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I’m back, ladies and gentlemen! Sorry it took me a week (give or take three days :P) to finish this chapter! Like, I’m totally sorry! Also, a note here, Shock magic is a level down from Lightning magic, I.E: it’s electricity magic but not to the power of Lightning magic. How? Why? Find out later on in the chapter!

Translator: Raizu

Editor & TLC: Light

Special thanks to Scythal for editing the last page for me! If not for him, this would’ve been released tomorrow~

「Master, I hope that you won’t be using that magic…」

「Yes, I know, that magic is an exception」

「Ahh, got it. But I’ll be using other types of magic, alright?」 (Light: Rhetorical question)

Zir went “Umu” while I nodded. Honestly though, by burning the Skeleton Warrior using 【Shock Magic】, I’ll be able to wipe the floor with it. However, it seems that as long as Zir was safe, it’ll be able to resurrect… But anyhow, even if I win that way, Zir probably won’t be convinced. Even though I’ve just learned it, and am itching to use it, I’ll have to restrain myself.

Lowering my center of gravity by spreading my legs to shoulder-width, I got ready to intercept the Skeleton Warrior with his nodachi, using 【Zetsumu】.
From its stance, I feel like he’s not ordinary at all…Or rather, it’s the first time I’ve ever met a monster that’s using a 【Stance】.

「Oi, Zir. Isn’t this fellow somehow strange!?」

「Kufufu. Master, that guy is under my control. But of course he has a decent amount of ability.」

「No, that’s not what I mean!!」

As I desperately try to question Zir, the Skeleton warrior started moving in order to attack.

It swung down the nodachi from the top of its head in order to make the best use of the sword’s weight. A blow which doesn’t only use the power of the weapon, but also the muscles of its wielder’s entire body, is without a doubt, able to easily destroy a human’s body.
Of course, that’s if it’s able to hit.

「Fuu, dangerous, dangerous. Heck, a skeleton doesn’t have muscles.」

I pulled my body and was somehow able to avoid the deadly blow, and then quickly tried to counterattack. The instant that I avoided his attack, I swung my sword sideways without changing my posture.

The Skeleton Warrior swayed, and I ended up striking the arm that did not hold the nodachi.

I landed a blow which I put my whole weight behind. During the time I struck the hand of the Skeleton Warrior, I casted 【Earth Magic】 on the ground below the Skeleton Warrior and made it sink 15cm. The Skeleton Warrior posture was thus destroyed as soon as the ground sunk. I didn’t miss this chance, and used 【Fire Magic】 to throw a Fireball.

The Skeleton Warrior is blown backwards by several meters. The Fireball hit a bone directly, because it was directed to a part of it’s body that was not covered in a metallic armor.

When the sand cleared up, the Skeleton Warrior has already fallen. Because the lower part of his spine seemed to have been lost, it’s unable to move. It tried several times to stand up and move its body, but to no avail.

Just as I thought that it was finally over, a pale light started wrapping around the Skeleton Warrior’s Belly.
Huh? The moment that I was stuck in bewilderment over what’s happening, it rose up and started rushing towards me.

「Zir, recovery is unfair!!」

「What are you going about. Isn’t this a practical use of magic?」

「As expected from medical recovery, the heavy damage it has taken earlier is recovered in instant!!」

As I was saying that, the Skeleton Warrior was searching for a chance to attack with its sword.
We’ve crossed swords several times now, and as expected, its blows are quite heavy. I judged that it’s impossible to win depending on strength only, so I decided to use a magic sword.

「Take this, Fire Sword!!」

The fire, which is now coating the sword, is not only for offensive, but also defensive. It’s effective as long as it’s able to hit.

The fire spread on the other party and deprived it from its visibility. In addition, I felt sympathy toward the Skeleton Warrior as I used 【Wind Magic】 to fan the fire into a small 『Flame Whirlwind』.

「How about this!!」

The Skeleton Warrior managed to escape from the 『Flame Whirlwind』 with a tattered body.

The moment before it almost died, its whole body was wrapped, yet again, with light. The Skeleton Warrior has fully recovered.

I’m fed up with this, and am somehow searching for a way to end it all.

「Now that I think about it, that pale light for recovery earlier seems different from the usual recovery magic.」

It might be an exclusive recovery magic for the Undead.

「Ah, I might be able to use that…」

I started feeding magic to the sword.
I notice that the Skeleton Warrior is running toward me, so I dash forward to meet him.

The moment before our swords crossed, I used 【Wind Magic】 to protect my body and dodged the Skeleton Warrior’s slash by a hair’s length. Although I had escaped a slash to my flank with my sense of counter, I slashed at his back.

The Skeleton Warrior turned around, and started walking. One step, two step and finally three steps. It then fell down with a sound, and didn’t move again at all.

「What, not recovering? What did you do!?」

「Fuu, it turned out well」

『Master, I request an explanation. Zir’s magic should still be enough. Why is it unable to revive?』

「Sure, I’ll tell you sooner or later.」

I sat down on the ground. I see, the story about a Necromancer that took down the town alone might be true.
Just one Skeleton Warrior is able to turn me into this state. What if there were a dozen of them? The town might truly be ruined.

「Well then, I’ll be returning to my magic training, so don’t disturb me.」

「I’ll remember this time.」

『Master, I hope for observation』

Both of them seem like they’re going to remain here.
I take out the broken 『Clock』 from my leather bag.

This old pendulum clock, no matter how many times I wind-up the spring, it seems that it comes to
a stop approximately 30 minutes later…

After confirming that when I wind the spring and the clock starts ticking, I start pouring magic into the clock.

So, considering when you put magic into fire, then it’ll result in 【Fire Magic】. When you put magic into an electric current, then it’ll result in 【Shock Magic】. Then if I want to learn 【Time magic】, then that might be possible with this 『Clock』

Slowly, the clock is soaked with magic. Is this working right? Let’s try moving the second hand as well.(TN: Second hand might means the Minutes Line/Tick)

The second-hand started to make a gigigi sound and move in a reverse-rotation. However, there is nothing unusual about it. Let’s stop the second-hand for now…and as expected, nothing happened.

Still, it’s a fact that we’re able to operate the clock. When checking my Status, I found out that I learned a new magic called 【Mental Force Magic】, even though I don’t remember learning it at all.

This seems like a magic that’s able to move objects from a remote place without touching them. Long story short, it’s telekinesis.
When I asked about 『Mental Force Magic』 from the Book of Wisdom, it explained what it knows. (Light: I was very tempted to go with 『The Force』)

『Mental Force Magic is a magic that doesn’t have many uses. To begin with, this magic is only passed down in a certain clan. I once heard that there was a man in power who feared to be assassinated by this power because it’s harder to perceive than other magics, so the entire clan that used it were exterminated. Is the Owner one of the clan’s survivors?』

It seems that I have to remember to not show this magic in other people’s presence too much.
It wouldn’t be a problem, since I don’t really plan on using it.

「I am, neither the hero nor a survivor of a ruined clan.」

Because of the Book of Wisdom, I explained 【Shock Magic】 and 【Mental Force Magic】.

「What do you think about Lightning?」

『Lightning is, one of the techniques that God used in order give out Divine Judgment. However, the people who are surrounding the guilty person would also get hit. It’s all because they weren’t able to stop the person, so they’re judged to be guilty as well.』 (TN: Lightning is an AOE magic :>)

No no no, that’s way too unreasonable. I don’t really want to speak badly about the gods, since they’re giving me their divine protection…

「It might not related to God, and just be a coincidence.」

『However, it’s also true that the Lightning  hits the ones who commit the sins』

「What if the the sin has already been committed, and the sinner is not struck by lightning. Does that mean that lightning is limited only to some of the sinners?」

『The Book of Wisdom』 pondered for a bit.

『Indeed, I can understand that. Although it’s the truth that sinners get stricken by lightning, it could be that it is also mean that it is not limited to them as well…』 (Light: As in, the lightning could hit anywhere, and just coincidently hits a person. “Oh no, he was hit by lightning! Divine judgment!! This guy, who i’ve known for my whole life, who never stole or sinned or even hurt a fly, must be a sinner!”)

「In the country that I live in, lightning is classified as nothing but a natural phenomenon. It’s even been clarified how it works.」

『I can’t even imagine how lightning and a fruit are of the same nature. Please, if you can enlighten me?』 (Light: Remember back to how he learned shock magic.)

「Let’s see. To put it simply, Lightning is a movement of a power.」


「Right. For example, if the temperature in a room is cooled down with ice, then the moment when the room’s door opens, the hot air outside would enter, right? That is, the air will start moving and begin changing into same temperature」.

『It’s possible to understand, but it’s not possible to sympathize because I don’t have a body』

「I see. Lightning is the movement of a thing called electrons. When the Electrons are in a state of being between both coldness and hotness, the phenomenon as Lightning occurs. As for why Lightning falls from the sky, toward both people and buildings alike, is because it’s really easy to move through them.」 (Light: Don’t have a science background concerning lightning, so I’m giving Jesus the wheels and going to follow the raw…)

『I see, then, why does lightning occur within a fruit?』

「Though the scale is a bit smaller, the same thing would happen when two surfaces of metals, one cold and the other hot, come into contact…That way, I guess the fruit would become the cloud?」(Light: I’m really not sure about this one. Neither is Raizu…「規模は小さいけど、この2枚の金属の板が暑いと冷たいの代わりをしてるのさ、ちなみに果物は雲の代わりかな」)

This explanation should be good enough. No one knows the exact details anyway, so I can’t be blamed if I’m wrong.

「Then, 【Shock Magic】 and 【Lightning Magic】, are there no differences between them??」

「Well, isn’t the difference between them is whether they have the power of a god within or not?」

「Right. Back in my country, Lightning is written as 『Kaminari』, that’s because there’s probably some of god’s power within.」 (Light: Alright, this would be a bit complicated to explain as an editor. So, What he means by that is, that lightning is stronger than shock magic. Why? Because it has 【Kami】(God) in 【Kaminari】(Lightning). Usually, they use this kanji for lightning 雷 but while explaining, he used this kanji 神鳴. It’s all to showcase Kami “神” in Kaminari “神鳴” which means God. So, what he means is, Lightning has a bit of the power of a god, that’s why it’s more powerful than shock magic. It’s all guesses on his part, I think. Gosh, I feel like a translator =3=)

There’s also something about the Olympia’s Sacred Fire being lit by the power of the sun, so an artificial electric current might not be judged the same as 『Lightning』.
My 【Shock Magic】 is completely artificial; this interpretation about the comparison between them is quite persuasive at the moment. (Light: He can’t help but agree about the difference in power between his own magic and lightning magic.)

『I understand. Then, what about 【Mental Force Magic】…?』

「I don’t understand it either. Anyway, It seems to be a force that is able to move an object without touching it.」

『I don’t understand. Please explain it more concretely』

「In that case, let me make you experience it first hand.」

『What do you mean?』

I use 【Mental Force Magic】 to lift Zir who’s carrying 『Book of Wisdom』 off the ground.

「Uwa, what. Master, Don’t surprise me.」

Zir is more surprised than the 『Book of Wisdom』. The 『Book of Wisdom』 itself shows a different reaction, like its uninterested as it talked in a matter-of-fact tone.

『Fumu, Although I don’t understand why we are flying, I certainly didn’t detect any magic. Being able to feel such a rare magic is a great experience』

It said so in a flat-tone, but it seems quite happy about it.

『Umu, collecting new knowledge is really wonderful. I am lucky that I was able to meet such a knowledgeable owner as well.』

「I see, well, I’ve also had you teach me about 『Youth Medicine』. We’re even.」

『From now on, I request that you complete my lacking knowledge.』

「If you’re good with me doing so during my free time, then sure.」

Since there is still some time, I want to practice my 【Shock Magic】 which was banned on the previous fight. First, let’s do it the orthodox way by cladding my sword in it.

Sometimes, a “ji-jitto” sound is heard while lightning runs on the surface of sword. I try to get the sword through the trunk of the fallen tree I took down a little while ago. Although I feel a resistance, I can make round slices on it. My sword leave a burnt mark on the cut section but it’s still beautiful in its own way. This technique probably can be used as an attack (TN: Lightning sword). It likely will create an electroshock if my opponent used a metal shield to guard my attack.
Next is long-distance attack. I accumulate Electricity Magic in my left-hand because my sword is in my right-hand.

Thanks to the last shooting experience, I have a better grasp on the required time to collect the energy compared to other magics.

To shock my target, I have to discharge the electricity in its vicinity. In order to do that, however, I must charge up a high amount of power.
After shooting it with at full power, something seems to bother me.

My body feels more and more sandy after repeating the process of charging to the limit followed by shooting for several times..

I remove the sand nearly covering my whole body. How did that happen? When I fighting the Skeleton Warrior earlier, I was still clean.
I realize something after thinking about it. I have shot Shock magic too much. My body was polarized. This sand is an iron sand…

「I see, Magnetism. If I use Shock for awhile, I might able to develop something.」

I decide to conceive something based on magnetism from this discovery.

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