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1st Volume, 6th Chapter 【Playing with the Caterpillars】

When I calculated as to how much it would be after stealing at this pace for 10 days, I realized just how terrible the growth rate of our protagonist is. (Author’s note)

At last, now that I had surplus earnings, I headed to Feeder Pops’ and paid for two days’ stay.
I know that I was wrong to have had her keep the room reserved. From now on, I’ll check out duly.
I should pay on day-to-day basis.

「Please enjoy your stay……Ah~ ah~ it has gotten so dirty. Why haven’t you washed it yet? This sword……Won’t it get rusted and snap if you don’t do the maintenance?」

After seeing the Small Goblins’ (let’s call it Smagob from now on) blood on my clothes and the sword, Flower-san advised me.
Which reminds me, I don’t have a change of clothes.
If I washed my only clothes, I would be stark naked.

As for how to do the maintenance of the sword, Flower-san taught me some basics. For adventurers stay at this inn, she seems to have learnt the basics.

――From the shops in the Commercial District, I bought some necessary items.
A set of clothing, two sheets of towel, one bottle of oil and a leather flask.
With this, I almost became broke again.

Even though I wanted to return at around noon, it was 5 PM already for I was immersed in hunting Smagobs.

When I quenched my thirst at the water well, I realized how foolish it was to go on an adventure without water and food.

I returned to the inn and decided to do the laundry and the maintenance of the sword by dinner.
I put the sword in a bucket of water in order to wash the clots of blood away. I took it out and wiped the water off with a dry sheet of towel. I soaked the other sheet of towel, which I bought from the shop, in a little oil and then polished the sword with it.

Is this enough? Flower-san is not a professional, after all.
For genuine, full-fledged maintenance, I’ll take it to Jig-san.

By the time I finished the maintenance, 6 bells had already rung.
After spending blissful time in the dining area, I paid a nominal 10 Dalas to have hot water prepared for my sweaty body, as you would expect, was feeling uncomfortable.

After carrying the pail and a cloth to the room, and wiping my body, I got to relish a bit of the refreshing experience again.
I knew it! I want to take a proper bath, after all……
Flower-san said that high-class inns have bathrooms. Is it possible to rent just the bathroom?
I’ll do something about it sometime soon.


I subconsciously let out a loud yawn.
Well then, should I go to sleep after returning the pail?

During the night――――I recalled the atrociously murdered figure of the monster.
What the fuck? I want to dream of getting seconds of Dario-san’s cooking.

Next day――Fifth month, first week, the day of the Earth. Clear weather.

I got up in Feeder Pops’ at 6 AM.
After feasting on the breakfast, I stopped by the guild to pay a visit to the items shop.

Because I was planning on trying it, I asked.

「Do you sell poison?」

O-Oh, did I sound suspicious?

「N-No, wait. I’m an adventurer. I want poison that’s effective on monsters.」
「……Aah, please wait a minute.」

The shop clerk went inside after easing his expression and stayed inside for a while.
He came back with a small bottle in his hand. The contents of the bottle: nasty, dark purple.

The poison!

It is, isn’t it? I know.

「It’s the only one we have available. There’ll be no problem in selling it to you.」

I’m trusted? Don’t make me blush.

「However, don’t use it except for hunting or on monsters. Oh well, you won’t abuse the guild registration, will you? If you tried to abuse……In the past, there was a guy who brought disgrace to the guild. All around the world――Oh, let’s not stray away from the topic.」

Please continue! I wanna hear! The Adventurer’s guild is scary.

「Its price is 5,000 Dalas.」


「Why is it so expensive?」
「Why? Because it’s extracted from a large quantity of poisonous herbs. The materials are costly and the process takes a long time.」

Which reminds me, I’m broke.

「I’m sorry. I’ll buy it……some other time.」

It’s no use. If I bought small quantity, it would adversely affect the cost performance.
Is there no other way of buying it?

Tottering, I entered the guild and picked up the Smagob and the Caterpillar quest papers.

「Good morning, Sheena-san.」
「Seiji-san, what happened? You seem unwell.」
「Nothing. By the way……Why do you need to subjugate such a large number of Smagobs and caterpillars?」

It’s a continuous quest, after all.

「Smagobs……Aah, Small Goblins are highly fertile. If they were left unchecked, they would grow and form colonies. If they weren’t regularly subjugated, they would damage the vicinity of the town and the villages.」

Fumu fumu.

「As for Green Caterpillars, they are also found in abundance. If they were left to propagate any further, there’s a concern that they would damage the forest.」
「Damage the forest?」
「Yes, it has exceedingly large appetite. It eats all the plants which kills the bountiful forest. It is said that it can even eat poisonous herbs.」


「Poisonous herbs?」
「Eh, yes. Such as Neville grass which contains weak toxin. Green Caterpillar seems to be resistant to poison.」
「About this Neville grass, can you please tell me in detail?」

Sheena-san took out a picture book from under the counter.
It was a several cm thick book. If you were hit with it, you could even die.

「This book is used as a reference by the adventurers who receive collection quests……Neville grass……Here it is.」

The sketch shown to me depicted a grass the leaf of which was strangely curled. This was its only notable feature.

「Although there’s no Neville grass collection quest at the moment, there may be a quest later on.」

I see. Only if there’s demand, will there be supply. No one will pay for something which they don’t need.
Just you wait, caterpillar-chan.
Wait~ while I prepare your feed~.
A creepy smile surfaces on my face.

「……What’s the matter?」
「N-No, nothing, nothing at all.」

After receiving the Smagob and the Caterpillar subjugation quests and completing my preparations, I left for the south forest.

First target for today is Green Caterpillar.
According to the book, Neville grass grows in the south forest, so I started off with it.

I started collecting herbs in the forest.
I came across a few caterpillars but I hid myself and let them go past, giving priority to collecting the herbs.

《Neville Grass》――Both its leaves and roots contain weak poison. Ingesting it in large quantity is lethal.

I wonder if this much will be enough.

I collected 10, same as the number of times I can use the skill.
After walking for a bit, I confirmed the prey.
Its body looks just like a potato. So cute.


It noticed me and tried to close in but I immediately threw Neville grass in front of it.
The caterpillar stopped and started eating it without any care.

「He~re, go on and eat. Is it delicious? Do you want more?」

It looked at me warily but then shifted its focus back to the food and started grazing Neville grass.

「Well, well. Was it delicious? It’s amazing, though. Can you really eat poisonous herbs without any problem? Alright then――」

What happened thereafter, I’ll leave it out. If I described it in detail, I would turn into a bad guy.
Animal rights……No, insect rights organizations would get mad if I did.

Neville grass was all used up.

Because there was still some time left, I decided to hunt five Smagobs, too, before returning.
I wiped the (caterpillars’) body fluids off my clothes with the help of tree leaves and headed deeper into the forest.
Alongside hunting, I will try to raise the skill level of Sword Arts, too.

Name: Seiji・Agatsuma
Race: Human
Age: 18
Job: Adventurer (Rank E-)
Unique: Scholar’s Knowledge
・Thief’s Godly Skill (Riot Grasper) Lv1 (5/10)
・Physical Abilities Enhancement Lv3 (4/150)
・Sword Arts Lv1 (8/10)
・Abnormal Status Resistance Lv1 (4/10)

Thank you for reading. (Author’s note)

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