Riot Grasper – Volume 1, Chapter 7

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1st Volume, 7th Chapter 【The Beastkin Parent and Child】

In just one week, he has become considerably strong.
Can our protagonist pass the promotion exam? (Author’s note)

——One week has passed since I first baited the caterpillars.
Fifth month, second week, the day of the Earth. Overcast weather.

In the familiar room # 205 of Feeder Pops’, I rolled out of the bed after having gotten my eardrums shaken by the sound of 6 bells. (TN: “Big Fat Daddy’s” changed to “Feeder Pops'”)

「Now then——Today is the exam day, huh?」

Before the exam, I checked my status to have a look at the result of the training (stealing) this past one week.

Name: Seiji・Agatsuma
Race: Human
Age: 18
Job: Adventurer (Rank E+)
Unique: Scholar’s Knowledge
・Thief’s Godly Skill (Riot Grasper) Lv2 (5/50)
・Physical Abilities Enhancement Lv3 (5/150) (TN: Physical Enhancement has been changed to Physical Abilities Enhancement)
・Sword Arts Lv2 (25/50)
・Abnormal Status Resistance Lv2 (1/50)

I think I worked hard.
Four days ago, Rio……Thief’s Godly Skill reached Lv2 which increased the efficiency.
The reason being, the base success rate jumped up to 20%.

However, I expected that the daily usage limit would go up……but it was not the case.
I just wanted to say it.

It was totally against my expectation.
In other words, it decreased.

When I was trying to engage in a battle for the sake of confirmation, a Smagob (same ol’?) appeared in front of my eyes, asking questions. (※Smabog can’t speak; it was an image) (TN: Image was used by the author. Imagination would be more appropriate)

I shut myself in the inn and healed myself with Dario-san’s cooking. I passed the entire day living leisurely life.

The daily usage limit of Thief’s Godly Skill depends on the skill Lv. Shouldn’t it increase then?

But no~.
‘Depends on the skill Lv’ means 『decrease』.

……It’s not funny!

Currently, the total success rate is 28% (vs. Smagob).
The daily usage limit decreased but……

At Lv1——(0.17×10=1.70)
At Lv2——(0.28×8=2.24)
At Lv3——(0.39×6=2.34)
At Lv4——(0.50×4=2.00)
At Lv5——(0.61×2=1.22)

I’m not sure if the daily usage limit decreases by 2 every time. The number of successful steals didn’t change much on the first day. If I’m unlucky, it won’t succeed even once. I need tens to hundreds of tries before coming to a conclusion.

It’s the lowest in case of Lv5. I wonder whether reaching Lv5 is a privilege or not. Seriously.

Now then, if the number of successful steals doesn’t increase even after leveling up, wasn’t it justified for me to cry?
——Yeah, I did have such a time.

There is a big difference between stealing 《success rate》, which also includes failed attempts, and 《the number of successful steals》.

The base success rate did increase, however.
Furthermore, the total success rate will further increase with the increase in the Lv of other skills.

What it implies is——I will only play with small fries. I have decided.

With the low success rate, it’s better to go for opponents that are commonly available. The reason being, there is condition that bars stealing the same skill from the same opponent after having failed once.

When the success rate increases, stealing skills from powerful opponents that are rare will be relatively more efficient.
Besides, if I fail at stealing a rare skill from a one-of-a-kind existence, it will disappear.

In a sense, it’s logical.

After the daily usage limited decreased, I was made to recognize it more conspicuously.

Unless the success rate is high, it is better to use Rio…………t Grasper on Smagob rather than wasting precious 《Sword Arts Lv3 (100/150) of a Dragonlord Warrior》.

By the way, it’s just a hypothetical existence. I don’t know if such a creature as Dragonlord Warrior exists.

Why did I have to choose dragon, though?……
Even I feel embarrassed.

Oh well, it’s a natural thought pattern of a battle junky.
‘Pursuing strength is not happiness’……How many times have I heard it in movies?

I want to be the ultimate, the supreme, the strongest existence in the world!
……Just kidding.

However, I want to rank up in the Adventurer’s guild to establish my status in the society.
And to do that, I need strength.

「——Whatever, even if I ignore things such as the daily usage limit, my growth rate is still pretty crazy.」

Take Jig-san for example. He’s a dwarf who has been smithing for all his life yet he’s only Lv4. I, on the other hand, didn’t even know how to swing a sword. In just one week, however, I have reached Lv2.
If someone else were to know, they wouldn’t be able to help but shout ‘fuck’.

By the way, the skill effect improves drastically when its Lv increases.
When the skill points increase, the effect improves slightly. However, when Sword Arts Lv increased from 1 to 2, I could feel a great change.

Yes, change.

That’s not what I wanted to say.
It felt same as when I acquired Sword Arts for the first time.

In every way, it’s different from learning the skill by training one’s body and polishing sword technique.
It felt like a strange elation permeating my body.

——Transmitting from the ground to the legs; surging to the waist; rising along the median line, reaching the shoulders——Finally, culminating in the arms.

It would perhaps not manifest to such a degree if I didn’t possess physical abilities to a certain extent.

I was a little confused at the time of Lv up but there was no problem with the movement thanks to Physical Abilities Enhancement. I can now vouch that it complements martial arts.

If Sword Arts ever reached Lv5, wouldn’t it be overspec? At that point, there would be nothing impossible with a sword but at the same time, it would be impossible for the skill to level up anymore.
I better level up Physical Abilities Enhancement simultaneously.

Although my body feels more toned than before, compared to muscular adventurers……it pales.
It’s dispiriting.

What if I fight an opponent who has same skill Lv as me? Victory and defeat will be decided by the difference in physical abilities, right?
In that case……I will be at disadvantage.

By the way, I heard about Lv up from Sheena-san. The adventurers seem to call this phenomenon ‘breaking through the barrier’.
The reason being, Lv isn’t normally recognizable.
According to her, the battle strength of someone who has broken through the barrier is considerably higher than someone who hasn’t.

——Now then, this much monologue is enough.

Having become rank E+, I completed the number of quests required for the next rank up yesterday.
The rank up exam is conducted collectively. A date is fixed after coordinating with all the adventurers taking the exam. I’m screwed.

It’s today.

「Today, I’ll finally rank up to D-, huh?」

If you looked at the people who would be taking the examination……their builds are not in any way inferior to Bal and Zac.
There’s a huge difference in their physique and mine but I have Physical Abilities Enhancement.
……If you looked at them, you might think they’re rank C or B.

Moreover, I visited Jig-san’s shop, as per the promise, and had him make a new equipment for me as I earned enough money this past one week.
As for the Baselard, I whetted it yesterday.

《Soft Leather Armor》——Leather armor forged from tanned leather. Defensive power varies greatly depending on the material used. ※Gigvorg leather

As to why I bought this, I’m ashamed of saying it.
It’s best left unsaid.

It seemed to be made of some sort of wolf skin.

Although it was the armor of the lowest rank at Jig-san’s shop, it costed one gold coin——10,000 Dalas, that is.
Still, it’s not something which a commer can afford to wear.
From just a look, you can see it’s an expert-class blacksmith’s work……Hmm? Isn’t tanning of leather unrelated to smithing?

Whatever. I don’t care.

「Now then……I should get going.」

When I completed my preparation and went downstairs to the dining area, it was filled with an appetising aroma.
After I had Dario-san’s cooking, which I have become addicted to, I left for the guild.

Unfortunately, Dario-san has yet to reach Lv4.
His skill points are still at (145/150).
Is that normal for it to be this difficult?……
Isn’t there an easy way?

「——Good morning.」
「Ah, Seiji-san. Good morning.」

Sheena-san’s smile was as brilliant as ever.

Lately, because I have been using Smagobs to level up my skill, I’m now also known as Smagob Hunter.

Smagobs 24 hours a day!
Morning, Smagobs!
Afternoon, Smagobs!
Evening, too, Smagobs!

Smagobs! Smagobs! Smagobs!

I don’t remember as to how many ears I have presented to Sheena-san by now.
It wouldn’t be strange if she hated me.

Because she has professional attitude, however, she remains composed.

By the way, I’m being reserved with the caterpillars after Abnormal Status Resistance reached Lv2. There has been no opportunity yet to test its effect.
I can drink poison or take a paralysis pill but there’s no reason for me to do that willingly.

《Abnormal Status Resistance》——Increases resistance to all types of abnormal status.

Now that it’s Lv2, I shouldn’t fall into abnormal state that easily. That’s a relief. At Lv5, will I be completely immune to abnormal state?
If I ever reached that level, I might muster some courage to pick a bottle of poison off the shelf and chug it down.

「Today is the exam for promotion to rank D. I’ll pray for your success.」
「Thank you very much. Err……Where should I wait?」
「That’s right. Wait there until 7 bells sound.」

She pointed to the tables and the stools in the rest space on the first floor. (TN: Space was used by the author. Area would be more appropriate)
…Wawa, some of the tables were brand new.

There were three adventurers, seemingly men, already there.
They looked a little tense. They seemed to be waiting for the exam just like me.


…….Un. One of them had no skill; another one had 《Gardening Lv1》; the last one had 《Fire Magic Lv1》.
One of them seems to be well-endowed. The other two better look for another job.
Oh well, that they are rank E+ adventurers, I guess they are able to fight.

Fire Magic is good, no? But it’s only Lv1.

I searched the the guild like a peeping tom and found a few adventurers with magic skills.
Honestly, I’m envious.
I want it.
If I used it in conjunction with Sword Arts, wouldn’t I be able to use 《Flame Slash!》?

……Isn’t there a retired mage somewhere with one foot in grave?
Or a monster……capable of using magic?

When I was entertaining my delusions, I noticed two people coming here.
Are these people examinees, too?

I occasionally saw their kind in the town and the guild——Beastkin, that is.

Beast-like face, brimming with wild look; pin-ears atop head; a scar on the side; a stereotypical warrior……A beastkin old-man.

Name: Arnold・Fan
Race: Beastkin (Wolf)
Age: 38
Job: Adventurer (Rank E+)
・Body Arts Lv2 (40/50) (TN: Changed Body Techniques back to Body Arts for consistency)
・Sword Arts Lv2 (20/50)
・Howling Moon Lv2 (14/50)
・Stick Arts Lv1 (5/10) (TN: Cane Arts has been changed to Stick Arts)

Oh, he’s versatile.
Wha……t? His rank isn’t different from other people.

Indeed……those who are strong try to be adventurers. Those who switch from different jobs to become adventurers, will start off as new adventurers and will take the exam for promotion to rank D. It must be the same case……huh?

The same case as me.

《Howling moon》——Exclusive to Beastkin (Wolf). Increases spirit and physical abilities under the moonlight.

My heart is bleeding. Is there really such a thing?
Although I’m interested……I won’t be able to use it even if I steal it.
Also, I can’t plunder others on a whim.

There’s another person……The only female.

Name: Lim・Fan
Race: Beastkin (Cat)
Age: 16
Job: Adventurer (Rank E+)
・Body Arts Lv2 (16/50)
・Cooking Lv1 (7/10)
・Magic Power Conversion Lv1 (5/10)
・Berserkization Lv1 (3/10)

A cat beastkin?
Fluffy ears and tail look so good.

Dark brown, shoulder-length hair; golden eyes. A personification of cat, indeed.
Because beastkin in this world look close to humans, they seem easy to get along with.
Their surname……is Fan……?
Are they by any chance……parent and child?
They don’t look alike at all.

《Magic power conversion》——Converts mana into physical attack power.
《Berserkization》——Can acquire a skill a posteriori. The nature of acquisition may vary depending on the conditions of invocation.

Un, quite a quirky skill.
Mana……? Is it same as magic power?
As for skill, I thought it was innate ability but it doesn’t seem to be the case. (TN: Innate or a priori, opposite of a posteriori)
I hope the exam finishes uneventfully.

If I acquired a skill called 《First-class Flag Raiser》, I wouldn’t be surprised.

As for the calculation, if you think that part is weird, do tell me.

For the author isn’t great at maths, please be gentle.
For his remaining HP is 1, please be gentle.
If you’re thinking about dealing a finishing blow, please refrain from doing it.

It’s difficult to update everyday.
So I’ll update it every 2nd or 3rd day, I think.
I hope you understand m(–)m (Author’s note)

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