Slave Harem – 154 – The Right Time

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The Right Time

When it was about noon, Roxanne’s Shrine Maiden levels up once more and reaches Lv26.
I take out the amber necklaces and the uncut amber gemstones, and head to Palmasque.
I am not sure if she will be able to reach Lv27 by the evening. Even if she does on the last moment, it will not be much use.

So this is the right time, I guess.

“Sherry, please get me four mirrors.”

After recovering my MP in Zabir’s labyrinth at the border of the Empire, I hand the amber gemstones and the funds for the mirrors to Sherry.

“Also, this may be our last work, so you can say your byes to Palmasque.”
“This will be our last work?”
“I don’t know the details yet but it will most likely be.”
“I understand.”

After finishing the preparations in Zabir, I [Warp] us to Palmasque.
It really is as tough as I thought.
However, I had already prepared for it by keeping a recovery pill inside my mouth.
It is an idea the incompetent me came up with.

“Wa- amazing. This town is so white and beautiful, I think.”

Vesta is genuinely delighted at seeing Palmasque.
I take the pill immediately in order to recover.
I’m safe, somehow.

I see the four of them off and move to as far as Haruba’s labyrinth.
In the labyrinth, I recover MP by myself. There was no issue with this [Warp].
I fight Fly Traps on 18th floor and replenish MP recovery pills.

I want to produce strengthening pills from the item dropped by the boss, Animal Trap, but it will not be possible.
Since it will be 1 vs. 2 in the boss battle on 18th floor.
I think it will be an easy battle for Roxanne, though, even if she’s by herself.
I, however, don’t have to go to that extent.

Although it’s tough, I head back to Palmasque, making full use of the pills.
I consume the recovery pill after arriving at the Adventurer’s Guild of Palmasque. Soon after, Roxanne and the girls return.
Everyone holding a mirror each.

I jump from Palmasque to Zabir’s labyrinth.
It is difficult for there is no relay point in between.
Actually, Zabir itself is a relay point to Palmasque.

“I informed the owner’s wife that I don’t know when our next visit will be. The owner’s wife doesn’t want the amber necklaces to spread. It would probably not be a good thing if everyone had it. I wonder why it will not be a good thing if others have it.”
“I see. Thanks.”

Sherry explains Palamsque’s status to me really well.
As expected of Sherry.
They all are great party members wasted on the useless me.

The value of the amber necklaces would depreciate if everyone had one.
It’s already a godsend for the owner’s wife to have one.
I don’t know as to which route the adventurers of the Harz duchy will be using.

From Zabir, instead of going directly to Quratar’s labyrinth, I stop at the towns along the way.
Moving at intervals instead of in one-go, I will be able to save myself from having low MP.
While I recovered my MP using the pills, we return home
Since it is not some suspicious pill, I don’t think I will get addicted to it.

Because there was still some time left, we drop the luggage at home and enter Haruba’s labyrinth.
The Duke didn’t say anything in regards to the time I was supposed to be there.
I’m just required to be there for the dinner.
Well, there are no clocks here even if he specified time.

I wonder as to when will be a good time to be there.
Because they need to prepare, it will not be a good idea to be there early.
Also, since Bode is in the north of Quratar, the sunset will probably be late.
Should I ask the rational Sherry instead of racking my brains?

“I received dinner invitation from the Duke of Harz. Later, we will head there with the mirrors.”

I tell Roxanne and the girls during the exploration.

“With the mirrors? Understood.”
“This will be our last time selling the mirrors. It is to celebrate that. Or rather, to apologize.”
“Then we will obediently stay outside.”

Roxanne seems to have misunderstood what I meant.

“No, all of us were invited.”
“Even us? Is that really fine?”
“They insisted on it.”

Or rather, the Duke is aiming for Roxanne.

“Isn’t the Duke of Harz a noble?”
“He is.”
“Even the nobles have slaves employed. She probably believes it is a taboo for them to eat together with slaves.”

Sherry explains Roxanne’s doubts.
As expected of the rational sherry.
She said the same thing as the Duke.

“When do you think will be a good time to go?”
“In the evening. However, I think it will be better if it’s a little early. Since they are nobles, I don’t think they will be busy.”

His servants will be the ones doing the preparations, not the Duke himself.
Every argument from Sherry seems to possess a persuasive power.
I was right to consult Sherry.

“Got it. Then let’s go a little early.”
“Is that really fine?”

Roxanne is anxious, just like I am.
For different reasons, though.

“As long as we have fighting spirit, it will be alright. Fighting spirit!”
“Fighting spirit?”
“I will never let go of you, Roxanne.”
“Umm, okay. Thank you very much.”

It is alright.
The Duke will not be able to carry on with this foolishness even if he wants to.
No need to be scared.

After leaving the labyrinth, I first go to the Adventurer’s Guild to sell the items off.
I then return home to make preparations.
I prepare the mirrors and the necklaces.

“I was told that casual clothes will be fine but you may as well put the necklaces on.”
“Is that really fine?”
“Yes, I don’t think there will be any problem.”

I can rest assured now that the rational Sherry says there won’t be any problem.
I take out all the items from my Item Box to finish preparations.
I remove the Earring of Offerings and equip Sacrificial Misanga.
And set Jobless as the first job.

After all, my Explorer is still at Lv48.
Just one more step to Adventurer. Actually, two more steps.
I don’t think they will verify our Intelligence Cards but if they did, I would be in trouble.

It will be painful going to the Adventurer’s Guild of Bode since I am carrying the mirrors.
It will be painful to walk from the Adventurer’s Guild all the way to the castle carrying the mirrors.
But If I were to [Warp] directly to Bode’s castle, I wouldn’t be able to cheat my way as an Explorer.

And that’s when Jobless comes into the fray.
As a Jobless, there will be no problem using [Field Walk] even if I am not an Adventurer.
I should be able to set Adventurer’s skill as the skill of Jobless since I am supposed to possess Adventurer.

Even though I’m afraid that Jobless is not widely known, I will be less likely to face any trouble if I am using it.
At least, it is better than an Explorer using [Field Walk].
And as a Jobless, I can come up with a lot of excuses.
There will be no question even if I use magic.

Of course, I don’t plan to expose that myself.
It is just an insurance.
It is just an insurance for contingencies.
If there was no need for the insurance, I would be even happier.

After we were done with the preparations, I [Warp] us to Bode’s castle.
I put the necklaces on the four of them and have them hold the mirrors.
I’m without my sword.
As for why I’m without my sword, because I am afraid that I would have to remove the sword anyway during the dinner.

What would I do to the sword after removing it?
As an Adventure, I can put it in my Item Box.
But it will be strange for a Jobless, not an Adventurer, to use Item Box.
The empty skill slot of Jobless has not increased from one thus far.

Anyways, it is better not to have a sword right from the start.
If I stepped on the stone bridge, it would crumble.
I have to be attentive and act prudently.
It’s risk control.

“I will call the leader immediately. Please wait a minute.”

When I arrived at Bode’s castle and was about to enter without permission, I was stopped.
It is different from usual.
Am I being treated differently because it is dinner invitation?

No. I am not alone today, is that perhaps why?
Even though they know me, they can’t allow a human of unknown origin, who brought other people with him, to meet the Duke right away.
It’s the ABC of risk management.

“Michio-dono, I am glad to see you. Please come this way.”

Gozer comes over.
This time, the Duke didn’t come out in quick strides, as expected
The crisis control of the knight order seems to be solid.

The duke was inside a big room which we were guided to.
There were other members of the knight order waiting inside.
It is a beautiful, wooden, empty room.

“Michio-dono, it is nice of you to have come.”
“I came to join you tonight per your invitation.”
“Good, good. There is no need for formal greetings.”

The Duke is, after all, a duke.

“And these girls with Michio-dono?”
“Yes, they are my party members: Roxanne, Sherry, Miria, Vesta.”

The four of them bow their heads toward the Duke.

“I am the Duke of Harz.”
“Yes, I thank you in anticipation.”

Roxanne greets him as the rest’s representative.

“Hmm, Michio-dono, you brought only four people?”
“They are the only members of my party.”
“You didn’t bring your siblings, parents or other acquaintances?”
“Ah… I see.”

When I answer the Duke’s question, confused, the Duke clarifies.
Was I supposed to bring six people no matter what even if it included other people than my party members?
Since it was a dinner invitation, it would normally be so.
I didn’t understand whether by ‘members’ he meant people whom I fight together with in the labyrinth or other people.

But I don’t have such other people to bring along.
I wouldn’t be able to handle it if I brought some stranger and they behaved badly.

“He really is from a faraway place, huh?”

The Duke mutters to himself.
Why would he think that I came from a faraway place? It must be Luke.
I told Luke that I was from a faraway place to keep him from spying on me.
The Duke seems to have heard from him.

Walls have ears.
Information travels quickly.
This may actually be the reason behind tonight’s invitation.

The Duke was probably trying to sniff a connection with the order of my hometown’s knights.
I knew something was off with this invitation.
However, it’s unlikely for him to have a connection with the order of my hometown’s knights, it being faraway.
He will cut our connection if he finds anything suspicious.

The Duke’s aim was perhaps not Roxanne.
If it’s not this way, then it will be that way.
Either way, I won’t be having a peaceful time, it seems.

“Pass the mirrors to me, please.”

Perhaps having sensed the delicate situation, Gozer steps in.
As expected of the man of the world.
I am glad Gozer is here.
The four girls lean the mirrors against the wall.

“Here are the four pieces.”
“Very well. I will pay a little over the price later. As for the future-”
“As for the mirrors, it will be difficult for me to continue. I think it is about right time. It was a good sideline income. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity.”

I simply withdraw from peddling the mirrors.
And I don’t think it would have gone well even if I had complained.
If the Duke exercised his authority, I don’t think I would have any chance to resist.
It is not like I absolutely need it.

“However, it will be better if you join the order of knights and assist in the transportation. It will be like killing two birds with one stone.”

Was the Duke aiming for this all along?
If I negotiated to somehow continue, he would ask me to join.
I could continue peddling the mirrors and the Duke could stock up the mirrors using the regular members of the order of knights.
It’s indeed killing two birds with one stone.

“It’s not that good a job, I guess”
“Is it?”

He doesn’t seem to be pursuing it in particular upon my simply withdrawing.
It might not be a bad decision, though, if I joined the Duke’s order of knights.
There would be no need to be worried about missing a meal in the future.
As long as the Duke is alive, at least.

However, there are a number of elves in the order of knights.
I heard that elves don’t have a good impression of humans.
I didn’t particularly feel that from the Duke and the members of the order of knights but I may experience it if I go down the order.

I would have to interact with a lot of elves if I joined the order of knights.
It would be an unpleasant experience, surely.
I don’t have to trouble myself with their relationship with humans.

Also, it would be dangerous to enter the labyrinth.
The risk would increase if I entered per the order of knights’ instructions.
I would have the option to consider it, of course, but sometimes, I might have to take unreasonable orders.

I prefer to be free as much as possible.
I should leave as much room to be free as I can.
In addition, I will have to conceal a lot of things during the battles.

“I understand.”

Gozer withdraws just as simply.

“And who is the person that Gozer acted as witness for?”
“She is the one if I am not mistaken.”

The Duke’s eyes was on her after all, huh?
And Gozer didn’t forget about Roxanne either.
It has finally come to this.

“She is Roxanne.”
“There’s no gap in movement. She looks strong, indeed.”

The Duke praises Roxanne when I reintroduced her.
Is that really so?
He realized that she is strong from just a glance? Well, she does appear strong.
It’s Harlow’s Effect.

“Yes. Her stance is brilliant.”

Even Gozer has been tricked.
Gozer has watched Roxanne fight, though.
I mean, she is merely standing there, right?

“Perhaps even my attack may not be able to land on her.”
“Her strength can’t be neglected either.”

Is it really like that?
Can they really figure that much out?

“What do you think?”
“Umm, with all due respect, I would like to duel with her at least once.”
“Michio-dono, how about it? This person is one of the talented people in my order of knights. I hope you will allow him to duel with her at least once.”

The Duke was talking to one of the members of the order of knights and he requested a duel with Roxanne.
This man’s job is the same as the Duke’s, Holy Knight.
He is the Holy Knight from Gozer’s party.
Is he one of the most talented members of the order of Harz Knights?

“No, no, it’s a messed up match.”
“They will be using wooden training swords, so there will be no danger.”
“Master, I would like to duel with him, too.”

You, too? Roxanne!
There doesn’t seem to be a way to escape from this duel.

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