be used to store the subjugation proof parts.
Thanks to that, I was completely broke.

I stopped by to greet because I found a familiar face of Nicholas-san at the south gate.

「Oh, Seiji, ain’t ‘ya? Where are you going?」
「I’m going to exterminate Green Caterpillars in the south forest.」
「Ah, there’s has been an outbreak there. That aside, can you fight monsters?」
「Eh, it’s just a caterpillar, no?」
「That’s right, caterpillars. Although they’re large in number, they’re weak against weapons, so you’ll be fine……Still, there are so many of them. Are you sure?」

……Guys, please don’t raise flags for me!

I walked for about ten minutes.
After walking for a while, I could see a forest off the road.
That place matched the description I was provided with in the guild.

The weather was gentle. Are there four seasons in this world, too?
The forest was filled with fresh greenery. It felt subtly moist.
A grassy smell filled my lungs when I breathed. It felt soothing.
This thing is not Phytoncide, right? Because that thing stings!

I strolled through the forest.


Something came out.

Un, how do I put it?……Because everyone raised flags for me, I had already prepared my heart for this.

What is this thing?!

It’s about half my height.
Is this a caterpillar? How can it be so big?

While I was lost in my thoughts, it’s green body started wriggling ‘furu furu’ as it jumped into the air.

The green caterpillar initiated a flying body attack……Surreal.

While checking its status to confirm whether it possessed skill or not, I found out that it was a Green Caterpillar, indeed.

《Abnormal Status Resistance Lv1 (2/10)》

There is, huh?
I did it! The discovery that monsters possess skills is a big one.

Which reminds me, I don’t know exactly how many times per day I can invoke Thief’s Godly Skill. (TN: Last time, he confirmed that it’s at least 2)
Even if I tried to steal Abnormal Status Resistance, I wouldn’t be able to for I haven’t visually confirmed the skill.

Should I give up for now?

I back-stepped to dodge the flying body attack of the opponent.
Its movement is slow, at least, so I can deal with it.
From the intensity with which its body hit the ground, it didn’t seem to be a heavy blow.

It jumped again――

For this, I don’t need my sword. After confirming the trajectory of its flight, I launched a kick.


By the time I felt the impact on my leg, the caterpillar’s body had bent like ‘<’……Furthermore, with its body bent acutely, the caterpillar was shot away and got nailed into the tree trunk.

Ah, ugly――Its body fluids splattered on the spot and sent me into nostalgia. (TN: Truck-kun)

Compared to childhood activities of making frogs explode or flooding the ant nests… it’s a lot worse, don’t you think?
Therefore……Un, this……is terrible……isn’t it? Isn’t it?

In fact, there was no feeling of it evading the attack.
Humanoid monsters might have some sort of resistance but it was an insect, after all.
This change of heart……is perhaps owing to the reincarnation.

Without wasting time, I collected the antenna growing on the splattered caterpillar’s head.
I cleaved it with the help of my sword.

After getting over the tragedy unfurled in the forest, I finished hunting the required five.
It took me approximately an hour.
Although it was terrible of me to use it on the weakest of the monsters, this Physical Abilities Enhancement is a pretty amazing skill.

Like this, I can earn money more efficiently compared to routine work quests.

Let’s try to go a little deeper――

As if I would.
I may encounter a strong monster there――Nope, never.

Something came out that didn’t look like a caterpillar.
What is this thing?

Green body, the size of a child; considerably developed muscles on a contrastingly bony body; eerie, pointed ears; muddy, yellow eyes; curved, hooked nose; irregular, picket teeth; holding a short sword.

Raising its intimidating voice――What came out was a Small Goblin-chan.
I remember seeing the quest paper in the rank E section on the bulletin board. The subjugation proof part is its ear.

Although the order has reversed, there won’t particularly be any problem in killing it before I receive the quest.
After I return to the guild, I’ll officially receive the quest and turn in the subjugation proof parts immediately, on the spot.

However, because the opponent was a ‘chan’, I was being hesitant.

《Sword Arts Lv1 (4/10)》

There it is!
To steal~ or not to steal~.

Green Caterpillar was no match for me, so I’ll do just fine against rank E+ opponent, too……I believe.


The speed of the opponent closing in while shrieking was, as expected, slow.
I pulled the sword out from the sheath and took a vigilant stance.
Even though it was slow, the short sword in its hand was legit.

The Small Goblin tried to stab me with its sword to kill me in one strike but I shifted my body and regained the distance.
Sword Arts has now been visually confirmed.

I forcefully kicked the ground and launched myself, closing the distance again. The opponent’s face turned ugly as my speed colored shock on its face. I brandished my sword and attempted a diagonal slash but it was skillfully received.

Because I didn’t possess Sword Arts, my sword attack was clumsy. On the other hand, the opponent possessed Sword Arts, making it an inevitable result.

I, however, have the advantage of overwhelming strength.
While our swords were locked, I found an opening and touched the opponent with my hand, sending it flying.
As for the success rate, it’s 13%
It’s still quite low.

However, my Luck stat seems to be high, so much so that I couldn’t help but grin.

「――Your time……is up.」

This time around, my sword handling was better, I think.
The Small Goblin’s head, cut off, was rolling on the ground. It’s eyes, void of life, were staring fixedly at the sky.

It’s a mystical feeling.
How do I put it? It’s like the way of naturally wielding a sword has seeped into my head.

Sword Arts Lv1……is delicious. Thanks for the delicacy!

Well then, what do I do now?
Because I have already completed my original quest, should I return?
But I want to confirm as to how many times Thief’s Godly Skill can be used in a day.

For now, as it was the only opponent which I could steal skill from, I searched mainly for Small Goblins.
But I don’t believe there’s a meaning in stealing a skill which I already possess.

Thereafter, I searched the forest and fought several Small Goblins but every time, it resulted in failure.
Oh well.
It’s just to confirm the usage limit.

Against the sixth one, I sensed that I succeeded in stealing.
Fun, so I can steal a skill that I already possess?

While thinking so, I checked my status.
What……is this?

《Sword Arts Lv1 (8/10)》

The number next to it.
Strange. It was (4/10) a moment ago.
The skill of the opponent I killed just now was (4/10)……

By any chance……Is it possible for the skill level to increase if I steal a skill which I already possess?
After all, it doubled all of a sudden.

Just now, the opponent was able to wield sword splendidly. I, on the other hand, couldn’t have raised the skill level this much in one go by myself.

《Physical Abilities Enhancement Lv3 (4/150)》

Look, I have been using this skill for some time now yet it’s totally unchanged.
To raise the skill level is extremely difficult, most likely.

If it really is possible, isn’t it be great?……

After entertaining delusional ideas in my head for a while, I resumed the experiment.

Thenceforth, I didn’t succeed in stealing skills but I confirmed that it can be used 10 times per day at Lv1.

Currently, the total level of my combined skills is 5
Considering 14% success rate, it will succeed only once or twice in a day.
If the opponent is Small Goblin, that is.


Oh well. I decided to return to the town and take some rest.
I’m plenty tired.


Hm~ hm~ I returned to Merville town in a cheerful mood.
It was still a little early for the sun to set.

「Oh! You came back alive. How did it go? Was it difficult?」
「No, not at all. It went great.」
「Fun, that’s great. Were there too many caterpillars?」
「That’s right. The harvest was big, too.」

Well, after subjugating these many, the reward will be big, too.
With a stroke of luck, I may even repay the loan right away.

With a blooming face, I went to the guild, to Sheena-san.

「――Seiji-san, thank you. There are a total of 10 antennae of Green Caterpillars.」

「Actually, I killed Small Goblins, too, in the process and have collected their ears. If I bring quest paper from the bulletin board, will you be able to process it, too?」
「Eh? Did you kill them without receiving the quest first……?」

Huh? What’s with this reaction? Is it no good?

「Ah, no, after the proof parts have been verified, you can receive the reward.」

O-Oh, what a relief~.

「Pardon me. Because Seiji-san said earlier that you can’t fight monsters, I didn’t explain it to you back then.」

Sheena-san shows me a quest paper.
This……is subjugation of Small Goblins quest paper. Huh? It’s the same as the one on the bulletin board……

「Like Green Caterpillar’s, there’s no time limit for this quest either. Because many adventurers receive it――it has become a sort of continuous quest. Since many monsters have amassed in the forest, you can receive the quest after the subjugation proof parts have been verified and it will be deemed complete retrospectively.」


「However, in case of strong monsters――the quests are not continuous. Therefore, before trying to fight them, make sure to receive the quest.」
「……Umm, why is that?」
「Unless the monster subjugated is same as the monster specified by the client, there’s no meaning.」

I get it.
For example.
The subjugation target of the subjugation quest is a brutal monster A which attacks a certain village. The adventurer, however, kills a monster B of the same kind. Because the monster killed and the subjugation target, albeit same kind, are unrelated; the quest will not be deemed complete.

「I see. Because there’s no meaning in looking for a monster different from the subjugation target, it’s a situation which would be unlikely to arise if the quest was received beforehand.」
「Exactly. Therefore, other than continuous quests, make sure to receive the quest beforehand. Well then, I’ll verify the ears of the Small Goblins. Please wait a moment.」

――In the end, both the antennae and the ears were 10 each.
10 Green Caterpillars amounted to 1,000 Dalas.
While the reward for 10 Small Goblins was 1,500 Dalas.
The objective of the subjugation quest was 5 monsters which means I completed each quest twice. As for the completion count, it was now 5.

The earnings this time were absolutely amazing.
I repaid the loan from the guild right away and kept the remainder amount.

「At any rate, I had no idea that Seiji-san was experienced in fighting monsters. To be able to accomplish it alone, your battle prowess should be equivalent to rank D, in my opinion.」
「Well, today was the first time I wielded a sword, though.」
「Fufu, please don’t tease adults.」

How did I miss Onee-san’s perfect smile? How regrettable!

「Ah, Seiji-san, if you are to engage in monster subjugation from now on, please don’t forget to use the items trade counter there.」

She points to a place located in the corner of the first floor.
Eh~, so they sell items there. As for what items will be of use to me, I’ll have to ask.

「Well, Seiji-san seems to be a good adventurer.」
「Wawa, can I be an advanced swordsman in ten days?」
「I look forward to it.」

――Feeling pity, Sheena-san unintentionally let out a smile, even though I was serious.

I can’t go as far as to accurately calculate the probability.
However, I can roughly estimate. Then there’s luck factor, too. (Author’s note)

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[…] Hey guys, mranon here. Here’s new Riot Grasper chapter. I apologize for no Riot Grasper chapter last week. Please note the following changes: 1) The title of the series has been changed from ‘Right Grasper’ to ‘Riot Grasper’. 2) The … Continue reading → […]


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