Din No Monshou – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Untold story

The blood chilling chastisement of Shadiverga.
Then, a few weeks passed after that.
Though it’s abrupt, a strange story has approached the Din house
While I was sleeping carefreely, a call was put out by the parlor-maid.
To be honest, it is painful in the morning.
However, when it comes to urgent summons, it’s all right.
I endured the drowsiness and somehow got up.
The explanation from Shadiverga which started from then.
The lengthy opinion about a decision…
I heard the general ideas, but I asked again curtly.

“Recruitment? Walkins?”
In addition to me, Shadiverga and Walkins are in the living room.
Shadiverga has a face which looks serious, sipping his tea while his hand trembles.
Walkins has a perplexed expression.

“Yes. Located directly across the river from here,
A high ranking noble called Horgos.
A messenger of Durf from the head of the family came this morning.
“Send Walkins – that’s written in the letter.”
“Oh dear, it has come to this.”
“Ummm…… Is there a reason to want me?”
Walkins tilts her head to one side.
Do you not really understand it?
Because I was a vulgar being, I had an idea immediately.

It’ll be magic, I think; after that, figure.”

“It might be so.
Although we tried to the best of our abilities to prevent Walkins’ magic going public.
I tried my best to prevent a leak, but it’s inevitable.
To be circulated around the neighbourhood is expected. Horgos’ territory is right next to us.”
“Even so, perhaps the frequency of bandit subjugation was overdone…….?”
Walkins hangs her head while sighing.
Though I think that it is not necessary to be particularly depressed…
Because the peace and order around here was kept due to Walkins and her contribution.
I continue in order to follow up.

“It’s as my father says.
I think Horgos probably tried to invite Walkins (you) because you’re pretty.”
“Hehehe, I get it; I am cute. It’s inevitable.”
“You say such a thing about yourself.”
“Eee…… Regis-sama, do you hate me?”

Walkin eyes swell with tears and looks at me.
Eii that’s depressing.
Do not take me seriously.
Besides, I’d certainly make fun of you in my heart.
“Is there such a reason?
But it is a mistake to decide this matter by our judgment.”
“That’s certainly…?”
“No, isn’t Walkin employed by mother?
Then I have to seek an instruction from mother.”
“Ah, I already asked.
However, she said that she entrusted me with Regis while she slept.”
“I’ll take proper responsibility.”
Oh, she’s putting her trust in us.
Then I must meet her expectations.
I ask Shadiverga who has a face filled with distress this morning.

“And, what is father’s reply?”

“Oh, he would have to wait to receive a reply.
The messenger had an unhappy face.
Because he will come again one week later, I’ll have to make a decision by then.”
“It’s a haughty way to speak.”

“It’s inevitable. We, the Din household, are a low level aristocrat even in this kingdom. Because Horgos is ruling the whole western region that has a strong position in sovereign, they think I’ll already accept so they pushed forward the request.”
“…… Haa. So, cowardice diplomacy is no use, huh.”

Is the other party a large aristocrat?
Indeed, the Din house is collapsed and on the wane – it’s not a house that nobles would be close with.
When such a ruined aristocrat is made to rule, it’s different.

However, it is a defeat if Shadiverga flatters them.
For a foreign country to pliantly bow their heads and cut down territory without question is wrong.
Assuming that they were more or less at a disadvantage, they should proceed negotiations with confidence.

“So, what answer are you going to do about it?”
“No…… What do you think Regis?”
“It would be impossible to give her. Request is rejected.”
“But it will antagonize the western nobles. The surrounding nobles are afraid and it would be hard to get support.”
“Aren’t they just a single drop in a bucket?”
More than that, losing Walkins over governmental affairs would be a mistake, I think.”

After hearing my opinion, Shadiverga is lost in thought.
He is a person who has trouble after trouble piling up.
It isn’t a joke. If there are any further disturbances, he may go bald.
Shadiverga let out a cough and changed target to Walkins for question.

“How does Walkins feel?”
“Of course, I don’t want to leave from the Din house.
It is a promise with your wife and――”

Walkin has reddened cheeks and look at me.
”What is it, is there a fly on my face?”
I hope she wouldn’t swat it suddenly
Walkin who looks down to accumulate power, turned to face * .

“Because Regis-sama doesn’t want to hand me over…
I’m on the side of Regis-sama by all means!”
Shadiverga which heard those words opened his eyes wide with decision.
His first clenched powerfully.

“Yes, is that so? I knew it would come to this, so let me take the responsibility.”
“Oh, the indecisive old man awakened.”
“Think of me better, Regis!”
“Oh, even when father goes bald, I’ll respect him my entire life.”

“Is it a given that I’ll go bald!”

I denied Shadiverga who had watery eyes.
Are you worrying about it?
It surely feels that the volume of hair became a little thin.
Is it something serious for a lord?

“I, who worried about this seriously, was stupid!
Stop, stop, let’s toast to our agreeing opinions together!”

Hahaha, Shadiverga laughs loudly.
The eyes were dead surely.
The support from small and weak surrounding nobles will be terminated

Because it is obvious, we will be driven to desperation.
But there is no help for it if we antagonize enemies.
It’s fate.

“Come on Regis, you will drink, too!”
“I’m still 7 years old.”

My father wasn’t very sober.

Next week, the day when an answer was promised.
It starts with the parlor-maid falling and rolling on the stairs.
A delegation of twenty people was led here, she said that a certain person came over

“He, head of Horgos, Durf-sama has come here directly!”

Here during conference.
After hearing the report, Shadiverga opens his eyes wide while he falls down from his seat.
At the same time, I couldn’t hide my surprise, either

Do strong aristocrat around here do business personally?
For an upper noble to visit a lower noble.
It is considerable attitude. Does it only happen when serious?

Shadiverga, who is thrust into an unexpected situation, has his teeth chattering away.
His face is deep blue, too.
Hmmm, ocean blue.

“Father. As one would expected, you are flustered too much.
When you have anything to do with a messenger, is it always so?”
“I, I dealt with a messenger after a long time. Besides, Sefina was always next to me and gave advice.”
“You’re…… A miserable lord.”

What kind of noble becomes nervous if his wife is not next to him.
I would cry if the private army saw me.

But it’s also absurd to let the stricken Sefina bear with such chore.
I want you to undergo medical treatment slowly.
I must somehow get through it myself because Shadiverga and Walkin are here.

“Regis-sama, please protect me.”

Walkins is pulling at my hem.
I guess I am kind of amused by her actions

“Well, Walkins. What kind of noble is Horgos?”
“ Let, let me see――”

From Walkins’ story, Horgos house seems to be considered a veteran noble.
When this kingdom performed the founding of the country, Horgos had already held the western region.
They have the gold mine due to which it boasts of the biggest and most abundant money reserves in the kingdom.

Their strong points are stopping cargo and assassinations.
When an opponent shows, they use all means to wreck them no question asked.
Money is paid to the government and the kingdom highest upper class nobles to support such behavior.
Even the government official of the neat paranoiac, It is a family who can’t be cured with a scalpel.

Power come from its abundant fiscal resources. The territory itself is 20 times of Din territory.
It seems, they plundered the surrounding nobles by force for several decades.
There should be no reason why lower nobles aren’t afraid of them.
When there is a distinguished family it doesn’t like, it puts out an assassination secretly.
When a noble incurs its displeasure even a little, it drives its opponent to ruin by economic blockade.
With such a method, nobles are all smiles to marry young women around the vicinity.
I see, I can nod towards Shadivergas vigilance.
Indeed a heretic and dreadful dictatorial way.
I want to shout “Incinerate the garbarge~!” and scatter fire with a flamethrower.

I want to pursue the cruelty til the end by all means.

“……Who’s giving Walkins up”
“E? Just now you said?”
“No, it is nothing.”

Can we send this fellow to the conspicuous person of a doubtful origin?
Father will not permit it.
This fellow is an employee of Din house.
It’s regrettable

The maid who breaks into a cold sweat whispers to Shadiverga surreptitiously.

“Head Horgos is entering.”
“Alright, then please withdraw.”
When the greeting is finished, the whole room is wrapped in tension.
By all rights, a single person of the private army would generally stand on the sides.
There are probably no cases in which a messenger has a sword.
But when the messenger attacks, the person who protects the master is necessary.

The post is not necessary because Walkins is in this place.
An all purpose employee, as one would expect.
After a while, someone entered with two subordinates.
A plump body.
He is covered with fat, that the only thing I can say.
If he is roasted over a fire, he would burn for 3days, and 3 nights.
Deep wrinkles and messy stains are engraved; just by seeing him I feel discomfort.
Indeed, he does seem like a lustful person.

“I am the present head of the Horgos family – Durf Zajimu Horgos.
I am here to hear your reply to my request last week, Shadiverga-dono.”
As for Zaijmu, he must have been given the name by a high-ranking noble.
No such person supports our Din family, of course.
This guy, from the beginning he’s looking down on us as expected.
Durf swings his greasy body.
Shadiverga received with a business smile.

“You have come a long way, please come in.”
“The flattery is good. I have just come to hear a response.”
“Ah, thought you have come a long way. The matter is――”
“It is deplorable, but this once prestigious family will disappear from this kingdom if you decide to decline.
Yes…or no.”

GIRORI, the meat daruma doll stares at Shadiverga.
I am of the impression he is lying low in order to prepare for the offensive.

The guy saw Walkin sit next to me and starts to lick his lip imprudently.

“……As expected, she is quite delightful.”
That pig.
Exposuing his desire and greed bare.
My disgust is doubled.
The large pig which gives of an intimidating air……!
On the other hand, my father is frightened on my left……!
No, don’t shudder.
First calm down.
No, No, I suddenly stretch my hand for the cup of water. Don’t reconsider.
Because Shadiverga is about to blow up, I whisper into his ear in secret.

(……Father, let’s take a change of place.)
(Don’t say stupid thing, I’m the present head of this household for the time being.)
(For such guy, it isn’t worth for father to care for personally. Make me, your son speak here.)
(Are you able to? Be peaceful, ok?)
(Leave it to me and loosen up.)
I got the acceptance from Shadiverga and raised my hand directly.
Shadiverga knows my inside to be matured abnormally for the time being.
Therefore, he often asks me for advice and sometimes leaves work to me.
Even so, I would be worried about the crisis if such life or death matter depends on me.
There must be another way.
I have to sweep the anxiety off.
KOHON, I cough once, and begin to speak.

“My father has the sore throat, and it seems painful. I’ll return the answer instead.”
When I said so, the meat daruma Durf glances towards me.
And he looks at my appearance once.
After glaring from my head to toes, Durf snorts his nose like a pig.
And bursts out laughing.

A degenerate, this Din house.
Entrusting your son who hasn’t come of age yet.”
“It is so, I think so too.
But it’s worthless to worry, this is a waste of time.”
I nodded to demonstrate the waste.
Shadiverga’s eyebrows are twitching slightly
A blue vein is slightly floated.
The one who got insulted seems immediately irritated..
Well, endure it a little more.

“Ku, Ku, Ku. Okay, I’m tolerant, boy.
With that, would you hand me Walkins-dono?”
The great pig which agrees with satisfaction.
On the other hand, I laugh back with [Haha].
Smile Smile.
Now, I got tired of imitating.
Will I answer soon?
The moment when I was about to speak.
Shadiverga is whispering to me with HISO HISO
He is awfully flustered.

(Is it okay, Regis? Don’t cause offense, nakudazo!)
(Just look and stop being persistent. I understand.)
I tore off Shadiverga half-forcefully.
Durf seems satisfied and smiles.
I have to return an answer to him while smiling with a pleasant smile.

“――Disappear, you emasculated pig”

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