Demon Lord’s Pet ~ Chapter 3

3/4 of the Valentine’s Batch

The Stay at Home Pet Has OCD

「Alright then, I’ll go ahead and return the car.」
「Yup. I’m counting on you, Seffi.」

Having dropped off Kazuya, Sefina disappeared somewhere with the van. There’s probably a parking lot nearby.
Unlike the girls, Kazuya is completely overwhelmed by the building in front of him.

「As expected from the Demon Queen. You’re living in one hell of a place!」

「R-really? N-no, is that so! Fufu, re-receiving praises from a close friend makes me happy!」

Its appearance is slightly old. It gives off the feeling of dignity of an old european castle.
The entrance is a huge iron gate, at least twice the size of Kazuya.
Having a gate this large, the inside has to be quite spacious as well.

「Umu! I’ll guarantee its size. After all, you’ll be living with me in this castle!」

「Is this where I’ll live…?」
Suddenly going from a six tatami 1K to an old castle has the the feeling of ranking up too much.
Not only that, but it comes along with a guarantee of both clothing and food.
The life of a pet is quite grand.

「Ahh, I don’t know how to say this. Thank you, Izuna」

Kazuya said his thanks with deep emotion, and Izuna loosened her cheeks.

「This is the first time… …S-someone ever thanked me……! I-I’m glad that you’re happy about it, Kazuya! C-come on now, let’s enter the house!」


Prompted by Izuna, Kazuya reaches out towards the gate. However…

「A -Ahh, Kazuya, that’s not the entrance.」


This wonderful door isn’t the entrance?

「That is the front gate, however I never use it. ――Come over here.」

Having been called, I moved towards Izuna. Then, Izuna opened her arms wide and said to Kazuya,

「Now, come and touch me. I’ll become a door that leads to my room.」

「Ahh……That’s right. You can connect space, right?」

「Yup! That’s why, there’s no need for a door.」

As expected from a world that has magic power. It’s use makes life much more efficient.
Rather than opening and closing one door after the other, it’s more convenient to just reach the room directly.
However, there is one problem.

「Come on, touch me.」

This loli Demon Queen is dressed in clothes that show a sizeable amount of skin. Now then, where should I touch for it to be alright?
Because her arms are wide open, am I supposed to go for a hug?
Un, because this is supposed to be like a warp or something, it’ll be bad news if I were to be shaken off. With that, Kazuya determined his action,



As soon as I clung onto her, she turned bright red and screamed. How come?
Was my decision wrong? I didn’t voice this question out loud, though.

「H-holding my hand is enough, Kazuya!」
「No, but, you posed as if you wanted a hug, Therefore.…」

「I-i-i-i-i-i-it’s still too early for hugging! Way too early!!」

She got angry at me. That’s right. It’s still our first day meeting in real life. Hugging my master on the first day, is not the way a pet would act. I’m reflecting on it.

「Alright……Let’s try again.」

After making sure that I reflected, we held hands.
Nevertheless, while standing very still, her face remained flushed. Izuna eventually coughed to clear her throat, pulled herself together, and said,

「W-well then, here we go. ――Space Consolidation (Return)――」

Underneath both of their feet, a vortex made of pure light appeared almost instantly.
Dispersing like a thin mist, their figures grew hazy and vanished.

The movement in space was done in only an instant.
Because of that, in the blink of an eye, the scenery completely changed.
The scenery went from outside the old castle to a room surrounded by wooden walls.
There was the feeling of being drunk, due to the his sudden change in visuals, smells, and sense of balance.

「Are you alright, Kazuya?」


Kazuya started shaking his head to dispel the blurriness he kept on seeing. When he finally got rid of it, he noticed Izuna holding his hand as she stared at him worriedly.
「Can you see me?」
「Yes. Thanks for worrying about me!」

Izuna let out a long breath in relief as she heard my answer. After that, she pleasantly smiled.

「Now then… …Welcome, Kazuya! Welcome to my room!!」
「Hee, this is Izuna’s…」

Kazuya, absent mindedly, looked around the room.
From that, he came to the conclusion that Izuna’s room is pretty large.
There’s a kitchen as well as a bathroom with a tub.
The room should be around 15 tatami.
It’s a lot bigger than the room Kazuya was living in, back in Japan.

「How is it? Amazing, right! It used to be pretty old-looking, so I had the Construction King remodel it! From now on, this is the place where you’ll be living!」
「This…place, umm, does that mean that we’ll be sharing?」

「That’s right! The very basics of a close friend and a pet, is to sleep and eat together!」

I feel like I’ve seen in the news lately that one of the most effective ways to raising a pet, is having it live in the same room as its master… However, even if it’s Kazuya, he didn’t seem to care at all.
It’s just that, there is a slight problem with the room’s space.

「……Izuna. There’s no way you live in this room, right?」

「Mu? I-is there a problem with the room? Even though I’ve already hidden anything that’s useless…」

Leaving aside what’s useless, Izuna’s room is just plain awful.
All of the dresser doors and drawers are wide open. Not only that, there are piles of books abandoned all over the floor. Worse, something that looks like training equipment has been dropped in the corner, making an indention in the floor.

Rather than clothes, there was something that resembled a PC in one of the open drawers.
The closet next to it was even more miserable, because it was filled to eye level with luggage.
It was so filled to the brim, that I doubt the door would even be able to close halfway.

And above all,

「……There isn’t enough space to sit down…… 」

「Ah, B-but! Y-you can sit over there, Kazuya. No matter what you say, you’re still a pet! I won’t mind if you push aside a little bit over there, and start sleeping as well!!」

As Izuna talked, she scattered the things on the floor away and made a little bit of space for me to sit on.
I gave sitting down a shot.


I felt something on my butt. When I look timidly behind at my butt, I saw the somewhat disgusting dead carcass and something that resembled bodily fluids scattered around.
(ED note: He sat on some kind of bug)
「……Izuna, I’m free to do anything I like with this place, right?」

「Yup! Whether you want to sleep or play, you are free to do anything, I won’t mind. I give you permission!」

Is that so, I’m free to do anything I want in this room. Then,

「――First, let’s start with cleaning!!」


To Kazuya’s statement, Izuna’s only reaction was revealing a really surprised look on her face.

「S-such a thing, to hear it in this world, in this house, is unheard of!」

「Un, I think I had grasped the current situation.」

I thought that I’ll be living a lazy life. However,

「That isn’t possible in this room!」

「B-by this room, What do you……」

What I mean doesn’t matter. Sure, Kazuya wished to live the life of a pet, but what he wished for is the comfortable life of a pet.
There’s no way that he could relax if he’s forced to eat in a room with underwear lying around on the floor!

「I’ll start cleaning the floor first! Do you have a broom and a dustpan?!」

「U-umm……Probably, If you search for it……」

「Then, I’ll start searching!」

For the sake of protecting the comfortable life of being a pet, Kazuya stood up.
The dustpan and the broom were somehow dug up from under the heaps of books on the floor.

「Alright. Please open the window, Izuna!」

「Ah, Un. Got it.」

「For a room this messy, I’ll only need 15 minutes to clean it up……!!」

15 minutes later――

「Haa……Haa…..How’s that……!」
「You are, A-amazing……! The last time I’ve seen this place this clean, was 20 years ago……」

Izuna’s room was refreshingly clean and organized.
Seeing this scene, Izuna was trembling.

「You may have enough power to rival that of the Cleaning King……」

「I don’t need such a bizarre evaluation!」
As such, with the room being clean at last, Kazuya was finally able to relax.

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