E? Heibon desu yo?? Chapter 14 *DIGEST*

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There was an announcement that Sherfield Kingdom’s queen was pregnant.

The Royal Family only accepted direct descendants so the whole kingdom was in a festive mood.
In Oliviria’s territory, Okaasama was also pregnant so the mood elated further

「I’m your sister. Did you grow up well?」

I say as I rub Okaasama’s belly.
Seeing that, Leone-san, the healer, laughed.
The healer is what is known as a doctor in my previous world.
A female healer who gives off a veteran feel, around 50 years old.
Leone-san had snow-like pure white hair and vibrant verdure-coloured eyes.
She came today for the mother’s examination.

「No problems during progression. Instead, I’ve found something to be joyous about. Congratulations. The children in your belly are twins.」
Amazingly, twins are going to be born!

「Having twins is a very joyous occasion. In the Seirulen legend where the 12 Gods appear, there are three sets of twin Gods. There are a lot of twins in the God genealogy.」

The 12 Gods are, excluding the Creation God Seirulen, 6 males and females each.
Out of the 12 Gods, 6 of them are twins.

「As if mimicking that, in the human world twins are considered beings close to Gods, so they are blessed by others.」

A very happy thing, but also a cause of worry.
In my last life, my cousin gave birth to twins but it was a terrible mess.

There is only one thing I can do.
Using my knowledge from my last life to support Okaasama with all my might!

I immediately make a programme with a sodium-restricted menu, walking as moderate exercise, and for edema measures a massage.

But then that will conflict with Reone-san……
Reone-san says that pregnant women have to stay in their room and rest.

The result that I came to was that the medical practices here are much further behind.
But my repelling against Reone-san looks small, I decided to go slowly, helping with small things.

Like that, the day of fate came.
When the night came, the crying of healthy babies resounded inside the house.

「Alice, my two precious family members, thank you. Our new angels are a cute boy and girl」

Otousama gives his appreciation to Okaasama.

I now have a brother and sister.

The first born boy has Okaasama’s silver hair, his left eye is Otousama’s amethyst colour and his right eye is Okaasama’s amber colour.
The girl who was born next was given Otousama’s golden hair, her left eye Okaasama’s amber colour and her right eye Otousama’s amethyst colour.
Both of them have heterochromia.

「I was expecting it to be a difficult delivery, but it ended faster than I was expecting」
「That’s right… When Liliana-chan was born, It was much worse. You just wouldn’t come out. When you were finally born, you wouldn’t cry, your complexion was getting worse……」

E-, Does that mean…… my life was in danger right when I was born?

「Reone, without giving up, turned you upside-down and started hitting your back, or rubbing with all her might, or removing the mucous from your nose and mouth.」

I don’t have any memories of that time.
So, I was in real danger……

「When you finally cried for the first time, I was crying.」

I’m sorry I worried you, Otousama.
It’s thanks to Reone-san’s hard work that I’m alive now.
No matter how grateful I am, it’s not enough.
「By the way, did you pick names for those two?」
「Aa, the boy’s name is Radius. The girl’s name is Leticia」

「It’s Radi-kun and Reti-chan.」

At a later date, Radi-kun and Reti-chan’s congratulation party was held.
There I gave Reone-san my feelings of gratitude and bowed my head.

「Reone-san, thank you for a lot of things.」
「I didn’t do anything. I merely acted upon what you said and they were delivered well.」
「No, Reone-san did more than enough to deserve gratitude!」

Reone-san shook her head, looking at me.

I learned a lot this time from Liliana-ojousama. I will try using Liliana-ojousama’s teachings for other pregnant women and demonstrate the effect little by little. Then by spreading those teachings, we can save at least one more person.

Reone-san is an amazing person, as I thought.
At first I thought she would be much less accommodating.
But she has the right mindset for a healer.
Understanding that one rash move could be life-threatening.
That’s why we were opposed to each other’s ideas.

「Because Reone-san treats life well, you told me to stop. And at the end you accepted my ideas. I feel that is a very difficult thing to do. Reone-san, thank you.」

Reone-san had a huge grin.

A while afterwards, the good news was spread around Sherfield Kingdom.
Sherfield Kingdom’s princess Meryl Rose’s birth.
The entire Kingdom was ecstatic.

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