Demon Lord’s Pet ~ Chapter 2

I became the Demon Lord’s Pet!!


2/4 of the Valentine’s Day Batch!


「A pet… That kind of pet?」

Taking care of dogs and cats and hamsters. That sort of thing?

「U..Umu! Become mine!」

「…. Please tell me the requirements for being your pet. What about my daily necessities? Are you able to support me? 」

「A….Ah!! Of course I will! Making you freeze in the cold, making you starve, making you not have a place to stay; Such things will not happen! I will look after all of your necessities throughout your entire life! For, that is an owner’s duty!
――In addition, I am the demon queen! I am able to take care of the 4 Devas so I can definitely take care of you alone comfortably!」

The loli demon queen proclaimed. What a splendid intention of a pet owner.
If that’s the case, yeah, I have decided.

「I will do it, I will become your pet.」


Even though I had given my confirmation, she was surprised. Why is it so?
She didn’t think that I would bow my head in assent?

「Daily necessities are definitely meant for human usage, am I right? 」

「Of..Of course! I will without fail take care of you everyday」

「If that’s the case, it’s all good.」

For Kazuya, if there are proper daily necessities, it will be sufficient.

「I… I see. Th..Then attach this collar.」

Having said that, the demon queen took out a black choker.
Somehow or another, there are metal ornaments decorated on the choker and characters seems to be carved/ engraved on it.
「Ehh, is this a choker?」

「Umu, It is a magical tool which proves that you are my pet. After putting it on, and calling each other’s name, the pet contract will be completed.」
TL:うむ means affirmative, It’s quite colloquial. It’s different from yes or no. I will leave it as Umu.

「Magic huh……」

Since there exist dragons and giant floating islands so somehow or another, I expect it to be a fantasy setting or something.
Well, if that’s the case, getting supported by such a small girl, I didn’t really think much about it.

「Well, then, I will be wearing it on my neck.」

I received the choker with my hands. For some reasons, it is slightly damp from hand sweat. It seems that the demon queen is very nervous huh. In any case, I pay no attention to it and wear it on my neck.
Despite the appearance of the choker, it was as light as a feather.
If it is about this heavy, I will not have any shoulder stiffness, I guess.

「Th…Then , shall we introduce ourselves?」

Ahh, I had forgotten. Our names are necessary for the contract.

「Ehh, Etto, I am Obino Kazuya.」

「I…I am Izuna Bloomheart. From now on, please take care of me, Kazuya」
TL Note: It’s supposed to be Bloomcart but it is weird. Will leave it as Bloomheart.

「Ou, It is I who should say please take care of me from now on, Izuna.」

Both of us stretched out our hands and did a handshake.
In that instant, the choker sparkled. It seems that it’s due to both of us calling out our names.

The glittering particles get absorbed into Kazuya’s body――

「Hmm, what’s this?」

An incantation like word is being engraved on the choker.

As it is neither Katakana nor English, I can’t read it. I guess it’s this country’s words.

「That is the proof of the contract. Wi-With this, you are .. my household, my retainer/vassal, my pet, and my friend….!! I did it!!」

「You seems to be very tense.」

「Of course! You.. are the first close friend I ever had!」

OiOiOi, in one shot, I had advanced from a pet to a close friend.
Well, if Izuna is fine with that, I guess it’s fine for me as well.
Waa Waa, she raises both of her hands cheering as well.

….Certainly, even if she is the demon queen, making friends must be hard for her, I guess. Yeah.

As Kazuya thought about it, he surveyed the surroundings.

This place seems to be on a high ground and the things you can see are giant floating lands and the flying dragons―― Below them are huge streets spread out (Like a cityscape)
「What kind of world is this?」

「Yo..You are quick to adjust huh, Kazuya.」

「It only appears that way. By the way, since you are a demon queen, you govern this place?」

Below my eyes are bustling streets spread out
I am unable to see to the end of the city from here.
「uhm, It’s a little different. I am the demon queen but in this street, within the royal capital station, there are lots of kings staying in it..」

「Eh? There are a lot of kings….Have the territories been decided? Within this street?」

「Well, you can say so. If you look at it, I believe you will be able to understand. However, there are lots of castles, palaces, and pagodas, you know?」

Now that she mentioned it, there are also normal houses but with approximately the same ratio, there are huge buildings being erected.
「Are? Are all those the other kings’ living quarters?!」
「Umu. All sorts of kings who have a representative turf in this street, in order to stave their boredom, play everyday while staying in their castle! 」

Well, it is quite a rampant/extravagant street. Or perhaps one would say, there are nothing but Kings here. My general idea of a king is collapsing.

「In-In any case! Let’s move while we talk, Kazuya!」

She called out my name while being strangely flustered.
Although she is calling out her pet, she need not be so mindful of it.
While thinking of such matters, Kazuya and Izuna returned back to the Ace High.
「Welcome back」

「Ehh? Ah.. Erm…?」

The girl who was waiting at the driver seat is a brown-skinned girl wearing an apron dress.
This girl, as well as having horns grown on the head, she also has bat like wings on her back.
She give vibes of being more demon~ish than Izuna.
「Sorry for saying it so late. I am Sefina Canfield.」

She bowed deeply. With that force, that huge rack on the chest went *burun* and shook.
My eyes almost went to that particular place. However, since I am being greeted, I must properly face her. I’m an honourable person.
「O..Oh.. I am Kazuya. I have just become her new pet. Please take care of me in the future?」

「Okay. I am one of Izuna’s subordinates, one of the 4 Devas.」

「Fo-Four Devas huh……」

「Fufu. Currently, I am just a normal attendant. If you are troubled with anything, please do not hesitate to ask me.」

The brown-skinned girl smiled sweetly. Although she is a young girl, she has an atmosphere of an Onee-san; a very pretty lady.

「Ah.. So cunning, Sefi. He chatted more to you than me!」

「Fufu, I am sorry.」

Sefina, with a “kuku” sound that rang from her throat, laughed. Yeah, both of them are like sisters. Although their status/position is the opposite.
「I must… always be on my guard! Let’s depart!」

「Okie Dokie.」

Having said that, Sefina took the wheel and drove off.

「……Ehh. How do I say this… Why is it normal to have a minivan in this world?」

「I had purchased it, Via Mail Order.」

「You can buy these here!?」

No matter how I look at it, this place is a fantasy world.

「It’s normal, you know? Without that, I would not be able to bring you into this world. In addition, I would not have been able to play poker.」

「Ahhh, I see.. How do you do it?」

Although I do know the reasons, I am unable to understand the theory.

「I happen to have the ability to move across space.」

「Moving across space. In short, you can go anywhere in the world?」

「In addition, I can also transport things that are close to me, but only things that I can touch. During the time I had played poker with you, with this power, I had connected to the internet.」

The power to connect space around the world together huh… I can think of a particular robot cat example, but even it does not have that power.
「Is this ability precious/valuable?」

「Umu, It’s rare. Among the kings, no one but me has this ability. Therefore, I am working on a job that only I can do.」

「Only you can do…. So what kind of job is Izuna doing?」

「Umu. Transportation. The Master of moving house, carrying luggages and so on.」

Despite being a demon queen, you work on transportation?
But,this isn’t like a demon queen at all.

「In the first place, despite being a demon queen and all, you still work?」

「Umu? I am not the only one working and all the kings in the Royal Capital works as well?」

This street is filled with kings who love working hard this much.

「Of course. In order to stave off boredom, no matter what kind of jobs there are, there will be a king to do it. Or rather, there are many kings who really look like they enjoy what they are doing. King of Alcohol; That person has recently discovered a new yeast plant――!!Let’s brew――――!!!! and so on. His retainers are also happy as well. 」

She is a surprisingly frank queen. However, if you work as a brewer, you are called the alcohol king. What an easy to understand name.

「Eh. But with you being called the demon queen.. is due to you being a magic user? 」

「Umu, for I am a user of space magic….. I guess」

「It’s convienent. If you pack all the luggage into this Ace High, the luggages will instantly be transported to your desired location. Since it doesn’t take much time, I play poker!」

How is it? Isn’t it systematic? With her eyes glittering as if she is trying to convey the message to me.

“Making your job end promptly and went on to play online seems like a confession of a salaryman. Since it sort of resembles me, I can’t say anything.”, Kazuya thought.

As Kazuya was thinking about this,

「We have reached my house!」

The car stopped.

With Izuna and Sefina’s urging, Kazuya who went out and … saw their house.


「Welcome to my house, the demon queen’s castle!」

It is huge to the extent that you need to look up, and this castle is slightly dirty.
Thus, the main character who had become a pet, has reached the master’s house….
Till now, it’s seems to be a blessing. A dream which you can live a life of not doing anything has materialized.

Till now.

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「I…I am Izuna Bloomheart. From now on, please take care of me, Kazuya」
TL Note: It’s supposed to be Bloomcart but it is weird. Will leave it as Bloomheart.

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