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1st Volume, 8th Chapter 【The Primary Exam】

In the 7th chapter, I have revised a part about the bodily sensation of Sword Arts Lv up.
Those who read the 7th chapter immediately after it was posted, please give it a skim if you feel like it.

Examiner-san seems to be a good character. (Author’s note)

——So it appears that the six people gathered here are going to take the promotion exam.

「Well then……」

——’I’ll have you guys kill each other.’
That was the development came to my mind but it didn’t seem to be the case.

「So you six are the examinees of rank D promotion exam, huh? I’m a staff member of the Merville chapter of the guild; call me Bays. I’ll be the examiner this time.」

After 7 bells rang, a man with gentle demeanor came over and greeted everyone.
He was wearing glasses; a bespectacled gentleman.

「It may be rude of me to say this but I want you all to understand one thing. Once you’re rank D, the difficulty of monster subjugation quests will increase considerably. As a rank E, you’ll have the opportunity to fight weak monsters. Before making your decision, please consider the increased risk associated with rank D quests.」

Like I thought, the state of my mind has changed after reincarnation.
That I’m not avoiding this even after getting up close with such a creature as Smagob is a clear evidence.
If someone told the previous me to fight an enemy, albeit short, holding a knife; I would be like ‘holy shit!’.

That said, I have to think calmly whether I want to expose myself to danger or not.

I get the meaning underlying Bays-san’s words.
To live in this world——especially as an adventurer, you have to be prepared.
I’ll have to warn myself not to steal skills frivolously.

Bays-san, the expression of whom had turned slightly rigid, regained his originally gentle demeanor.

「Oh well, enough of the big words. It’s a custom for those who are halfway there to impart these words to the adventurers who are trying to break through the first barrier. These same words were imparted to me, too, back in the days.」

I see. They, of course, won’t say something to discourage the adventurers from taking the exam. It’s to make them more focused.
N……So these words were said to Bays-san, too. huh?

「I was an adventurer, too. Back then, I was rank B. I still train, though. It’s common for an adventurer to switch their jobs to a staff member of the Adventurer’s Guild, like me. It’s also common for them to be entrusted the tasks of an examiner, like me.」

If a quest is near expiry and no one is accepting it, do they take it over?

According to Sheena-san, the purpose of the exam is to assess the ability.
So the examiner, naturally, has to be someone who’s able.

「For a high rank promotion exam, we request an expert adventurer to be the examiner. For this reason, the content of the exam is different every time. This time, however, it’s a rank D promotion exam, so.」

As for Bays-san’s skill……Spear Arts Lv2 (45/50), huh?
The level of his skill is high.

「Now then, without further ado, I’ll explain the details of the exam.」

While saying so, Bays-san fixed his glasses. He looked so cool.
It’s so frustrating.
He wasn’t lying when he said that he still trains. I was able to catch a glimpse of his muscles from the gap in his armor.

「The promotion exam comprises a primary exam……and a secondary exam.」

It reminded me of the university entrance exam. My stomach hurts!

「The primary exam won’t take long. You’ll just have to contest with me.」

Right at this moment……Next to me, one of the three people who arrived before me……Gardening-san asked a question.

「Err, you’re a former rank B adventurer. To contest with you……」
「It’s alright. You don’t have to defeat me to pass the exam. I’ll only ascertain whether you have the ability to take up rank D quests or not……Of course, if you win, you pass. Let me tell you one thing, however, that it won’t be easy for I hate to lose.」

Upon hearing this, Gardening-san heaved a sigh of relief. So did No-skill-san and Fire-magic-san.
The two beastkin silently nodded.

「Well then, everyone, please follow me. We’ll be conducting the primary exam there.」

Having said that, Bays-san started walking towards the door in the inner part of the guild’s first floor.

Which reminds me, I having been curious for some time now. What’s behind the door?
However, at this moment, I got the answer……

I was right.
From the outside, the guild building looked quite big.

Behind the door was an expansive training area.
How do I say, it smelled sweaty, just like the dressing room of an athletics club.
It was splendid nevertheless.

It was a square room with each side measuring 30m.
There was enough room to move around.
On the walls, there were wooden cases with weapons inside.

「I’ll have everyone use a training weapon for the primary exam. Because its blade is breakable, there’s no risk of injury. By the way, I’ll be using a spear. Well then, everyone, pick a weapon of your choice.」

And I went so far as to specially whet Baselard.
……It’s dispiriting.

Indeed, if you were to use a sharp sword against a human, you would hold back.
I have no intention of ceasing to be a human.
Even thinking about it makes my body tremble.

「Now then……Right. Let’s make the order of the exam same as the order which you arrived at the guild in? If the first examinee is ready, please step forward.」

When I arrived, three people were already there.
Those three looked at each other and one of them stepped forward.

「O-Okay then, I’ll be the first.」

It was Gardening-san.
As for his weapon, it was a sword. You could see that he was tensed.

「Very well. Ready……Start.」

Bays-san’s warm smile receded like a wave from a beach.
The eyes that could be seen from behind the glasses were completely unbefitting a person who was speaking so gently just a moment ago.
The temperature seemed to have gone down, too.

He’s a scary person.

Dwarfed under the overwhelming pressure, Gardening-san couldn’t take a single step forward.

「What happened? If you’re not gonna come……then——」

He darted off.
Holding the sword high, he closed in on Bays-san.
Even if you don’t have the relevant skill, you can handle a weapon.
His movement wasn’t particularly bad.


At that moment, a shrill sound cut through the air.
Other than the two competing, there was no one making any sound. Therefore, the sound of their actions was reverberating inside the room.

The sword of Gardening-san flicked off the shaft of Bays-san’s spear.
Suppressing the recoil by shifting his weight, thus, lowering his centre of gravity; he approached the other side mercilessly.

Gardening-san recevied the shaft directly on his shoulder and rolled onto the floor.

「Unfortunately, you have failed. Although there’s a difference between our abilities and weapons, it doesn’t mean that I can’t assess your ability.」

He didn’t go easy. At all.
Nah, you could say that he went easy for he only used the shaft to attack.

「You may not be satisfied with the assessment but the guild can’t entrust a quest to someone who doesn’t have the requisite level of ability. I hope you understand.」

That was harsh.

「The guild promotes an adventurer meticulously. If the adventurer has the level of ability required for the quest, there’s less risk of the adventurer losing their life. Therefore……Please try again after you have gained adequate level of ability.」

Bays-san’s face regained the gentle smile.

He’s so charming~~
……The carrot and stick policy, huh? It’s ingenious. It’s terrible.

——The next examinee was No-skill-san.
As for the weapon in his hands, it was a spear.
Bays-san’s spear——which measured about 180cm——was a bit short.
The one in No-skill-san’s hands was a long spear.

Range is extremely crucial.
The main advantage of a spear is its overwhelming reach.
After witnessing Gardening-san’s contest, he must have realized that it was foolish to challenge a spear with a sword.
In terms of range, No-skill-san’s long spear had the advantage.

When I reincarnated in this world, I was given just one skill in the name of ‘special service’.
At that time, I was shocked but now, it’s proving to be of immense help.

No-skill-san, all the b——

The moment the contest started, No-skill-san lunged. His spear, however, hit but the air.
After dodging with ease, Bays-san struck the chest of the opponent before he could pull his long spear back.
Another blow was delivered to the flank of a gap-ridden No-skill-san who collapsed on the floor.


Bays-san shook his head. That lash was a bit overboard.
All the b——est, No-skill-san.

……I seem to have underestimated the exam.
Oh well, I can’t use anything other than sword anyway.

The next one was……Fire-magic-san.
Because he can use magic, he can keep a distance from Bays-san——

No! You’ve gotta be kidding me!
Fire-magic-san’s weapon was——an axe!
……What of magic?

Aah, is that the case……perhaps?
The Lv of his Fire Magic was 1 but the skill points were (0/10).

For he was given the option to choose a weapon, the weapon he chose must be the one he trained in. To begin with, mages are rare. So even if he possessed Fire Magic, he probably didn’t notice it. Is that the case?

What a waste.
Pearls cast before a swine will only get trampled.

Oh well, the result now would be clearer than it would have been with Fire Magic.
Thank you for the show.

——Finally, it was my turn.
I wanted to touch the body of Fire-magic-san, who had his head drooped on the floor, but I couldn’t visually confirm Fire Magic.
If he doesn’t wanna use it……I can use it.
However, he was still young, about same age as me. Therefore, he had future……

「……You might wanna reconsider as to what fighting style suits you best.」

I might have sounded full-of-air but it was the only advice I could give him.

「Now then, the next one…………seems quite young.」

Everyone……says the exact same thing.

「I’m 1……「——8 years old, right? I have already checked the registered information of everyone who’s taking the exam.」

Did he say that on purpose!? Also, he’s pretty close……In that case.
If it’s this guy, I’ll not feel guilty.

「I have heard from Sheena, my colleague, about you. That you’re quite promising……And.」

Huh? Somehow, that felt good.

「It’s not gonna be easy. Please show me everything you’re capable of.」

He pointed the short spear at me.
The weapon I chose was a long sword. It was longer than Baselard, the weapon I always use.
It measured about 80cm.
It was somewhat flexible. Its coverage was more than Baselard’s.
I had already practice-swung it for a while in order for my hands to get accustomed to it.

「Well then, shall we start?……」

Bays-san retracted the smile off his face. He has done it dunno how many times already.
This guy, I knew it——

No worries.
I’ll show him!

——My……total experience!

That was embarrassing. I’ll never say it again.

As for the battle, it’ll be for the next time.
If it were a sword against a spear in reality……Keep your opinion to yourself.

This is a fantasy novel. Context……Yeah, please read in that context.

In this chapter, the beastkin were not in action.
In the next one, they will be. (Author’s note)

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