Demon Lord’s Pet ~ Chapter 1

Novel Title: I, with house work and cooking, takes away the backbone of the Demon lord! The beginning of the peerless house-husband!

Chapter Title: To start with, I am being taken to the Fantasy World with a High Ace


Fairy: Heya It’s me Fairy. When I saw this at Ncode syosetu, I am kinda hooked to it. So I actually sort of translated 1 chapter. I realized that it’s really fun and unknowingly did 4 chapters with Light.  Enjoy! 

This project is a side project will be intermittent. I will release it in batches. 

OnionRings: Hi~, I am new to editing so please treat me well! Fairy and Light were nice enough to allow me to help edit the first 4 chapters. I look forward to helping edit more in the future.

Pandaant: Interesting read I’m curious as to where it goes

1/4 of Valentine’s day release.

–I really do not want to work at allll…..
Obino Kazuya said this right at the start of an early summer day, while sitting in front of his PC.

What is displayed on the screen is the remaining balance of my savings account. The number reflected before me was 3 million.

「My aim is to save up 30 million by the age of 29 and retire.」

That’s my objective.

It’ll take me 31 years to live to 60. Although my parents are not around, I have my parent’s house, so rental fees are zero.

I get to use 100,000 yen every month. Utility bills are about 30,000 yen, while 10,000 yen is sufficient for food expenses. The remaining funds are pooled together for any unforeseen expenses in the future.

In order to realize such a goal, I’ve had multiple part time jobs for the last 4 years. Finally, I’ve fulfilled 1/10 of my dream.

「In order to live a life of leisure, ironically, I must work..」

Waking up early in the morning to work as a postman and having breakfast. During the daytime, Lunch and part time. And at night dinner and part time as well. Then sleep. The only moment of the day I’m not earning money.

Completely like a corporate slave. If I was to say it’s not tough, I would be lying. I feel like quitting immediately.
Therefore, In the midst of it all, my stress reliever, or therapy rather, is right in front of me.

「Ha… So… Should I do it today as well? Poker ( Small change earnings) 」

Online Poker is taking place before my eyes.

Whenever Kazuya is free, he will play Online Poker.

If it’s online poker, although you play, you do not need money. In addition, if you make it into the tournaments, you could still earn something. Thanks to that, it’s the perfect way to kill time.

「What the… Today… …she is present as well. Maou-san. 」

The one Kazuya is searching for via the PC is that Maou person who usually uses a private table.

When he first started Online Poker, Kazuya did some socializing. Every single time, she created a private table to play together. Even though this table has a membership license, no other than Kazuya can play there.

Therefore, Kazuya joined the table and greeted her.

「Ossu Maou」

「Kazuya. Today, please take care of me as well.」

Maou wrote her sentences with difficulty, as if she was not used to writing in Japanese.She is probably a foreigner.
As this Online Poker website has lots of Japanese users, such bizarre chat is very rare. I had completely gotten used to it, therefore this is not a problem. Also, not wanting to create an uncomfortable setting, she was probably not playing with anyone other than me.
….. Well, so long as I have an opponent to play with, I’m fine with it.

Therefore, today, as usual, we’re going to be playing until morning.
The variant of poker that we will be playing is 5 card draw.
This Maou, honestly speaking, always seems to get the right cards. I don’t know if I can win one time out of ten. It’s probably due to some real luck.

….Nevertheless, something seems to be amiss.

While thinking about it, I went to chat with Maou.

「This is bad. My poker-hand is too weak…」

Immediately after I typed those sentences, Maou immediately replied.

「I will raise my bet. It’s my win.」

As it is, Maou (Call).

「Alright, Therefore.……」


Kazuya did not fold and chose to call as well.
After showing both of their hands…

「Win by the highest card・・・・・Ace」

Kazuya’s victory

「I……lost again(>_<)」

Maou seems to be only bad at bluffing.

If victory or defeat is decided by bluffing, 9 times out of 10, I will win. In particular, with the highest card… …the battle is meaningless. It’s like taking candy from a baby. If it’s a battle of silver tongues, then I’ll easily win.

Not to mention, she’s probably a totally honest girl that can’t help but display her true emotions on her face. Therefore,
「One More Time」

Maou seems really happy while playing. Rather than being disgusted by her defeat, she will try many strategies in order to win.
Therefore, it’s enjoyable playing Poker with Maou and I am able to relieve stress.
I guess she is someone I am very grateful to. Though,

「I am sorry, It’s almost time, so I am logging out.」

「You’re leaving already?」

「Ah, I am going off to do manual labour.」
I have a part time job as a postman later. The hourly pay is not high, but it’s a job where you can work out to stay healthy.

「I will be lonely.」

As usual, Maou seems to have traces of regret. She must really like this game.

「…Suppose if 」

「…Suppose if you had no… need to work, would you play more?」

「Ah, I guess so… 」

Although Maou inquired… But of course, that will not happen.
If I can secure all the necessary items I will need for the future, I would love to play indefinitely.
Thinking about it realistically, it’s impossible. Also,

「In addition, I took on additional jobs. Therefore, I probably won’t be able to play with you for a while.」
「…?! Really?」

It’s true. In 4 years, I gathered only 1/10 of the amount. Thus, if this goes on, I won’t reach my target. Consequently, I decided to work even more.
This time, it’s short term dispatch guard.
Due to the night work, I am unable to squeeze out free time.

「Yeah. If I’m not wrong, I won’t be able to log in for several months.」

「Several months… Such…」

It is difficult as I chat with Maou.

「It’s because you must work, that sort of thing. … I see… I understand.」

It seems like she has accepted it. With great troubles, we had gotten along pretty well. Therefore, I wanted to inform her that I am leaving.

「Oou, so farewell then, Maou. Let’s meet up some other day. 」

After saying farewell to his old friend, Kazuya set out to his part time job.

Around midnight, Kazuya was on the way home from his part time job.
He was walking while carrying discount ingredients one-handed in a bag.

「Should I use half the meat and vegetables in a pot ?」

Health is not built through a single day. It’s only able to be replenished through a regular, balanced diet.
Eating steadily to replenish the body in preparation for tomorrow, walking regularly, and…


There is a vehicle moving ahead of me. I believe that it’s the famous minivan model called Ace High.
The car interior is wide and comfortable. There isn’t much vibration as well during driving. It is a very popular minivan.
Such a vehicle driving into this narrow alley is a rare sight.

「First of all, let’s avoid it.」

Passing each other is dangerous, therefore, I stick close to the concrete wall and the car will be able to pass through safely. Or so I thought, but…
In front of me, the Ace High stopped――and in the next moment…


The car door was being thrown open energetically, and something covered my head.

My vision darkened.

From above, someone’s arm was coiled around my face and drew me in.


My body floats and I feel myself entering the car.

「Go!! Sefi!」

「Maou-sama… is this really okay?!」

「It’s okay so leave quickly! 」

The door closes and the vehicle leaves the scene.

In the midst of the darkness, Kazuya thought:

….. Is this that rumored Ace High?

It became a hot topic on the net for a time.
Luring young girls to a van and kidnapping them seems too unreal, but everything is allowed to be put on the internet.
However, I unexpectedly became the target.

…But, I am not a girl. For what reasons…
Although I said that I don’t want to work, I didn’t say that I don’t need my chastity.
When I was imagining detestable things like a homosexual might be aiming for me,
「…We have arrived, Maou-sama.」

「If that’s the case, even if it’s outside, it will be fine.」

「Yes. Please move out into the open.」

After that short conversation, I was thrown out of the car and the restraints were undone.

Staying in the darkness since a while ago, it resulted in the surroundings becoming very glaring for me
I unintentionally close my eyes.

「O-Ou… Are you okay? Kazuya」


As Kazuya is certain that he heard someone calling out his name, he forcibly opened his eyes.

The Japanese street that he was previously on was no more.

「What the… This place.」

The place where Kazuya is currently standing is deserted.
Huge lands floating in the air. Furthermore, on the sides of those lands, dragons and lions with wings are flying around.

「Fantasy… I guess, No matter how I look at it.」

I try to lightly bite my tongue, but it hurts. It’s not a dream.

「O-Oi Kazuya, Are you okay? You aren’t suffering from any inter- world voyage sickness, are you?」


So finally, Kazuya realized that he was kidnapped from the roadside.

He frantically turned around and the person there was a girl who was much smaller than him. Also,


The girl has blue horns and long ears. I should say that she looks more like an elf than a demon lord.
She’s wearing a dress with a frightening degree of exposure. Despite her petite frame, she had tremendous breasts that were being emphasised.

This girl, with beautiful long blueish black hair fluttering in the wind, gazed at me with eyes of the same colour as her hair.

「It-It’s wrong!! Kazuya, I am the Maou!」

「Ehh… Maou… What are you talking about, Ojou-chan.」

She seems to be wearing an expensive dress. Also, with a pair of splendid horns growing out of her head, she seems have a Demon Queen~ish look from the fantasy world.

「O-O-Ojou-chan!?! I am much more older than you!! in the first place, how could you just forget the name of the pal who has been playing poker with you until a while ago!?!」

「Eh?! Maou? That Maou?!」

That Maou who usually creates that private table huh.

「U… Umu, Quite so.」

Waa, this is the first time I met up with an acquaintance whom I met online. It can be said that the place we met by chance is frightening disconnected from reality. If I am not mistaken, it reminds me of someplace in a fantasy.

Or I should say, this place is connected to the net.

「That’s was my cheat ability. Bu-But well, before explaining that, first of all, I want you to listen to me.」


Maou, for some reasons, is very nervous with cold sweat surfacing on her forehead.

「Y-Y-You, Kazuya, are okay, am I right?!」

「A… Ah, Yes, I am, but..?」

My name is not mistaken so I nodded.

「I am relieved… 」

The girl breathed out a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat on her forehead.

She then pointed her finger at Kazuya and declared the following:

「Th-Then, be my pet! Kazuya!!」

The loli demon lord lacked the proper vocabulary, so she made an exclamation based 100% on her own personal preferences.
I have a feeling that I am abandoning everything in this world and moving to a fantasy world to become a househusband.

Demon Lord’s Pet Chapter 2 

Demon Lord's Pet ~ Chapter 2

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