Alice Tale ~ Chapter 44 ~ The Winner’s Privilege

First and foremost, I must apologist for the delay. Life sort of took a hit. In addition, I got a little addicted to another novel, leading to me procrastinating on this chapter.

If you guys are lurking around the chatbox, you might get hints about the novel I am raving about. So stay tuned on Valentine’s day. You might get a surprise.

TL: Fairy
Editors: Pandaant & Desmerit


TL: With many of you commenting that it’s confusing. The setting is at the waiting room of the battle tournament as stated in the previous chapter.

The Winner’s Privilege


「Fu,Fun. To boil or to grill, do as you like! For Éclair is not particularly afraid of it!」

After battling with Éclair and returning back to the  waiting room, soon after, Éclair was being brought here by the tournament committee.
Hanging at the sides of her hips are her crimson red hair in a twin ponytail.
Walking everywhere as if she is flapping her wings, with almond shaped eyes which are sky-blue rather than light blue.
Her double tooth protruding obviously and firmly from the sides of her mouth

This kid has full marks for charm, I guess?

「If you were to say that, those kinds of words do exist, I guess……」

If one is to give in at the battle tournament, you ought to present something to the opponent.
That something itself is a vague expression but it can be said that in short you have to present a tribute that is of equal value to your opponent.
Incidentally, even if you escape, you will be placed on the wanted list, so it seems pointless.
The battle tournament is terrifying in that sense.

「How should I put it, why is it that Éclair has to be responsible for this alone? Isn’t it a fact that she is the Steardheart’s representative?」

「That is my defeat nano. Things such as receiving backings, is forever my humiliation.」

「Did they abandoned you?」

「Yes, is it bad?」

It’s not that bad per se
It’s more like constricting the noose around your own neck.
「What do you think, Ilya?」

「If you were to pick up the abandoned goods here, you will be seen lightly. Please be a compassionate person. 」

「….. And that’s what my right hand lady says. 」

「I-I-Isn’t it obvious? In the world of competition, it’s not that sweet afterall. In addition, you had resolute yourself and decided to participate in the contest!」

Oi Oi。
She is shuddering like a fawn. So cuteee.

「Ec..Éclairs important thing. I will give it to you, Alice!」



「Im..Important things?」

「Important things are important things! Don’t make me say it a number of times, Baka!」

Éclair, who turned bright red till her neck, avert her face with all her might.

――What has just happened, Alice?

Calm down
Stay Cool.
Think about it.
This is the deciding point of the conversation!

Éclair is cute.
A pretty girl ( Bishoujo)
Such a girl’s important thing?

Sweat flowed on my cheeks.
No no no, think about it in a fantasy setting.
For kids, their important thing is definitely their heirloom magic item, isn’t it that sort of thing?
Not a chanceー, if it’s Alice-san, it’s the lowestー.
In the first place, I am not a girl…

「……Fellow females, what do you think?」

I tried asking really seriously.

「I-I am thinking about freedom in particular.」

Éclairs high pitched nasal voice tickled my ears.
Am I said to be lagging behind?

Or, is this the world standard in the fantasy world?
With this, has our conversation concluded?

Chi, Read the mood!
I don’t understand what is going on.


TL: It’s more like getting really surprised hii -ck!

A icy cold voice rang out right beside me.

「Wh..What is it, Ilya?」
What’s with that look filled of scorn?!
No, I will blame it on the mood, or my persecution complex.
During the times when someone felt guilty in their heart, of their own accord they will project it out to others.

「If you ever become a slave, I believe you have an average value of one platinum coin. 」

「――Ehh, Slave?」


「Kaka, I’m prepared! No matter what kind of bullying, I will not be daunted! 」
Ahh, that sort of thing?
That sort of thing?

「That important thing of yours is the status…?」

「I don’t have on hand, so it can’t be helped.」
Éclair as usual is barking*wan wan*

Isn’t it great to be this lively.

「Yes, Ojou-sama.」

「Getting defeated once, you ought to lose everything, isn’t it?」

「It’s a difficult question.」

「I do not think that way. I believe in having the chance to start all over again.」


「Yeah, I do not want to place shackles onto Eclair. I believe Eclair flapping her wings freely suits her better. Don’t you think so?」

「If that’s what Ojou-sama says」

Therefore, I will not be sinned for the possibility of nipping a young bud.
I have mistaken!
I was lost in my greed!
I am despicable!

「With that said, Éclair……」


With her glance as if our friendship is sprouting.

「――Become my slave」

「What is the meaning of your statement!?」

My Myー
I didn’t decide this out of jest you know?
I want Éclair but being a slave beside me, there is something wrong about it

「Really… Although I did not offer a substitute for myself, please do not continue in the battle tournament. Don’t you worry about it?」

「Fun~, I do not plan to lose you know.」

At the side, I felt a gaze implicitly asking “Did Ojou-sama said that?” but but I don’t mind it

「Nee, Éclair. I don’t say that I want you to stay by my side forever. However, I want to meet you again. I will only say this time, I am lonely without you.」

(Éclair)「Wh..What… But Éclair does not plan to let you escape while being ahead. 」

「That’s great. So―― Good luck?」

With the winner’s privilege, I forcefully entwined my pinky with Éclair’s pinky.

「We are friends. Let’s meet up someday again. It’s a promise」

Once finishing my words, I did a pinky promise with her.
I didn’t mind about Éclair not knowing about pinky promises and her bewildered expression.
Such an Éclair, after staring blanking at her own pinky, hurriedly stepped back forcefully.

「It’s wrong! Alice! Éclair and you aren’t particularly friends.」

That gaze of hers is really lively as her mood cleared up.
「You are Éclairs rival ! Therefore remember it please!」
TL: She is getting frustrated at the end

With such a lively declaration, the flame girl left the waiting room.
The battle tournament management committee also shook their heads and left the room without any issues.
And with that. peace return back to the waiting room.
At the corner are Til who went through it as if it doesn’t concern her and Saira who is wearing her headband without fail breathe a sigh of relief.
Speaking of which, is Til sleeping? .. She is fast asleep.
And in addition to that, Éclair.
With just her around, it become dazzling like the sun.
Truly an epitome of the sun.

「I think she is too good for you.」

「Fufu, You think so? She being a slave, I hate it. That’s what Eclair had conveyed to me. 」

「What about me?」

「As for Ilya, if you are not beside me all the time, I will be troubled.」

「――Fufu, Yes my lady.」

Thus presently, the formidable best 8 match has concluded.

As always, the world seems huge to me.



「The silver lightning spirit?」

The next day afternoon.
I visited Francesca at her mansion to discuss about reaching the top four and the future, parroted out the two words that came out from Francesca’s mouth.
Today, I had entrusted Ilya with other matters so therefore I am alone.
「I see desuwa~. Now, there is a huge rumor spreading in the streets? Don’t you know?」
TL: Francesca started speaking in a honorific form. 1 level higher than the normal in terms of respect.

Francesca elegantly brought her afternoon tea to her lips as she smiled sweetly.

Sitting in an elegant posture directly opposite me, with her butler standing behind her as usual.
Despite being of the same age, she have a somewhat fascinating seductiveness around her.

「……This is the first time I am hearing this. 」
「Fufu, really? Then , on the way back to the hotel, try waving your hand at the passerbys? I am sure that everyone will be very happy desuwa~ 」

「I will be tactful」

Why am I requested to do such things…

「Even just looking at you from the side, Alice looks really beautiful. If there are no rumors around, then it will be more weird. In addition, you had just cleared Best 8 in a striking manner」

It’s all Éclairs fault!!
TL: Alice is blaming on Éclair

She used her flashy magic ignorantly!
I dislike that kind of flashiness.

…. But I can’t just escape from that.

「The opponent is also very gorgeous/ showy, isn’t she.」
「Eh? Speaking of which, you had watched my match? Fran」


I tilted my head at Francesca who didn’t respond.

「Ehhh? I definitely watched it. Fran had said so.」

With Francesca propping her face with her hands breathe a sigh of yearning.
「Eh? I had said that you can’t?」

「No! What did you say , Alice! The things I said once, it’s impossible to revoke it desuwa~! Therefore, from now on, you must call me Fran. 」

「E..Eh? I am strong you know, Fran. 」

Commoners can’t understand the troubles of a Ohime-sama.

「I am sorry that I offended you. And you want to talk about Reynold, I guess? 」

「Yeah, as he will be my next opponent. 」
Francesca stood up straight and closed her eyes and started to think deeply
Reynold Sacramento
A knight with airs of a prince.
Out of the 3 Big families, if I remembered he would be called obo~chama since he is the sacramento’s distinguished son. that would be the reason behind his ability.

TL: This sentence means that if you consider that he is the son of a distinguished family( Sacramento), aka he is Bocchan ( which means son of the family if you read Nisekoi) , he will definitely is stronk.

Looking at the opposite block, as expected, Austria is also present.
It becomes like this eventually huh.
In the beginning, Francesca said that after entering, even if I lose immediately, she doesn’t mind. Now, I understand the meaning of what she said.
After best 16 and best 8, there is no meaning if I do not defeat this opponent.
These matches, even the preliminary rounds as well as Best 4, the essence doesn’t change.
The significance is that if you win through, there is no point other than winning the overall competition.

「Honestly speaking, it doesn’t matter to me if Alice pulls out from here.」

「Is it due to from now on, the risk will just increase steadily? 」

「If you look into that sort of eyes once, I think you will understand. In addition, I guess that even if it’s a contest, it will be troubling, 」

「Therefore, I hope that you can provide me some news or gossips, my employer-sama.」

「You are too malicious desuwa~. But Alice… is it really okay?」
Even if I were to fall from here, I am pretty sure that Francesca will continue to fight alone,
However, I am sure that me winning will be a plus for her and there will no minuses,

「I don’t feel like I have done a job that’s worth a platinum coin yet. I mean, I feel bad.」

「Such honesty desuwa~」

「In addition, I being your friend, want to be part of your strength ―― Fran」

「……You are conceited desuwa~」

I lightly brushed off the piercing glare from the butler behind her.

Fun, I have already gotten used to the bad glare from that guy.

「You better be prepared for embroiling me into this matter carelessly, Fran. I will be black-hearted if you are half baked.」
TL: Black-hearted/ mean the idea is to make her regret it.
On the forehead of the butler, a vein pops out.
Although he had drawn his sword from his hips, Francesca used her arms and pressed it down.
But her body was shivering.

「Kufufufu! I am really happy! Alice!」

As tear welled up at the corners of her eyes, Francesca smiled.
Using her own index fingers, she lightly brushed the corners of her eyes.
The sight of her weeping strangely looks really attractive and Erotic~ish
「Ehh, Ehhh. I am prepared!」
「It has come to that! Therefore, please teach me the secret plan of exterminating the red Oni.」

「The red Oni! Fufu!」
Francesca seems to have a sense of humor today.
Although we are separated by a table, we lean forward and happily gestured at each other while we chatted.
With such a splendid smile, it’s truly appropriate for her age,
But, during that evening, we realized something.
Although we betted our life at the battle tournament, we are being viewed like nothing more than a source of entertainment.



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