Hello everybody!  Rumanshi here, doing this months recruitment for Raising the Dead!  I was meant to do this earlier, but it never happened.   So let’s get right into it!


Din No Monshou: 

Translator x 1
Editor x 1 (requires basic MT skills, get TA + Atlas)

This needs a translator.   The language within it sometimes gets quite annoying and so machine translation isn’t as good as it is with some other projects.  If you feel you’re competent enough with machine translation to do it, that’s fine as well. If you wish to join for this project, you’ll need to send 50 lines of chapter 15 to my skype:  Rumanshi.Ichigo

This needs an editor.   The editor should either be a native English speaker, or have a grasp on English to the level of a native speaker.


Eh?   Heibon desu yo??  

Translator x 1
Editor x 1 (requires basic MT skills, get TA + Atlas)

I’m not sure about this project other than it needs both a translator and an editor.   Real life has gotten in the way of some of our team.   Contact me at my skype.  (Rumanshi.Ichigo)

Elf Tensei 

Yo, we’re looking for a new translator for Elf Tensei.  If you’re a machine translator, you can try, but you are probably out of luck.  From what I can see/have heard, it’s incredibly difficult to machine translate.  Anyway, if you’re interested as either a machine translator or translator , contact my skype and send me 50 lines translated from Volume 2 Chapter 10: Rumanshi.Ichigo

I’ll discuss this with you further there.

Master Of Monsters

Looking for a TL for MoM, be warned Gerbera speaks in somewhat archaic Japanese which can be tricky for machine translators. If you’d like to have a go please send 50 translated lines from Volume 2 Chapter 13 to Rumanshi.Ichigo (on skype)

Looking for editors for MoM.  You’ll be working alongside Re:Translations.   Contact the same skype.


When I Returned Home, what I found was Fantasy!? 

Translator x 1

Basically can’t be a machine translator.  If you wanna try, you can.  Contact me on skype:  Rumanshi.Ichigo,again.




Shinka no Mi - Chapter 32
E? Heibon desu yo?? Chapter 14 *DIGEST*

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So I’d like to clear something up for everyone since it appears there is a slight miscommunication happening. In the translation process there are actually three levels that it passes through in order for it to be translated from Japanese to English. The first person who touches it is the “Translator”. They take the raw Japanese and turn it into something that kinda sorta resembles English…at least it uses the English characters…mostly. The second stage is then Editing and Translation Checking (actually two separate jobs but I’ll call it editing for short). Basically they have to take that garble and… Read more »

ah so im guessing thats why there hasnt been a elf update


That sure is a lot of series in need.


That job description… does it mean to qualify to be an editor, I must be able to speak Japanese at least to a certain extent?
I’m fluent in English, spoke and studied it for 19 years++, but totally blind on Japanese besides the mainstream phrases.
But I still want to help someway or another…

I have been wondering for quite a while, why doesn’t the translators/editors use any grammar-checking softwares? No I don’t mean spell-checkers (although most grammar-checkers are that as well), but software that actually checks for proper grammar. A couple of weeks ago I actually decided to google such software to see what state they are at nowadays (since prior to this I have only seen ones developed as someones bachelor-project and thus not very complete due to time-constraints). I found a couple of hits and decided to take a look at the top-result myself (called ‘grammarly’), and I must say that… Read more »

Is another world smartphone doing alright?


I am quite competent as an editor. I am a native English speaker. The only issue is whether I have the time to make a commitment. As long as a translation makes contextual sense I can usually edit a coherent and competent piece of literature. I just started the new University semester so I need to see about time and my expenses for daily living.

Msi Junaid Hossain

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I would appreciate it if I could possibly get a test for editing. Could you shoot me an email? I am curious as to whether my abilities match the task before I say anything.

Herlinda Berry (@berry_herlinda)

I would like to help edit. I’m a native speaker. I’ve taken Creative writing in high school & college, if that helps. And I’ve plenty of free time.