Slave Harem – 150 – Priest

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Following Miria and Vesta, Roxanne enters the waterfall and starts the ascetic training.
The figures of the three, lined up in white clothes, look extremely sexy.
Even though I can’t see clearly due to the splashing water.

Miria comes out of the waterfall first.
Her wet hair looks beautiful.
Her skin, which can be seen through her wet clothes, looks sexy, too.
But she hasn’t acquired Shrine Maiden.

It was a little too early for it to be acquired.
Even I was struck by the waterfall for a longer period of time, I think.

“Try again.”

I have her start again.
Miria enters the waterfall again.
The next to come out is, again, Miria.
This time, she entered last, so she ought to have come out last, no?

“Difficult, desu.”
“Unify your mind properly.”
“Do, desu.”

I send her back.
Will it be alright?
In the worst case, Miria won’t be able to acquire Shrine Maiden.
That’ll be alright, too.

Vesta comes out next.
She’s panting; her chest is heaving under her white clothes.

Thin, wet silk is clinging to her chest.
Her large fruits are gently wrapped.
Her light-brown skin can clearly be seen through her white clothes.
I wonder how the contrast of dark skin under the white clothes would look like.

“I think I was able concentrate but I’m not too sure.”

She did concentrate.
For she has acquired Shrine Maiden.
I, however, can’t concentrate.
No, wait. Am I not already concentrating on ‘it’?

“Is that so? Well, Vesta doesn’t have to stand in line with the waterfall anymore. You have acquired Shrine Maiden.”

It really is convenient to be able to check the jobs of the party members.
I can immediately tell if they have succeeded in acquiring the job.

“Thank you very much. There’s a monster.”

Vesta points.
I was concentrating only on ‘Vesta’ but she seemed to be attentive of the surroundings.
She saved us.

I attack with Durandal and cut the Grass Bee.
I don’t have any equipment on but I was still able to take it out in one hit?
I only put the shoes on.
There’s no problem in getting wet for it’s summer.

I return after finishing the bee off.
From Vesta’s side, I check her and Roxanne out.


Miria comes out of the waterfall but I send her back.
I doubt she’s concentrating properly.

Roxanne has yet to come out.
Based on the Party Job Settings, she hasn’t acquired Shrine Maiden yet.
She seems to be struggling.

Vesta and I acquired the job immediately.
Is this what you call ‘cut out for the job’?

“How was it to get struck by the waterfall, Vesta?”
“It was very relaxing. My consciousness faded in comfort.”

Was that so?
Did it really feel good?
It was a waterfall, after all.
It wasn’t a hot water shower.

Dragon Knights are tenacious, is that why?
Because she’s taller than me, the force of the water would be relatively less on her.
But I don’t think it was just that.

Because it’s Vesta, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t thinking about anything.
People who don’t think about anything seem to acquire Shrine Maiden quickly.
I acquired Priest quickly, too.
Was I really not thinking about anything?
Nah, Sherry acquired Shrine Maiden, too.
I hope she’s okay.

“It’s difficult.”

Roxanne comes out.
She’s wet; her clothes are sticking to her skin.
It matches well with her white skin.

Miss Cherry in white silk. (TN: Sakuranbo-san)
My consciousness is completely concentrated at one place.
This seems to be the way of acquiring Priest.

“When the water was falling, was your consciousness not concentrated on the flow of water?”
“Un, the water was falling here like this and there like this.”

I don’t get what she means by ‘here like this and there like this’.
It’s not good for the cognitive faculties to be too strong.
I wonder if Roxanne’s perception is oversensitive.
Although it’s useful in perceiving movement of a monster and dodge its attack but it’s not suitable for mind unification.

“Perceive the flow of water as a whole.”
“I’ll try.”

After giving a piece of advice to Roxanne, I send her back.
Right after, Miria comes out.
Miria’s perception is, likewise, too strong.
But I get to look at her wet figure, so it’s good.

After I send Miria back, Roxanne comes out.
She has acquired Shrine Maiden.

“Ooh, you did it. You have acquired Shrine Maiden.”
“Yes, thank you very much. I was able to understand the flow of water as a whole, somehow.”

Did you understand?
Even I don’t understand, although I was the one who taught you.
I wonder what it was that you understood.
Oh well, because Miss Cherry seems pleased, it’s good.

“What’s Miria’s progress?”
“She has understood the flow of water as a whole but…”

Miria came out but she still hadn’t acquired Shrine Maiden.
Roxanne demonstrated it to her via exaggerated movement.

“Miria, if you are trying to catch fish and it senses you, it flees, right?”
“Yes, desu.”
“Therefore, in order not to let the fish escape, you hide your presence, right? Similarly, when you’re under the waterfall, you have to become one with it. If you become one with the waterfall, the fish won’t be able to flee.”
“Understand, desu.”

After coming up with some bullshit, I send her back.
It’s the only piece of advice I can give her.
After getting struck by the waterfall for quite a long period of time, Miria comes out.
She has acquired Shrine Maiden.

“Alright. Well done, Miria.”
“Fish, catch, desu.”

Do I have to make some fish food for her?

“Everyone has acquired the job. Very well done.”

After calling Sherry back, I appreciate everyone.

“Thank you very much.”
“It’s great that I could acquire it this time.”
“Catch, desu.”
“I think it’s great.”

Sherry didn’t acquire the job this time but, like she said, it’s great nevertheless.
The four beauties, lined up in white clothes, wet, are looking spectacular.
Sherry’s clothes, however, have dried up, somewhat.
What a sight. A sight for sore eyes.

“In the future, I’ll normally be the healer. However, the higher we move up the floors, the more difficult it’ll get to heal, so I’ll have everyone try Shrine Maiden out. The more healing options we have, the better.”
“Okay. I would like to try it.”

As expected, Roxanne steps forward.
Making Roxanne a Shrine Maiden is an option, too.

“Earlier, because Shrine Maiden was attractive, I tried to acquire the job. Now, however, I would like to stick to Master Smith to gain more experience in order to be able to make more equipment.”
“Sherry will be Master Smith then. As for Miria, her main job will be Assassin.”
“Do, desu.”

It’s a good thing that she wants to be an Assassin, isn’t it?
Then why am I feeling uneasy?

“I think I’ll do fine as a Shrine Maiden, too.”
“In your case, Vesta, I think Dual Wielding brings a good balance, so I’ll have you keep Dragon Knight as your main job.”

So, is Roxanne the only one able to take up Shrine Maiden?
Under present conditions, she can reach Lv10 in a blink of an eye.
It’s better to try various things out.

“Alright. For now, let’s go back home.”

I decide to return home.
Although spending some time playing in the river may not be a bad idea, there may be Helicobacter Pylori.
Also, there’s another reason.

“It’ll be a waste to use this outfit just once.”
“It can be used as nightwear once dried.”
“I guess.”

I go behind the waterfall while talking to Roxanne.
After confirming that everyone has packed their baggage, I cast Warp and head back home.
It goes without saying that I removed Priest immediately upon returning home and selected Sex Maniac.
There’s a limit to my patience.

After a short break, we entered the labyrinth.
I tried Priest out.
I removed Monk and selected Priest but could find no opportunity to test it.
Was the time insufficient?

The next morning. I get to use the skill of Priest for the first time.
After the Scissors Lizard launches area of effect magic attack, I cast Area of Effect Healing.

“Did you guys recover properly?”
“Yes, we are fine.”

After taking the monsters out, I confirm.
Everyone seems to have been healed properly.
Because Area of Effect Healing can heal all the members at the same time, it’s really convenient.

There’s no way of knowing exactly but the extent of Priest’s healing seemed somewhat less than Monk’s.
Should I revert back?
It may be due to the fact that Priest is low level at this point.

Ooi, MP consumption is high, too.
But it can’t be helped.
If Priest could heal everyone at the same time for the same consumption of MP, no one would go for Monk.
The reduction in the efficiency of MP consumption is unavoidable.

After the breakfast, we played with the Scissors Lizards till the evening.
During the entire day in the labyrinth, we were bombarded with a few area of effect magic attacks.
In a large group of monsters, the Scissors Lizard in the back row was especially troublesome.
Even if it used magic attack, we couldn’t do anything for Sherry’s spear can’t reach that far.

Now, however, even it attacks continuously, there’s nothing to be worried about for I have Area of Effect Healing.
There’s nothing to be concerned about on 23rd floor anymore.
There shouldn’t be any problem in moving up to the next floor.

“Master, there’s a message from Mr. Luke. He has successfully bid on a Caterpillar Monster Card.”

Evening. When we return home after buying food ingredients, there was a note from Luke at the entrance.
He seems to have successfully bid on a Caterpillar Monster Card.
Now that I have Earring of Offerings, I can’t switch accessories every time I use Durandal.
With this, every problem we could encounter on 23rd floor would be solved.

“There’s still some time left? I’ll be heading to the Merchant’s Guild. I’ll have to ask of you guys to prepare the dinner.”
“Okay, understood. Please take care.”

Strike while the iron is hot.
I should obtain it as quickly as possible.
I returned a little ahead of time to prepare the bath but I decide to head to the Merchant’s Guild.

Lately, with the skill of Jobless, it has become easier to heat the bath, so we take bath almost everyday.
Although we were struck by the waterfall just yesterday, relaxing in the hot water is something entirely else.

In the Merchant’s Guild, I call for Luke.
Luke comes over right away.
I go to the meeting room and buy the Caterpillar Monster Card.
It’s a genuine card.

If I fuse it with the Earring of Offerings, I’ll have two spare Sacrificial Misangas.
It’s more than enough, isn’t it?
Should I withdraw the order of Caterpillar Monster Cards then?
Or should I get one more monster card as a spare?

I’ll withdraw the order next time.
I would be able to give an excuse that the Monster Card Fusion succeeded last time.
Only after buying several times can I say that it succeeded.

“Also, there’s a message for you from the order of Harz Duchy knights. You are required to appear at your earliest.”

In addition to the monster card, Luke also had a message for me.
A summon from the Duke of Harz.
His stock of mirrors must have depleted.

“Got it. I’ll go tomorrow.”

Now that I have been called, I can’t not go.
After receiving the message, I return home.

After the dinner, I take out the Earring of Offerings and the Caterpillar Monster Card, and hand it to Sherry.

“Do you want to have it fused?”
“It’s the Caterpillar Monster Card which I bought just now. Would it be fine with an earring? The equipment would break if Sacrifice skill were to activate but…”

When Sacrifice skill activates, the equipment will break. This is the reason why this skill is normally attached to such a cheap equipment as misanga.
It’s a shame that an equipment could break if this skill were attached to it.
However, because the number of equipment one can put on is limited, I can’t waste a precious space on Sacrificial Misanga.
Also, thus far, it hasn’t activated even once, so I don’t care.

“Although it may break, it can’t be helped.”
“If I remember correctly, isn’t this the same earring which the Goat Monster Card was fused with last time?”
“This is the same earring.”

Sherry stiffens.

“It’s alright.”
“Umm, if the fusion fails, the previously, painstakingly attached skill will be lost.”
“No problem.”

Although I have told her that I can tell whether a skill can be attached or not, I haven’t expressly told her that I can use Appraisal.
She’s under pressure.
Oh well, as long as there is an empty skill slot, the fusion will succeed.

“O-Okay, I’ll perform the fusion then.”

After calming herself down, Sherry picks up the Earring of Offerings and the monster card with difficulty.
When she invokes the skill, her hands start glowing.
The moment the light subsides, the Earring of Offerings was remaining.

Earring of Offerings | Accessory
Skills | 2x Intelligence | Sacrifice | Empty

Even though there are two skills now, the name of the Earring of Offerings has still not changed?
One skill slot is still empty.

“Ooh, you did it, didn’t you? As expected of Sherry.”
“Thank you very much.”

Like I conjectured, if there are multiple empty skill slots, multiple skills can be attached.
Sherry’s playing field has expanded from this point onward.

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