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I’m being forced to join the Duke of Harz’s suspicious association. Damn!
There’s an entry test prior to joining, though, so it has yet to be confirmed.
However, because it was introduced by the Duke, I don’t think it’s an evil organization.
I don’t think he’s palming a pot off to me.

“Sherry, do you know about the Empire Liberation Society?”

Having returned home after the dinner, I ask Sherry.

“I have only heard the name. It’s an organization which only the most influential amongst those who fight in the labyrinths can join. It’s more of a secret society, so there’s no information regarding its members. It’s to keep the members from being targeted.”

Which reminds me, the Duke said something regarding confidentiality of the members.
It means I can’t leak that the Duke is a member.

Because the Duke is recommending me, he must be a member, surely.
The Duke didn’t declare, however, that he’s a member.
Do I have to observe the duty of confidentiality? I’m not a member, after all.

But I will become a member, so I decide to remain silent.
Must I not even tell Roxanne and the girls?
It’s not confirmed yet.

I want to discuss it with Sherry but I can’t.
It’s troublesome.
Isn’t it a pro technique to keep the victim from calling others for help?

There’s an entry test, too. I wonder how it’ll go.
Will I be taking it by myself?
The difficulty level will be considerably higher compared to doing it with the party, so I don’t think it’ll be the case.

Or will I perhaps form party with the examiner?
When the time comes, I’ll just perform terribly and fail the test.
However, that the Duke recommended me, won’t it be bad?

“I-Is that so? Oh well, it’s quite late already. Let’s just wipe our bodies and go to sleep.”

Because it was unwise to discuss it, I change the topic.
There shouldn’t have been a problem in being a bit open about it, though.
And Sherry is under the effect of alcohol, too.

Because the bath isn’t heated, it’ll be terrible to enter, so I decide to end the day without taking bath.
I produce some hot water.
And wipe the bodies of everyone.

It’s my duty to wipe their bodies, of course.
It’s my duty to wipe their bodies when we take bath.
I won’t abandon my duties no matter what.
After lathering the soap, I get down to it in order, starting with Roxanne

“It was so tiring today. How was your duel? Did it go well?”
“Yes. It wasn’t to the extent to be called duel. They were just assessing my strength, so they didn’t go all out.”

Are you sure?
I do believe Roxanne’s words, of course.
Her glossy skin and her supple chest are as splendid as ever. I never get tired of her.

“How was the food?”
“Even though the Duke’s wife is the same sex as me, I couldn’t help but be in awe at her beauty. The way she used knife was so refined that I could only sigh.”
“Furthermore, she enters the labyrinth and fights without flinching. It’s so inspirational.”

So even Roxanne finds Cassia beautiful, huh?
And this fellow seems to have drunk some strong liquor.

“Although it was not a strong liquor, its mild taste was somehow delicious.”

That’s Sherry’s impression.
Because I can’t smell liquor, she doesn’t seem to have consumed a large quantity.
Even so, her complexion has turned slightly pink which looks seductive.
Consequently, I end up fondling hers more than usual.

“As expected of nobles. They drink some fine liquor.”
“It was terrible. Even the knight leader-sama was troubled.”

Which reminds me, Gozer was sitting in front of Sherry.
They might have shared various stories with each other.
I don’t think he was particularly troubled.

“Fish, tasty, desu.”

But I’m sure Sherry was troubled, taking care of this person who has a craze for fish.
I wipe the body of Miria who was bursting with energy just like a fish.
When I wipe her body, she quietens.
It’s all peaceful again.

“How was your day, Vesta?”
“Although I was a little tensed, it was great. I got to visit a beautiful, white town and I also received a gift from Master, so I’m extremely happy.”
“If you enjoyed it, I’m glad.”
“Yes. When I put on that lovely, amber necklace, it felt like I was someone entirely else.”

Nah, I can never mistake Vesta’s chest for someone else’s.
I take my time wiping her meat buns which were not fitting in my palms.

The next morning. We grab the map and enter Quratar’s labyinth.
We safely clear 23rd floor.
Because I have been Abnormal Status Resistance Down in the boss battles, Miria is on a petrifaction spree.
This time around, too, it was all thanks to her.

The monster native to Quratar’s 24th floor is Tur Turtle.
It’s weak against Earth magic. Bad timing.
The monster of 23rd floor, Gummi Slime, is weak against Fire, Water and Wind magic. It’s weak against every magic but Earth.
That’s what you call ‘made for each other’.

The labyrinth will obviously match the monsters with differing weaknesses up.
Because the combination of monsters was not favorable, we cut our time on Quratar’s 24th floor short.
Thereafter, until the evening, we explore Haruba’s 24th floor.

“Master, there’s a message from Mr. Luke. Apparently, he has successfully bid on a Mermaid Monster Card.”

When we return home, Roxanne informs.
There seems to be a message from Luke.

He successfully bid on a Mermaid Monster Card once before.
That time, I made Water Resistant Leather Mittens.
Is it not popular?
That’s probably it.

“Sherry, Mermaid is water-type, right?”
“That’s right.”
“Is it okay if I go get it tomorrow?”

I want to take bath today since we didn’t yesterday.
It’s not because the time has run out. I’ll go to the Merchant’s Guild tomorrow and get it.

“When you go tomorrow, I think you should place an order for Shrub Monster Card.”
“Yes. Upon fusion with a weapon, Shrub Monster Card bestows Paralysis skill. I don’t know, though, whether Paralysis skill can stack with Petrifaction skill or not. However, those of dual-sword style use both in the battles. As an Assassin, Miria already has a weapon with Petrifaction skill. If Paralysis skill were attached, too, I’m sure it would be more useful.”

Sherry suggests.
Paralysis skill can be added to Miria’s Estoc, indeed
The probability of inflicting abnormal status will be twice, hopefully.

“Got it. Thanks. I’ll tell him.”

Apparently, she’s no longer concerned about fusing a monster card with Estoc of Petrifaction.
I’m glad.

The next morning. After having breakfast, I head to the Merchant’s Guild.
I call for Luke to buy the Mermaid Monster Card.

“Here’s the Mermaid Monster Card.”

Again, Luke passes me a genuine card.
He doesn’t seem to be scamming me. For now, at least.

“Indeed. Also, I want to use it with Kobold Monster Card. Because I have run out of spares, I’ll have to ask of you to bid on one.”
“Very well. As for its price, it hasn’t changed much.”
“Alright then, you can bid up to 5,000.”
“I’ll comply.”

That I have specified 5,000, I’m pretty sure Luke won’t knock it down below 5,000. Oh well, it can’t be helped.
I want to obtain it ASAP.

“Also, try to bid on Shrub Monster Card. Even if it’s slightly high, I don’t mind. Can you, please?”
“Shrub? Very well.”

I place an order for Shrub Monster Card.
Because Miria now plays an important part in the boss battles, the stronger she gets, the better for us.
Also, the earlier, the better.

After all, the Empire Liberation Society’s entry test comprises the boss battle.
And most likely, I will have do it without magic.
If it will be invigilated, I won’t be able to use magic.
I will have to do something by then.

If it will be invigilated, Petrifaction and Paralysis skills will get exposed.
But there’s no helping it.
I won’t be able to partake in the boss battle without using both the magic and the Durandal, so I’ll have to expose Durandal at any rate.

They won’t be able to help but have their eyes on such a holy sword as Durandal.
However, Durandal is not the only weapon with multiple skills, so it may elude the examiner.
It’s absurd to have an Estoc fused with two monster cards but it’s not impossible.
Compared to exposing Durandal, exposing an Estoc with two skills is not that big a deal.

Moreover, there are Sacred Spear and Sherry’s spear with Incantation Interruption skill.
Thanks to such good equipment, our party is able to fight well.

However, Sacred Spear is a weapon used by Monks, Priests and Shrine Maidens.
It would be weird if I were to use it.
Should I give it to Roxanne or should I give it to Sherry?
To be invigilated is so troublesome.

“Which reminds me, the fusion of Caterpillar Monster Card succeeded last time. Therefore, henceforth, bid on Caterpillar Monster Card only if it’s extraordinarily cheap.”
“Congratulations. Do you have no intention of selling the equipment fused with monster card?”
“It’ll be possible if it’s a spare.”
“Very well.”

I stop him from bidding on Caterpillar Monster Card any further.
My greed tells me not to stop but it’ll create confusion in the market, so no.

After receiving the Mermaid Monster Card, I return home.
I can’t have it fused just yet.
I have only one Kobold Monster Card left, so there’s no need to rush.

The evening two days later. It turns out that my decision was right.
When we return home, there was a message from Luke.

“Master, there’s a message from Mr. Luke. Apparently, he has successfully bid on a Shrub Monster Card. As for the price, it’s 6,900 Nars.”

Roxanne reads the message.
He was prompt to successfully bid on Shrub Monster Card.
I plan on using Kobold Monster Card together with Shrub Monster Card.
Leaving it aside the other day was the right decision.

“The price is only slightly high, huh?”

It’s not as expensive as it was quick.
It may be a bit expensive but it’s within limit.
However, that it was kept within 6000’s somehow suggests artificiality.
Just like Rokkyuppa ‘super value’. (TN: ロッキュッパ. I have no idea what this is. Must be SALE price)

“Unlike Petrifaction, Paralysis fades over time. Therefore, it seems to proc easily. Because the weapon attached with this skill is easier to use, it’s more popular. That’s probably why it’s more expensive.”

Sherry explains.

“It proc’s easily?”
“The probability will be low in the boss battles, though.”

So it’s no good then?
I want it to help with the boss battles, after all.

“That’ll depend on Miria. I’ll be relying on you, Miria.”
“Okay, desu.”

We will also have Abnormal Status Resistance Down to our rescue in the boss battles.
We will manage it, somehow.

The next morning. I go to receive the Shrub Monster Card.
When I call for Luke, he brings a Kobold Monster Card along with the Shrub Monster Card.
I select 30% Discount in a flurry.

“Fortunately, I was able to successfully bid on a Kobold Monster Card. It’s 5,000 Nars.”

So it’s exact 5,000 Nars, after all.

“Because I’ll be using this Kobold Monster Card, I’ll have to ask of you for one more at 5,000 Nars.”
“Very well.”
“The Shrub Monster Card was a bit expensive this time. Next time, bid on it when the price is considerably low.”

I twist the fact that the Shrub Monster Card was expensive in order to stop him from bidding on it any further.
I can’t just tell him that Sherry has 100% success rate in respect of Monster Card Fusion.
I pay him 1 gold coin and 26 silver coins, and leave the Merchant’s Guild.
30% Discount was effective on the commission for two, hence the total amount.

After I return home, I call Miria and Sherry.
I take out both the monster cards.

“Miria, can you lend me your Estoc of Petrifaction?”
“Yes, desu.”
“Give it to Sherry. Sherry, fuse these cards with the Estoc.”

Sherry replies somewhat nervously.
Even though she was the one to suggest it.

Miria obediently hands the Estoc of Petrifaction to Sherry.
She doesn’t seem to care that it may break.
She’s perhaps not aware of such a possibility.

Sherry’s breathing heavily.
Holding the Estoc and the monster cards, she invokes the skill.
Her hands start glowing.

Estoc of Petrifaction | One-handed Sword
Skills | Annex Petrifaction | Annex Paralysis | Empty | Empty

“Ooh, as expected of Sherry.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Did it, desu.”

There was no reason for it to fail, of course.
It has succeeded.


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