Slave Harem – 149 – The Waterfall

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The Waterfall

For the dinner, we have special fatty tuna boiled in fish sauce, made by Miria, and breaded pork cutlet.
After all, because Miria would hog the fatty tuna all for herself, I fried some pork, too.
It’s a little hot, so we’ll have to wait.
Tempura shouldn’t be fried for too long.

“So this is fatty tuna, huh? It’s as delicious as I expected.”

When I put the fatty tuna boiled in the fish sauce, made by Miria, in my mouth; it crumbles and melts.
It’s rich in fat.
It’s rich but not excessively rich.

As for richness, it’s the flavor that’s rich.
After slicing a piece, I quickly pass it to Roxanne.

“It’s delicious.”
“This is amazing.”

Roxanne and Sherry swiftly pass the dish between them.
Next, I try the pork cutlet.
Because there’s no sauce, I’m eating it with plain lemon juice.
If I think about it, the fatty tuna broth can do the job.

I run a trial. Pass.
It tastes like miso cutlet.
But we didn’t use miso.
It’s probably due to the fish sauce.

“Miria, can I have just the broth?”
“Okay, desu.”
“Can I have it, too?”

When I take some broth out of the dish, which Miria was holding, Roxanne shows interest in it as well.
It’s B-grade gourmet. When I say it’s B-grade gourmet, I mean that it’s not recommended.
Sherry seems to be content with the lemon juice.

“Hee, may I have some broth, too?”
“Eat fatty tuna, too, desu.”

When Vesta asks for some broth, Miria presents her the dish.
I don’t recommend it, though.

“Okay, thank you very much.”
“Onee-chan, desu.”

Is she looking out for Vesta as her senpai?
But I still don’t recommend it.
I don’t mean to refrain you guys from eating or anything.

The combo of fatty tuna broth and pork cutlet is a new discovery.
Let’s try it again sometime.

The next day. After the breakfast, we head to the clothing shop in the Imperial Capital.

“Welcome, sir. The clothes you ordered are ready.”

The male shop clerk leads me in after greeting and hands me the clothes.
It’s a pure white, silk gown.
By the way, the price of Sherry’s clothes is the same as others’.
But it’s not unreasonable since they are not charging extra for Vesta’s either.

“Sherry, can we change clothes on-site?”
“Yes, there shouldn’t be any problem, I think.”
“I think you can change clothes at the priests’ guild.”

The male shop clerk interjects.
He’s not aware of the fact that I won’t be going to the priests’ guild.
Was it careless of me to ask Sherry here?

Actually, even before that, wouldn’t he be wondering as to why four people of the same party are trying to be shrine maiden?
However, not everyone who applies to be a shrine maiden can become one, so it’s not strange to let all the members have a go at the ascetic training.

“Got it.”
“I look forward to your next visit.”

After the four of them put their clothes in their respective rucksacks, we leave the shop.
From the Imperial Capital’s adventurers’ guild, I warp us to Hafen.
Because the day market would be open at this time and Miria would, therefore, be overly noisy; I warped us to the neighboring woods.

“Miria, do you know where the waterfall is?”
“This way, desu.”

Miria starts walking confidently.
She seems to know it, surprisingly.
Information related to the fishing spots can’t elude her, is that the reason why?
I was thinking of soliciting Field Walk of an adventurer should we be unable to find the location but it doesn’t seem to be required.

“Well, let’s go and have a look then?”
“I guess.”
“Because such an experienced person as Sherry will be teaching us, we are in safe hands.”

I urge Sherry forward and follow after her.

“Go, desu.”
“My pleasure.”

We proceed under Miria’s lead.
The monsters are said to have appeared in the vicinity of the waterfall, so I have Durandal prepared.
Everyone is following Miria.

We advance through the woods on a pathway.
Before long, the pathway narrows down to an animal trail.
Because the waterfall is no longer in the guild’s use, no one would like to go there unnecessarily.

When we move deeper into the woods, it turns into a forest.
Even the animal trail, which was narrowed down from the pathway, has disappeared but we continue to advance.
Durandal has turned into a sickle but we continue to advance.
We advance on the pathway which is no longer a pathway.

There’s no pathway in front of us.
There’s no pathway behind us either. It’s all forest.
Aah, nature.

Aah, Miria.
Does she really know where the waterfall is?
Does she even know that she knows?
She never came here for fishing, I’m certain.

I really wanted to say that but I decide to keep quiet or it’ll be taken as if I don’t trust her.
The other three are following without complaining.
I knew I should have asked of an adventurer, who has visited the waterfall, for help.

The forest opens up a bit after a while.

“There seems to be a river ahead.”

Although it’s not wide, it isn’t narrow enough to be called a stream, so it can be called a river.
Because there’s a waterfall nearby, it’s natural for there to be a river.
Was Miria following the sound of the river?

“It’s river. R-i-v-e-r.”
“River, desu.”
“The waterfall seems to be upriver”
“Let’s go then?”

Now that we are close to the river bank, it has become easier to walk.
Since there’s a river, there must be a waterfall, so I’m feeling better.
While peering into the river water, Miria advances.

Something seems to be ahead.
The moment I thought that, appears a bee.
It’s a Grass Bee.
There’s a Grass Bee at the other end.

Because it’s yellow and black in color, it’s visible inside the forest even from a distance.
The Grass Bee Lv1 closes in on us.

The Grass Bees here seem to actively attack people.
We have walked a distance off Hafen. Is there a labyrinth nearby?
Or is it their route?

“Here it comes.”
“It’s alright.”

I have Roxanne stay put and step forward myself.
I take it on with Durandal which had turned into a sickle.
When I slash the bee, it collapses.
One hit.

“As expected of Master.”
“So the guild seems to have abandoned this waterfall because the Grass Bees appeared.”

According to Sherry, this ascetic training ground has been abandoned due to the Grass Bees.
Most of the people performing the ascetic training to become shrine maiden must be young and low level.
So they won’t take unnecessary risk.
If someone died during the ascetic training, it would be troublesome.

When we move further upriver, there was a waterfall.
The sound of the falling water can be heard.
Although it’s not a big waterfall, it’s a waterfall nonetheless.

The waterfall spans over a 10-meter-wide area.
Its height is about 3 meters.
There’s adequate quantity of water.

“It’s quite a big waterfall.”
“I guess.”

Roxanne nods.

“Of course, that’s why the priests’ guild used it.”

Sherry says affirmatively.
If the waterfall were too small, it would be difficult for the guild to use it as an ascetic training ground.

“Wow, desu.”
“I think it’s a magnificent waterfall.”

If it’s this high, Vesta won’t have any problem.

“Well then, change your clothes behind the waterfall.”
“Umm, okay.”
“No one’s watching. I’ll be on the lookout.”

I send the four of them and patrol the perimeter.
I so wanna watch them changing clothes.
If we were at home, I could see all I wanted.
Here, however, someone has to be on the lookout.

I’m patrolling with Durandal in my hands.
The weather is cool in this part of the forest – the vicinity of the waterfall.
It was hot when we were walking but here, around the waterfall, it’s not.
The breeze is chilly.

On the contrary, it’s good that it’s summer.
We are doing it only for the purpose of acquiring the job. Otherwise, the religious austerities in winter are out-of-fashion now.
Cold weather is terrible.

Patrolling around the waterfall, I tidy up the Grass Bees.
There are quite a few.
They are not appearing in groups, however. It looks more like their route.
Still, I need to be cautious.

After I take some out, Roxanne comes out from the behind the waterfall.
In white clothes.
All four of them are wearing the same, white clothes.

Although it’s not as fitting on the body as a kimono, it still looks sexy, strangely.
There’s just one sheet of fabric on top of the undergarment.
The seam on Roxanne’s and Vesta’s chests is loose.
They look savory.

At some places on the arms and the shoulders, it’s see-through.
It feels same as seeing the bra-line through the shirt of a highschool girl.
But there are no bras here, so no bra-line can be seen.
The only undergarment they’re wearing underneath is the pumpkin-pantsu.

I want to push them down but I restrain myself after I remind myself of the purpose of this visit.
Patience. Patience.

“Do I have to stand in line with the waterfall so that the falling water strikes my head?”
“Yes. It’s said that it eradicates impure thoughts from your mind and unites you with the god. After you unite with the god, you receive a holy power. The power to heal those whom you hold dear.”

Sherry teaches me the steps.
There were some parts in her explanation full of mysticism which I ignored.

“Can you demonstrate, please?”
“O-Okay. I couldn’t become a shrine maiden, though.”
“It’s alright, you just have to show us the steps.”
“Err… Umm… That… We need someone to be on the lookout up the waterfall.”

I urge Sherry to demonstrate but she lacks confidence.
Even though it’s all good.

“Well then, I’ll be on the lookout.”

When Roxanne volunteers, Sherry resignedly enters the basin of the waterfall.
The white clothing, now wet, sticks to her skin.
Like I thought, the white, thin silk is see-through.

No, don’t.
I must not lose sight of the purpose.
I take my clothes off, too.
It’s all for the sake of the purpose.

The falling water strikes Sherry.
While the white splashes were scattering off her head, she was withstanding the force of the water.
If it’s this season, the temperature of the water won’t be an issue.

Roxanne and Vesta are taking turns on the lookout and observing Sherry.
I’m not watching just Sherry. I’m paying attention to the surroundings, too.
But I can’t see clearly through the waterfall.

“Fish, desu.”

A certain someone is on the lookout for something totally else.
Before long, Sherry comes out of the waterfall.
The water is dripping off her.
The white clothes, which are now completely wet, are sticking to her skin.

Don’t. Don’t.
Don’t lose sight of the purpose.

“Such a feeling.”
“Is that so? I’ll be next then. Vesta, take this sword. I’ll leave the monsters to you.”

I ask of Vesta and pass Durandal to her.
I try not to look at the girls and enter the basin.
The purpose comes first.
Don’t get caught up in the evil thoughts.

The basin of the waterfall is about 1-meter deep.
It may be even deeper but I choose the shallower spot and stand under the waterfall.
The flow is quite strong.
The water keeps on falling.

It’s difficult.
When the water falls onto me, the force shakes my entire body.
In order not to get washed away under the flow of water, I have the axis of my body parallel to the waterfall.
Perfectly straight and perpendicular (to the ground).

The water is striking the top of my head.
The water is falling.
The water is falling. The water is falling.
The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling. The water is falling.

Don’t think about anything else.
The water is falling on top of my head.
A lot of water is falling on top my head.
There’s no other place for it to fall onto.

After withstanding it for a while, I come out of the waterfall.
I open Job Settings interface and check my jobs out.

Priest Lv1
Effects | Small Increase in MP | Minute Increase in Intelligence
Skill | Area of Effect Healing

I have acquired Priest.

Getting struck by waterfall is considered ascetic training, surely.
I can’t think of anything else.
The ascetic training is a method of mind unification.
Mind unification seems to be the requirement of acquiring Priest and Shrine Maiden.

Priest’s skill is the same as the skill of Sherry’s Shrine Maiden.
Priest and Shrine Maiden are the same jobs.
Priest is for males while Shrine Maiden is for females.

“How was it?”
“To stand in line with the waterfall really was terrible. By the way, Sherry, you seem to have acquired Shrine Maiden, too.”
“Is that true?”
“Why would I lie to you?”

Well, technically, it’s not a lie.
It’s true that Sherry has acquired Shrine Maiden.
Did I ever say that she acquired it now?

“Thank you very much.”

Sherry seems to be pleased, so it was worth it.

“Well then, go up and swap places with Roxanne.”

I have Sherry go up.
The white clothing, stuck to her back, is looking sexy.
The purpose has already been fulfilled.
I can now watch slowly and thoroughly.

“Miria, Vesta, stand in line with the waterfall. You already know the steps, I believe.”
“I think it’ll be alright.”
“Yes, desu.”

Miria was puzzled but when I point to the waterfall, she nods and goes ahead.
Vesta hands Durandal over to me before entering the waterfall.
Her watermelons, covered by the gown, tied with a string, look magnificent.
Roxanne, too, has come down the top of the waterfall.

“Roxanne, stand in line with the waterfall.”
“Okay, understood.”

When she enters, her chest shakes intensely.
Because her clothes are loose, it’s shaking even more violently.
This destructive force is immense.
Even more so than the waterfall.

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