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1st Volume, 9th Chapter 【The Spear Master, Bays】

It’s a scheduled post.
First place in the daily interest ranking has been taken (stolen) but I have no regrets.
I received many comments in regards to the need of a ‘heroine’.
After thinking over various options, I have finally decided on one.

Youna Oudou, an old Weekly Shounen Jump series, is the author’s favorite. (Author’s note) (TN: Never heard of such a series)

——Now then, how do I attack?
To be honest, I’m tensed for it’s my first PvP battle.
I’m glad, though, that it’s a mock battle.
As for injury……Although it’s a practice weapon, the other side possesses highly skilled martial arts.
There’s no use mulling over it.

I must strike first——with all my power.

After letting out a short breath, I bounded off and closed in.
To counter any line of attack, I was holding the sword waist-high. In one bound, I covered more than 5m.

It was the other side, however, who took the initiative.
Carrying the two-handed short spear in one hand, he lashed at me without any hesitation.
From the front, the short spear, the speed of which was fast to begin with, looked long just as well.
……How could its reach be this long?

The attack was more pointed than lined.
Because it was difficult to trace the trajectory of the attack, it was difficult to dodge it.
……However, it’s all good. I can dodge it.

I shifted half my body, reducing the body surface area, letting Bays-san’s attack pass by my side.
An air-tearing sound brushed my ear. Disregarding it, I slip into his bosom.

The other side was slightly surprised at my evasive maneuver. However, immediately after, he regained his calm. With a flick of his wrist, his spear rotated. In but a moment, the butt-end of his spear came stabbing.


I avoided it by diverting its trajectory with the help of my sword.
After coming under attack twice, I was thinking of gaining some distance……No, I must not retreat.
Once more——Break!


I pushed my body once more, putting all my power into the fist which was grasping the sword.
I adopted a low posture, with the lower-half of my body rotated like a spring, adding more strength to the attack.

The strike, which contained all my power, aiming for the back of his shoulder, was received by him through the shaft of his spear.

A dull metallic sound clanged.
Before I knew it, both of his hands were now on the short spear, making it considerably difficult for me to penetrate.
He was attacking with one hand and defending with two. It was troublesome.

The short spear, held in both his hands, scythed down but I dodged it.
Furthermore, he slanted and swang it down, mowing at my feet but I jumped, dodging it.

While I was airborne, I slashed my blade down from above——

——Even that was neutralised by the short spear.

Negating power with power.
*gichigichi* When the sword and the short spear clashed, I uttered a roaring cry.

My only option is pure power.
However, it was easier said than done for I was wielding a long sword in one hand while the other side was holding the short spear in both hands.

I always use my left hand for plundering. However, if I did it now, it would leave a bad aftertaste.
In times like these do I feel the need of something that I could proudly use.
I wish I had magic but I don’t.

To break the deadlock, I slid the sword from the top of the short spear’s shaft, aiming for the opponent’s fingers.
Having noticed it, Bays-san let his hand on the spear’s shaft go and parried the attack. Using the only hand, placed firmly on the butt-end, he stabbed at my body.

Due to my posture, I wasn’t able to completely evade the attack. However, I mitigated the impact by jumping backward.

It still hurt.
Although it hit the armor, it hurt.

Bays-san might be superior in terms of martial arts but I held the advantage in terms of physical abilities. It might be the game changer.

——It wasn’t over yet.

We had two-three more exchanges.
I had no idea that fighting a strong opponent would be so nerve-racking.

Nevertheless, one of my attacks penetrated his defense. Although it was shallow, it hit his shoulder.
We were now even.
……I’m probably a character who hates to lose.

「——That’s it for now.」

Thereafter, Bays-san withdrew his short spear.

「It was inappropriate of me to say that you’ll pass the exam if you defeat me; I apologize. Seiji-san, you pass the primary exam with the perfect score. It’s unfortunate that we can’t finish this contest for there still are some examinees left.」
「Ha……Haa……Fuu……Got it.」

I was still feverish inside.
Clouded with excitement, I might look like a war-monger.

My right arm, I couldn’t control my right arm.
Fuu……Somehow, it settled down.

Loosing the grip on the hilt, I reclined the sword against the wall.
It’s so tiring~.

「To have such a sword technique at such a young age……I wonder how you train.」

The one talking to me was the scary, beast-faced Arnold-san.
Having been admired, I was embarrassed. However, I did work hard at training (stealing), so I nodded in acknowledgement.

「Thank you very much. You are?……」
「I’m Arnold. She’s my daughter, Lim.」
「I’m Seiji. You two are beastkin?」
「Aah. Lim, where are your manners?」

Having been urged by Arnold-san, the daughter, Lim, called out, peeking from behind her father.
Did I do something?

「……I’m- Lim.」

She whispered. I expected her to continue but she didn’t.

「——Next, please.」
「Fumu……Lim, you go ahead.」

After nodding silently, Lim proceeded toward Bays-san.
She didn’t have any weapon. From forearms till upper-arms, her arms were covered with……leather gloves.
The armor was minimal in order not to impede movement.
That she has Body Arts skill……and high Lv at that——is her fighting style barehanded (fist)?

Catching her figure from the corner of my eye, I resumed my conversation with Arnold-san.

「I’m sorry. She doesn’t talk to anyone beside me. Although it was rude of her, I hope you didn’t mind.」
「N-Not at all, I didn’t mind……Did something happen?」

When the contest between Bays-san and Lim started, the two could be seen moving.
I see. So the gloves act like a guard.
The short spear slid on top of the gloves, reaching her chest——and.

「It’s not an interesting story……However, if you’re still interested, would you please be concerned about Lim?」
「Wouldn’t that be personal?……」

Isn’t it bad to pry into the matters of the people you just met?

「No, I’m not asking you to go that far. Just ‘hi’ and ‘hello’, when you two meet in the guild and in the town, would do. I wonder if Lim will start to cheer up if she talks to someone her age.」

To be exact, there’s a difference of two years but I’m sure it doesn’t matter to Arnold-san.

「What if I’m a bad guy? Won’t you be putting your daughter in danger?……」

I tried my utmost to put up a bad-guy face.
Is it really alright for him to tell the circumstances of her daughter to a stranger?

「Kuhahaha! Well, no bad guy would say that they are bad. Also……from your eyes, I can tell that you’re a reliable person. You can call it intuition.」

I ended up getting laughed at.
I get it. This man is authentic beast.
Being a human, I don’t think I could do that.

「Oh well, it’s not an uncommon story. To the east of Merville town, there’s a mountain range called Rave.」

I have been around for some time now, so I have gotten a hang of the geography.
Merville is a commercial town which falls inside the territory of Lechelle kingdom. Neighboring Lechelle kingdom in the east is Sven empire. Covering the border between the two is Rave mountain range.
The checkpoint is situated at the rift between the mountains where the elevation is low.

「Lim and I used to live in a beastkin village in the south across the border. One day……the village was attacked by the demons. The best I could do was to take Lim with me and escape.」

According to him, it’s not uncommon……Don’t scare me.
So demons do exist.
‘Possess superior abilities but in hostile relationship with other races’, was it?
Considering how strong Arnold-san is, how strong would the demons be?

「Sven empire tends to persecute demi-humans, so we crossed the border and took refuge in Lechelle kingdom. However……Lim has yet to get over the attack on the village and is still far from her cheerful self.」

There was one more thing I wanted to ask……but I left it for some other time.
This story is too heavy to stomach.

「I……see. Oh well, I won’t take it as merely a traveller’s account. I’ll try to talk to her……」
「I appreciate the gesture, Seiji.」

Arnold-san was wearing a broad smile, unbefitting his rigid, beast face.

At the same time as our conversation ended, the contest between Bays-san and Lim was about over, too.
From the glances I took time to time, I could tell it was a close contest. However, it was decided with the short spear pointed at Lim’s throat.

「——Papa, I lost……but I passed.」
「Is that so? It’s my turn then. The least I can do is clear away my daughter’s shame.」

Arnold-san clapped my shoulder and leisurely walked forward.
……Please don’t expect too much of me, okay?

Because I had replaced Arnold-san, Lim was standing quietly next to me.


Oh well, it’s not like my interpersonal communication skills are zero.
I know that she’s depressed but she’s keeping it to herself, not letting others know.
It’s called putting on a brave face.

「Congratulations, err……Lim. That you were able fight Bays-san barehanded, it was amazing.」

She was probably thinking that I wouldn’t talk, so she was surprised.

「Just now, I was talking to Arnold-san. He said that it would be better for you to talk to someone your age.」
「Is- that so?」

Un, she’s able to communicate a bit……Oh well, isn’t it natural?
Earlier, she was probably not able to hold a long conversation, so she cut it short to just greeting——

「I knew I would be exhausted after moving so much. In times like these, nothing beats eating something sweet.」

From the rucksack, I took out an object wrapped in paper.
To tell you the truth, this lunch is Dario-san’s work.
Because I didn’t know as to how long would the exam take, I had Dario-san make lunch for me. (※ Extra charges)

And this dough was the leftover from last night’s menu — special dessert.
Stuffed inside this baked dough were honey-soaked fruits — fruit pie.
Because it was bit-size, there wasn’t much volume. When you’re tired, however, it’s most welcomed.

When I opened the wrapper, sweet fragrance wafted out. Slowly, I held it out in front of Lim.

「E……Is- that okay?」

Her expression was puzzled but her eyes were honest.
With her pin-ears standing erect, her hand slowly reached out.

「Don’t be reserved, please. It’s totally delicious, isn’t it?」

Lim put the pie in her mouth. Her expression after tasting the flavor was so funny compared to her expression from a while ago.

「Thank you very much.」
「Don’t be formal, please. We are of same age, after all.」

「Aah, it’s good that it suited your taste. You seem to have a sweet tooth.」

Just now, there was something similar……
No, it must be my imagination.

Thereafter, came the not-so-awkward silence as Lim and I watched Arnold-san’s contest.

——Examinees who passed the primary exam.


Due to real (life) circumstances, the next update will be in three days. (Author’s note)

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