Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 239

I was originally going to take the day off but this chapter came together quite quickly.

A little grudge goes a long way…

239 – Varied academy life

The several reincarnators including sensei began to attend a human academy. What’s surprising, is that in addition to the two reincarnators that sensei met previously, is that there’s two more reincarnators going to the same academy. Natsume-kun and Hasebe-san. With regards to Hasebe-san, it’s rude to say this but she hadn’t left me with much of an impression. It’s not like she faded into the background or something, but she didn’t stand out either. Just, ordinary I guess? That’s the kind of girl I feel she was. Actually, I just don’t remember her. Sorry.

But, the impression of the reincarnated Hasebe-san, is completely different to her previous life and is intense. Firstly, she’s beautiful. In my vague recollection, in her previous life I don’t get the impression that she was particularly beautiful, but instead that with what felt like some remaining childhood immaturity she had a winsome face, but in this life she’s definitely beautiful. She has smooth facial features to the extent that her future prospects shine through even while she’s still a child. Well, saying that it’s pretty common for the reincarnators to be handsome boys or pretty girls though. Maybe it’s a present from D or something. Saying that, it’s her insides that have changed more intensely.

「As the name implies the Divine Words are the Words of God. They are literally a revelation from God! That is why, in order to hear that Voice even slightly more often, we must raise our levels and train our skills! Since if you don’t do that then you obviously cannot hear the Words of God!」

Woah. Nai wa.

Why did this happen? With regards to Hasebe-san, I haven’t understood that organisation yet have I. But it sure seems that the Divine Word Religion has some hidden tricks. For Ogiwara-kun who is also hidden, there’s occasionally some contact so I’m able to grasp his situation though. And the final reincarnator in the hands of the Divine Word Religion is Kusama-kun.

Hmm. I’ve been putting it off until now, but maybe I should get in touch with the Divine Word Religion again or something. There’s a precedent already with someone like Potimas, so depending on the circumstances they may become an annoying enemy. What kind of intention do they have for sheltering the reincarnators I wonder. Because of that, I also wonder what their reason is for intentionally sending that person to the elf village. What are the Divine Word Religion aiming for with their actions I wonder. I need to find out.

However, I wonder if it’s okay in Hasebe-san’s case to leave her alone. It seems this girl, has already gone half crazy. While it could be said that she’s been brainwashed to be convenient to the Divine Word Religion or something, it really seems unlikely that she’s been entrusted with some secret orders or something like that. In what I’ve observed so far she’s not once taken any suspicious actions either. I’ll continue monitoring her, but I don’t need to be that vigilant I guess.

If there’s a problem, then I’d say it’s with Natsume-kun. Unlike Hasebe-san, I have a strong impression remaining of Natsume-kun. In a bad sense. Well, to put it simply he’s the “leader of the pack” type of kid. Even when he became a high school student, he was still always doing stuff like Big G.

In addition, he is someone who attempted to literally crush me.

In my previous memories of when I was a spider, I don’t have the recollection that it was Natsume-kun. I only had awareness to the extent that somebody had been trying to kill me. However, that memory is complimented by the memories of Wakaba Hiiro. She remembers the situation when Natsume-kun was trying to crush a single spider. And also sensei, who stopped him.

Do I bear a grudge against him for that? You bet. You could say that he almost killed me. Although my memories as a spider have been mostly lost, the terror I felt at that time, and the gratitude of when I was saved is something I’ve never forgotten.

Is there some means by which I can harass Natsume-kun I wonder? Killing him would be the quickest and most refreshing way, but if I did that I’m sure sensei would be saddened.

I remember the conversation that sensei had with Ooshima-kun. When sensei was discussing the students who had died, she kept a brave face on. But, I know more. When she is sleeping, there are times when she wakes up while crying. The times when she says “I’m sorry” in a small voice while trembling.

There are four dead students. One of those is doing just fine though, so it’s really three students. I’m fully aware of the harshness of this world. When mere high school students from Japan were reborn as babies in such a world, the victims were limited to just three students. I think it’s likely, that before I was aware of it, that she was continuously crossing a very dangerous bridge, and was continuing to take huge risks. From my perspective I think her achievements are more than good enough. But, sensei does not think so herself. She’s always thinking to herself, about whether she could have saved the three who died.

I’m sure it wasn’t possible though. There’s not all that much that a single individual can achieve. Since even a god is not omnipotent. Thinking that they all could have been saved, is nothing other than unwarranted pride. I think sensei can take pride in what she achieved. But, it’s precisely because she cannot do that, is why sensei is sensei I guess.

Really. Whether it’s sensei, whether it’s the Demon King, whether it’s Kuro, all with this impossible dream that everything can be concluded with a Happy Ending. This can’t end with some grand finale. There’s too many scum in the world for everything to be saved. There’s the likes of Potimas and Natsume-kun, you know.

I’ve kept an eye out on Natsume-kun since an early stage. Having been called a genius since birth, I wondered if he might be a reincarnator. And sure enough he was. At the time when he met up with sensei and the others I already knew that he was actually Natsume-kun though. After all, Natsume-kun hasn’t changed inside since his previous life you know. Actually, he’s gotten worse than before perhaps. Born as a prince of all things, lionised as a genius since birth, having a strong power while actually being a child and all that. Oh yes. He’s gotten conceited. A total braggart. An ego so inflated he might lift off.

To pop that inflated ego is simple enough, but maybe that isn’t my job. While watching him irritates me no end, I probably shouldn’t intervene too much. Since there just happens to be all these reincarnators gathered together in this isolated space called an academy. If I take some imprudent action here and it gets noticed, then Potimas or “him” might possibly intervene. That would be bad. Particularly “him”, Yamada-kun’s elder brother – I want to avoid intervention from the Hero Julius.


Translation notes:

Hasabe’s words in this chapter are new – they’re not quoted from another chapter.

Side chapter K1 is when Oka-chan and Katia discussed the four students thought to be dead.

For those who didn’t click the link, “Big G” is how Takeshi Goda from Doraemon is officially called in the English dubs. In Japanese his nickname is Gian, which is how Shiro refers to him here.

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