Slave Harem – 153 – 24th Floor

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24th Floor

The next morning. We reach the boss room of Haruba’s 23rd floor.
The labyrinth seems to be expanding with every floor.
With the monsters becoming stronger and the area expanding, it took us a while to find the boss room.

Most of the monsters that appear on Haruba’s 23rd floor are weak against Earth magic.
So the exploration went smoothly.
It might have been even quicker.

“The Scissor Lizard boss is called Mother Lizard. It’s the same as Scissor Lizard: weak against Earth magic and resistant to Fire magic, that is. As for its distinguishing feature, it can give birth to a monster. Because it’s not a magic skill attack, it can’t be cancelled by Incantation Interruption. If it gives birth to multiple monsters, the situation will turn dire, so we’ll have to be careful. Also, because it’s 23rd floor, there will be two accompanying monsters.”

Sherry briefs.
Now that’s some terrible enemy.
Incantation Interruption won’t work?
It would be an easy pass, indeed, if Incantation Interruption could cancel every attack.

“We’ll use the same strategy we used against the Black Diamond Tuna: we will separate the monsters because we can’t use Incantation Interruption. For it’s our first time, I’ll have to ask of you to confront the boss, Roxanne.”

To tell the truth, I would like Miria to take on the Mother Lizard.
For we can’t use Incantation Interruption, we can only rely on Miria petrifying it.
However, since it’s our first time facing this enemy, our best bet is the one with the highest battle ability who happens to be Roxanne.

Because Roxanne’s Shrine Maiden is now Lv25, there won’t be any problem.
Also, we don’t know as to how resistant the boss of 23rd floor is to petrifaction.

There’s another option, which is to give Estoc of Petrifaction to Roxanne, but it’s better for Miria to use it due to the constitution of Assassin.
Should I have made Roxanne Assassin and Miria Shrine Maiden?
Nothing can be done about it now.

“Vesta, take this.”

I hand Durandal to Vesta.
Everyone rushes into the boss room.
Smoke gathers; three monsters appear.
In the centre is the Mother Lizard. On both of its sides are Ma Breams.

We are lucky that the monsters that came out are Ma Breams, not Scissor Lizards.
Nope, inscrutable are the ways of heaven. (TN: A Japanese proverb)
So I can’t say that we are lucky.
It may be a weaker enemy but we can’t be careless.

I cast two Sandstorms and use Abnormal Status Resistance Down on Miria’s opponent.
The Mother Lizard is a bipedal lizard, same as the Scissor Lizard.
But there are no scissors.
The moment it emerged, it came under the baptism of Earth magic. It didn’t seem to like it for it’s glaring at me.

A red magic formation appears under the Mother Lizard.
It’s a magic attack.

Because our strategy was to separate them, it can’t be helped.
Had we made our move the moment it appeared, we would probably have made it in time.
I better arrange another weapon with Incantation Interruption ASAP.
That said, I can’t prevent the Mother Lizard from giving birth to a monster even if I have another weapon with Incantation Interruption.

“Here it comes.”

Sparks start dancing; my body starts heating up.
My chest constricts; my joints start hurting.
I curl my body up to mitigate the feeling of pain.

Its area of effect magic attack seems to be more powerful than the Scissor Lizard’s.
It’s the boss, after all.

When we were under the magic attack, the Ma Breams approach us, preparing to attack.
Miria wards one off while Vesta repels the other.
We have avoided them.

The Mother Lizard comes over and attempts to head butt Roxanne.
It doesn’t need to mentioned that it didn’t hit Roxanne.
If it’s a normal attack, there’s no need to be worried.

“Did it, desu.”

Miria thrusts her Estoc of Petrifaction into one of the Ma Breams and petrifies it.
That was quick.
Leaving the petrified Ma Bream aside, Miria turns around and goes behind the Mother Lizard.
I cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the Mother Lizard.

“To relieve those who err is the Shrine Maiden’s prayer — Area of Effect Healing.”

While dodging the attack of the boss, Roxanne chants the incantation to Area of Effect Healing.
Sherry was within the area of effect. Because she keeps running around, attacking; it’s not a given, so I’m grateful that she was able to be healed.

Including the management of MP, I have left the discretion of use to Roxanne.

“Did it, desu.”

After a short while, the Mother Lizard gets petrified.
That was even quicker.
The combination of Assassin and Abnormal Status Resistance Down seems great.

The only one capable of moving now is a Ma Bream.
The four of them encircle the fishkin.

The Ma Bream collapses right after.
Vesta was the one to deal the finishing blow.
The Ma Bream that Vesta was keeping company died even before the petrified Ma Bream. It must be thanks to Durandal.
However, that Miria was able to shut them out doesn’t necessarily mean that it was thanks to Abnormal Status Resistance Down.

“Vesta, the sword, please.”

Now that only the petrified monsters are left, I take Durandal back from Vesta.
I first take the Ma Bream out before finishing the Mother Lizard off.
I wanted to see the place where the Mother Lizard gives birth to a monster but I don’t want to willingly experience it.
Ah, there’s a whole fish.

“Whole fish, desu.”
“It’ll be for tomorrow’s dinner.”
“Okay, desu.”

Miria jumps at it and brings it over.
It’s good that she didn’t insist on fatty tuna for the celebration of clearing the floor.
I put the whole fish in my Item Box.

“Sherry, will it be safe for us to move on to 24th floor?”
“Of course. There shouldn’t be any problem.”

When I try to enquire Sherry, she returns an assertive reply.
If it’s Sherry’s opinion, there shouldn’t really be any problem.
Asking for the opinion of the other three would serve no purpose.

“With Master here, there won’t be any problem.”
“Do, desu.”
“I think it’ll be alright.”

This is why I didn’t ask for the opinion of these three.

Oh well, now that Sherry has no objection, should we proceed then?
If we fail, we will simply have to improve our strength.
We are moving up just one floor, so I don’t expect us to get wiped out right away.
If push comes to shove, I can use all the recovery medicines in my Item Box to weather the storm.

“Let’s move on to 24th floor then?”
“The monster native to Haruba’s 24th floor is Cyclops. It’s weak against Wind magic and resistant to Fire magic. It can use Fire magic. It’s also threatening in close quarters combat due to its menacing physical attacks.”

Sherry briefs.
It’s weak against Wind magic?
Should I switch the skill to Jobless to Basic Wind Magic then?
Although we can fall back to 23rd floor, I think we should challenge it.

While stepping into 24th floor, I switch the skill of Jobless.

“Can you please guide us to a place with fewer Cyclopes?”
“Okay, understood.”
“Since it’s our first time, please be careful.”

I give instructions to Roxanne.

“It should be close by, right?”

Roxanne guides us to the right.
I wanted the place to be nearby because I wanted to expedite.
Will it be alright?
Thus far, we haven’t encountered any problem because we have been prudent with our first times.

After advancing for a while, we encounter a group of three Cyclopes.
It’s a reddish-brown giant with one eye.
One huge eye in the centre of the face.
So this is the Cyclops, huh?

The four of them start running while I cast two Breezestorms.
When the wind starts blowing, the Cyclopes stop and shut their eyes.
They stand still in the same posture for a while.
When they open their eyes, they restlessly move their faces about and confirm their surroundings.

Ah. It’s their weakness, evidently.
To have big eyes doesn’t seem to be a good thing.
If that’s the case; I should, rather than casting two Wind spells at the same time, delay the second spell a bit.

Thereafter, I cast Breezestorms with a slight interval in between.
I alternately cast Wind spells of Jobless and Wind spells of Wizard.
The Cyclopes stop moving whenever the wind starts blowing.

The four of them close in on the monsters in the meantime.
The spear and the swords strike.
Cyclops is one size larger than Vesta.
It’s a giant, after all.

While I cast Breezestorms, they close in.
That I’m casting two spells alternately, there’s little room for the Cyclopes to attack.
They occasionally swing their arms which Roxanne dodges.

“Did it, desu.”

Moreover, one of them is down.
Eventually, We take all three Cyclopes out.
When the smoke dissipates, clumps of metal were left.
Copper, to be specific.

So, will three monsters not be a problem?
Or will it be a problem?
A dropped item is a part of the body of a monster, after all.
It’s foul play that the body of the monster contains metal.

“Copper, huh? Did you guys have any problem in attacking them with swords?”
“No, we didn’t have any problem. We’ll be fine even if our opponents are Cyclopes.”

Oh well, I didn’t expect any different from Roxanne.
Miria was able to inflict petrifaction once which helped us a lot.
However, considering the skill of petrifaction, it may not be the same every time.

“Whether we’ll be fine or not depends on whether we can take care of five Cyclopes or not. We’ll fight and see. Copper is the material used in making equipment. It’s even more important than leather. Although it’s difficult to treat, I’ll try my best.”

Sherry says something positive again
I wonder if she has experienced some sort of spiritual enlightenment.
Or perhaps, she just assumes defiant attitude when she wants.

“Five Cyclopes?”
“Five Cyclopes and Scissor Lizards.”
“This way then.”

Although I would like to observe some more, we have observed once already.
Now that everyone is motivated, I can’t not be motivated.
Roxanne guides us.
A group of three Cyclopes and two Scissor Lizards appears.

“As expected.”

Now that I think about it, wouldn’t it be better if I just specified the composition of three-to-two monsters?
The four of them dart forward.
I follow them after casting a Breezestorm.

“Here it comes.”

A red magic formation appears under one of the Scissor Lizards.
Sparks start dancing.
Fire magic engulfs us.
Like I thought, if there are five monsters, there’ll be more instances of the area of effect magic attack, huh?

Roxanne halts and casts Area of Effect Healing.
Dodging the attacks while running seems to be difficult.
Even if you dodge the attacks of the monsters while running, using Area of Effect Healing in conjuction is difficult, surely.

Miria and Vesta take over the vanguard, and confront the monsters.
Vesta takes on a a Scissor Lizard.
The Scissor Lizard that used area of effect magic attack is still in the back row.
The Cyclopes, that stop moving every time a wind spell is cast, are further behind.

The monsters are scattered all over the place.
However, this scattered positioning is not tactical.
Only Sherry here has a weapon with Incantation Interruption.

Vesta and Miria surround the Scissor Lizard which Sherry was keeping company.
Roxanne, who was a little late, takes on the Scissor Lizard that was likewise late.

“Did it, desu.”
“Here it comes.”

The moment the Scissor Lizard gets petrified, a magic formation appears under one of the Cyclopes.
Although the movement of the Cyclopes can be obstructed by Wind magic, it’s troublesome if they appear together with other monsters.
Sherry’s spear could reach but it acted at the same time as the Scissor Lizard.

Even though I cast Breezestorm, the magic formation doesn’t disappear.
It doesn’t seem to have ‘cancel’ function.
The Cyclops spits fire.
Is it a single target magic attack?

Roxanne dodges it without any trouble.
If it’s single target magic attack, there’s nothing to be worried about as long as it’s targeted at Roxanne.
While she was fighting the Scissor Lizard, Roxanne had taken over the position of the central vanguard.

Cyclops seems to be able to target accurately even with its eye closed.
That’s actually better.
If it weren’t able to aim properly, it would probably use area of effect magic attack just like my Wind spell.
It would be embarrassing if my exploiting its weakness triggered it to use a dangerous attack.

The Cyclopes finally arrive at the front.
But only one of them steps forward.
The one that spat fire seems to be staying in the back.

Because Wind magic delayed the one-eyed giant, is that why it fell back to the second row?
Thankfully, it was not due to using area of effect magic attack.
However, on this floor…
Not all of the monsters use area of effect magic attacks.

The area of effect magic attack was used just once before the Cyclops in the back was taken out.
Because there was just one instance with the two of them, it’s not much.
Obstruction in the movement by Wind magic seems pretty effective.

“Did it, desu.”

At the same time as Roxanne casting Area of Effect Healing and the Cyclopes collapsing, Miria petrifies the remaining Scissor Lizard.
Both the Scissor Lizards ended up getting neutralized by Miria.

“Ooh, as expected of Miria.”
“Yes, desu.”

I finish the two petrified monsters off with Durandal.
In the meantime, Roxanne casts Area of Effect Healing again.
I don’t need it for I have HP Absorption of Durandal.

“There’s no problem with MP, is there?”
“No problem at all. The day before yesterday, it felt like I can’t use it too much. Today, however, it seems I can use it over and over again. It’s a mystery. Is it perhaps because I have gotten accustomed to it?”

No, it’s because you were Shrine Maiden Lv1 at that time and Lv25 now.
The number of times it can be used seems to have increased.

If we receive area of effect magic attack, Roxanne can heal us. If the battle is protracted, Miria can inflict petrifaction.
We seem to be able to fight on 24th floor, too.

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