Return of the former hero 63

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Chapter 63. Former Hero・silent toward the guild.


[Oi, Tanya.]

[Huff…. Huff… An? What?]

[Be silent]

[Uu~…. My tummy is hurting!]

Right now, I am walking on the highway from the forest to the town.

I carry a brown little girl over my shoulder.

The name of this brown little beast girl is Tanya.
I found out about it after asking her.

I took responsibility for Tanya. I bound her hands and feet so she can’t move.

Afterwards, I have been carrying Tanya on my shoulder. We’re leaving the forest.

On the way, she slowly opened-up and began talking to me little by little. There are several things that I now understand.

First, this girl is a half beast woman, half demon.
Even though I had heard about the former, I never heard about the later.

Demons value strength, therefore they are a strong race. I can’t picture them getting in a relationship with another race and actually giving birth to a child from such an union.

Well, there are always exceptions everywhere.
Just like Laurier who is also stuck-up to me.

Was Tanya’s father or mother an influential person who fell at first sight for a demon?
However Tanya does not remember her parents.

Heck, do demons also get pregnant and deliver like mammals?
It is a possibility….And I hope to be right.
I should not think too much about it.
Dammit…. I just imagined Laurier laying down an egg.

I wonder how an interbred child would be seen.
Would it be accepted like any other child?
Even though I already pictured myself getting 3 of them pregnant, I never saw Laurier in such way.

…….Well, such thing might probably be good.

Anyway, Tanya, the half-bred girl, is eight year old.

Completely a brat.
Because she never acknowledge what other people tells her.

Tanya grow-up in the beast man village. But being a half, she was unable to adapt well.

Thanks to her demon blood, she is able to tap magic from her surrounding, and use it to temporary grow-up her body. But at the same time, it made her an outcast.

Moreover, the magic was saved-up for several years was spit out completely because my tentacle attack earlier.

[Oi! When will you stop holding me on your shoulder!? Hurry up and take responsibility!! Return me back like I was before, idiot! Stupid!]

On one hand, I don’t want to kill her. On the other hand, she’s becoming a pain in my arse, she did lose her magic induced appearance because of me so I decided to take responsibility for the time being… Tch.

[Ei, Shut-up you idiotic stupid girl! I am taking responsibility by bringing you to the Guild! So, be obedient!]

[Haa!? What Guild? Hurry up and release me!]

Goddammit, quiet!

[…. Wait a second. Now that I realize, since I’ve been stuck to you, my magic have accumulated more than usual. You, your magic is amazing!]

After Tanya said so, she start wriggling around my neck.

When your smooth thigh stroke my face, it’s pleasant.

That’s why, I‘m not saying anything at all. I just want to enjoy it.

My magic capacity is big so I couldn’t care less if it is being absorbed.

But, this was a mistake.



My right arm is in pain.

This damned little brat, did she just bit me!?

I instinctively throw Tanya away.

Tanya fell down on her face. I don’t care about it.

I see the bitten mark on my arm.
No blood is gushing out, but the tooth mark….

This is the biggest damage that I received ever since coming to this world.

The pain is relieved after I rub on the bite mark.

[Hey!!!… What do you think you’re doing…]

Unable to move freely due her hand and feet restrained, Tanya, with her face kissing the ground, try rolling and squirming.
The loincloth is bare, her underwear is on full view, I can’t possibly ignore it.

[Geho Geho.. Ue~… Peppe, there is sand in my mouth…My nose hurts! What are you doing?!]

Tanya complains with a trembling face when I lifted her neck.

[That’s my line, you dumb girl]

I hold Tanya’s head, grab and guwan guwan it. (TN: it’s kinda like Shin-chan).

[Owaaa~….. I, I understand! So please stop~….]

After giving her a little punishment for a while, I ask her again.

[… Then, you, why did you suddenly bite my arm?]

[E? Etto~ I absorbed magic by being carried. So, I thought: “Can I get more after eating him?” Then i tried…. Tte, bugyaaa!?]

Before she finish her line, I pinches her cheeks.

Eating me? You, are you a beast? (ED note: a half one yes…)
Cannibalism. So scary.
At least do it by drinking my blood.

[Don’t do this again. If you ever do a strange thing again, I’ll use your face to draw a line on the ground from here to the town. Understand?]

Tanya nod strongly. Well, at least my threat was scary enough so that she finally begin to understand her situation.


Once again I shoulder Tanya.
I can see the town in the distance.

[A,ano…. Sticking close… Is it okay?]

The still frightened Tanya ask.

[… Yeah, it’s okay]

There is no reason to refuse if she want to stick close to me.
Her chest may be completely flat as a chopping board, but her thighs are wonderful.

And then, once again I made a mistake.

In the Iris town, the adventurer guild is located on the side entrance.

Its center is occupied by the knight-related facilities and the marquis family school.

At the time I thought that it would be alright to drag along Tanya like a brat… I cannot help that my thinking ability has fallen so low.

The moment I enter the guild, the noisy sound of people slowly become silent.

I have visited this place many times during this month. I have hang out and became acquainted with the adventurers.

Normally I get a light greeting, but somehow, everyone is silent.



What did I do to induce such silence?

The thing is, right now, I carry an eight year little girl with both hand and legs bound.

….. Aa, the tension rises.

This is very bad, isn’t it?

[I was assaulted by this guy!]

Tanya make an announcement in this place.
Oh my god this foolish little girl.

The guild which was wrapped in silence, suddenly become noisy.
I didn’t crossed the line.

[Amagi-san… Just now what does she mean? Don’t tell me you….]

The reception old man is approaching me.
In his eyes, I am completely seen like a criminal.


This is injustice.

For one whole month, I contributed as an adventurer. Why do you all believe a mysterious little girl you just met?
Do you all believe her?

How come such thing happen to me…

Afterwards, It took me more than an hour to clear this misunderstanding…


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