Slave Harem – 155 – Being Drawn out

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Being Drawn out

The mirrors are taken away by a member of the knight order and wooden swords are prepared.
You’re going to do it here?
Well, it is quite a large room.

Did the Duke invite us into this room just to make Roxanne play a game?
It’s shrewd.
Was this the plan right from the start?

Roxanne also removes her Rapier from her waist and unfastens her necklace, and passes them to Sherry.
She’s totally motivated.

“Try not to get hurt.”

There’s no other choice, so I give my permission.
Since she wants to do it, there’s no reason to deny it.

“Yes. Thank you.”

Roxanne selects a wooden sword.
It’s a one handed sword.
A wooden shield was prepared by the order of knights.

I’m glad they prepared a shield.
I don’t need to pull Roxanne’s shield from the Item Box.
I’d prefer not to use the Item Box.

Roxanne and the Holy Knight head to the center of the room.
They are facing each other from a small distance.


The Holy Knight yelled and rushed in.
He swings his wooden sword down with both hands.
The Holy Knight seems to be using a two handed sword.
Roxanne parried it away with her sword.

The next blow is knocked away without room to spare.
Roxanne slightly bends her waist and parries it.
The Holy Knight continues on with a wave of angry attacks.

The Holy Knight swings his sword.
From right to left, then left to right, then upper right to lower left.
He slashes from the left to the lower right, then swings it up.
A powerful attack has come out quite early.

Roxanne handles them all with minimal movement.
Dodge, dodge, all missing.
Occasionally she deflects the sword and it will miss her by a millimeter.
Roxanne also swings her sword and the Holy Knight repels it.

The Holy Knight swings his sword up strongly.
It’s a swing that could cut through a tree trunk.
Roxanne sees through it and avoids it.
The Holy Knight’s sword just cuts the air.

“That will do.”

The Duke’s voice is heard.
That’s it?
I let out a sigh of relief.

I didn’t think the match was very long.
It might have felt short because of the tension.
The Holy Knights attack was probably a high level finishing move, so they probably understand Roxanne’s ability.
It’s good that there weren’t any injuries.

“Thank you.”
“Thank you.”

The two of them lower their swords.
Roxanne comes over here straight away.

“Well done, Roxanne.”
“Yes, It finished without me embarrassing Master.”

I wouldn’t really mind if you lost.
The Duke has his eyes on you.

“She is strong.”
“I just couldn’t touch her.”

The Holy Knight is speaking with the Duke.

“Yes. It was quite perfect. Hard to believe if I didn’t see it for myself.”

Gozer calls out.
Is this because of you?

“You have a good party member, Michio.”
“Yes, she’s someone I am proud of.”
“As expected of someone that can be called a party member of Michio.”

The Duke comes to me.
This is it.

“Your excellency, it’s nearly time.”
“Hmmm. It seems the meal is nearly ready. Come.”

Gozer makes a suggestion. The Duke agrees with it and leaves the room.
He didn’t get a chance to say that he wants Roxanne.
It’s good.
Should I be thanking Gozer?

We follow the Duke as well.
We move down a passage until the Duke opens a door. A wide room like a banquet hall appears.
A huge table is in the center of the room.
There are many dishes lined up on the table.

We enter the room and see Cassia, with a woman waiting on her at either side.
She seems to be more dressed up than the last time we met, probably because we are having dinner now.
She is beautiful.

“I’ve been waiting. I’m glad you came.”

When we enter, Cassia gives a bow.
She is wearing a light blue dress.
It looks good on her.
I think anything would look good if she were the one wearing it, though.

It doesn’t expose much but it’s not a full dress either.
The two women at her sides are wearing similar dresses.
One is wearing navy blue and the other is in dark red.
The two elves are beautiful women but they don’t compare to Cassia.

“These are Michio’s party members: Roxanne, Sherry, Miria and Vesta.”

The Duke says their names.
It’s perfect.
The great Duke.
Did you remember them already from earlier?

Apart from Roxanne, the others names were only said once.
Do you have Analyze?

A person named Kakuei Tanaka remembered all of the DIET members’ faces, names, electoral districts, winning frequencies and their careers as a bureaucrat after joining the ministry.
He could remember their winning frequencies, involvement with retainers, involvement with directors at the bureau and conflicts with rivals after just hearing them once.
Is that what this is?
Remembering peoples names might be a necessary ability of an aristocrat.

The Duke continues and introduces the two people at Cassia’s sides.
I might be imagining it but it feels like they’ve been introduced as the Duke’s wife.
One of the two women seems to be Gozer’s wife.

“I will hold onto your swords.”

A person, who seems to be a servant of the castle, makes a request.
Four people, excluding me, hand over their swords.
Should I have brought one to pass over?
It probably doesn’t matter, does it?

Gozer also hands over his sword.
The Duke goes around to the other side of the table and turns in his sword to one of the guards.

“Michio and everyone, please sit. Let’s start our meal.”

The Duke sits.
His chair is at the left end of the other side of the table.
There are six chairs along the side of a table.
For party members.

Perhaps I should sit opposite the Duke.
I sit face to face with the Duke.
Roxanne is next to me, then Sherry, Miria and finally Vesta.

Cassia sits next to the Duke.
Gozer is next and after that is the woman who I think is Gozer’s wife.
Sherry doesn’t have anything to say.

“Would you like to drink liquor?”

A servant asks.

“Could I possibly have some herbal tea?”
“Of course.”

Drinking is bad.
I might start saying strange things if I get drunk.
The servant asks everyone if they want liquor.
Nobody wants liquor except Sherry.

“Then lets start the feast with Michio and his party members. I’m glad you came. Eat today without holding back and enjoy yourselves.”

The Duke begins the dinner with a greeting.
The dishes are carried around and the first one seems to be the main meal.
Is the appearance of hot dishes a luxury?

Miria should also be happy because there is a fish dish.
Roxanne and Cassia engage in some passable small talk.
It’s about the amber necklace.
This shows we live well?

“Where are you fighting at the moment?”
“We made it to 24th floor in Haruba’s labyrinth.”
“Oh, that’s quite good.”

It’s necessary to leak some information that is not sensitive.
If it’s about the floor, it can’t be helped.
Roxanne doesn’t speak about anything I’ve said is a secret, though.

I also choose a topic and speak with the Duke.
I need to keep it on safe subjects as much as possible.
I eat the dish while considering it.

“What’s this?”

The dish is like a dissected frog.
It’s just baked.

“It’s thrush, prepared especially for today’s dinner.”
“Such a rare ingredient for hospitality. It’s a cooking ingredient of the highest class.”

The Duke answers and Roxanne adds to it.
It’s not a frog but a bird?
Gozer is eating it by hand, without using a knife.
It’s in one piece so you can just bite into it?

I bite in as well.
It is similar to chicken with fish sauce.
The tender meat comes loose in my mouth.
It tastes quite good.

There’s not much meat on it.
It’s mostly bones.
That’s why it was roasted whole.

I finished eating it quickly.
After that, the meal continued.
I was wary but is this a regular dinner party?
The Duke doesn’t seem to be acting any different to normal.

“Michio, can I speak with you for a minute?”

When the number of dishes on the table starts to decrease, the Duke stands up.
He’s holding a glass in his hand.
I also stood with the glass of herbal tea I had.
I’m taken to the side.

“What is it?”
“Michio, do you know about the Empire Liberation Society?”

The Duke mentions something that sounds like a suspicious underground organization.
He lowers his voice.
Is it an organization that is bad to speak about?

“It’s a group that helps people who enter the labyrinth. They aim to be liberated from labyrinths and demons.”
“I see.”

That’s why it’s a liberation society?
It doesn’t seem to be an organization aiming at liberation from the empire.

“It’s the main body of the order of knights in the Empire which is under the direct control of the Emperor. I want to invite Michio to the Empire Liberation Society.”
“The Empire Liberation Society…”
“You’ve done service of merit in the labyrinth. There’s no doubt about that. I’ve seen your party members’ ability. In Michio’s case, I can invite you with confidence.”

Is that why you made Roxanne have a match?
You can recommend us without shame if we have Roxanne.
This is surely because of Roxanne.

“Our ability?”
“We can mutually benefit each other while fighting in the labyrinth. People without ability won’t get anywhere.”
“That’s true.”
“You’ll get various kinds of help in the Empire Liberation Society. Locations of labyrinths and approval to access them. Buying and selling equipment within the Empire Liberation Society. Also, information on labyrinths.”

The Duke recommends us.
There are advantages.
Otherwise people wouldn’t join.

The buying and selling of equipment.
There aren’t any Orichalcum swords in the weapons shop.
Checking for empty slots isn’t easy in the auction.

“The buying and selling of equipment?”
“There are some limits to buying and selling but there is no disadvantage to joining. There are some obligatory duties and discrimination against different races is forbidden because we aim to liberate all races but I don’t think that will be a problem in your case. There’s also the obligation to keep secret any information about members in the society.”

There’s a forbidden matter?
I can understand them wanting to keep secrets.

“I see.”
“That’s all of it.”
“Why me then?”

I’m worried there’s still some downsides.
And why is the Duke recommending me?

“With your power, Michio, you’d end up joining sooner or later anyway. It’s natural to recommend you. In your case, you’d defeat a labyrinth and become a noble sooner or later. I can say this after seeing your party members’ ability.”
“A noble?”

I wonder if that will happen soon?
I’ve heard you can become a noble in this world if you defeat a labyrinth.
The Duke has judged that I am strong enough to defeat a labyrinth.
Just by watching Roxanne’s match.

No, maybe it’s just our potential?
Well, anything is possible.
It wouldn’t be bad if we can get a little help.

“It’s good that you are on 24th floor. The admission exam for the Empire Liberation Society is given on 23rd floor if there is a recommendation. I heard you were fighting around 10th or 11th floor before.”

Was it bad for Roxanne to mention we were on 24th floor?
When I met Gozer I said 10th or 11th.
He seems to have gotten some information from that blunder.

“I’d like to hold off a bit.”
“Whatever’s convenient. I can get you an application.”
“What is the admission exam?”
“Just if you have the ability to pass the boss of 23rd floor. Once that is confirmed, then you should have no problems fighting on 24th floor.”

The Duke pushes forward steadily.
Is it alright?
It feels like it might be bad.
Still, there is no reason to decline.

“You can take time to think it over. It will be ten days before I can speak with them even if I apply now. Please come back in ten days, Michio.”

In ten days, I can acquire the Adventurer job.
Then there’s no problem, right?
There really is no problem, is there?

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