Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 247

The start of a new story arc…

Hide and seek with vampire and oni.

247 – The young lady villain bursts into tears

I’ve resolved the various incidents from the human academy from behind the scenes, and returned to Argnar’s place. I’d left in the middle of the conversation after all. Weirdly, his face was twitching massively though – just what is he so scared of? How can there be something like that at time when I’m happily smiling away though. To twitch when looking at someone’s smile, how rude.

With regards to the actions of the elves within the demon territory, I entrust Argnar to continue with that. When sensei isn’t amongst them, I couldn’t care less what happens to a bunch of elves anyway. Besides, I think that Potimas’s actions in the human territories is the current focus of the elves.

As for actions of Potimas, that’s basically to hijack Yamada-kun’s country. When the Hero-kun isn’t around I’ve observed him stealthily trespassing into the royal castle, and starting with the king, Potimas has embedded a fragment of his soul into all the key figures of the country. If he ever feels like it, they could form a huge army for Potimas.

I don’t inform imouto-chan about that. Even if I inform her there’s nothing she can do. If it’s not something I can do anything about, then there’s no way that imouto-chan will be able to do anything either.

Yes, I can’t do anything about it. Unfortunately, purely based on Potimas’s mood, that man can do anything he likes to that country. Currently there does not exist the method to save the people that Potimas has put parasites on. Before they get used there’s not much I can do except to kill them.

That sure is a nasty ability. It’s like he can indiscriminately do something like the attack I once attempted on the Demon King. Well, though I say “indiscriminately”, based on him clutching sensei’s head it seems likely that he needs direct contact though. Even still, it’s scary that there’s no defense against it.

If those with the parasites would resist and were able to smash Potimas’s soul instead that would be great, but I guess that’s impossible. The humans on this world are generally weak to Heresy Attacks. Or rather, it’s because their Heresy Resistance is low. I guess that’s because for skills and the like, when people’s souls are not exposed to Heresy Attacks for a long time it causes their resistance level to drop, and the soul itself continues to degenerate as well.

As for the reason why they are not used to Heresy Attacks, it’s because Heresy Attacks are banned by the church. Well, I’m sure the reason for that is if Heresy Magic is capped out, Taboo is then derived from it. For the church, letting Taboo spread is not something they want. I should get in contact with the church sooner or later I guess. Though I think so, there’s been all sorts of things I’ve had to do and I’ve been dragging my feet and putting it off for now. It’s not like, going to meet some strange pope is annoying or troublesome or absolutely anything like that. It’s not, okay!

Besides, it’s true that I’m busy. After returning from Argnar’s place, I head towards vampire girl’s place. It’s in the middle of the night already. Despite that, that delinquent daughter has slipped passed the eyes of my clones and concealed her whereabouts. How did she manage to deceive my eyes? Isn’t she putting her efforts into a strange direction?

So, because I can’t find her with the eyes of my clones, I search the vicinity with the eyes of my main body. I find a place that seems about right, and charge in.

「Eh, wah!?」

Slam. I close the door. I didn’t see anything.

This is unreal. Vampire girl, she’s already climbing the stairs to adulthood… She’s even climbed ahead of me. What’s this, even though this should be nothing to be ashamed of really, there’s still this vague sense of defeat.

Or rather, is this why you shook off my clones eh! Make the most of your high spec ability why don’t you! It sure seems like she combined several skills to create an original technique.

Did she use Shadow Magic to cover the building itself? She used something like that to hide her concealment? Even still, it’s not ordinarily possible to deceive my eyes, so maybe she used some other method.

Argh. This is ridiculous. Or maybe, is it possible that this isn’t her first offence at using such skillfulness? There’s been previous occasions when I’ve lost briefly sight of her, so possibly.

「So, where is Waldo-sama?」
「I am terribly sorry. I have lost sight of him.」

Hm? For some reason several males and females have gathered together and are having a whispered conversation. For some reason I decide to listen closely.

「Who saw him last?」
「It was I. As expected, he was with that woman.」
「I see.」

Hmm. I feel I’ve seen them somewhere before. Ahh, it’s that ojou-san and her followers who go to the same academy as the vampire girl. I can’t remember her name though. Maybe I should have gotten hold of a memory skill or something before my apotheosis. My memory might as well be Swiss cheese, even if I do say so for myself.

「What shall we do?」
「If we can’t find him, there’s nothing we can do.」
「Are you okay with this!?」
「At this rate, that woman and Waldo-sama will…」

Hmm? I don’t know who Waldo is, but perhaps there’s no need to guess that he was the one with vampire girl just now? Ahh, if that’s the case then it’s not “at this rate” but “already done” you know.

「Felmina-sama, let’s do something about that woman!」
「That’s right! Since that woman has appeared, Waldo-sama and the other high-ranking boys have started becoming strange!」
「There’s been times when their eyes are vacant – that woman has definitely done something to them!」
「At this rate, it’s possible that the ones who should be the future leaders of this country will go through something that cannot be undone!」

Ah, erm, ahh. The “that woman” they’re talking about, is the vampire girl right? Ahh, yeah. How should I put it, please excuse my daughter. Did I make some kinda mistake in her education? Or perhaps, to turn men into servants is what a vampire should be doing? Or rather, was she ever like that in the previous world? I don’t quite remember everything about vampire girl after all.


To the followers who are still arguing, the young lady in the center bluntly declares that.

「If I could have done something, I would have done it already! However, that woman avoids it as if nothing had happened every time. That woman is a true monster. Listen, do not do anything careless.」

So that’s why there’s been so many incidents around the vampire girl recently huh. Well, if those who are basically equivalent to the princes of the country are emasculated by some unidentifiable woman from who knows where, anyone would be cautious. That’s particularly the case if there seems to be some suspicious technique involved. They’d even go so far as to physically remove her of course.

But, it was futile. Well, I guess so. My girl hasn’t been raised so softly as to kick the bucket from only that much.

「Felmina-sama, you couldn’t possibly mean…」
「You must not speak any further. Also, you didn’t hear anything either.」

All the followers nod their heads silently.

「If anything happens to me, please take care of this country.」

It seems you’re prepared for the worst, abjectly sorrowful young lady. Well. Most likely, this girl will be removed by the vampire girl huh. Her way of thinking is totally like a vampire now after all. She herself hasn’t realised the drastic changes in what was natural for her as a human, and what is natural for her now. That’s why, she’s unconsciously caused the current situation.

Really. I don’t really give a damn about this country’s future, but maybe I can use this young lady. If I feel inclined afterwards, I might pick her up.

At a later date, that young lady was convicted. Since I felt it would be a waste otherwise, I picked her up. She has some decent talents for one, so if she could gain a Ruler skill it would be a good bargain.


Translation notes:

Regarding “young lady villain” in the title – if you’ve read any series where the protagonist reincarnates into the role of the antagonist ojou-sama character in an otome game, this is generally the term used for that role.

For reference, Shiro gained “Heresy Attack LV1” in chapter 109, via the “Fear Bringer” title. She also gained “Heresy Resistance LV1” in chapter 60, via the “Merciless” title.

Felmina is the person Waldo was engaged to in Blood 25. His name has been written as “Wald” elsewhere but I decided to do it as Waldo here instead. On a final note, while the author is hinting very strongly as to what Shiro saw, the details are clearly being left to the imagination.

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“Slam. I close the door. I didn’t see anything.

This is unreal. Vampire girl, she’s already climbing the stairs to adulthood… She’s even climbed ahead of me. What’s this, even though this should be nothing to be ashamed of really, there’s still this vague sense of defeat.”

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Where’s the picture? I want a picture.