Demon Lord’s Pet ~ Chapter 4

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Let’s pay attention to Pet’s food!

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TL : Fairy, Light
Editors: Onionrings, Pandaant, Desmerit

「Fuuu… With this, it’s the last.」

As the sweat dribbles down my body, I throw the filled garbage bag out of the window.
“Afterwards, I will ask about the disposal methods and so on.” I thought as I raise my head/face.

「Eh, it’s already evening, huh?」

The sunlight is waning.
It seems that I have spent a considerable amount of time cleaning this house.

「Thanks for the hard work, Kazuya.」

After being dumbfounded for a while, she started talking from the rear.
During the time when I was cleaning the house, she had went out to buy garbage bags and pails.
This is truly the time where the pet should go, but I do not know the streets yet. Instead, I had entrusted it to her.

「Ah, Izuna, although you are the master, I am sorry for making you going out to do the shopping.」

「Don’t mind it. This is my first experience having friends clean the house. Apart from that, aren’t you hungry? 」

Speaking of which, it seems so.
Before eating, I was being kidnapped, so I had not eaten anything.

「Now is the perfect time for meals. Eating in a sparkling clean house, I am confident that it will be very delicious.」

Izuna below her arms carried a basket.

「What’s that?」

「I had gone to the Food King’s chain store to buy food. It’s the same meal I eat almost everyday and it’s always on the menu, I am sure that Kazuya will be pleased!」
「I will be looking forward to it.」

The gourmet that the demon lord-samas eat, huh. I cannot help but anticipate it.

「I see. Then, I will set the table. 」

「Eh? Will we be eating in this room?」

If it’s this huge of a castle, I have a feeling that there are dining rooms around.

「Umu! I will use nothing else except this room. There are countless times whereby I have also called Sefina here to eat together. It will be more enjoyable that way. 」

「I see」

Even if there is an increase of 1 or 2 more people, it is still completely spacious. Even if I were to cohabit together, 2 or 3 people will be able to live in this room.

「Well, with that concluded, shall we go for dinner now!」

As she speaks, Izuna manipulated the spatial movement and brought Sefina here.
After which, we had dinner immediately.
However, thereupon, Kazuya was shocked.

Today’s menu.
Dragon meat hamburger ( Plenty of salt without any vegetables)
Heap/Mountain of deep fried dragon meat without any breading ( Plenty of salt)
Extra large portion of rock bird karaage..( Plenty of oil and salt)
There was also an ice cream that not only had a rich buttery aroma, but it was also extremely sweet. Or I should say it’s more like the crunchy feeling when putting sugar into your mouth.
Izuna ate heartily *Bakubaku* as though it is really delicious. Eating in a cleaned house with the food tasty, you can say that this is bliss.
Kazuya ate the dragon meat as well.

「So delicious…」

It’s juicier than chicken, a thicker taste than beef,and a more savory taste compared to pork. It is truly a delicacy.
As for the rock bird, it’s chewier than all the poultry related meat that I had eaten before. It is the type of food where the warmth gushes up throughout the body. It has an interesting flavour and a pleasant feeling.

It’s generally tasty.

「…Naa, Izuna. Is this… what you eat usually?」

「That’s right?」

「What to say… Isn’t this a bit too salty? This karaage is filled with heaps of salt, you know.」

That’s right. Even though it is like that to that extent., the taste is strong.
In addition, the vegetable sides do not exist in this dinner
Meat meat meat meat, there’s nothing but meat and oil…

「Eh, although it’s a little rude for me to ask, how’s your health and the like?」

「How’s my health and the like? I am perfectly healthy, you know?」

That’s awesome. Your health doesn’t deteriorate eating that everyday.
Although it’s an extremely greasy menu.

「Maa… For Example, my stomach would hurt a bit and I would get a headache, but it’s only to the point of my heart hurting as it beats, nothing that life threatening……, Un」


How should I say. It’s extremely likely that she will die if she continues with this kind of lifestyle.

「What happened to the vegetables!? THE VEGETABLES?!」

Although I had stepped out for a while to take a look, they are selling them normally.

「Wheat flour are plants, therefore――」

「Those are not VEGETABLES!」

「Bu-But Sefina and the rest normally eat like this as well…」

Being pressured by Kazuya’s questioning, Izuna directed a pleading gaze at Sefina.

「It’s really delicious, Maou-sama.」


「I already understand that it’s delicious. However, are you alright healthwise?」

「Yes, I will be happy just being able to eat…. Pimples and dry skins will come out once in awhile but since I am a demon-kin, it will get heal immediately.」

「Even if the demon-tribe gets compounded fractures, our healing ability is strong to the extent that it will heal in a couple of hours. Isn’t it cool Kazuya」

Un, I already know that the body of demons are sturdy.
However, this and that are completely different matters…

「D-don’t tell me, that I have to tolerate this……」

「Because, including me, there isn’t anyone here that’s able to cook. Nee, Maou-Sama?」
「Umu, ever since my parents disappeared, everyone quit or resigned. It can’t be helped…」

「This isn’t something that could be summed up as “It can’t be helped”.」

Insufficient greens is out of question.
She is not having a balanced diet.

Carbs, Carbs, Meat, Meat, Lard, Oil, Salt, Salt; Okay, if it’s just one day, I might close my eyes to it. However, eating consecutively is no good.

I’m not some creature that only eats meat. If I only ate meat, I would have already died.

「Why the hell aren’t you eating vegetables?」

「Because, they’re really bland…」

The maou that speaks like a child.
Iya, even her appearance is that of a child. She being senior to me is absurd.

「Fuu… Alright, got it…」


Izuna faced Kazuya with a dubious expression.
Kazuya, who was receiving those eyes, stood up.

「I’ll make it!」

「Eh, Kazuya?」

「Let’s go to the kitchen!」

「Eh, no, but I’ve already told you to entrust me with the food and clothing. There’s no merit for this to begin with, and above all, I feel bad…」

「Like hell I can stay silent if you’re all looking so unhealthy in front of my very eyes!」

This is bound to be meddlesome, but it’s my nature. It can’t be helped.
If this eating habit were to continue, then I’ll end up dying an early death. I don’t want that. I don’t want to see that.

「If you don’t take care of your body, I’ll have a troubled heart..
From now on, I’ll do the cooking. Is it alright, Izuna?」

「Ah…Un. Thanks, Kazuya…」

Thus, Kazuya headed to the kitchen.

「Although I’ve already cleaned outside, there’s also an amazing mess here as well」

Cookware is scattered everywhere.
The kitchen expectedly shows no traces of fire being used. However, it is a place where water is used frequently, so it is somewhat clean.
Then, a shelf that held cooking ingredients was pushed open and there was a single plump object inside that looked like a cabbage.

「Can you eat this green vegetable, that looks like a cabbage, raw?」

「U-un, it’s going to be alright, since they’re like the cabbages that Kazuya knows of… I think. I got it as a present. As to when I received it, I don’t really remember…」

Okay, let’s not eat it raw.

「…It was green to begin with, right? Or rather, Isn’t it already past its prime because it was left alone?」
「T-that’s, un. That cabbage is supposed to be green. And, I got it, probably, last week. I think.」

I understand. Then, since it does not emit a sour smell, it will probably be alright if I cook it.
As for flavourings, there are nothing around except salt, vinegar and oil. But for now, let’s try mixing them together.
During this time, I will boil the cabbage in water, retrieve the stock, and wring out the moisture in the cabbage.

「Ah, It’s starting to smell really good…」

The sweetish smell of the soggy cabbage took over the room.
And with that, mixing the soggy cabbage with the tare sauce
TL Note: Tare sauce refers to the dipping sauce he made- Oil, salt and vinegar.

「――Extempore Sauerkraut is done……Tto…」
TL note: Pickled Cabbage

That is, after an abandoned bowl was washed, the food was dished up and arranged.

「Now then, try eating it.」

They had no choice but to receive it. Izuna and Sefina timidly picked up the cabbage from the bowl placed on the lightly brown table and put it in their mouths. In that instant,

「Wa, it tastes so refreshing…!」

Sefina’s eyes suddenly opened.

「I-it’s somehow like, whenever I take a bite of the cabbage, it feels as if my appetite is surging!」

Thus, the speed of which Izuna moved her fork kicked up a notch. Yup(Un), it seems that it has met their tastes.
Just like that, the greasy meat disappeared from atop of the table.

「Ha―, It’s my first time eating this much all at once. It’s all thanks to Kazuya!」

「Eeeh, thanks for the meal, Kazuya-Sama!」

「I feel a bit embarrassed, receiving so much praise over a single garnish…」
Although, while looking upon both of their smiling faces, Kazuya thought that if they’re this happy with housework of this degree, then he himself will also feel quite happy.

「If that’s the case, I will make it again next time. 」

「Eh, is that alright!? Having you do that!?」

「Whether it’s alright or not, I will still do it since I am the pet. Something like Master’s health, let me take care of it.」

Although, our roles might have reversed. Still, it’s several times better than leading an unhealthy life.

「Etto… But we agreed that I would provide you with clothing, food, and shelter… As expected, I feel really bad.」

「If you’re feeling bad about it, then please improve your lifestyle a bit. At this rate, you’ll die as a young woman. 」

「You don’t need to worry so much, since I’m going to be fine. I’ve been fine up until now anyways――」

As she said that, Izuna took a glance at Kazuya’s eyes.


Kazuya’s eyes were serious.

「Ah… I-I-I- can’t?」

「You can’t. Even if it’s immediate, I want to make Master’s lifestyle change for the better.」

Since it is an important manner, I had said it twice. Izuna peeks at me with upturned eyes and said,

「…So, I-I will entrust it to you?」

「Yea, leave it to me.」

….. From tomorrow onwards, for the time being, the kitchen will be the place I will be in the morning, afternoon, and night….

It seems like even if it’s here, I still must work..
Well, in order to spend a pleasant lifestyle, in the household I am in, I need to change the lifestyle of my master. Kazuya thought so.
Dragon meat and rock bird; they are really cheap in this world. There are places which treated them as junk food. The reasons will be mentioned later.
In any case, Izuna and co, 「Super size me」no matter how many years, it will continue.

Demon Lord’s Pet Chapter 3

Demon Lord's Pet ~ Chapter 3
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