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Sacred Spear

I enter Haruba’s 23rd floor.
I plan on testing both the Sacred Spear and the Earring of Offerings.
It’s scary to suddenly test it against Scissors Lizards but we have already tried it prior to testing the Sacred Spear.
There won’t be any trouble, hopefully.

I manage to defeat the monsters faster than when we tried earlier.
I’m becoming fairly stronger.
The basic Sacred Spear is weaker than the Rod of Offerings but the Earring of Offerings has 2x Intelligence skill attached.
So it’s alright.

There’s another merit in using the Sacred Spear.
Like Sherry, I can thrust the spear from the second row.
It’s possible to attack the monsters from behind Miria or Vesta.
As for Roxanne, it’s too dangerous to stand behind her.

With the Sacred Spear, I can attack during the cooldown period of the spells.
For now, I will only be able to poke them but once I get used to it, I may be able to kill them.
Also, it will become much easier once I attach MP Recovery skill.

“The only monsters ahead seem to be Ma Breams.”
“Oh, I see. Amazing as always, Roxanne. Because I’m going to test something next, it will take longer to defeat the monsters.”

After Roxanne informs, I put the Sacred Spear back and take out the Damascus stick.
After all, it will be better not to test Damascus stick against Scissors Lizards.

The monsters appear.
Two Ma Breams.
I cast two [Sandstorm]s.

I start running once I was done casting but no one else moved.
Eh? I see.
Because they are just Ma Breams, it isn’t necessary for us to close in to them.

Is that the reason why Roxanne informed?
I didn’t tell them that I will be using Damascus stick or that I want to test something against Ma Breams.
Was there an instruction not to run when it’s just Ma Bream?
I hate running with the Sacred Spear so I put it back in my Item Box. Had I known we would be engaging them like this, I wouldn’t have removed it.

Neither Miria nor Vesta started running.
Sherry wouldn’t in any case.
When I passed by the two of them, I’m pretty sure they were surprised.
I’m probably the only one who didn’t understand.

I cast spells again with a face as if nothing happened.
I’m glad a wizard can cast spells while moving.
I would be embarrassed if I were the only one to start running like a noob.

The Ma Breams have been defeated.
As for the attack power of the Damascus stick, it’s higher than a rod’s but lower than a staff’s, huh?
There’s also the effect of 2x Intelligence skill of the accessory, of course.
Although I can’t use it as main weapon for it’s weaker than the Sacred Spear, it’s more than enough as a spare.

I equip the Sacred Spear again and continue with the exploration.
We encounter four Scissors Lizards and one Rtoll Troll.
It’s a big family.

This time, the four girls start running immediately.
They understand it fully, huh?
It’s confusing.
From the same spot, I cast two [Sandstorm]s and follow them.

I have to cast fire spells if I’m to defeat the Rtoll Troll first but I can’t for the Scissors Lizards are resistant to fire.
Even if they weren’t resistant, it would still be difficult to decide whether to give priority to the Rtoll Troll or the Scissors Lizards.
Right now, it doesn’t make any sense to reduce the group by one Rtoll Troll.

The Scissors Lizards is stronger compared to the monsters from 22nd floor.
I can’t afford to delay finishing off the Scissors Lizards.

Roxanne and company confront the monsters.
The front row, comprising the Rtoll Troll and three Scissors Lizards, attacks.

“It’s coming.”

A magic formation appears under the Scissors Lizard in the back row.
Sparks start dancing immediately after Roxanne’s warning.
It’s an area of effect magic attack.
It looks like the monster’s area of effect magic attack isn’t much different from [Firestorm].

In an instant, my whole body heats up.
My chest tightens and my joints start hurting.
My toes feel like they have been plucked.
My skin burns *chirichiri*; A scream of pain leaks out of my mouth.

The three Scissors Lizards, without missing the chance, start attacking.
Roxanne dodges it by twisting her body; Miria leaps back; Vesta blocks it with her swords.
It’s good that they avoided the attacks.
I would have been hit for sure had it been me.

Albeit for a moment, I felt pain.
When the heat cools down, the pain eases up.
It doesn’t seem to have spread to the clothes and the rucksack.
Only the body seems to be affected by the heat.

The Rtoll Troll is late as it smacks its big arms down.
Roxanne, however, dodges it like nothing happened.
I exact my revenge and cast [Sandstorm].
Sherry readies her spear and keeps a close eye on the monsters to prevent them from attacking again.

Scissors Lizard’s area of effect magic attack doesn’t seem to possess enough power to be fatal.
It isn’t strong enough to cause death in one or two hits.
I cast [Sandstorm]s in succession and defeat the monsters before they could pull something off again.

“Was that the area of effect magic attack?”

I’m still not confident that I can withstand a second one.
And it would be even more dreadful if it were in quick succession.

“It felt like the area of effect magic attack was stronger. Was it my imagination?”

I had [Plating] cast on Roxanne when she received the single target magic attack before.
It’s impossible to accurately measure the power of the attack anyway.
To measure it accurately, you would need to take several attacks and die. That’s the only way.
I don’t want to measure it.

“I’m not sure but it isn’t like we can’t withstand it. Even if it were strong, nothing could be done about it. But there shouldn’t be any problem since most of us can withstand it.”

Sherry says something reliable.

“Yes, desu.”
“Did any of them drop leather?”

Miria brings leather over while I was healing everyone.
She has already forgotten how to say leather in Brahim.

“You are right. If it’s this much, there’s nothing to be worried about. Ah, I don’t need healing anymore.”

Vesta declines healing after only once.
She’s reliable, too.
Is she sturdy because she’s dragon knight?

“Even if there’s no danger anymore, I would hate it if any damage were left.”
“Okay, I’m fine now. Thank you very much.”

She didn’t decline out of modesty, did she?
As for me, I heal myself once more, even though I feel just fine.

What’s the difference?
Is resolution the difference?
I continue with the exploration after healing was needed no more.

When we receive area of effect magic attack, it’s troublesome to heal everyone right then.
If I didn’t heal them now and they were to receive damage during the next battle, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to help them at that time.
I hope I will be able to heal everyone at same time after I acquire Priest.
Or should I have Sherry take up the job of Shrine Maiden?

It would be better to make Sherry a shrine maiden but I would like her to level Master Smith up.
Even more so, when I think of all the new equipment she will be able to make in the future.
Miria would be an assassin and I would like to have Vesta carry on as a dragon knight.

After the process of elimination, only Roxanne remains, huh?
Roxanne seems to be able to take up any job.
I guess it will be better as things are going to be more difficult from now on.

Thereafter, I finished the exploration in the evening, prepared the bath and completed rest of the day’s activities.
After Roxanne, Sherry and the girls tidied up after the dinner, only smithing was left.
It was easy to prepare the bath this time for I set up Basic Water Magic as the skill of Jobless. Today, the temperature seemed high.
I felt refreshed after the bath.

I raked a bit of sweat today.
It wasn’t that hot inside the labyrinth, though.
Will night be sweaty, too?
It was chilly early in the morning, though as I was sticking to Vesta.

Anyways, we finished the day’s activities with the bath.
After the bath, I finished the night’s activities.
Because of Sex Maniac, I didn’t get tired.
Even after the hips workout, I didn’t get tired.

The next morning. I grab the map and enter Quratar’s 22nd floor.
It isn’t necessary to enter 22nd floor early in the morning but I would hate it if it were crowded.

“As for Miria’s job, I’m thinking of making her an assassin since she has the Estoc of Petrifaction.”

I tell them at the entrance of 22nd floor.
Miria has finally reached Warrior Lv30.
She has acquired both Knight and Assassin, obviously.

I told them because I would feel bad if I changed it quietly.
Even though it’s Assassin.
Would she dislike it?

“Sure. I think it’ll be great to be able to inflict poison.”
“Okay, desu.”

Even though the title of the job is Assassin, they didn’t dislike it?
I was worried for nothing, it seems.
Being Lv1 is a concern, however.

“Since it’s a new job, Miria will need a little time. How about placing Miria in the back?”
“I don’t think it’s necessary.”
“There’s no such consideration when a party changes a slave’s job in the guild. Such consideration isn’t needed.”
“Fine, desu.”

Roxanne, Sherry, and Miria insist that it’s fine.
In a party, the job effects of every party member are shared.
She wouldn’t be any weaker even if she became Lv1.

“Err, is there really no problem?”
“Since we don’t know as to how long she will need to stay in the back, and since the monsters on 23rd floor can use area of effect magic attacks, she won’t be safe even in the back.”

What Sherry said seems reasonable.
I have Gained Experience 20x on, and I can see the level, too.
The only floor, where Miria will be safe in the back row, is Quratar’s 22nd floor, probably.

“I understand. Still, be extra careful for a while.”
“Okay, desu.”
“Do you want to give the Estoc of Petrifaction a try, Vesta?”
“Umm, I think I want to.”
“Alright then, when there are fewer monsters, Miria will pass her sword to Vesta and go to the back row. There shouldn’t be any problem in falling back to the second row.”

I propose a compromise plan.
It will be better to switch Miria’s job to Assassin when there are no more than two monsters.
It’s easy for me for I can use Party Job Settings whenever I want.
She won’t be able to notice if I switch her job back to Warrior Lv30 when there are three or more monsters.

“Okay, desu.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Well then, can you please find places with fewer monsters along the route?”

I hand the map to Roxanne and ask of her to guide us.
If there are two monsters, I will leave it to Roxanne and Vesta.
When Miria’s job is Assassin, I will send her to the back row.
I can let her attack from the side if there are no more than two but it’s better for her to stay safe.

Leveling up of Miria’s Assassin job is going smoothly.
I now look forward to Vesta inflicting petrifaction.
Vesta manages to petrify a monster after advancing to some extent through 22nd floor.

“I was able to do it.”
“Did it, desu.”

The Clamshell has been petrified.
I finish it, along with the one Roxanne was keeping company, with a [Sandstorm].

“With this, Vesta has experienced the Estoc of Petrifaction’s power, too.”
“Yes, I think it’s a great weapon.”
“From now on, Miria will be using it. Don’t overdo it, however, since I just changed your job.”
“Okay, desu.”

Her Assassin job has now reached Lv5.
She should be fine fighting on the frontline.

“You can take us to the boss room now. There’s no longer any need to find places with fewer monsters.”

I change my instructions. Roxanne continues to guide us.
We fight on several occasions on the way but Miria’s chance of inflicting petrifaction doesn’t seem to have increased.
That’s fine.
Rather, I should say it’s better.

There’s a skill of Assassin: Abnormal Status Rate Up.
If the chance of petrifaction increased after becoming an assassin, it means the skill was effective.
However, if it didn’t increase, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Abnormal Status Rate Up skill didn’t work.
If the chance of petrifaction doesn’t increase after becoming an assassin, then it means Abnormal Status Rate Up skill depends on the level of Assassin.

Regardless, I plan on having Miria carry on as an assassin.
Her level will go up soon.
If Abnormal Status Rate Up skill depends on the level, the chance of petrifaction will increase eventually.
I look forward to her level increasing.

Miria manages to petrify the Oystershell.
Is it due to Assassin or not?
Its affinity with Gambler’s Abnormal Status Resistance Down skill seems to be good.

I don’t understand, though, as to how the shell of Oystershell, which is stone to begin with, turned into stone.
I wonder if it just stopped moving.
Without selecting Cook, I clean it up using magic after sending Durandal back.

As expected, the Oystershell didn’t leave Oyster behind.
It would be a problem if we obtained just one.

I hand Vesta the Volley which was left behind.
Considering Vesta’s need for Volley, she will be receiving a lot of favors on Quratar’s 22nd floor.
Also, I can perhaps confirm as to how crowded the boss room is in the evening.

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