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Chapter 37

The previous owner of the [Book of Wisdom] was definitely the late Lord.

He seemed to have entrusted all his decisions to the [Book of Wisdom].

Therefore, when the book’s magic energy ran out the local lord ended up getting dismissed right away by his superior.

[He was the serious and straightforward type.]

The [Book of Wisdom] said so sadly.

[Well now, what kind of knowledge does my new master want from me?]

I thought for a bit after it asked me but couldn’t think of anything in particular.

When I simply answered as such the book seemed perplexed.

[You can obtain any knowledge at all, you know.]

Let’s try asking about necromancers.

[Umu, Necromancers are magicians who are able to manipulate [Ghost Magic]. Their [Ghost Summon] and [Zombie Summon] abilities are famous.

[Does the [Zombie Summon] ability required a corpse?]

[Indeed. But, if a zombie already exist it can be summoned to your location without one.]

[Our necromancer is not good with corpses so are there any zombie types who don’t need one?]

[…[Zombie Summon] can only summon typical zombies. However, necromancers can summon other undead beings.]

The necromancer is a class which has deep connection with all monster related to the undead type.
The zombie and ghost seems to be examples of this.

After that, [Book of Wisdom] taught me the kind of undead which don’t require a corpse.

[The famous ones are skeletons, ghouls, will-o-wisps and cursed armors (even though it’s not really undead). However, in the past there was a necromancer who was able to summon Cerberus.]

As expected from the [Book of Wisdom]. it seems the Dullahan that I mentioned the other day is a type of cursed armor.

The will-o-wisp is a small spirit that looks to be completely on fire and is related to Jack-o’-lanterns and onibi. (TN: floating fire representing a spirit in Japanese culture. google it, you’ve seen them before in various media.)

[By the way, do you know the technique to contract Cerberus?]

[I am [Book of Wisdom]. I don’t possess that sort of specialized information. It has to be knowledge that could be understood by anyone for me to have a hold of it.]

In other words, he doesn’t know. It seems he’s trying to say he doesn’t know what only a singular genius could somehow understand.

I think I’ll leave it at that for today go to sleep.

[er, Zir has only just joined us but I’ll introduce you as another new member to everyone tomorrow.]

The next day, we went to the goblin village as the scheduled. I introduced the [Book of Wisdom] to everyone.

Ayla is looking at our new comrade restlessly.

Amy looked a bit scary somehow when I said our member count had increased again. I decided to pretend I didn’t notice it.

Zir is still yawning sleepy. She doesn’t seem to be very interested.

[Oi, [Book of Wisdom] go and greet everyone]

[Umu, nice to meet you all, I am [Book of Wisdom]. Please look after me from now on]

[The book just talked. The book is talking right?]

[…an [Intelligent Item] is it? It’s my first time to see one.]

[Un? The book from yesterday? I’m certain this book didn’t talk yesterday]

The three girls seem a bit surprised. actually, Ayla seems to be having trouble believing it. regardless, now I know these things are called [Intelligent Item]s.

[Fumu, the three of you have some good reactions. Then, you can ask anything of me. I’ll grant you whatever knowledge want.]

The three girls ponder for a bit.

[… There is nothing that I want to know]

[… it’s so. Currently I don’t have anything I want to know in particular.]

[… To begin with, This is the first time a “book” told me to ask it something.]


[book of Wisdom] was shocked. It might be denied its own existence if things continue like this.
Maybe I should help it out a little.

[Ah~, come to think of it, recently I’m lacking stamina during the night. Isn’t there any good medicine for it?]

Somehow the question kinda came out sounding business-like.

[U… umu, I see. Then how about [Youth Medicine]?]

[[Youth medicine]?]

[Yes, if you drink it before doing the act, you won’t be tired until the next morning. Therefore, people call it [Youth medicine]]

The [Book of Wisdom] is amazing. I am still in my teens, though.

Amy who heard the story of [Youth Medicine], listened in detail on how to make it.

The materials seem easy to get. It’s possible to make it from the materials we bought from our recent shopping trip in town. Amy begins to make it immediately.

[By the way, the necromancer that master spoke of last night is you?

[oh, did you talk about me when I was not around?]

[Yeah, we were talking about those disgusting undead]

[I-is that so. Master, the next time you should include me too.]

[Sure, understood. However, the topic yesterday wasn’t that important]

I told Zir about the things we talked about yesterday.

[Certainly, if it’s bones and armor I should be fine with it.]

I’ll have the book support Zir with undead summoning. The [Book of Wisdom] lectures her about various subjects.

I asked Ayla to raise the level of our subjugated monsters.

Duo and Luo have already surpassed level 20 and would probably never lose against any of the monsters in the forest, however if we intend to have them hunt in the [Monster Wilderness] they might be somewhat lacking in power.

As for Queen there probably won’t be any problems if it’s one on one, but if she got surrounded it might be dangerous. It’s better to raise her level a bit more.

Amy seems preoccupied with mass-producing the [Youth medicine] so it doesn’t look like she’ll be leaving town soon. She seems really enthusiastic about it.

I already expected as much, but when I returned to town [Youth Medicine] sold for a high price in the Alchemist guild. The recipe seemed to have been lost so people were unable to make it effectively. This item is quite popular among the Nobles, and I was even asked to sell the recipe. In any age, in any world, human lust seems to never change.

The staff scowled at me when I demanded 10 percent of the medicine sales worth 50 gold pieces every month. However, when I mentioned going to merchant guild instead they quickly agreed.

I aimed to learn new magic.

First, earth magic which should be easy to obtain.

I put my hand on the ground and poured in magic. there is a flow of power in the ground I noticed. I could sense It’s several hundreds of meters below.

I wonder if this must be the so called Earth Veins, also known as the dragon pulse. Although I can sense the Earth Veins by using magic, I’m unable to completely manipulate it. Perhaps the power scale is too large.

The power seems to gently caress the surface. By using earth magic I can seemingly scoop up some of the magic power and make it flow more strongly through the earth.


I shouted while raising my arms. A part of the ground seems to be linked and rose up.

The shout and hand movements are actually unnecessary as long as you have a clear image, but it’s easier to make a good image by doing that.

After that, I try raising up only clay-like earth from the earth or just minerals. It seems earth magic is particularly multifunctional.

And then, my main event of the day.
I want to learn thunder magic.

first, the preparation.
Lemon-like fruit.
Several kinds of metal plates.
Silver wires

That should be all.
First, I cut the lemons through the center.
Next, two different kinds of metal sheets are pierced into a piece of fruit. Then I do the same for the next. I do this several times.

In the end I connected the metal sheets together in long chain with silver wire.

With this, the lemon battery is completed.

nervously I slowly grip the two silver ends.

I released them the moment I touched them because of the prickling sensation

[Scary! It seems more painful than static electricity]

Once you’ve felt it it becomes harder to touch them again.

For awhile, I kept bringing my hands closer to the wires and then pull them back again.

[Master, what are you doing?]

I was surprised when someone called me.

[Don’t scare me, Zir!!]

[I didn’t mean to startle you. So, what are you doing?]

[I’m learning a new magic.]

[I never heard of such a training method. I want you to explain it in detail.]

The [Book of Wisdom] seems interested as well. Curious? no, it might be the thirst of knowledge.

[Well, I was about to do it seriously so I don’t care.]

I gripped the silver line while answering thus.

[Gyaa!! Guu~]

This time I endured it without releasing the silver line.
I made magic pass through the silver line and it grew in tune with the electric current.
It’s not possible to stop or reverse the flow no matter how much magic I poured into the current. However, it seems I’m able to manipulate the flowing amount and the speed.

Although the fundamental characteristics of electricity didn’t change, It seems I’m able to manipulate the voltage and the electric current.

I stand up to try it immediately and try to shoot electricity toward a nearby tree. However, although magic seems to gather around my hand nothing seems to shoot out.

It seems the increasing levels of magical energy acts like an electrical resistor and the current stops.

So it’s not gonna work as well as in manga after all.

When I was thinking that, the magic in my hand suddenly lost the resistance and in the next moment something flashed for an instant.

With a zudon, the targeted tree created an earth-shattering noise and it falls, smashed from its root up.

[Uwaa, so dangerous!]

I succeed to avoid the falling tree in the nick of time. smoke rises up and there are several burned places too.

[Amazing, I say~]

[What was that, just now!?]

[I confirmed it. that was really [Thunder Magic]. is my master a Hero?]

[how wonderful. so this is Hero’s [Thunder Magic]!]

[Nope, this seems to be [Shock Magic]]

When I checked it on my status, it showed [Shock Magic]

Isn’t Thunder and Electric all the same?

Well, when asked I’d say that a lightning attack(raigeki) sounds more powerful than a shock(dengeki) attack.

[Probably, this is an inferior version to the hero’s [Thunder Magic]]

[So an inferior version is like this? It looks like you’re just playing with food to me. To think you’d learn magic like this.]

[I never heard about [Shock Magic]. There is also no story about anyone being able to get [Thunder Magic] except for the Hero. I am disqualified as the [Book of Wisdom]].

The [Book of Wisdom] somehow is feeling down.

It seems only the chosen hero can use [Thunder Magic].

Since I’m not a Hero, I didn’t know anything about it.

[By the way, Zir. How did undead summoning go?]

Zir answers me while grinning.

[Kufufu, you want to know? Then, I’ll show it to you. Behold my loyal servant!!]

Magic gushes out from Zir’s body.

A whirlpool of magic appears near Zir simultaneously and an arm is growing from its center.

The content slowly comes into view as the whirlpool grows.

It’s probably a skeleton inside. The arm being white bone makes it obvious at first glance.

The diameter of the whirlpool grows to two meters and becomes the figure of a swordsman skeleton holding an unrefined large sword on its shoulder.

The body is covered by a metallic armor even though it’s only bones.

Despite the impression that it consist of just bones, It feels reliable.

[How is that, it looks strong, right? This one may even be able to win against master.]

When I confirmed its status, it displayed [Skeleton Warrior]. Level 30.
Indeed, I might not win.

[Understood. let’s have a match]

I accept Zir’s provocation.


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