Slave Harem – 152 – Area Effect Healing

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Area Effect Healing.

Next, Roxanne guided us to a place with two Scissor Lizards, two Ma Bream, and a Rtoll Troll in a group.
We’ll need to be careful.
This type of group doesn’t worry you?
Maybe it’s just a coincidence that two Scissor Lizards were in both groups.

Four people start running.
I use [Sand Storm] twice, and then follow them.
Even though I’ve trained my mind to get the Priest job, it doesn’t feel like my magic is any easier.
I don’t think I’d be able to use an incantation while dodging demons attacks.

It’s difficult to use skills while running.
I use magic when I stop, and then start running again.
The three vanguards face off against the demons.
Sherry stays in the back.

The Scissor Lizards are at the front, so the chance of the area effect magic being used is small.
Cancelling the magic takes a little while, but them using magic in rapid succession is rare.
With just two Scissor Lizards, we should be fine.

If there were five Scissor Lizards, they might have used the area effect magic before coming into range of Sherry’s spear.
Some of them would be stuck at the back if there were five of them.
The area effect magic is a higher probability if they are in the second row.
The only thing they can do at the back is use magic.

The difficulty has increased quite a lot when coming to this floor.
On the 23rd floor, the Scissor Lizard uses area effect magic.
Rtoll Troll and Ma Bream from the 21st and 22nd floors appear a lot too.

The Scissor Lizard will still use area effect magic as we continue up to the 24th floor.
When we get to the 25th floor, the Scissor Lizard, and the demon from the 24th and 25th floors will all use area effect magic.
We need to be prepared for a lot of area effect magic.
It must be hard moving towards the top.

Should I stop exploring on the 23rd floor?
I don’t particularly have any reason to go to the upper floors.
I can make enough money on the 23rd floor.
It’s enough if I don’t buy slaves one after the other.

In regards to strength, I already defeated the guy who picked a fight with Roxanne.
I won’t have a problem getting to Lv50 on the 23rd floor, so I can get the Adventurer job sooner or later.
The 23rd floor should be fine.

Why do I keep advancing up in floors?
If there is a mountain, you must climb it.
That’s probably it.

I’m going up in floors because there is a labyrinth here.
It’s a bit different from curiosity or ambition, it’s just that there is a labyrinth there, so I want to explore it.
But, I might stop as the floors get harder.
There’s no real reason to keep going.

If there’s no problem, I should keep advancing.
After all, the upper floors do allow me to earn more money.
The upper floors are stronger, and will strengthen us faster as well.
I’ll go up if there is a chance.

Still, I need to do it carefully.
There’s no reason to over do it.
The risks increase as we go up.
After I decide that we can easily handle the current floor, we’ll probably go up.

Roxanne is in the front, taking on a Scissor Lizard.
Miria is taking on another Scissor Lizard.
Vesta is keeping an Rtoll Troll busy.

Disregarding Roxanne at Shrine Maiden Lv1, it’s good judgement to have Miria take on the other Scissor Lizard.
Because of Rtoll Troll’s weakness, it will be the last one standing, but Scissor Lizard is stronger than Rtoll Troll.
It’s better to petrify a strong demon.

The lizard swings it’s scissors down.
Roxanne dodges easily, and thrusts at a Ma Bream with her rapier.
You’ll even take on a Ma Bream that came to the front row?

Scissor Lizard and Ma Bream start attacking Roxanne at the same time.
Roxanne skillfully evades both.
It’s hard to complain when she’s doing so well.

“I did it, desu.”

The Scissor Lizard in front of Miria is petrified.
Now the front row is back to one on one.
Even though I thought that, Miria goes around the side of the petrified Ma Bream and attacks the Ma Bream in the second row.

“It’s coming.”

A magic formation appeared below a Ma Bream.
Ma Bream don’t have area effect magic.
For now, I’ll move away from the area behind Roxanne.
It’s dangerous behind Roxanne’s back.

Ma Bream spits water.
The water doesn’t go towards Roxanne, instead, Miria is attacked.
She’s quite close.
Miria can’t avoid it, and get’s bathed in water.

“Are you alright?”

I called out, but she seems to be alright.
Miria will be fine if it’s just one magic attack.

“May I use area healing?”

Roxanne asks.

“Sure, you can experiment with it.”
“Okay, To relieve those who err is the Shrine Maiden’s prayer.”

Roxanne easily used [Area Healing].
While evading the Scissor Lizard, and the Ma Bream, she spoke the incantation.
Even while being attacked by two opponents, she didn’t have a problem.

Since it’s only Miria who has received damage it’s a bit of a waste, but it’s good practice.
We only needed [Area Healing] once, the first demons to be defeated are the Ma Bream’s.
Next is the Scissor Lizard which had been petrified.
Then the other Scissor Lizard, and the Rtoll Troll last.

“It seems to be fine even if two demons are your opponents.”
“Yes. If you can see the flow of the demons attacks then there is no problem. It would be easier if I was talented.”

Roxanne answers.
Her MP seems a bit low.
Is that as much as Shrine Maiden Lv1 can handle?

The demon is defeated, and Roxanne has become Shrine Maiden Lv2.
I don’t think MP recovers when you get a level up though.
That’s how it was for me.

“It might be hard at first, but it will be easy when you get used to it, Roxanne.”
“Yes, Thank you.”

If Roxanne doesn’t have talent, then nobody does.
I seem to have awakened a strange ability.

“How is your MP?”
“Magic for skills? It might be a bit low.”
“Managing MP is important work. You need to have enough left for emergencies. Please make sure you don’t overuse area healing.”
“I understand.”

I made Roxanne use a strengthening medicine for now.
I used Monk to finish healing Miria.
We continued exploring when Miria had recovered.

Roxanne’s Shrine Maiden level went up again.
It’s going well.
With every battle it feels like it’s going up.

When Roxanne became Shrine Maiden Lv5, I stopped using Alchemist.
Plating is probably unnecessary already.
I’m still worried, but Roxanne hasn’t received any attacks yet.
It seems my worry is unfounded in Roxanne’s case.

There was no area effect magic either.
Were we lucky, or did Miria’s petrification help?

Miria became Assassin Lv30, and the chance to petrify seemed to increase.
Petrification goes off in the next battle.
Miria normally fights a Scissor Lizard, so it’s a Scissor Lizard that gets petrified.
He can’t use area effect magic if he’s petrified.

I think Miria would rather fight the Ma Bream.
She didn’t complain about fighting the lizard though.
The strength of the Scissor Lizard and the Ma Bream is different, so it’s better to petrify the Scissor Lizard.

I don’t know if that’s what she’s thinking.
She probably just wants to go back to the Ma Bream floor.
The items dropped are probably her only goal.
Those thoughts are normal.

We explored until evening.
We finished a little early, and I prepared the bath.
After getting out of the bath, Roxanne begins to put on her white outfit instead of the usual camisole.
It’s the outfit from the waterfall line.

“The white clothing?”
“Yes, since it dried well, I was thinking of using it as pajamas.”

It seems to have dried without staining or losing shape.
I didn’t consider reusing it as pajamas.
It’s a high class item.
It shouldn’t go to waste.

It might seem odd, even in the dim bedroom.
It’s not transparent either.
It may have the same feel as a silk nightgown though.

I thought something like that before too.

The white clothes are good.
They are wonderful.
They’ll be good pajamas.

It’s good.
It’s good.
This is good.

I quietly insert my hand through the opening in the front.
This feeling of conquest.
This feeling of immorality.

The white clothes which were shut, come open.
This seduction.
These loose clothes.

They are made so my hand can move about freely under the silk.
This smoothness.
This softness.

I feel an impossible weight in my hand under the silk.
Fruit in my hand.
A hill in my hand.
I catch the mountain in my hand.

I don’t need Sex Maniac now.
I’ll fight.

The beast.
I will become the beast.

I’ll stand.
Until I burn white hot.

At noon the next day I went to Bode.
Of course, I will fight again tonight.
I used [Warp] to the adventurers guild instead of the castle, and went to the amber merchants place.

“Hello, how can I help you today?”

When I enter, the amber merchant greets me.
He seems energetic as well.
When I lose the mirror work, I probably won’t trade amber again either.
Well, Sherry has been the one negotiating in Palmasque.

“Can I get some uncut amber again?”
“Yes, I can do that straight away.”
“I’d also like an amber necklace that suits her.”

I indicate Vesta, and the amber merchant gives us a bow and goes to the stores interior.

“A necklace?”
“You’re doing well in the party. It’s a reward. Roxanne and the others have one too.”
“Okay, Thank you.”

We were told our regular clothes were fine, but they can wear their necklaces to dinner with the Duke of Harz.
It would be bad if only Vesta didn’t have one.
I go further into the store an sit on a chair.
The amber merchant comes back.

“I have eight stones of uncut amber.”
“I’ll take them all.”
“I think this necklace will match the customer, how is it?”

The merchant pulls out an amber necklace.
The necklace has some very big amber stones side by side.
It’s quality looks considerably good.

“It looks good.”
“It’s beautiful.”

Roxanne also agrees.

“It’s a necklace with large pieces of amber, and good workmanship. The shade of the amber is light, and I believe matches her well.”

Amber of this shade matches Vesta’s light brown skinn well?
That’s probably true.

“That’s right.”
“Yes. It’s beautiful.”

The necklace is held close to Vesta.
The depth of colour is similar to vesta’s skin.
It’s shining too.
Roxanne gives it a nod.

“Even though I regret to part with an item like this, since you’re a special customer I’ll give it to you for 50,000 nars.”

You’re an amber merchant, I’m the one who has to part with something regrettable.
It’s not a bad item though.
But at that price?
50,000 is the same as Roxanne’s necklace.

“It’s a good, beautiful necklace.”
“I think it suits her.”
“Beauty, desu.”

All three of them agree.
If nobody is complaining, there shouldn’t be any problem with it.

“What do you think Vesta?”
“Is it alright? It’s amazing.”
“It’s fine. I’ll get it for you then.”
“Yes. Thank you.”

I pass the necklace back to the merchant.
He places it in a small wooden box.
The uncut stones and the necklace are bought with a 30% discount.

“We’ll return to the house next. Vesta hold onto it until then.”

I pass the small box to Vesta.
I’m holding onto the uncut stones.

“Are we going to Palmasque now?”
“No, we’ll do that tomorrow.”

I put them into my rucksack instead of giving them to Sherry.
I plan to go to Palmasque tomorrow.
I want to raise Roxanne’s Shrine Maiden level more before then.
It would be good to raise it until the last minute.


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